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Commissioners Address Housing
More Facilities Talk At MVSD
Courthouse Report


Commissioners Address Housing
By Susan E. Gesford

The Susquehanna County Commissioners met on April 28, in the Commissioner's meeting room in the County Courthouse. The meeting was moved from its regular location as CPR training was taking place in the County Office Building conference room.

Several Resolutions concerning housing in the county were adopted.

The application for the Fiscal Year 2010 Community Block Grant will continue county-wide rehabilitation projects for low to moderate income families. Bobbie Jo Turner of the Susquehanna County Housing Authority stated that $310,252 has been allocated for housing rehabilitation, street repair, storm sewer repairs and demolition.

TreHab of Susquehanna County will be the lead agency for program monies provided to the counties of Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Tioga by the Department of Community and Economic Development for Homeownership Programs. Overall, $500,000 has been allocated. The program is for low-income residents who show a good faith effort and maintain a credit score of 660 in addition to other criteria. It provides monies for closing and other costs associated with purchasing a home, in addition to holding home buyer workshops, and providing financial institution liaison, community services referrals and follow-up.

The need for homeownership assistance has increased due to the influx of the Marcellus Shale well drilling population. The cost of renting living space has risen markedly.

The County recognized Dimock Township resident Charmarie Bisel for 25 years of service at Susquehanna County Children and Youth. Commissioners thanked Ms. Bisel for her dedication and commitment. This reporter spoke with Ms. Bisel following the meeting to find out just what has kept her at what many would perceive as a difficult job for so many years.

Bisel replied, "It's such a fulfilling career, and it's a very special place to be."

Charmarie feels Children and Youth is where she was always meant to be. "This is my faith talking now, I suppose, but I feel this is where God needed me to be." Before her tenure at Children and Youth, she had worked at what was then Tri-County Human Services as a child mental health therapist. At times she worked with children referred by Children and Youth, and was eventually offered a job there. "I always admired B.J. Davies (a long time director of Children & Youth Services - Sue Adamec now holds that post) and the good she accomplished," Bisel said. "Growing up, my family often cared for foster children, and that example also led me to where I am now."

"I know I have to think about retiring, but I want to help prepare those who will be here when I leave for this very special job. I'll know they can do the most good," she said.

May 9 through 16 was declared Police Week in Susquehanna County, and May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day. Susquehanna County Sheriff Lance Benedict thanked the commissioners on behalf of all county law enforcement for recognizing their efforts. While no ceremonies are planned locally, there will be observances nationwide, and in neighboring Broome County, NY.

A meeting of the Susquehanna County Election Board followed the Commissioner's meeting.

A polling place change for Brooklyn Township was approved. Township residents will now cast their votes at the First Universalist Church of Brooklyn, located at 6925 Maple Street in Brooklyn. The change from the Brooklyn Township Building location was made in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

During public comment a resident asked about the county 9-1-1 readdressing. He was concerned that the new addresses cannot be found on GPS devices, and wondered how Emergency Services were able to find new address locations. Commissioners stated that all county Emergency Services, law enforcement and fire departments have been issued manuals listing all address changes made so far in the on-going process.

The next Susquehanna County Commissioners meeting is 9 a.m., Wednesday, May 12, in the downstairs conference room of the County Office Building, 31 Public Avenue, Montrose.

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More Facilities Talk At MVSD
By Melinda Darrow

At the April 26 Mountain View school board meeting the board reviewed again the use of facilities procedure. The board had discussed previously adding a fourth group of for-profit organizations in which 25% or more of the team were full time students of the district. A proposal was made that for those in this category, a charge be enacted of $150 as a one time flat rate for 1-10 uses, with a gradated scale after that. A use would be defined as a practice or game by any individual team. Also, no approval would be given, it was suggested, for outside groups to use the track or soccer field, due to the renovation project. There were some, however, who felt that certain groups should still be able to use them.

The board approved their portion of the Susquehanna County TCC budget, in the amount of $1,723. Mountain View collects an earned income tax of 1%, which is the reasoning for the amount. Mr. Mirabelli is a voting delegate on the committee, which is a countywide tax collection committee the state forces Susquehanna County to create. The commission approved a $10,000 budget for itself, of which the above amount was termed their fair share.

The state is looking, Dr. Chichura announced, at the common core standard nationally. The idea is to compare the state standards to the national standards. One of the things which is being looked into is increasing the physical activity requirements to 150 minutes per week for elementary students and 220 minutes per week for secondary students. The implications of this plan, which may be adopted in the 2010/2011 school year, were briefly discussed at the meeting. More staff would be required, and scheduling adjusted to fit the extra hours into the day.

Mrs. Pipitone provided an overview of the occurrences at the elementary school, which included just under $1200 raised by the elementary student council through the Pennies for Patients program. Seventy-eight students were registered for kindergarten, though more could be expected to register in time. Each kindergarten and pre-K registrant received a backpack and CD. The pre-K students already in the school had a book read to them as part of autism awareness month.

The high school had held a fire drill, to which the fire department was asked to actually respond for timing purposes. All but one student was accounted for and emergency help was present in 17 or 18 minutes. That one student, as Mr. Doster put it, picked a bad day to cut a half day of school.

Some students were voluntarily participating in a Math-a-thon, it was stated, as part of Mrs. Voigt’s report in abstentia. They were raising money for Saint Jude’s, to battle cancer.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren Price Ficarro


David B. and Connie F. Humbert to David B. and Connie F. Humbert, in New Milford Borough and New Milford Township for one dollar.

Margaret and Raymon M. (estate) Heller to Margaret Heller, in Union Dale Borough for one dollar.

Ann M. Reed, M. Kathleen and David Kubly, Joseph T., Constantina V., Stephen W. and Loraine Kielceski to Ann M. Reed, M. Kathleen and David Kubly, Joseph T., Constantina V., Stephen W. and Loraine Kielceski, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Harley D., Pauline B., Larry D. and Deborah N. Hall to Reddon’s Drug Company, Inc., Kathleen Reddon and Christopher Cavanaugh, in Jackson Township for $300,000.00.

Steven M. (by sheriff) and Sue Linn (by sheriff) Buman to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, in Oakland Borough for $2,123.28.

Tammy L. and Norman N. (by POA) Norton to Mario Fasullo, in Harford Township for $387,500.00.

Charlotte Ducas to John, Jr. and Lauren Ducas, in Harford Township for $153,326.00.

Effie A. Potter to Eileen P. Kopelman, Lawrence R. and Virginia P. Potter, Kathryn P. Maloney and Roselyn P. Hibbard, in Brooklyn Township for one dollar.

Iva V. Westfall to Paige E. Krishnamurthy, in Oakland Township for one dollar.

Donald H. and Betty J. Vanorder to Steven C. and Marie E. Smith, in Auburn Township for $91,175.00.

Steven C. and Marie E. Smith to Steven C. and Marie E. Smith, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Eileen M. Cost (estate) and Eileen Rincavage (estate) to Eileen Rincavage (estate), in Choconut Township for one dollar.

Thomas P. Franko (estate) to James Franko, in Lathrop Township for one dollar.

Sandra D. Boyle to Sandra D. Boyle, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Margaret J. (AKA) Margaret Wickizer (estate) to Todd and Kori Greene, in Brooklyn Township for $204,820.00.

Matthew J. Matti (by sheriff) to Fannie Mae, in Harford Township for $2,652.19.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. (by POA) to Ray M. and Kathleen L. Ellinger, in Springville Township for $56,900.00.

Ray M. and Kathleen L. Ellinger to Michael and Robin Rezykowski, in Springville Township for $75,000.00.

Berton A. and Rose M. Hollister to Berton A., Jr. and Donna L. Hollister, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

William J. Cooksley to William J. Cooksley (trust), in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Michael J. Vangordon (AKA) Michael J. Vangorden and Cindy Marie Vangorden (NBM) Cindy Marie Bennett to Michael J. and Cindy Marie Vangorden, in Great Bend Borough for one dollar.

Patrick McGlynn to Michael J. McGlynn, in Great Bend Township for one dollar.

Fannie Mae (AKA) Federal National Mortgage Association (by POA) to Dixie Mazzola, in Lanesboro Borough for $20,000.00.

Joel F. and Agnes T. Whitehead to Robert Whitehead, in Jackson and Ararat Townships for $40,000.00.

Jeffray (AKA) Jeffrey L. Conroy (by sheriff) to Federal National Mortgage Association, in Oakland Borough for $2,481.61.

Marci M. Sheffler (NKA) Marci M. Vandeventer to Frank and Donna Cooke, in Silver Lake Township for $120,000.00.


Justin Curtis Bach of Apo, ARE and Britny A. Krisanda of Dickson, PA.

Terry Ray Hollister and Ada M. Rosser, both of Hallstead.


Scott Halstead vs. Maria Halstead, both of Union Dale, married 2002.

Melissa Henderson vs. Lyle Henderson, both of Montrose, married 2002.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has bench warrants for the following individuals as of April 30, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Antonio L. Alcantara, Duane Aldrich, Brian Anderson, Erika L. Back, David Shawn Blaisure, Devin S. Brewer,Howard A. Burns, III, Darryl M. Chaffee, Neil J. Darrow, Frank Deriancho, Deborah L. Drish, David J. Fischer, Racheal L. Frisbie, George Graham, Andy L. Groff, David Haines, Jr., Ceejay B. Halstead, Ronald J. Jacoby, Jr., James Karhnak, Erik E. Krisovitch, Charlie J. Legere, Carlos L. Leiser, Jason Lindquist, Kimberly L. Mershon, Matthew S. Miller, Ronald N. Mitchell, Robert A. Muzzy, Shane Nelson, Anthony Neri, Sheri Pabon, James E. Purse, Jeremiah Quackenbush, Arthur D. Quick, Jesse R. Rhinebeck, Jr., Brandon Scott, David J. Shiner, Richard D. Shoemaker, Duane Spencer, Garrett M. Thomas (aka Staudinger), Christina L. Trayes, Keith W. Vroman, Jamie L. Williams, Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., Karl D. Zantowsky.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals.

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