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Blue Ridge Schools Artists Of Month

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Elk Lake High 2021 Prom Court

The Elk Lake High School Prom was held from 5:00 - 10:00pm, outdoors at the Stonehedge Golf Club on Saturday, May 22nd. Above pictured (l-r) are: Charity Kasson and Jacob Yetter, Sophia Riscavage and Ashtin Bunnell, Zoe Pickett and Dan McGee, Molly Smith and Mason Pryor, Olivia Voll and Omar Lopez, Destiny McCarey and Jared Ely, Payton LaRue (Queen) and Colby Baker (King), Kaleigh Mayer and Casey Kojola.

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Mt. View Elementary Students Of Quarter

Dr. Christopher Lake, Principal of Mountain View Elementary School, and the faculty announces the following students for Students of the Quarter for the Fourth Marking Period. These students are recognized for their respect to others throughout the school year.

These students have offered to help others, greeted others with a kind salutation, and have shown kindness to their peers, faculty, and staff members.

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SCCTC Inducts 12 Students into NTHS

Submitted by Beth Beardslee

The Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center recently held its annual National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony. On Thursday, May 6, 2021, twelve inductees and thirteen returning members were honored. These students were nominated by their instructors and chosen by a panel according to their scholastic achievements, citizenship, character and community involvement.

NTHS inductees included: Morgan Aiken, Montrose Area HS; Nick Algar, Tunkhannock Area HS; Ashleigh Barton, Blue Ridge HS; Aaron Beesley, Blue Ridge HS; Mackenzie Brewer, Elk Lake HS; Kevin Harvey, Tunkhannock Area HS; Ethan Luecke, Adult; Lily Richards, Elk Lake HS; Matthew Sickler, Elk Lake HS; Cole Soden, Susquehanna Community HS; Carolynn Thomas, Elk Lake HS; and Grace Werkheiser.

The ceremony was held at the SCCTC, adhering to CDC guidelines, parents were invited to attend virtually. The ceremony opened with a welcome speech by SCCTC Executive Director, Dr. Alice M. Davis who professed, "You have the honor of being in the company of the best and the brightest career and technical students enrolled at the SCCTC. Their talents and abilities will enable them to succeed in life beyond our expectations."

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SCCTC Receives $10K Sherwood Donation

Submitted by Beth Beardslee

The Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center recently received a donation from Sherwood Chevrolet, Inc., Tunkhannock, PA. The items, valued at more than $10,000, donated to the CTC will allow for the students to master their skills on shop projects within the Automotive Technology, Vehicle Maintenance and Autobody departments.

Dr. Alice M. Davis states, "We are extremely grateful for the generosity of Sherwood Chevrolet, Inc. Our students benefit significantly from these industry donations. The additional skills that are acquired by the students not only benefit them but the prospective employers. While students continually increase their skill levels utilizing different products, the workforce profits by having more qualified employees."

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Blue Ridge Schools Athletes Of Month

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Forest City Regional High School 2021 Graduates

Graduation: Friday, June 11, 2021

Forest City High School Class of 2021

Gilberto Alvanez
Tanner Britton
Arthur Bronson
Wesly Burleigh
Christopher Burnis
Branson Casper
Montana Cook
LeAnn Dyser
Christopher Englert
Austin Evans
Lindsey Evans
Charles Ewins
Nicholas Ferrari
Selena Figueroa
Dakota Foster
Tyler Francis
Mason Fuchs
Emily Gorton
Stephanie Graham
Jacob Gray
Conor Hawm
Brady Hentschel
Kaitlyn Keller
Quinn Kovaleski
Kaitlyn Kowalick
Devyn Maciuska
Madison McCracken
Eden McFarland
Shaymus Murphy
Henry Nebzydoski
Dylan Nieratko
Ryan Phillips
Isabella Pleska
Taralyn Quinones
Hope Reams
Jaycob Requena
Isabelle Richner
Jayden Sack
Rocco Sassani
Madeline Shema
Skyla Silfee
Cody Slick
Alex Smith
Hannah Snyder
Zachery Striefsky
Kayla Stueber
Dustin Swartz
Abigail Swegel
Robert Swegel
Ben Thomas
Claire Urbas
Michael Wilcox
Jacob Wiley

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Susquehanna Community High School 2021 Graduates

Graduation: Saturday, June 12, 2021

Susquehanna Community School District Class of 2021

John C. Adams
Gavin N. Baker
Madison R. Baker
Rachel N. Ballard
Cooper R. Barnes
Cortney E. Bennett
Devyn W. Benson
Jeff T. Bradley
Bethany D. Burns
Caleigh E. Carrillo
Andrew C. Christian
Zachary R. Consla
Gavin M. Crawford
Garrett J. Decker
Emily R. DeVries
Jacob W. Downton
Kelli-Anne R. Driscoll
Drayk S. Fitch
Austin J. Gow
Rylea B. Groover
Ryan J. Hall
JD M. Heckman
Logan M. Hodge
Kyleigh E. Jones
Jenna A. Krall
Sophie V. Lawrenson
Sebastyan A. Major
Noah R. Mangan
Shannon M. Marinari
Chance D. Marino
Jayden B. Morrison
Joseph R. Murphy
Stephen M. Murphy
Cameron M. Nabinger
Cody J. Orner
James V. Paynter
Preston E. Perry
Leah C. Place
Jared S. Rockwell
Rachel J. Rockwell
Kaylee J. Rooney
Brianne F. Sheldon
Emily G. Sheldon
Alijah P. Slater
Brandon M. Slater
Dominik I. Slater
Cole W. Soden
Kyle R. Spoor
Elizabeth A. Stewart
Randy R. Stoss
Kimberly A. Swartz
Courtney A. Towner
Madison K. Towner
Kevin C. Tross
Val D. White
Robert J. Wolf
Michelle R. Zebrowski

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Elk Lake High School 2021 Graduates

Graduation: Saturday, June 12, 2021

Elk Lake School District Class of 2021

Jimena Acevedo-Vasquez
Davia Lauren Adams
Colby Matthew Ryan Baker
Cayden Tracy Bennett
Kyle Robert Bonavita
Kyle Pennay Bradish
Issaic Ethan Brewer
Ethan David Brown
Ashtin Marsh Bunnell
Gavin Joel Bunnell
Tabitha Rose Cain
Jordan Bradley Campbell
Anna Jeanne Comly
Derek Lewis Conboy
Kaylee Rose Conboy
Jaycee MaryJane Crisman
Nicholas Andrew Scott Cussins
Jeryn Bryce Delong
Benjamin Michael Drab
Gabriel Thomas Edwards
Jared Thomas Ely
Jonathan Charles Forster
Rebekah Sue Gardner
Jaclyn Grace Gesford
Wayne Lee Godsey
Azurae Lynn Hall
Mariah Lynn Heeman
Jared Michael Hodgson
Darien Lee Hurlburt
Alan Lynden Jenner
Charity Leah Kasson
Casey Donovan Kojola
Shelby Riley Lamoreaux
Payton Elizabeth LaRue
Kyle Scott Leatso
Jerrid William Lozenski, Jr.
Desiree Elizabeth Marbaker
Catalina Martinez-Cases
Kaleigh Alexis Mayer
Destiny Angell McCarey
Daniel James McGee
Taegan Jai-Lynn Mills
Emily Elizabeth Moore
Benjamin Daniel Oakley
Zoe Noelle Pickett
Douglas William Priestner
Samuel Mason Pryor
Jeremy Tyler Quinnan
Tanden Amelia Rafferty
Brooke Lauryn Ramey
Ariona Susan Richards
Sophia Marcella Riscavage
Jared Scott Rockwell
Ethan James Sickler
Matthew James Sickler
Madelyn Jade Slivinski
Molly Dean Smith
George Stephen Sobeck, V
Hailey Marie Strohl
Riley Jo Syester
Kaliey Marie Taylor
Danica Elizabeth Thurman
Tamara Nicole Voda
Olivia Katherine Voll
Kellen Patrick Wescott
Caleb Henry Wilson
Christopher Michael Woodruff
Jacob Ward Yetter
Hailie Jane Zajaczkowski

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Blue Ridge High School 2021 Graduates

Graduation: Saturday, June 12, 2021

Blue Ridge School District Class of 2021

Lydia G. Andusko
Isaac Arzola-Ve'lez
Alexandria E. Ayers
Shawn D. Bailey
Ashleigh I. Barton
Matthew W. Bednarchik
Aaron T. Beesley
Sierra G. Bross
Danni-Lee M. Brown
Olivia M. Colwell
Garrett M. Conklin
Mason A. Conklin
Brea L. Conrad
Jenna M. Crocker
Alexander J. Daley
Marissa A. Derrick
Anthony B. Dissinger
Dylan M. Dorunda
Kaitlin R. Farthing
Brandon R. Findley
Kory M. Flynn
Peyton N. Gelinger
Brandon L. Gentile
Caiden M. George
Holly R. Geyer
Thomas R. Gibson III
Ryan J. Glatzel
Hunter C. Glezen
Breanna D. Graves
Jay J. Grover
Hunter H. Heeman
Lance J. Heeman
Olivia G. Herbert
Ryan W. Higgins
David T. Hill
Cassidy B. Howe
Carson R. Koehler
Kaylyn A. Lewis
Garrett S. Loby
Eli J. McArthur
Jenna L. McCarthy
Connor S. Mills
Ryan P. Mills
Angelina P. Mirra
Jacob S. Morris
Michael D. Palmer
Cassidy L. Parker
Cameron L. Phelps
Emily J.L. Phillips
Breanna L. Post
Clay N. Repella
Calvin J. Scheideler
Andrew N. Scott
Noah M. Shankman
Marissa M. Sharer
Mikayla M. Starbuck
Alexia L. Stone
Anthony I. Torres
Brooke L. Upright
Malaki B. Upright
Storm A. Visage
Piper V. Welch
David R. Wells
Kaitlin G. White
Kyle J. White
David A. Wolfe
Carissa D. Zawiski

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Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center (SCCTC) 2021 Graduates

Graduation: Thursday, June 10, 2021

Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center Class of 2021

Autobody/Collision Repair Technology Program

Kameal Destiny Clayton
William Ray Compton III
Jaren Parker
Jared Rockwell

Automotive Technology Program

Copeland Barber
Ian G. Bender *
Matthew Bowman
Jeff Bradley
Issaic Brewer
Derek Conboy
Jason Goetz
Jakob Hartman
James Heaman
Kyle Leastso
Daniel Meyer
Alex R. Rivers
Brandon Slater
Riley Jo Syester
Logan Vangorder

Building/Property Maintenance Technology Program

Nicholas James Ald Ethan Brown *
Martin Joe Burke
Nikolas S. Canfield
Trevor Isaiah Crawford
Shane D. Downs
Korey M. Drake
Nicholas Gardner
David D. Hill
Kevin Nelson
Preston E. Perry
Clay N. Repella
Zachary R. Shields

Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Program

Gavin Baker
Gavin Crawford
Garrett Decker
Jeryn B. DeLong
Jonathan C. Forster
Logan Hodge
Jonathan Johnson
Shelby Lamoreaux
Sebastyan A. Major
Sean Meder
Gavin Mellor
Emily Moore *
Benjamin Oakley
Matthew Sickler *
Cole Soden *
Kaliey Taylor
Jacob Yetter

Cosmetology Program

Jimena Acevedo-Vasquez
Ashleigh Barton *
Aaron Beesley *
Vienna Joy Benedict *
Tabitha Rose Cain
Emily Rose DeVries
Jaclyn G. Gesford
Rylea Groover
Mariah Lynn Heeman
Emily Noel Hinkley
Kenya Kinne
Melanie LaRue
Anna-Mae Elizabeth Michaels
Bristen Lynn Oakley
Tanden Rafferty
Brooke Lauryn Ramey
Jonica-Anne Snay

Adult Cosmetology Program

Lena Renee Blaisure
Emily A. Dunn
Cintya Susana Gonzalez
Gina R. Hall
Ethan A. Luecke *

Esthetician Program

Izabella Robinson
Mara A. Strohl

Nail Technician Program

Autumn Dietz
Ericka Steele

Criminal Justice/Police Science Program

Darien Lee Hurlburt
Garrett Loby
Melissa Elizabeth McCloskey
Kendra Payton
Daniel Piccione
Kaylee Jade Rooney
Alijah P. Slater
Travis St. Clair

Food Management & Production Services Program

Hunter Riley Beach-Jones *
Jennifer Michelle Bollinger
Felicity Ann Drass
Gabriel Thomas Edwards
Desiree Marbaker
Margo McVaugh *
Kimberly Schutz
Noah Shankman
Dominik Slater
Jessica Lynne Teribury *
Connor Youmans

Health Care Technology Program

Morgan Alexis Aiken *
Xochitl L. Avila Francisco
Rebekah Sue Gardner
Katie Glover *
Paige Harvey *
Madison T. Norton
John Pearce
Matthew Repchick
Alexis Joann Steele
Danica Thurman

Massage Therapy Program

Bralee Madison Canfield
Cyndi Polinski
Sierra Schaffer
Christine Marie Stoner

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Technology Program

Riley M. Baker
Cameron Harder
Jared Hodgson
Cade A. Mooney *
Mason Pryor
Kellen Wescott
Sebastian R. Winters
Travis L. Youmans

Welding Technology Program

Joseph Acker
Isaac Arzola-Ve'lez
Cory Brown
Andrew Christian
Jay Grover
Lance Heeman
Shaun Ivey
Kadin King
Ryleigh Naylor
Andrew Rosevear
Ethan Sickler *
Jeffrey Stankiewicz
Storm Visage

* Denotes National Technical Honor Society Member

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Montrose Area High School 2021 Graduates

Graduation: Saturday, June 19, 2021

2021 Class Officers

President: Elizabeth Lathrop
Vice-President: Molly Phillips
Secretary: Paige Clark
Treasurer: Emily Birchard

Committed to Joining the Military

Morgan Aiken - Army
Jason Farley - Air Force

Montrose Area School District Class of 2021

Joseph D. Acker
Mae E. Adams
Morgan A. Aiken
Nicholas J. Alden
Kevin Alvarez
Madisyn G. Anthony
Alexus Argust
Xochitl L. Avila-Francisco
Alicia Barkan
Meghan E. Barlow
Bridget C. Bendock
Zephyr K. Bidwell
Aidan J. Birchard
Emily E. Birchard
Makenna J. Birchard
Clayton L. Blanton
Jennifer M. Bollinger
Angie M. Brand
Cory W. Brown
Kelsey L. Brown
Connor R. Capwell
Paige L. Clark
Jazmine N. Coon
Lindsey M. Coy
Tayler Diaz
Marina N. Eshbaugh
Elizabeth A. Farley
Jason R. Farley
Ambrose M. Flynn
Nicholas A. Gardner
Roger J. Gelatt
Jason S. Goetz
Cameron J. Harder
Breanna L. Harris
Jakob Hartman
Kaleb F. Hayes
James M. Heaman
Jackson D. Herman
Alexandria M. Iversen
Shaun P. Ivey
Xavier R. Kendricks
Liam Kildare
Conner R. King
Abigail R. Kutalek
Melanie J. LaRue
Elizabeth M. Lathrop
Gabriel Lawton
Trent E. Leonard
Samantha A. Lonzinski
Theodore J. Lubash
Jonathan M. Lyden
Rylee E. Maynard
Ian M. McGranaghan
Margo R. McVaugh
Christopher J. Miller
John J. Miller
Michael C. Mock
Raven D. Mock
Cade A. Mooney
Gabrielle R. Moyer
Emma R. Munda
Jenna P. Myers
Ryleigh S. Naylor
Kevin M. Nelson
Samantha G. Nelson
Bethany R. Nezelek
Madison T. Norton
Morgan T. Organisciak
Dominic Palmatier
Mia P. Perry
Molly R. Phillips
Zeke L. Raub
Abigail L. Rebello
Matthew B. Repchick
Caleb J. Roe
Henry J. Rogers
Alexys D. Roma
Andrew J. Rosevear
Nathan Rossey
Jordan L. Russell
Devin R. Sanguinito
Devin M. Shaffer
Bailey L. Shimer
Dillon Z. Singer
Jason M. Smith
Jeffrey W. Smith
Travis L. St Clair
Alexis J. Steele
Grace M. Steele
Kailey B. Stevenson
Hunter D. Taylor
Brian D. Teetsel
Cameron D. Thompson
Kory M. Thompson
Nicholas H. Tiffany
Mickkell A. Tingman
Kelley D. Warner
Emma R. Weidow
Haley A. Welch
Tyler D. Whalen
Chloe M. White
Gabriel J. Wilber
Valerie E. York
Travis L. Youmans

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Mountain View High School 2021 Graduates

Graduation: Saturday, June 5, 2021

Mountain View School District Class of 2021

Sydney Jade Barhite
Hunter Riley Beach-Jones
Sara Stephanie Beemer
Morgan Joseph Belcher
Tyler Paul Bennett
Emory Jo Bewley
Emily Larea Biesecker
Matthew Michael Bowman
Shainah Nacion Brainard
Regan Grace Cameron
Leland Zackary CaraBallo
Alexander Scott Carpenetti
Hailey Jayde Carroll
Benjamin David DeMark
Michael Charles DeWolfe
Caleb Michael Drake
Caleb Isaac Eichelberger
Alan Joseph Fortuner
Mia Laura Frankel
Racheal Leann Galacci
Holly Jean Galvin
Hannah Rose Geron
Katie May Glover
Morgan Taylor Hammond
Alycia Leigh Harvey
Ashlynd Marie Harvey
Theressa Elizabeth Hinkley
Madison Paige Hunter
Isabella Hurchick
Jonathan Michael Johnson
Joseph John Jumper
Nathaniel James Larkin
Aiden James Long
Connor Russell Mancuso
Jacqueline Marie McCabe
Gavin Walter Mellor
Anna-Mae Elizabeth Michaels
Jonathon James Natterer
William Jerome O'Brien
Ava Janice Olecki
Marisa Catherine Ostir
John Louis Pearce
Zachary Nicholas Polovitch
Chase Edmund Poplawski
Connor Michael Richmond
Kimberly Hope Schutz
Caleb Ryan Seamans
Douglas Blair Smith
Jeffrey Aaron Stankiewicz
Katelyn Rose Supancik
Jade Elizabeth Travis
Logan Parker VanGorder
Riley Richard Weida
Nathan David Wells
Reagan Elyse White
Sebastian Ryley Winters
Casey John Zentmyer
Meredith Olivia Zrowka

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Elk Lake Elem. 3rd Trimester Honor Roll

Following is the Elk Lake Elementary honor roll for the third trimester.

5th Grade Honors: Marlo Caines, Jayden Hitchcock, Madison Kerr, Martin Meehan, Ella Ramey, Colby Ruark, Mckenzie Shave, James Smith, Liam Sprout, Delilah Stapleton.

6th Grade Honors: Madelyn Baker, Clayton Bartholomew, Lucas Benscoter, Mia Blair, Nathan Booher, Hayden Brunges, Kennedy Carter, Sage Darling, Jacob Donato, Brent Drost, Lilly Franklin, Aleece Greenley, Donald Hibbard, Deegan Jennings, Lila Kerr, Allison Long, Nancy Martinez, Jace Miller, Lukas Oruska, Alan Perez, Morgann Pickering, Chase Pond, Gavin Quick, Jacob Romanowski, Bailey Rugh, Ethan Smith, Payton Smith, Autumn Snyder, Parker Upright, Jayden Wasch, Rayne Jamey White.

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Mt. View Jr/Sr 4th Period Honor Roll

Following is the Mountain View Jr. Sr. High School 4th Period Honor Roll for the 2020-21 school year.

7th Grade: Hudson Bain, Haley Bills, Stanley Biniewicz, Connor Boylan, Ian Briechle, Shelby Castrogiovanni, Jacob Ficarro, Corinne Flynn, Addison Kilmer, Sean Larkin, Cooper Lopatofsky, Julian MacDonald, Richard Masters, Mayson McAndrew, Breanna Perini, Collin Pliska, Amber Price, Rory Shea, Brianna Smith, Caroline Symuleski, Mason Thomas, Joshua Tigue, Seth Wallace, Madeline Yachymiak.

8th Grade: Brooklyn Anderson, Lacey Ball, Kylie Barhite, Timothy Barlow, Michael Beach, Kennedy Calabro, Jason DeManicor, Christina Denney, Chelsea Empet, Rachel Evans, Keeley Flynn, Alexis Frisbie, Jackson Gesford, Nicholi Grisafi, Luke Harvatine, Tanner Holtsmaster, Joshua Kamensky, Ryleigh Kilmer, Kylee Kozloski, Payton Lord, Coralynn McHenry, Molly McLaud, Caleb Moher, Aiden Norton, Jacob Ofalt, Adam Polovitch, Malakai Sansky, Mikayla Sansky, Miriam Sedlak, Paige Smith, Jordan Totten, Riley Turner, Jeremy Wells, Anya Yasnovitch, Luke Zipprich.

9th Grade: Rylan Ainey, Brandon Alvord, Noah Barnes, Daniel Belcher, Edmond Carroll, Logan Dick, Joshua Fanelli, Carissa Flynn, Holly Harvatine, Vanessa Harvey, Joseph Heller, Camryn Hicks, Rachel Hunter, Riley Jagger, Bronson Kilmer, Emma Long, Logan Pliska, Ordie Price, Lillian Sedlak, Mikaela Stout, Paige Strickland, Ryan Supancik, Kaylee Wood, Penelope Ziegler.

10th Grade: Wesley Anderson, Carter Bain, Ryley Baker, Charlize Barhite, Zayvion Bradford, Gavin Bewley, Owen Cameron, Lauren Clancy, Emily Cosklo, Alex Empet, Leah Evans, Caden Holtsmaster,  Elijah Kamensky, Alexander Karp,Tyler Keating, Jack Kowalewski, Hunter Kozloski, Genevieve Larkin, Nicholas Lemoncelli, Matthew Payne, Bailey Reuss, Emily Robinson, Raelyn Sanders, Peyton Smith, Tanner Stout, Jonathon Symuleski, Adia Tompkins, Alexis Turner, Jordyn Walker.

11th Grade: Cohen Anderson, Gregory Barlow, Brianna Barney, James Bernosky, Benjamin Burman, Emily Clark, Casey Congdon, Jacob DeManicor, Lauren Dick, Avery Fortuner, Rachael Gerfin, Ryan Henke, Delaney Hollenbeck, Kaitlyn Jarnagin, Edward Kowalyk, Kathryn Long, Andrew McHenry, Stephanie Nichols, Michael Nowlin, Nathan Ofalt, Victoria Pellew, Rebecca Plomchok, Collin Saam, Maressa Salansky, Nicholas Schmidt, Maura Strickland, Emily Streich, Shannon Toolan, Megan Zipprich.

12th Grade: Sydney Barhite, Emory Bewley, Emily Biesecker, Shainah Brainard, Regan Cameron, Alexander Carpenetti, Benjamin DeMark, Michael DeWolfe, Caleb Eichelberger, Mia Frankel, Holly Galvin, Hannah Geron, Katie Glover, Morgan Hammond, Alycia Harvey, Ashlynd Harvey, Theressa Hinkley, Isabella Hurchick, Jonathan Johnson, Aiden Long, Connor Mancuso, Marisa Ostir, Chase Poplawski, Douglas Smith, Katelyn Supancik, Logan VanGorder, Nathan Wells, Sebastian Winters, Casey Zentmyer, Meredith Zrowka.

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Susky Elem Fourth Period Honor Roll

Mr. Peter Supko, Elementary Principal, announces the following students from the Susquehanna Community Elementary School who made the Merit, Honor or High Honor Roll for the 4th marking period of the 2020-21 school year.

MERIT ROLL GRADE 4: Corey Blankley, Travis Dininny, James Doyle, Silas Keiser, Hannah Klingensmith, Jayden Lake, Makayla Lotz, Kendra Meagley, Audrey Nitterour, Laila O'Dell, Joey Oropallo, James Pelly, Keegan Reese, Brody Soden, Xander Stone.

HONOR ROLL GRADE 4: Owen Cook, Jackson Drag, Leah Taylor.

HIGH HONOR ROLL GRADE 4: Blake Buzzell, Kaleb Buzzell, Cora Harcar, Asher Heller, Addison Stone.

MERIT ROLL GRADE 5: Catalina Alfonso, Chad Benson, Isabelle Conklin, Hailey Cordner, Sunny Crawn, Sophia Ott.

HONOR ROLL GRADE 5: Sara Adornato, Liam Albert, Eva Beamer, Hunter Downton, Russell Jones, Izabella McCrone, Ashton Whitney.

HIGH HONOR ROLL GRADE 5: Jacob Arzouian, Jasmine Bills, Erica Brown, Kiera Burke, Macie Komula, Gabriel Maby, Skylar Phonechanh, Caedon Stone.

MERIT ROLL GRADE 6: Xavier Barber, Madyson Beach, Abbi Bieble, Ruby Carpenter, Joel Decker, Griffin Fisk, Thomas Fremberg, Cienna Hadden, Lily Hugaboom, Ashton Norris, Katelyn Paynter, Michel Sheeley, Marley Smith, Mandolay Velez.

HONOR ROLL GRADE 6: McKenzie Benson, Casey Doyle, Alyssia Krall, Zachary Krupovich, Hudson Stengel, Michael Stone, Thomas Wayman, Weston Yannone.

HIGH HONOR ROLL GRADE 6: Jeffery Benson, Jordan Burke, Brooklyn Cook, Cassandra Cottrell, Piper Heller, Lauren Huyck, Bailee Norris, Madison Watt, Caliana Williams.

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Susky High Fourth Period Honor Roll

Following is the Susquehanna Community High School 4th Marking Period Honor Roll for the 2020-21 school year.

Highest Honors 92.5-100

12th Grade: Madison Baker, Rachel Ballard, Cortney Bennett, Emily DeVries, Austin Gow, Sophie Lawrenson, Shannon Marinari, Preston Perry, Leah Place, Emily Sheldon, Alijah Slater, Cole Soden, Elizabeth Stewart, Kimberly Swartz, Robert Wolf, Michelle Zebrowski.

11th Grade: Devlin Ace, Ryan Ballard, Maura Carmody, Cora Hadden, Meghan Kiernan, Lyllian Lorenz, Joshua Marco, Karlah Oropallo, Ava Presley, Rockell Rockwell, Julia Schell, Joseph Staria, William Steele, Adriana Zebrowski.

10th Grade: Brianna Ashman, Brianna Bills, Lauren Brown, Kambrie Colwell, Sarah Day, Kerstin Dooley, Teagan Fissel, Lexis Iveson, Allison Jenkins, Tatum Norris, Reilly Potter, Kameron Sheffer.

9th Grade: Joseph Burke, Jayden Herbert, Jackson Maby, Topanga Maffett, Lilliana Matis, Vanessa Payne, Paytyn Sellitto, Colton Stone, Paige Straway, Tori Straway, Nevaeh Wolf.

8th Grade: Isabella Bishop, Norman Burns, Gianna Creamer, Sydney Donahue, Jeremiah Hadden, Rebecca Haley, Alexandria Hall, Taylor Osterhout.

7th Grade: Linden Baker, Brooke Collins, Molly Griga, Drew Hennessey, William Hobart, John Jones, Maxx Kelly, Mason Opalka, Abilene Pearson, Leah Roe, Adrianna Rockwell, Camryn Sellitto, Gwendolyn Stec, Preston Wolf.

Honor Roll 89.5-92.4

12th Grade: Zachary Consla, Gavin Crawford, Garrett Decker, Ryan Hall, Rachel Rockwell, Kaylee Rooney, Brianne Sheldon, Dominik Slater, Kyle Spoor, Courtney Towner, Kevin Tross.

11th Grade: Kayla Anderson, Mackenzie Roe, Kayla Sheldon, Hunter Swank.

10th Grade: Sean Birmingham, Memphis Collins, Zoey Cramer, Danni Williams.

9th Grade: Kyrsten Carroll, Jaydin Orner, Olivia Orner, Cooper Payne.

8th Grade: Liam Dooley, Tabitha Marean, Matthew Matis, Madeline Schell, Alyssa Smith.

7th Grade: Skye Fitch, Holden Mills, Aiden Page, Alyis Rockwell.

Merit Roll 84.5-89.4

12th Grade: Gavin Baker, Cooper Barnes, Jeff Bradley, Caleigh Carrillo, Jenna Krall, Noah Mangan, Chance Marino, Jayden Morrison, Cody Orner, Brandon Slater, Val White.

11th Grade: Hayden Butts, Bradley Cottrell, Joseph Curtis, Mackenzie Decker, Megan Decker, Erin Millard, Brianna Miller, Lacey O'Hara, Christopher Orner, Collin Smith, Tori Smith, Samantha Swanson, Jocelyn Wasko, Elizabeth Weibel, Carson Williams.

10th Grade: Jocelyn Conklin, Layne Fisk, Emily Hall, Luke Hilling, Xandrea Hohnhorst, Alexandra Iveson, Justice Lesser, Alanah Proutey.

9th Grade: Sahara Barker, Christopher Eger, Katelyn Eger, Dane Fitch, Nicholas Fox, William Lawrence, Katelynn Lewis, Reylene Januszko, Scott Stengel.

8th Grade: Nicholas Finkler-Shay, Shyanne Gerhold, Wyatt Hager, Cambria King, Houston Koziol, Linkin Payne, Travis Rooney, Justin Sheldon, Olivia Steffens, Caden Williams.

7th Grade: Ryder Hobart, Nicholas Maurey, Addison Valentine, Brice Woodruff.

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Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

The following is a list of the Susquehanna Community Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the 4th Quarter of the 2020-21 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the quarter in order to receive this award.

Ms. Grausgruber – 4-1: Blake Buzzell, Cora Harcar, Addison Stone.

Mrs. Burdick – 4-2: Leah Taylor.

Mrs. Hilling – 4-3: Kaleb Buzzell, Asher Heller.

Mrs. Conklin – 5th Grade: Jacob Arzouian, Jasmine Bills, Erica Brown, Kiera Burke, Izabella McCrone, Skylar Phonechanh, Caedon Stone, Ashton Whitney.

Mrs. Glidden – 6th Grade: Jeffery Benson, Brooklyn Cook, Piper Heller, Bailee Norris, Madison Watt.

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Susky Elem Reading Recognition Awards

The following is a list of the Susquehanna Community Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award every marking period for the 2020-21 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Krause – 1-1: Brian Burke, Makayla Butts, Kerry Doyle, Sadie Skiba, Ava Valenti, Triston Valenti.

Mrs. Downton – 1-2: Bray Dibble, Caleb Ferra, Troy Soden, Karina Stone.

Mr. Maurer – 1-3: Bronson Ace, Kadence Boman, Chase Burke, Fiona Carpenter, Harper Dubas, Viktor Vales.

Mrs. Stanley – 2-1: Sawyer Mazikewich, Dakota Norris, Rhea Straway.

Ms. Grausgruber – 4-1: Cora Harcar.

Mrs. Conklin – 5th Grade: Jacob Arzouian, Jasmine Bills, Erica Brown, Caedon Stone.

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Local Students On UM Chancellor's Roll

The University of Mississippi recently announced students named to the Spring, 2021 Honor Roll lists, including Chancellor's Honor Roll.

The following local students were named to the Chancellor's Honor Roll, which is reserved for students who earn a semester GPA of 3.75-4.00: James Richard Michels, of Montrose; John Curtis Michels, of Montrose.

"Our students on the Chancellor's Honor Roll are among the best and brightest at the University of Mississippi," said Chancellor Glenn Boyce. "I commend them for their hard work and dedication resulting in their incredible academic achievements and this well-deserved honor."

In order to be eligible for honor roll designation, a student must have completed at least 12 graded hours for the semester and may not be on academic probation during the semester.

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Peyton Jones On SUNY Dean's List

SUNY Morrisville recently announced that Peyton Jones, of Friendsville, PA, was named to the Dean's List for the Spring, 2021 semester. Peyton is majoring in Agricultural Business Development - BBA.

To be named to the Dean's List, a student must achieve a 3.0 to 3.99 grade-point average for the semester and complete 12 credit hours.

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Nathaneal Pettyjohn On BJU Dean's List

Nathaneal Pettyjohn, a Freshman Criminal Justice major from Montrose, was among approximately 800 Bob Jones University students named to the Spring, 2021 Dean's List.

The Dean's List recognizes students who earn a 3.00-3.74 grade point average during the semester.

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Jessica Lamb Graduates AU

Jessica Morgan Lamb, of Susquehanna, PA, has graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree after completing all the requirements for graduation during the 2020-21 academic year. Lamb majored in Biology while studying at Alvernia University.

The Susquehanna county native is one of nearly 650 Alvernia students who finished their degrees.

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Todd Landis On CU Dean's List

Todd Landis, of Harford, PA, majoring in Computer Science, was named to the Cedarville University Dean's List for Spring, 2021. This recognition requires the student to obtain a 3.5 GPA or higher for the semester and carry a minimum of 12 credit hours.

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Jaycie Conklin On CU Dean's List

Jaycie Conklin, of Susquehanna, PA, earned at least a 3.5 GPA to be named to the Dean's List for the spring, 2021 semester at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

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