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Pastor's Corner

By Pastor Vince Chiaramonte

Good day dear hearts, I love you. Last week I stumbled upon a devotional which covered three topics. They are when we question God, when God questions us, when God answers us. When we question God, is it possible to draw closer to the Father? As a father, I answer the question yes. As my children grew and matured, they learned to trust me, they learned to have faith in me. As they went through the reasoning of why I said no, they concluded the right thing was done and while it may have been rough on them, at the end of the day they still loved me and still had faith I was thinking of them. The reason why I know this is because they are raising their children in the same manner.

For the next two weeks we will be in the Book of Job, which is in the Old Testament and will finish with a verse from the New Testament. Job was a God-fearing man. He was faithful to God and God blessed him with a beautiful family, wealth, a position of status and good health. In chapter 1 of Job, God and Satan enter into a debate and Job is at the center of it. Satan makes the claim to God, if Job wasn't blessed with all he had, he would not be so faithful to God. And so, God allowed Job to be tested. He allowed Satan to sift through him.

Satan begins his sifting and in a relative short amount of time Job begins to lose his wealth, his position of status goes, he develops health issues, friends turn on him, his family turns on him, he's lost everything he has and is left with a couple of friends from whom he seeks advice. They advise him he must have done something bad. Vs. 15 of Job chapter 13 says, "Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him. I will surely defend my ways to His face." Job is saying, although my life has turned into a complete mess, he is asking God the question "why." He wants the opportunity to explain his faithfulness to God. He wants to defend himself. When we question God, we're asking God, "why?" We're looking for an explanation for what seems unjust or cruel. To avoid doubt in the ability of our God when things go wrong to make it better, it's essential to approach our God with a question and with a sincere heart, seeking wisdom and understanding. Who here has not had a question for God? Who here has not been hurt by someone, rejected in your position, suffered a health issue, suffered a change in financial position, lost your spouse or maybe a child? There is no sin in asking God questions. That's part of our relationship with someone we love. Communication strengthens your relationship with someone, the same applies to our relationship with God. Remember, God made us in His image, meaning we have within us many of His attributes and one of them is "When God questions us," which is where I want to go next.

When God asks a question, it's not because He doesn't know the answer. His question to us serves as a locator for our hearts. Just like with a GPS system, to get to the destination, we first must know where we are. When God asks us a question, it's an invitation to ponder along with the Almighty, which we should consider to be a privilege. Take a minute and read job 38:1-11. It's titled, "The Lord speaks." Here are the first three verses of Job chapter 38. "Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm. He spoke. {Who is this who obscures my plans with words without knowledge? Brace yourself like a man; I will question you and you shall answer me.}" God responds to Job's questioning with stern authority and wisdom. Amidst Job's suffering and debates with friends, God's voice thunders from the whirlwind, revealing His role in creating and ordering the universe. These verses humble us, acknowledging our limited understanding and prompting us to seek divine wisdom. It's a powerful reminder of the vastness of God's knowledge and the mystery of His creation. God speaks to Job, but doesn't answer his questions. YET. Space requires us to continue next week as we experience when God answers us. God Bless.

Lord, watch over our community. Bless our children. Heal the sick and broken-hearted. Let your Spirit hover over our community. We thank you for our 2024 graduates and pray success over them in their future. Amen. Join us at our Community Dinner on Saturday, June 15 between 12:00 and 1:00pm. We are grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.

Contact me anytime. Pastor Vince Chiaramonte, 570-853-3988, Susquehanna Christian Community Church, 1361 Main Street, clearmountain2158@gmail.

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