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Pastor's Corner

By Pastor Vince Chiaramonte

Good day dear hearts, I love you. Last week we spent some time talking about the Bible. We spoke of its origins and we broke down the contents of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Now that we have an idea of how the Bible came about and how things are set the way they are, let's turn to the Bible's inspiration. Who is the identity of the Divine Author? The Bible claims God is the author. Skeptics and non-believers take the position the Bible was written by human beings, some being tax collectors, doctors, fishermen and so forth, and that their writings are not Spirit filled but human filled. Both the Jewish and Gentile writers of the Old and New Testament accepted the Word is inspired by God. Jesus himself believed that the Scripture, in its entirety, is God breathed. Jesus believed in the full authority of Scripture. Humans are to live by every Word that comes from the mouth of God. All parts, and every word, were considered important to Jesus. This is what Jesus himself says in Matthew 5:17-18, "Do not think I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth shall pass away not the smallest letter or stroke of a letter will pass from the law until everything takes place." I think even the lightest reader of the Bible can see people working hard to change God's Word and justify it. When you see and hear of these things, go the other way. The New Testament writers, for their part, were aware that they were not teaching human wisdom. The son of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham makes the comment, "I don't understand everything in the Bible, but I believe it." Not bad advice. Our understanding of the Bible comes with time and reading regularly.

This unique library of books was founded over two thousand years ago. And as I said earlier, the biblical writers came from different cultures and times, and they represented a very wide range of intellect and ability. There was also a diversity of circumstances each got caught up in. No different than the circumstances we get caught up in today. These writers were prisoners in exiles, rulers of kingdoms, bakers, shepherds, tent makers and fishermen. There was a diversity of character from the despairing to the joyful! While this unique library of books is ancient, it's modern in its relevance to human needs. It is diverse, yet one-held together by its common theme of God's people and their desire and need of a coming savior. In a sense, we are in the same place. We are waiting for the second coming of Jesus. The Old Testament finds its fulfillment in the New Testament. The New Testament has its roots in the Old Testament. This library is one. The Bible is not afraid to portray evil honestly, even when some of its finest characters are involved. Take David for example. The Bible calls David a man after God's own heart because he sinned by committing adultery and murder, he confessed his sin, and God forgave him. David committed the rest of his life to God. Although God forgave David, He never released David from the consequences of his sin and David suffered immeasurably from those consequences. There are some valuable lessons we can learn from the story of David and Bathsheba. The Bible shows us the highest moral standing in history in the life of Jesus Christ. This book consistently challenges evil, transforms lives and exalts Jesus Christ. Next week more discussion on the Bible, its application and the continual conflict between good and evil which we are all caught up in today in one form or another.

We cannot end this column without taking a moment to recognize those who gave their lives in the service of our country. We give thanks for their service and we offer our gratitude and love to the families of those sacrificed. May God bless you and may God bless America.

Hang in there with me and before you know it you will be hanging in there with the Holy Spirit! Let us pray. O God, I ask your Spirit fills the hearts who have prayed the prayer of salvation and I lift up those who are thinking of this decision and overall I ask blessings and mercy upon the people of our little town. God Bless.

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