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Assimilate 101

What more could Biden do to destroy America? He has no limits. An open border, millions of unapproved people. Raging riots in elite colleges whose presidents sit back along with Biden allowing destruction and persecution of certain people. Biden and these fickle presidents could put a sudden stop to riots and illegal immigration by shutting off Wi-Fi so they could not organize wickedness. Defund Colleges of millions of tax dollars these colleges enjoy, fire those responsible for improper college decorum. Congress should establish laws against the funding and punishment for those who fund riots and the dark money pouring in to influence our elections. After months of rioting against Jewish students, President Biden finally spent 4 minutes saying this should not be going on in America. He offered no solution to change the situation.

There is more, according to CBS News, "The Biden administration is considering bringing certain Palestinians to the US as refugees, a move that would offer a permanent safe haven to someone who's fleeing war torn Gaza."

Four Muslim countries refuse to admit Palestinians. Palestine voted Hamas into their country. History reveals the mistakes already made, consider England and France who admitted Muslim immigrants. They did not assimilate and made their own rules, they are a death cult. Most Illegals entering our country are already complaining about living conditions and the food. They did not come to make America better but to live off the arduous work of others.

At the National Day of Prayer, Biden prayed for "honesty, decency, dignity, asking for God's continued guidance, mercy and protection." It is only the grace of God that America has had God's protection thus far, considering abortion, sex trafficking, practice of Satanism and wickedness practiced in America.

Leviticus 20:7 "Sanctify (to make holy, purify) yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God."

Do not expect God to ignore the wickedness we allow.


Betty Hendsbee, Sebring, FL

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Do It Anyway - Part 1

It is frustrating when you encounter those who react in an adverse manner to your actions. Even though your intentions are benevolent, there are people who will invariably find fault with your efforts. Ignore these naysayers. Don't allow them to dissuade you. You may have already encountered some of the following situations.

People may forget the good you do or how often you do it.

You do good things because it's the right thing to do and it is who you are. You do not follow this path because you are looking for praise or recognition. Therefore, it does not matter how others respond.

It is frustrating when the good you do is forgotten. It's even worse when your efforts are derided. Don't be deterred. People who feel guilty about not doing enough compensate by criticizing those who do more. This is human nature. Don't take it personally.

As you do more good, without expectation of reward or recognition, you will attract more good in your life. Doing good things is far more satisfying than being a spectator. Take the initiative without being asked. Look for ways to be of service. Surprise others with compassion and consideration.

Although there will be those who forget what you have done, it doesn't matter. There will be others who do remember and appreciate your actions. Don't become jaded and alter your behavior just because someone doesn't react the way you think they should. Even though people may forget, do good things anyway.

When you succeed, some will be jealous and you may attract false friends.

Success is good. Yet, when you succeed, those that haven't will tend to be jealous. They may try to make you feel guilty. Just remember that success beats failure.

The approval of others is not a prerequisite for success. Success is a worthy pursuit. Failure offers nothing but disappointment. Everyone has their own definition of success. However you define success is up to you. Nevertheless, there is only one definition of failure; giving up.

Then there are individuals who will befriend you only after you succeed. People who were constant critics miraculously transform into cheerleaders as you reach your goals. True friends stay by your side regardless of where you are. A true friend is one who was there for you before you became successful.

Positive people encourage others to succeed; negative people would rather see failure. Don't allow criticism to deter you from succeeding. Help others succeed, don't listen to those who don't want to. Regardless of how people will react, succeed anyway.

If you are kind, people may try to take advantage of you.

Kindness demonstrates concern and consideration for others. Kindness emanates from strength, not weakness. It's small minded, insecure people who are mean.

Unfortunately, there are those who view kind people as easily manipulated. Fortunately, they can't do this without your consent. Kindness is not synonymous with vulnerability. It is not necessary to be mean in order to protect yourself.

You can be kind without allowing others to take advantage of you. Kindness and assertiveness coexist well. Kindness attracts goodness. You can and should stand up for yourself when someone treats you poorly. Never stop being kind. Don't allow mean people to turn you into a mean person also. In spite of what others do, be kind anyway.

The next column will address some more situations where you should "do it anyway."


Bryan Golden

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