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Dentist, Beware

There are many forms of pain: migraine headaches, burning flesh, cancerous tumors and an abscess painful tooth to mention a few. There is no contest when it comes to reliving an abscess tooth; it is a God given dentist.

A good humanitarian dentist, a most honest dentist is worth their weight in gold. In my experiences from childhood having laughing gas (showing my age of 75) today's unbelievable numbing substances, dental bridges, root canal, capping, etc. proves dentistry has come a long way. But have dentists come a long way?

In my experiences one must "BEWARE," for there are those that are outright fraudulent, taking advantage of elderly and naive persons. For example, over twenty years ago a dentist says, "My gums need a scraping or else all my teeth will fall out. You have deep pockets in your gums. When my assistant cleans your teeth your gums are bleeding." Today, most all my teeth are present.

Now I give this dentist this, at age twenty in the military I did indeed have pirair of gums. Also I needed a bridge for my front teeth. Two great dentists promised to place a bridge in my front teeth made of Gold, yes Gold. They made me promise to take equal amounts of peroxide, salt and warm water and most of all to massage my gums.

This bridge lasted 50 years. I would suggest you do not chew on a frozen or very cold Snickers bar. The candy pulled out my 50 year old bridge. Going back to the original dentist he said, "It was not repairable. I can place an implant. It will cost about $8,000 dollars." The new bridge only lasted one and a half years.

Going back to another dentist he said, "He can repair it in several ways. My success rate for a best repair is 95% effective." For less than $600 hundred dollars he repaired the bridge better than the original.

At another dentist facility my wife was told her work would cost $2,500. My teeth would cost $1,000 to fix. Back to my humanitarian dentist and he says, "Neither one of you need any repairs, scrapings, removal of teeth, etc."

Another dentist wanted to charge me $75 dollars to see if I had cancer in my mouth. I said, "You already are in my mouth repairing a cavity. Why are you charging me an additional $75 dollars for a five-minute exam? Twelve five minute divisions to an hour times $75 is $900 dollars an hour.

The original bridge dentist paid for my new repair. The five-minute exam doctor returned ALL of my money that day. My wife and I never went back to this other large dentistry facility.

The moral is this; get a second opinion.


Larry Gary, Gibson, PA

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Time to Tell the Truth

I recently had a conversation with one of our member dairy farmers who has been a patient in at least two different hospitals. At one of those hospital, he asked for whole milk with his lunch. He was told the milk "is not good for you." He asked to see the dietician, who met with him and also told him milk is not good for you.

Several weeks later, this farmer was admitted into a second hospital and again, at lunch, he asked for whole milk. He got the same reply, "I am sorry, milk is not good for you." So this time he asked to speak to the hospital's top dietician, who claimed that milk was not good because "it is 100% fat!" He told her that you would need a knife and fork to eat it because it would be hard cheese.

Most hospitals and their personnel provide good service to their patients, but their dietitians know very little regarding the value of milk. The whole milk we buy in the store has only a 3.25% fat content.

The facts are that whole milk has clear nutritional advantages over skim and low-fat milk, including providing the necessary fat to process vitamins A and D in addition to the calcium, phosphorus and potassium we need. Drinking milk and dairy products may prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures and even help you maintain a healthy weight.

It is just not dietitians in our hospitals that spread this misinformation. Diet experts provide the same misinformation to the USDA and other public officials who are keeping whole milk from our students in public schools. To counter this practice, we should support H.R. 1861 – Whole Milk for Health Kids Act, Congressman G.T. Thompson's legislation to get whole milk back into public schools. All Congressman must be educated about the benefits of whole milk and encouraged to get it back in our schools through H.R. 1861.

H.R. 1861 may be our last opportunity to get whole milk back in our schools.


Arden Tewksbury, Meshoppen, PA

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Would you like to be a human and also be controlled by chips or items being inserted into your body?

Visit https://ifapray.org to check out the July 15, 2021 article, "Transhumanism, Part 2: Who Are They And What Do They Believe?"

This information was published by Intercessors of America and Angela Rodriguez is one of their writers and summited this writing about Transhumanism.

Transhumanism was first introduced in 1957, was popular in the 1980's and again introduced in 2016.

A 40 foot coffin was paraded around several towns and cities called the "Immorality Bus" and drew some attention in the 2016 Presidential Election. This "Immorality" is supposed to help us to maybe live a long time or maybe forever, and even let us live without mishaps or pain.

Let us now look at what we believe in our faith.

In the Old Testament BC (Before Christ) and in The New Testament 1 AD, people lived, suffered, died and their hope was for a great Eternity (meaning forever) and in 33 AD, Jesus rose from the dead in a Glorious Resurrection as can be seen and proved by The Shroud Of Turin, the Burial Cloth of Jesus.

Jesus has 2 beings, one is Divine and the other is Human. Jesus, as a Human, was born in a very poor stable (where animals were kept) in Bethlehem. He moved to Nazareth and then travelled and preached on countless subjects, participated in many events in other area's and ended up in Jerusalem, where Jesus rose from the dead to be with us. It has been explained that there is not enough space or books in the world that could hold everything Jesus said or did. We should try to be good and definitely not believe or follow Transhumanism.

If Jesus, true God and Man, was born in a very poor stable in Bethlehem, suffered, died and rose in a Glorious Resurrection, we should follow this Great Example.


Bruce Moorhead, Susquehanna, PA

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