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A Vaccine For Nuttiness

What exactly is "nuttiness"? In everyday language, nuttiness is graciously expressed as a mental irregularity. A few less sympathetic synonyms for "irregularity" are bonkers, dotty, kookie, loony, or just plain nuts.

Tragically, this "irregularity" is sweeping across the nation in the form of an imaginary plague. This contagion is said to be responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands in the US.

Starting in March, the beginning of the C-19 epidemic, and ending at the end of December, it has sent 350,000 Americans to an early grave. That 10-month period marks the deadliest time in the history of this nation, bar none.

As a matter of fact, C-19 mortality is the same as the combined number of KIAs during America's four years in WW II, totaling 293,000, plus the 20-year conflict in Vietnam with 58,000. Something doesn't make sense here.

The Phony Plague and Phantom Fatalities

That piqued the curiosity of Dr. Genevieve Briand, professor at Johns Hopkins University. Briand studied the relevant mortality tables and concluded: "50,000 to 70,000 deaths are seen both before and after C-19, indicating that this number of fatalities was normal long before C-19 emerged." Therefore, said Briand, "the total number of deaths was normal."

Briand also discovered there was no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people. In fact, the percentages of fatalities among all age groups remain relatively the same. "The reason we have a higher number of reported C-19 deaths among older individuals than younger individuals is simply that every day in the US, older individuals die in higher numbers than younger individuals," Briand said.

Briand concluded, "The data analysis suggest that in contrast to most people's assumptions, the number of deaths by C-19 is not alarming. It has relatively no effect on fatalities in the United States."

The PCR Test Provides the Bogus Statistics

The most common test to determine the presence of the C-19 virus is the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test. The fluid is obtained from a nasal swab or a saliva sample. PCR amplifies this sample to determine the presence of the C-19 virus.

The extent to which the sample is amplified or cycled is critical; too few cycles leads to an overly negative result, while too many leads to a misleading number of positive cases. The number of cycles can be adjusted to give any desired outcome. In most cases, the cycles are arbitrarily set to 40.

Dr. Kary Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing the PCR test. However, Mullis said the PCR test was never intended to be used for infectious diseases because it cannot distinguish between infectious(contagious) and inactive C-19 (not contagious) virus.

In agreement with Mullis is Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a noted pathologist and an expert in virology. He stated that the C-19 pandemic is the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public."

Hodkinson stressed that the PCR tests could not diagnose infection; therefore, "mass testing should cease immediately."

And as the number of PCR tests increases, so does the number of C-19 cases increase; more tests, more cases.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a chief scientific adviser for Pfizer, has also spoken out about how PCR testing is being fraudulently used to manufacture the appearance of a pandemic that doesn't exist. He iterates what other top immunologists and epidemiologists say that the majority will test positive for C-19 because of the high rate of cycles.

Summing up PCR diagnostic tests: They are more sham than science.

Fighting Against the Fraud

Others who have identified C-19 as a global hoax include a group of German lawyers who founded the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee. They are preparing a mass class-action lawsuit against the CDC for fraudulent use of the PCR test.

Of related interest, Hodkinson has also pointed out that "Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. Paper and fabric masks are simply virtue signaling."

And social distancing? Hodkinson: "Social distancing is useless as the virus is spread by aerosols which travel 100 feet or so." Compulsive hand-washing and disinfectant spray on surfaces are likewise futile, he said.

Concerning lockdowns, Hodkinson and Yeadon concur that playing hide-and-seek against ubiquitous viruses effectively only shuts down the economy.

Abandon Reason All Ye Who Enter Here

It is disheartening to see people lining up like lemmings running off a cliff to their deaths, obeying without thought or reason to have a pharmaceutical concoction of unknown short- or long-term consequences pumped into their bloodstreams.

No lemmings aren't that stupid, but people, if not stupid, are gullible.

If Anthony Fauci – the Robespierre not of the blade but the needle – says wear masks, keep a social distance of six feet, lock-down for all social gatherings, make liberal use of sprays to disinfect surfaces, and shake hands with elbows – then so be it, but make sure your elbows are covered.


Bob Scroggins, New Milford, PA

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The Soul Of America

I have lived to see an inauguration that looked like it could be held in North Korea. If not for the buildings in the background, one would wonder if this was DC. The socialist show of military strength, the barb-wire on miles of wall fence says much about the new Biden America. It also says much about the soul of America that Biden fought for.

The speed of the new executive orders is much more militarily dispatched than thoughtful. I believe most of these orders should be challenged by the congress, whose job is to pass legislation. They also do budget and impeachment. The new impeachment cannot be constitutionally done, as it is for a sitting President, not private citizens. Socialism ruins a person, not lifts them up or stops harassment from the media or the socialist government. This is just the beginning of the change. The socialist Democrat media talking head speaks of deprogramming American citizens, Forbes printed that all former staff of President Trump should not be hired by any business that does not want the microscope on them, and run the risk of being ruined, by Forbes et al. This is also the reason that the President gave a pardon, so to speak, to his staff. Katie Kouric is on Bill Maher's socialist tv saying that the America First movement supporters are a cult and need to be in socialist therapy. I used to think she was a sweetheart, I was wrong. I wonder just who do these people think they are?

Let me tell you a story about why socialism fails. In 2019 the city of Paris saw 1000's of farmers on their tractors. They had legitimate concerns that the socialist elite deemed, their problem. It became the problem of the socialist elite when there was no food being grown. First the elite complained to the grocery store for empty shelves, the trucker for no delivery, the warehouse for being empty, then finally they went to the farmer and had to listen to their problems, because the empty belly doesn't care how much money you have to spend if there is no farmer to grow the food you order at a swanky restaurant.

I see this as what is forming now. Many will get tired of the smug cancel culture and will refuse to work with "the others". This is not unity. If there is a bright spot, it will have to bring a unity of some sorts. I believe it will come in the form of a new political party. The laws that were put in place when Ross Perot ran, will be declared unlawful, as it was a spite move by the Democrat-Republican wing of the same bird. There is a place for another party, as the two in place have demonstrated that they are one and the same. History records the Demo-Rino was a party, along with the Whigs. They then split during the civil war with the Democrats south and the rise of the KKK, and the Rinos went North as the abolitionists. Northerners were no better, they just paid slave wages while complaining the South didn't pay even that. Don't dismiss that possibility for a changing spirit in politics. For all the visual images of a military inauguration, and very subdued funeral-like atmosphere, there were a few moments. I could only bear to watch the Biden speech, then sadly turned it off.

The one thing I really enjoyed was the singing of Lady Gaga. She sang the national anthem, which is a hard song to sing without a croak. She hit the notes with feeling, and was dressed elegantly for the occasion. That was the high moment for me. The rest was of a deep sadness to see the walk of the socialist talk in full display, complete with a sleepy Bill and a warmly dressed Bernie surrounded in camo and barb wire. Is this the real soul of America?


Cynthia Allen, New Milford, PA

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Will The Pharmacist Be Happy?

A Pharmacist who is registered legally is able to dispense pills to their patients.

In response to last week's 'How to Take Pills' column of the County Transcript, I would say and write that Biden's brainwashed followers are being deceived by the 'Pill Pharmacist' who wants to ask and write like a psychologist.

The November 3rd elections results were stolen by the 'Democrat Machine'. President Trump supporters went to the Capital Building to talk to their Senators and House Republicans and were pushed into the Capital by the Democrat thugs - Antifa and BLM. President Trump and his supporters did not provoke violence or hatred, they tried to walk or move in peacefully, without any weapons. Now on to Biden's agenda.

Biden's plans are horrific, and he will bring them into law. Abortion, or baby killing, will be even allowed overseas in the WHO (World Health Organization) will be forced to pay for this slaughter of our future! Any organization that is against baby killing will be forced to concede. The 'Hyde Amendment' that prevented any of our money to pay for baby killing will be reversed under Biden. The US Military will be forced to have men pretending to be women, will be allowed into women's showers and living quarters. Transgender surgery will be paid for by our military, against the military's will.

Biden's terrible 'Climate Accord' policy will spend trillions of dollars on stupid windmills and solar panels that cost more money than the electricity they produce. Biden plans on giving free everything to at least 21 million illegal immigrants, at our taxpayer's expense, that means YOU.

Our 2nd Amendment, (The Right to Bear Arms) will be hindered drastically, because Biden wants to restrict the NRA (National Rifle Association) and take away many of our means of protection.

China and Russia congratulated Biden on his election, because they can control Biden, something that they could not do with President Trump.

President Trump passed great cost saving medical plans that a Pill Pharmacist should be proud of. Senior people with Diabetes on Medicare plans now pay only $35 a month instead of $105 a month and 'The Big Drug Companies' will be forced to lower their cost soon, because Medicare will refuse to pay more for drugs than the lowest cost price of the developed world countries. For example, if a country pays 1 cent for an Aspirin and the USA pays 10 cents per Aspirin, then the new law will be a 1 cent cost for our people! Will the Pill Pharmacist be happy or sad on that transaction?


Bruce Moorhead, Susquehanna, PA

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