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A Most Peaceful Protest

I find I can't respect AG Garland's execution of law and order and its policy of two-tier justice system that has been created since the early 2000's. The civil unrest after Mike Brown in Ferguson, he was the big boy of color with a long rap sheet, that now has a monument for being a thug, brought on the black life matters 501(c) organization that specializes in violent protests and tax fraud. BLM also works in tandem with the democrat sponsored sister group antifa, and SorosZuckerburg funded social justice cartels and the citizen vote influencers in social media. The DOJ calls them an ideology and not groups that bear watching.

No, I have not one ounce of respect for any of the DOJ decisions from Comey to Garland. Why just this week the FBI thought showing up at the former Presidents residence, while he wasn't there, with 40 men in black you could see, and more in the air and waterways, all armed and emergency lights flashing, and a safe cracker on hand, in an early morning raid, in a show of banana republic thuggery, feigns surprise that this over the top reaction, caused by a snippy archive librarian in WH/DC, would upset the citizens to the degree that it has. And it has. A raid on a former President is outrageous, unprecedented and going through Melania's wardrobe, is creepy.

The DOJ updated the domestic terror list to include all parents of school age children, republicans, white people, those who are not registered democrats, and the usual minority groups. It favors the destruction of Trump, his family and all people who ever knew or saw or voted for him. DOJ is a thug operation who has made headlines; by the way they do warrants to republicans. Remember the 430am CNN televised raid at Roger Stones, handcuff Peter Navarro at the airport, Paul Monteforte, 9 months in solitary confinement, Jan. 6 political prisoners, Carter Page who told the thugs he was one of them. I call it Garland thuggery and total violation of the American citizens 4th amendment rights. Garland went radio silent until Thursday and Chris Wray was on vacay and told reporters to ask the department. Isn't he the department?

One democrat strategic wizard admitted this arcane archive act is what will never allow Trump to hold any elected office again. Why wasn't this a deal with Obama taking papers and gifts from foreigners, for the people, to his (going to be) Chicago library, HRC took WH china and furniture, her server for classified computer state department work was in her house. Why didn't the archive librarian demand a raid happen to them? Was it because Jim Comey, FBI tall guy who went into the woods, thought of pardoning all of the Obama administration at large before the hoax of Russia and Mueller investigation were exposed? Uh, yes.

The DOJ has ignored the George Floyd destruction, the illegal immigration, HRC bleached emails that were under subpoena, Hunter's laptop that has a drug fueled man-whore showing his private self and talks about the big guy and Ukraine deals, and yes, DOJ has copy of the laptop contents. They keep quiet about that, as 51 of the top-dog-DOJ-former-bosses, signed a letter saying that Hunter's laptop is Russian disinformation, even as Hunter is under investigation now.

To me, this beyond the pale action of Merrick Garland and his minions using the excuse of paper work, is an attack on the constitution and the executive office. It is my prayer that the whole of the DOJ/DC intelligentsia is dismantled and the leadership serve the public from Leavenworth.

Also on my list of disrespect, is the IRS who is hiring 87K people to chase down everyone who makes less than 400k a year. That is the majority of people I know. According to the hiring ad, new hires must be in good shape and willing to use deadly force (kill the one who had hidden pennies in the couch) and face dangerous situations, The newbies will be well armed as well. I read the IRS currently has in stockpile 780 million rounds and over 5K guns, and a new budget for 75 million rounds more. Imagine that. Last time the revenuer came, they chased down moon shiners and had street wars in Chicago with Elliott Ness and Al Capone. History shows that did not go over well with the American citizens and the Prohibition amendment that the tea-tottler politicians added was subtracted.

It is sad for Americans to know the unsavory policy that Herbert Hoover ran the FBI by is torch carried by Garland, who in my humble opinion is not fit to be in the position of AG. He has fostered the air of mis-dis-trust in the institution, and like Comey before him, he leaves a stain on the idea of an equal treatment for the citizen and respect for law and order, when the actual DOJ practice doesn't match Garlands words.

If you watch cable news, you have heard minions say that the FBI visit to the residence of Trump was not a raid. This is the same cable news that filmed in front of burning buildings in Kenosha, and called it a mostly peaceful protest.


Cynthia Allen, New Milford, PA

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Bless Them All

To the dear lady that is against sending money and aid to Ukraine and saying the Ukraine government is corrupt. Take a look at our own government. For example, they opened the Federal Oil Reserve to lower gas prices. Anyone could bid on it, China got some 50 million barrels. Do you think that is going to lower our gas prices? How about Nancy Pelosi screaming like a cut tom cat because she was told to stop her insider trading?

We have the best government money can buy. If we gave half as much to Ukraine as we wasted on Afghanistan, the war would be over. Anyone who loves being free and willing to fight to the death to have it, surely deserves not only our help, but the whole Free World should help. God bless the Ukraine people, God bless all freedom loving people.


George Hettiger, Montrose, PA

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The Anchor Is Raised, Finally

Our three year struggle with getting through the disastrous fire that took our offices on Exchange Street is over.

Last Monday, August 8, I pled guilty to failure to stop a fire, a misdemeanor with 12 months probation.

Just writing the above sentence was gut wrenching, but necessary.

Three years of 10's of thousands of dollars in legal fees, watching Rita suffer two stress-related seizures and coming to terms with losing the building we spent over four decades shedding blood, sweat and tear, cause one to surrender.

Our very capable attorney, Jason Beardsley, was adamant about taking our case before a jury, certain a worst case scenario would be a hung jury. Then, he explained that would mean we would have to go through it all again, with a new trial.

There is "no way" I would relive the last three years, let alone put such a burden on Rita, solely to save face.

The generous plea, offered by District Attorney Marion O'Malley, after much reflection begged acceptance and I resigned.

The true, take-away-teaching from the "experience" was an ill found distrust of (some of those) who bend the proclamation "Protect and Serve" to "Charge and Serve".

If you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in the right place but wrong time and in the sights of an ambitious investigating officer, take some very expensive advise: Do not believe anything they are saying. If they suspect you are a suspect, they will (legally) lie through their teeth. If you even misspeak, it will be twisted to perjury in order to do you harm. Say nothing and ask for legal representation (it is "supposed to be" your right).

To the countless friends who actually know us and offered mush appreciated support, I apologize.

My nerve, and reserve are stretched to limit and we needed to awaken from the nightmare.

Chuck Ficarro, Susquehanna, PA

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Yes, It is about God again

We should learn about so many good ideas and subjects or have a good person teach us! We must learn more about this TRUE proven fact:

There is only ONE God and only ONE universe! The universe was created 13.7 billion years ago and Creation was then started by God.

God the Father, has always existed. We have to believe and respect and pray and devote much time and effort to worship Him.

God knows the name of each star in the Heavens above, the name of every grain of sand on the land, in the sea and oceans. We humans have billions of neurons in our brains, that we should use to glorify and praise God and our family and all good people. We should pray many prayers, like the 'Our Father', 'Hail Mary', or 'Glory to The Son-Jesus' and 'The Holy Spirit'. God has no limit of neurons. We must never hurt the people we love. God knows everything and we MUST ask for His mercy to lead a good life. When we pray, people will notice and they will be drawn to pray or definitely think about praying. Go to a church on Sunday or Holy days if possible. Please try not to use any bad language (the F-word) or go to places that use bad language. If you are Catholic, you can go to Confession to be forgiven of sins.

Thank you, God!


Bruce Moorhead, Susquehanna, PA

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