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Chamberlin Selected Heritage President

Cain Chamberlin, who became executive director of the Endless Mountains Heritage Region (EMHR) in 2018, was recently appointed president of Heritage PA, the umbrella organization for the 12 recognized Heritage Areas within Pennsylvania, five of which are also nationally recognized. Chamberlin is the first representative of the EMHR, which serves Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties, to serve at the state level.

Chamberlin is a native of Wyalusing and previously worked as a news reporter for the Rocket-Courier newspaper, through which he increased his familiarity with the four-county region. His background in journalism and communications led him to an appointment by the Heritage PA board as secretary and as a member of its Communications Committee after his first few meetings.

"Heritage PA is truly a great program to be a part of and a wonderful group of people to work with," said Chamberlin. When he learned from the nominating committee that he had been recommended to serve as president, Chamberlin added, "I was humbled and rather shocked, given so many managers have much more experience than I do."

Chamberlin hopes that the nomination was a reflection of the progress that he and his staff and board of directors have made since he stepped into his role with the EMHR. "I am incredibly grateful to all of them for their guidance and hard work," Chamberlin remarked. "Ultimately, I'm just proud I've been able to earn the respect of my fellow Heritage Area managers so quickly, and I appreciate their votes of confidence."

"With roots in the Commonwealth's rich natural, cultural, and industrial history, Pennsylvania's Heritage Areas create partnerships that enhance a region's 'sense of place' and strengthen regional economies," said Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) secretary Cindy Adams Dunn. "Thank you to Cain Chamberlin for stepping into the leadership role for our 12 state and federally designated heritage organizations." DCNR's Bureau of Recreation and Conservation administers the Pennsylvania Heritage Areas Program.

Some tasks on the Heritage PA agenda that Chamberlin will help to oversee in the coming year include revamping the organization's website, the development of an e-newsletter, and securing funding for Heritage Area program.

"Legislative advocacy for funding is our biggest initiative at the moment, particularly following the massive financial burden COVID-19 has placed on the state," Chamberlin related. "We are in the process of an economic impact study that will show how critical our Heritage Areas are in boosting tourism and garnering revenue for our communities. I think it's important we also emphasize the important work many Heritage Areas do in conserving and improving our parks, trails, and waterways, which have become recreational hot spots during COVID."

While each Heritage Area is managed and operated independently, Chamberlin noted, members benefit in coming together to share ideas and methods for bettering their respective communities. "While we may all be trying to acquire our own piece of the pie when it comes to state and federal funding," he explained, "we're all working toward similar goals like promoting heritage tourism in the state, preserving the history that makes each heritage area unique, and engaging the public in healthy outdoor recreational committees."

To learn more about Heritage PA, interested readers may log on to

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Dr. Edward Albert Speaks To Beta Rho

Submitted by Cindy Reynolds

The Beta Rho Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International gathered via Zoom for its March meeting. There were twenty-three members who logged on for the meeting which began with an inspiring program by Dr. Edward Albert, Director of Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools. Member Karen Voigt arranged for the program and introduced him, noting the various positions in education he has held throughout his career.

Highlights of his informational and up-to-date presentation included the following:

  • He considered his forty years in education a calling rather than a job.

  • He was positive and motivational about teachers and what they do. Never say, "I'm just a teacher," he noted because it is an honorable profession.

  • He focused on fair and equitable funding for school districts and the history leading to where we are today.

  • He spoke of monies that may be coming to school districts from state and federal governments.

  • He suggested that districts need to be wise in how the money coming to them is spent.

  • He offers free workshops for parents through his educational website The international consulting firm helps companies educate their employees as well as individuals.

Did you know that Pennsylvania's support for public schools is near the bottom compared with other states? His presentation was an opportunity to learn more about the challenges facing rural and small schools in Pennsylvania. He updated the chapter on the current budget proposal, fair funding and then answered questions.

Following the program, President Jeanette Saulo opened the business meeting and asked Sue Lee to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, and the DKG Collect. Both the minutes from the December Chapter meeting by recording secretary Sarah Empett and the treasurer's report by Sheri Wolfe were accepted without additions or changes and will be filed. Correspondence was read by Kathy Fuller. It consisted of a thank you note from Tiffany Benedict from the Women's Resource Center for the bags of supplies the chapter sent for survivors of abuse. There was also a thank you note from Tamara Hall of the Saint Joseph's Center of Scranton for the donations of supplies for their Baby and Children's Pantry. A note from member Mary Ann Cunningham who gave a generous donation to Beta Rho to defray the cost of future chapter Zoom meetings was also read. President Jeanette expressed a sincere thank you to Mary Ann.

Committee reports began with first vice-president Patricia Carpenter sharing information about the Tri-Chapter meeting with Alpha Zeta and Phi Chapters, scheduled for May 22nd and originally to be held at the Inne of the Abingtons. It will be a zoom meeting instead with state president Eileen Little as the guest presenter. The Inne will keep the down payment until the next Tri- Chapter meeting in 2023. All three chapters agreed to meet there then. Patricia then told members about the state DKG's Zoom presentation she attended which was Jones Loflin, Horticulturalist. "How to Thrive" was the topic which encouraged members to nurture themselves as they would their plants.  It is available on

Leslie Gossage, Personal Growth and Services Chairman, discussed the collection of pasta and sauce in cans or plastic for the Summer Lunch Box Program. She will need volunteers to man collection points the second week of May. The supplies will be delivered to the program on Memorial Day weekend. The SEE basket donations for first year teachers will be collected at the same time as the pasta and sauce.

During the "Toot Your Horn" session, the following members shared:

  • Heather Dunn-Pavuk did a faculty presentation at her school regarding how to teach children to upload their work and to share screen.

  • Cindy Reynolds videoed and shared her portrayal of the society's founder Annie Webb Blanton for the Sigma Chapter in the Danville area. She will share that presentation for the Beta Rho Chapter meeting in October.

  • Joanne Yanchick noted that one-on-one tutoring through technology resulted in greater than normal growth with her students causing her to look at doing that more in the future. This was a positive result from utilizing technology during the pandemic.

  • Chapter member Karen Voigt and member of New Milford Rotary Club, shared that rotary had donated 4,000 dictionaries to Susquehanna County schools' 3rd graders.

Cindy Reynolds, Historical Records Chairman announced that Donna Biglin, Amy Radford and she have submitted items to the International Gallery of Fine Arts.

Karen Voigt, US Forum/Educational Legislation Chairman, discussed an international US Forum Zoom presentation by Dr. Sylvia Johnson. She is an NEA lobbyist and talked about the 1.9 trillion dollars to help schools open safely. Additional information from the presentation included the fact that civics education programs in schools may increase; whether or not to give standardized tests with COVID pandemic; and actively lobbying for retirement security. The committee would like members to tell their story from personal experiences in their schools. Running for offices was also encouraged. As a follow-up, Joanne Yanchick asked for "how to wisely retire" tips from members. She suggested that she would compile a list and share it with the chapter.

Peggy Walker, Projects Chairman, drew the names of members Janet Small and Rose Borgna as the winners of baskets of school supplies.  They will give their basket to a teacher early in her career as a part of the chapter's SEE (Support Early Educators) Project.

Beta Rho Achievement Award Chairman Janet Small asked that nominations for a deserving member be submitted to her by May 1.

President Jeanette reminded members to pay their dues to treasurer Sheri Wolfe as soon as possible. Checks should be made out to Beta Rho. Members can contact Sheri about installment payments. The state officers agreed to stay as they to continue to serve for the 2021-23 biennium. There will be an upcoming vote on this. She also encouraged members to read their Keystonian.

Other announcements by President Jeanette included the cancellation of the Creative Arts Retreat which has been rescheduled for April, 2023, to be held at Camp Ladore Retreat and Conference Center in Waymart. The DKG PA State Convention will be held at The Hilton Hotel in Scranton. June 11-13, 2021. Members are encouraged to attend since it will be so close.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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Full "STEAM" Ahead at Forest City Library

Submitted by Gina Cherundolo

The Forest City Library dedicated the Edward Tourje Memorial STEAM Program on April 23 and the program is now available to children aged 5-13.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) pairs books and hands-on activities to encourage children to read further, ask questions and research answers. The program is made possible through generous donations received in memory of Mr. Edward E. Tourje.

Children can begin signing up for the program in individual or family sessions. Due to COVID restrictions, groups are not possible at this time. The program is designed as a 5-week program, two sessions per week. Each week will focus on one of the five aspects of STEAM. Participants will explore topics such as solar energy, microscopes and plant biology and will participate in a local community service project.

To be eligible to participate, children or a parent/guardian need to have a valid Susquehanna County Library card. For more information, call the Forest City Library at 570-785-5590; or email

The Susquehanna Library also hosts STEM Club on the first Wednesday of the month at 4pm. Children can participate in a variety of fun, educational and hands-on activities, including building challenges, science experiments and fun with various STEM toys. No registration is required for the program in Susquehanna.

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Join Us On Our Ice Cream Contest Train

Submitted by Kali Harvatine, Susquehanna County Dairy Maid

Hi, my name is Holly Harvatine and I am a Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassador. On behalf of the Susquehanna County Dairy Promotion Team I would like to invite you to join us on our ice cream contest trail! We have 3 stops left on the trail. We will be at each stop for about 2 hours and we will have a cow mascot with us. Some places will have special promotions happening while we are there so make sure to check them out.

Following are the locations, dates and times: Flynn's Cones, May 7, from 6:00 - 8:00pm; Twist n' Shake, May 9, from 3:00 - 5:00pm; Kool Cow Cabin Creamery, May 15, from 3:00 - 5:00pm.

At Kool Cow Cabin Creamery we will have a calf accompanying us.

Twist n' Shake will have a raffle basket.

Stay tuned for any more surprises along the way. We hope to see you there!

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Mt. View Garden Club Sees Edible Flowers

Submitted by Susan Haff

The Mountain View Garden Club is pleased to announce that it is resuming its meetings and events for the 2021 year. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 18th at the Clifford Township Fire Company. The evening's program will include a presentation by Katie Cicilioni on edible flowers. Assemble at the Fairgrounds Outdoor Pavilion at 6:45 with the program beginning promptly at 7:00pm. A short business meeting will follow Katie's presentation. Join the Garden Club members to learn about the delicious edibles that may be growing in your own garden!

Also mark your calendar for Sunday, June 6 when the always popular Plant Exchange and Marketplace will return to the Clifford Township Community Center. Perennial plants from local gardens will be available for purchase or exchange. The 2nd Hand Rose Flea Market along with a number of vendors and artisans from the area will also participate in the event.

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Are Ticks on Pets A Risky Business?

Submitted by Commissioner Elizabeth Arnold

Does ownership of a pet increase the risk of acquiring Lyme disease? Researchers at Binghamton University's Tick-borne Disease Research Center have begun a study that will provide new insights into how human and animal behaviors influence an individual's risk.

The study will focus on residents of six New York counties in the upper Susquehanna river basin, plus Susquehanna County, which was added at the request of the Susquehanna County Tick Task Force.

The public can greatly assist in this research by completing a survey. The questionnaire should take about ten minutes to complete. The researchers assure that the data will be reported without your name or other personal identifiers and will be kept secure and confidential.

Checking dogs and cats for ticks is a necessary, daily exercise for Susquehanna county residents, particularly during the warmer weather months. The tick-check becomes an especially difficult chore in the spring, when the young nymph deer ticks arrive.

Roughly half of these creatures carry Lyme or other tick-borne diseases, and they can be the size of the period at the end of this sentence. It is hard to find them.

The Susquehanna County Tick Task Force fully supports research efforts that help to fight Lyme disease. We strongly urge pet owners to participate in the study.

If you would like to complete the survey, please send an email to Maggie Duris at:

On May 6 and 13, Binghamton University and Southern Tier Lyme Support are co-hosting the 2021 Lyme & Other Tick-borne Disease Webinar, a free on-line event. Everybody is invited to attend.

The first webinar session, at 7:00pm on May 6 will feature renowned physician Dr. Steven Phillips and singer/songwriter Dana Parish. Their recently released book, Chronic, has been described as "…a fascinating, superbly researched dive into the mysteries of autoimmune diseases and provides critical insights to patients and clinicians." Ying Zhao, MD, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University.

The second session, at 7:00pm on May 13 will feature Dr. Robert Bransfield, a practicing psychiatrist and a past president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Dr. Bransfield will discuss the potential impact of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses on the brain.

Participants in the webinar will be provided the opportunity to ask questions immediately following the talks. Please consider registering at

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Forest City Approved For Sidewalk Project

Governor Tom Wolf announced the approval of 116 new projects through the Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF), improving Pennsylvania's transportation infrastructure and ensuring safer, more reliable transportation accommodation across the commonwealth. The projects total more than $48 million in funding.

An approved project in Susquehanna County is in Forest City Borough, for the Forest City Sidewalk Project, in the amount of $302,879.

For more information about the Commonwealth Financing Authority or DCED, visit

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Susquehanna Added To PA Walking Routes

Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam announced that the WalkWorks program, a collaboration between the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Downtown Center, is continuing to grow by adding three new partners and locations to its network of 103 walking routes across Pennsylvania.

"As the weather warms up, outdoor exercise is a great way to stay healthy and prevent weight gain, reduce depression and improve cognitive function in older adults," Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam said. "Now more than ever, many of us may feel isolated and getting outside can reconnect us to something larger than ourselves. Physical activity can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and premature death. As a reminder, if you are on a walking route, bring a mask along with you in case you encounter others."

The three new partners are working in their communities to identify potential routes. WalkWorks will provide technical assistance, promotional materials and signs to the new community partners. Those new partners are: Bottle Works, Cambria County; Susquehanna Depot Borough, Susquehanna County; and YMCA of Laurel Highlands, Westmoreland County.

"These communities have demonstrated their commitment to expanding opportunities for physical activity in the built environment," said Carol Reichbaum, MSL, MSPA, director of WalkWorks. "Each will engage community members to assist with the identification of a one to two-mile walking route, which can be used by residents and visitors."

Funding for WalkWorks is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health through the Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant and the State Physical Activity and Nutrition Program, both from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For more information about WalkWorks, visit or follow the Department of Health on Facebook and Twitter.

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Grant Awarded For Dimock Township

Dimock Township has been awarded a state grant in the amount of $95,000 to assist with a stream improvement project being undertaken in partnership with the Elk Lake School District, announced Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna).

The grant would fund a large portion of the project, which includes design, permitting and construction. Once fully completed, the project will restore and stabilize approximately .52 miles (2,720 feet) of the tributary leading to White Creek in the township and will generate a reduction of 337 tons of sediment, 204 pounds of total nitrogen and 185 pounds of total phosphorus each year.

"I am pleased the stream project is moving forward and was happy to advocate for funding approval," said Pickett. "While this project will result in a cleaner waterway, it also provides an educational opportunity for the school district. Students will participate in the monitoring and maintenance plan through their ecology and biology classes, creating a win-win situation."

The stretch of waterway is currently experiencing significant streambank erosion, and the proposed restoration portion of the project would restore sections of the stream that were previously channelized. The existing forested buffer in this section would be enhanced as necessary with appropriate trees and shrubs ensuring channel stability and habitat.

The funding was made available through the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program, which offers assistance with the planning, acquisition, development, rehabilitation and repair of greenways, recreational trails, open space, parks and beautification projects.

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County Food Council Responds To Needs

Submitted By Kim Merithew, UWSC Director of Corporate and Community Giving

The Susquehanna County Food Council was formed in 2017 by United Way of Susquehanna County (UWSC) and Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank-Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO Weinberg), inviting organizations and agencies throughout the county to represent many facets, including non-profits, businesses, and health care education, government agencies, and faith groups with the shared goal of addressing food insecurity.

The group has grown to include representation from the following organizations: United Way of Susquehanna County, Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank-Commission on Economic Opportunity, Barnes Kasson Hospital, Endless Mountains Health System, NEPA Community Health Center, Salvation Army, Trehab, Interfaith, Maternal and Family Health Services, Family Services Association of NEPA/211, County Commissioners, Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center, Penn State University Cooperative Extension, and B/S/S/T Area Agency on Aging.

The mission statement of the committee is: To ensure access to nutritious, high-quality food, information and resources, and education, made available to all in need through coordination and dissemination in an accurate, timely, and dignified manner.

To that end, the committee has implemented several new initiatives to help screen for food insecurity and connect those in need to agencies and food pantries that can help put food on the table.

The committee routinely evaluates where needs persist, including food deserts, volunteer shortfalls at local pantries, and populations in need such as children at home due to the pandemic, homebound seniors, and first-time single mothers. The group also stays informed about changing legislation, eligibility for food assistance programs, and advocacy positions.

By bringing together a diverse group of community members who share a common goal of ensuring children and their families have regular and consistent access to high quality, nutritious food, especially now as we face the consequences of a global pandemic, it makes the committees work more urgent than ever.

The pandemic has upended all of our lives. Food insecurity is on the rise, with many now unemployed or underemployed. With children receiving some or all of their education online, we know this compounds the ever-growing problem as fewer students are routinely receiving nutritional meals each weekday.

Thanks to so many, alternative arrangements are in place to ensure there are food access points throughout the county. Additionally, COVID-19 has presented new and difficult challenges for our local food banks and the safe distribution to clients in need and they have adapted accordingly.

If you or someone you know requires food assistance or help connecting to human services or after-hours crisis matters, please call or text 211.

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Dr. Swetter Moving To Clifford Office

Russell Swetter, dentist on Main Street, New Milford, will be relocating his practice to Main Street, Clifford. Patients are welcome to transfer to the Clifford Office but, if not, he and his wife, Cherie, would like to thank those patients who have entrusted their dental care to him over these many years.

Dr. Swetter is presently a part-time employee of the Barnes-Kasson Hospital Dental Unit, Susquehanna, and will continue until September 1, 2021. After that, he will be practicing only in Clifford.

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County To Receive Direct Care Training

Governor Tom Wolf announced more than $4.8 million has been awarded in Direct Care Worker Training Grants (DCWTG) to improve the quality of care provided by direct care workers while creating opportunities for them to build new careers and earn family-sustaining wages.

"As demand increases for essential services provided by direct care workers, their safety and the quality of care they provide must be maintained," said Gov. Wolf. "Nearly 90 percent of direct care worker jobs are filled by women who receive limited health benefits and earn relatively low wages. These grants not only benefit our loved ones in long-term care facilities like nursing homes and receiving care at home, but also the workers who care for them."

The Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) awarded the DCWTGs to four eligible grantees that submitted proposals. The program will create and develop training programs that increase the quality of services, offer specialty certifications, and create viable career opportunities for personal care assistants, home health aides and certified nursing assistants.

The DCWTG programs operate from January 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022.

The following organizations received DCWTG funds:

  • $1.2 million to Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit to increase the number of well-trained and retained direct care workers as part of the DCW Heroes project, which recruits, trains, hires and retains valued employees who wish to enter and proceed along a nursing and healthcare career path. This grant will be used to expand the labor pool and reach into underserved communities. The program will service 600 trainees in Bradford, Carbon, Centre, Clinton, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Juniata, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Lycoming, Mifflin, Monroe, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Pike, Schuylkill, Snyder, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Wayne and Wyoming counties.

  • "Direct care workers not only serve their patients, they are also a true lifeline for families struggling to provide their loved ones with quality care," said L&I Acting Secretary Jennifer Berrier. "These training grants are a win-win for the workers who will get new skills and the patients in their care."

The Long-Term Care Council, which advises the Department of Aging and other agencies on long-term care issues, developed the Blueprint for Strengthening Pennsylvania's Direct Care Workforce. This report recommended the establishment of standardized core training for direct care workers to provide career pathways throughout the continuum of long-term services and supports.

"Direct care workers are the cornerstone of long-term care, so I'm pleased to see how the important work of the Long-Term Care Council and its recommendations in the Blueprint for Strengthening Pennsylvania's Direct Care Workforce has helped inform the goals and strategies of the DCWTG program," said Secretary of Aging Robert Torres, who chairs the Council. "The organizations awarded this funding will be uniquely positioned to train workers to ensure the needs of the residents are met in these diverse communities."

Direct Care Worker Training Grants of up to $2 million are available through L&I's reemployment funding to assist individuals in becoming employed or improving their employment, including job search and placement services, educational enhancement, job training and job readiness and workplace skills training.

Additional information is available on the L&I website or by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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County Gets DCED Infrastructure $$$

Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Dennis Davin announced 135 new project approvals through the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) for environmental and infrastructure projects in counties across Pennsylvania.

"This funding supports projects that will enhance the quality of life for Pennsylvanians in neighborhoods across the state, improving recreational spaces and boosting critical environmental and infrastructural upgrades – reinforcing safety and remediation efforts that can transform community spaces," said Sec. Davin.

The 135 Act 13 projects approved are in 38 counties. The total funding amount is more than $15 million.

More information about the Commonwealth Financing Authority can be found on the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) website. To stay up-to-date on all Pennsylvania economic development news, follow DCED on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and be sure to sign up for the department's monthly e-newsletter.

Projects approved at the April 21, 2021 CFA Board meeting in Susquehanna County are: Herrick Township for the Herrick Township Community Park - $75,334; Friends of Salt Springs Park, Inc. for the Border Trail Drainage Project - $8,500; Dimock Township for the Dimock Township WRRP Application - $95,000.

Susquehanna County projects that have been approved in previous rounds of funding, since inception of programs are as follows: Gibson Township for the Gibson Township Community Park - $61,160; Rail-Trail Council of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. for the D&H Rail-Trail Bridge Project - $56,646; Borough of Montrose for the Memorial Park Restoration - $13,947.

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FSA of NEPA Earns 100-Out-Of-100

The Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania (FSA) recently earned a 100-out-of-100 rating from Charity Navigator's Encompass Rating System due to its strong financial health and ongoing accountability and transparency. The third-party score designates the 125-year-old nonprofit as an official "give with confidence" charity, indicating that the organization uses its donations effectively based on Charity Navigator's established criteria.

"We are delighted to provide the Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania with third-party accreditation that validates their operational excellence," said Michael Thatcher, president and CEO of Charity Navigator. "We are eager to see the good work that the organization is able to accomplish in the years ahead.''

"Our Charity Navigator rating of 100 out of 100 through the Encompass Rating System is further validation that our supporters can trust FSA's commitment to good governance and making the world a better place,'' said Gertrude C. McGowan, Esq., chief executive officer of the FSA. "We hope that it will introduce our work to new supporters who can help us advance our mission to build resilient families and thriving communities – one person at a time."

FSA was established in 1895 by a group of involved and concerned members of the community in order to provide diverse services that empower children, individuals, seniors and families to reach their full potential by building healthier relationships and stronger communities.

Today, its 14 programs provide services to residents in 17 counties, including Bradford, Clinton, Columbia, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Lycoming, Monroe, Montour, Northumberland, Pike, Snyder, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Wayne and Wyoming counties. FSA's PA 211 NE / Help Line provides free information and referral services to address food and housing insecurity, emergency shelter, aging, homelessness, victim services, and utility and rent assistance, as well as mental health, drug and alcohol services, and after-hours answering services and crisis management for local municipalities and government offices.

PA 211 NE / Help Line is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year by Internet (, text message and telephone at 1-888-829-1341 and/or 211. For more information about FSANEPA or to support its programs, please log on to or call (570) 823-5144.

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Courthouse Report

The Susquehanna County DOMESTIC RELATIONS Section has outstanding BENCH WARRANTS for the following individuals as of 8:16am on APRIL 23, 2021. James L. Bradley, Jason J. Carroll, Lee M. Carter, Benjamin D Fassett, Jeffrey A. Fisk, Morgan A. Garcia, Donald Goble, Michael J. Gronowski, Reed Guzy, Brian Nichols, Danielle J. Norris. Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 4050 with any information on the location of these individuals.

DEEDS as of 05-05-21\

Dietrich, Helen to Plenary Appalachia LP for $46,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Cook, Dennis C and Cook, Linda to Whitney, Susan D for $1.00 in Harmony Township.

Mack, Dean and Mack, Jane to Mack, Dean and Mack, Jane for $1.00 in Brooklyn Township.

Mack, Dean and Mack, Jane to Mack, Dean and Mack, Jane for $1.00 in Brooklyn Township.

Shale Properties LLC to Yager, Doris for $104,000.00 in Springville Township.

Conarton, Anthony J to Conigliaro, Jolene for $77,500.00 in Great Bend Borough.

Tools For The Trades and Wilding, Kenneth B to Wilding, David John and Wilding, Christine Anne for $1.00 in Lenox Township.

Shadduck, Patricia (By Sheriff) and Shadduck, Benjamin (By Sheriff) to Albrecht, Howard and Albrecht, Dawn for $2,144.71 in Auburn Township.

Iannarone, Donald and Iannarone, Marie to DLG Homes LLC for $6,091.00 in Auburn Township.

Mrak, Richard W and Mrak, Rachel L to Edwards, Bud and Edwards, Jessica for $249,000.00 in Lenox Township.

Guinane, Merritt (NBM) and Cooney, Merritt to Cooney, Merritt and Cooney, Corey for $1.00 in Montrose 2W.

Pfluger, Joseph and Pfluger, Sharon to Lipovsky, James M and Lipovsky, Gloria M for $479,000.00 in Herrick Township.

Edwards, George W III and Edwards, Sheryl A to Boyce Realty Management LLC for $72,000.00 in Forest City.

Deed of Easement: Barhite, Michael and Barhite, Martin to Bonacci, Marissa N (NBM) and Durkin, Marissa M for $100.00 in Clifford Township.

Bonacci, Marissa N (NBM) and Durkin, Marissa M to Barhite, Michael and Barhite, Martin for $14,412.45 in Clifford Township.

Ward, David to Donovan, Shannon for $108,250.00 in Hallstead Borough.

Pentagon Energy LLC to Compression Group Penn LLC for $1.00 in New Milford Township.

Grohe, Catherine A Dawson to West, Jennifer Lee Gravine for $0.00 in Auburn Township.

Smith, Bradley and Smith, Jessica to Costigan, Kristen for $174,900.00 in Forest Lake Township.

Sparrow, Julie and Sparrow, Gregory Scott to O'Boyle, Richard J IV and O'Boyle, Catherine M for $165,000.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Peters, Drew C to Blank, Matthew A for $170,000.00 in Liberty Township.

Deed of Easement: Newhart, Roger A to Pennsylvania Commonwealth of -Dept of Transportation for $1.00 in Rush Township.

Watkins, Glen and Watkins, Marie to Pennsylvania Commonwealth of -Dept of Transportation for $1.00 in Rush Township.

Deed of Easement: Fassett, Clifford D to Pennsylvania Commonwealth of -Dept of Transportation for $1.00 in Rush Township.

Bennett, Richard H and Bennett, Sandra to Pennsylvania Commonwealth of -Dept of Transportation for $1.00, two locations in Rush Township.

Heilala, Richard G to Pennsylvania Commonwealth of -Dept of Transportation for $1.00 in Rush Township.

Odd Fellows Hall Association of Rush to Pennsylvania Commonwealth Dept of Transportation for $1.00 in Rush Township.

DeMaria, Richard and DeMaria, Rita to Prashad, Vickram for $610,000.00 in Clifford Township.

Corrective: Shiptoski, Jeremy to Keller, Brian Lee Jr for $132,500.00 in Oakland Township.

Grant, Raymond A Jr to Fiorella, Vincent A for $72,000.00 in Thompson Borough.

Carpenetti, Leo and Carpenetti, Debra to Carpenetti, Chad Robert and Carpenetti, Ryan Leo and Carpenetti, Leo and Carpenetti, Debra for $1.00 in Lathrop Township.

Harkness, Dean L and Harkness, Deborah A to Endless Mountain Rentals LLC for $105,000.00 in Herrick Township.

Sobiech, Stephen and Sobiech, Renee to Sherman, Nelson S for $215,000.00 in Montrose 2W.

Keyes, Lenore and Keyes, Rex M to Passetti, David A and Passetti, Laurie J for $1.00 in Oakland Township.

Passetti, David A and Passetti, Laurie J to Passetti, David A and Passetti, Laurie J for $1.00 in Oakland Township.

Keyes, Rex M and Keyes, Lenore to Keyes, Rex M and Keyes, Lenore for $1.00 in Oakland Township.

Whitney, Cheryl to Grover, Randall C for $1.00 in New Milford Township.

Swain Trust, Charles R (By Trustee) to Fischer, William C and Fischer, Deborah Livingston for $500,000.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Adams, Scott A and Adams, Leanne N and Hollenbeck, Chad H and Hollenbeck, Shelly A to Scott Adams LLC for $50,000.00 in New Milford Township.

Sherman, Nelson S to Brady, Stacey for $225,000.00 in Liberty Township.

Butler, Tiffany D (NBM) and Debish, Tiffany Dawn Butler and Debish, Paul S Jr to Lovelace, Josh C and Lovelace, Danielle for $165,000.00 in Harford Township.

Butler, Lynn C to Weida, Robert F and Weida, Teri Lou for $10.00 in Lenox Township.

Weida, Robert F and Weida, Teri Lou to Weida, Robert F and Weida, Teri Lou for $10.00, two locations in Lenox Township.

Hand, Daniel C and Hand, Amy E to Hand, Amy E for $1.00 in Springville Township.

Kilmer, Stephen to Pompey, Dallas for $145,000.00 in Lenox Township.

Quinn, Luke A (Estate AKA) and Quinn, Luke Aloysius (Estate AKA) and Quinn, Luke A III (Estate) and O'Brien, Joseph J Jr to Quinn, Teresa Louise (AKA) and Quinn, Teresa L and O'Brien, Joseph J Jr for $1.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Caines, Margaret R and Caines, Travis H to Caines, Travis H for $1.00 in Springville Township.

Holtsmaster, Kaye E and Holtsmaster, Frank to Holtsmaster, Kaye E and Holtsmaster, Frank for $1.00, one location in Gibson Township and one in Herrick Township.

Holtsmaster, Frank and Holtsmaster, Kaye E (AKA) and Holtsmaster, Kaye and Read, Bonnie Lee (NKA) and Silfee, Bonnie Lee to Strickland, Bradley and Strickland, Penny for $1.00, one location in Herrick Township and one in Gibson Township.

Carideo, Sally C (Trust By Trustee) to Teakwood Properties LLC for $140,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Fave, Cara M (NKA) and Bazin, Cara M and Fave, Christopher to Richardson, Holly J and McNichol, Anna T for $375,000.00 in Middletown Township.

South New Milford Baptist Church to Jennings, Ronald and Lupia, Anthony and Lupia, Deborah for $1.00 in New Milford Township.

Jennings, Ronald J and Lupia, Anthony and Lupia, Deborah to South New Milford Baptist Church for $1.00 in New Milford Township.

Quigley, Dolores J (NBM) and Sexton, Dolores J and Sexton, John V to Smith, Gail Quigley and Quigley, Scott for $1.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Hubal, Mary A and Skarbez, Jason to Dix, Jonathan Dennis for $30,000.00 in Thompson Borough.

Zangardi, Sander (AKA) and Zangardi, Sandor and Zangardi, Bonita to Rodgers, Scott William for $237,113.00 in Clifford Township.

Yoder, Ashlie to Ranger Property Management LLC for $30,000.00 in Susquehanna.

Int 21 & 22 Unit No 38 & 36: Kiernan, John (AKA) and Kiernan, John R and Kiernan, Michele (AKA) and Kiernan, Michele L to Bremer Hof Owners Inc for $100.00 in Herrick Township.

Pacsec Properties LLC to Community Minerals LLC for $1,350.00 in Auburn Township.

Burroughs, Raymond F and Burroughs, Ann Marie to Choi, David and Choi, Jenny Burroughs (AKA) and Burroughs Choi, Jenny for $149,900.00 in Harford Township.

Reimel, Jay L (By Atty AKA) and Reimel, Jay (By Atty) and Reimel, Craig L (AKA) and Reimel, Craig and Lees Furniture Store to Change Agents LLC for $350,000.00 in Montrose 2W.

The Shops Plaza LLC to Blue Mill LLC for $1,100,000.00 in Susquehanna.

Cox, Alton to Cox, Matthew Alton for $1.00 in Harmony Township.

Hess, Ada M to Loch, Randy and Loch, Jamie for $1.00 in Dimock Township.

Esposito, Muriel and Esposito, Frank (Estate) to Esposito, Muriel and Esposito, Frank J and Esposito, Cherie for $1.00 in Ararat Township.

Pennmarc Resources LP and AMG Asset Advisors LTD to Weber, Douglas J for $1.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Rought, Kevin L and Rought, Tammy S to Yachymiak, James and Payne, Jenny for $24,000.00 in Brooklyn Township.

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