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Forest City Family Health Center Open

As of April 8th, patients of the Forest City Family Health Center (formerly the McAndrew Family Health Center of Vandling) have a newly constructed, state-of-the-art office building in which to visit their primary care provider.

The 5,000 square foot facility, located at 100 Dundaff Street, Forest City also houses Wayne Memorial Hospital Outpatient Services offering laboratory and EKG procedures. The $1 million plus medical office building was constructed by Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers with funding in part from the Moses Taylor Foundation. A Ribbon-cutting and Open House will be held on Friday, June 7th, from 2pm to 4pm.

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Debra Oakes Gets PA Bar Assoc. Award

On April 13, past Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) President and Susquehanna County Wills for Heroes Coordinator Francis X. O'Connor presented legal secretary Debra Oakes with a PBA Pro Bono Partner Award during a Wills for Heroes event held in Montrose where nearly 30 veterans were served. Oakes was honored for being a driving force for the county program, helping to schedule and organize each event from start to finish.

Wills for Heroes, a statewide pro bono project of the PBA Young Lawyers Division that offers free basic estate planning documents for first responders, military veterans and their spouses, is sponsored in Susquehanna County by Ballard Spahr LLP, Susquehanna County Bar Association, Peoples Security Bank and The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains.

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Spring Sports With Chocolate Milk

Submitted by Susquehanna County Dairy Princess Mary Catherine Chidester

Spring is just around the corner, and many athletes have begun training for their spring sports. While you may think that you should have a sports drink after practice, chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink. No matter what sport you play, refuel with chocolate milk and reap its many health benefits.


Pictured (l-r) are: Dairy Maid Katelyn Farley, Dairy Ambassador Holly Harvatine, Dairy Princess Mary Catherine Chidester, Dairy Ambassador Elizabeth Chidester, Dairy Maid Chelsea Empet

Chocolate milk is the perfect post-workout recovery drink. Because of its many vitamins and minerals, chocolate milk replenishes electrolytes lost in sweat, and because milk is mostly composed of water, chocolate milk is a great way to hydrate. Milk is full of protein, with eight grams in an eight-ounce serving of milk, which is important to replenish muscles after a workout. Along with protein, chocolate milk has calcium, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, B vitamins, and vitamin D.

Whether you are running track, playing baseball or softball this season, be a champion by refueling with delicious chocolate milk after every practice.

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Clifford Historical Summer Schedule

The Clifford Township Historical Society proudly announces its summer schedule for their points of interest of local history. The Hoover School, 2236 State Route 2014, the Museum of Local History, 911 Cemetery Street, and the Clifford Baptist Church, Church Street, will again be open to the public on the third Sunday on each month, May though October, 1 to 4pm. The Museum will also be open Election Day, May 21st, 9am to 7pm.

Visitors can enjoy the new items added to the Hoover School displays, the major changes at the Museum of Local History and the interesting tour of the Baptist Church, the oldest church in the township, built in Thomas Jefferson's lifetime. Society members are present at all locations to share stories, explain many historical facts and make your afternoon very interesting. All the Society locations are free to the public and handicapped accessible. Enjoy the walking trail at the Community Park and visit the Historical Society's Children's Garden, next to the Park. Young ones can run free in the fenced acre and grow their imaginations playing in the different areas based on local history. They can hatch out of a dinosaur egg, play in a pioneer log cabin and a Native American Long house and dig coal in the Clifford mine shaft. Signs throughout the Garden contain very informative historical information, making a visit to the Garden an enjoyable afternoon for all ages. The Garden is always open dawn to dusk. Questions or more information are available at 570-679-2723; or

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Migrating Birds at Shelly Preserve

Submitted by Trebbe Johnson

A United Nations report issued this month warns that one million species of plants and animals are destined for extinction because of climate change and a booming global population. There is no better time than the present, then, to take a closer look at the natural beauty and diversity that is all around us and celebrate it while we can.

A great way to do that is to spend time in Florence Shelly Wetlands Preserve in Thompson, PA. This preserve is a diverse and thriving habitat for many species, and each summer the stewardship committee hosts guided walks to learn about some of them. On Saturday, May 18, at 7:00am, the preserve presents its annual bird walk, led by Evan Mann.

A local birder and amateur naturalist, Mr. Mann will conduct a leisurely walk around around the preserve. Besides identifying birds that are nesting in the diverse ecological niches, he will discuss the habits of the various species and offer helpful hints for identifying them by their songs. Dedicated birders love this walk, because they can track familiar species, spot rare ones, and occasionally even add a new bird to their life list. Amateurs will enjoy exploring the woods, fields and wetlands of the 400-acre preserve as they get to know both winged inhabitants and migrants by sight and song. Typically, the group identifies between 60 and 65 species of birds.

Diversity is the key to the Shelly Preserve's beauty and value, and also the reason it hosts so many species. The brushy meadows are home to tree swallows, wrens and sparrows, while the deep boreal bog attracts eastern bluebirds nesting in dead snags, swamp sparrows and belted kingfishers. Hawks can be spied hunting in open areas, while the preserve's pristine brook and dense woodlands provide habitats for the northern waterthrush, Baltimore orioles, scarlet tanagers and least flycatchers. Plews Swamp is the preferred habitat for families of wood ducks, mallards and red-winged blackbirds.

Evan Mann's bird walk launches our season of monthly guided walks with local naturalists. Join us to discover the following:

Sunday, July 21, 2pm - Human and Natural Influences at the Preserve, with Andrew Gardner.

Sunday, September 8, 2pm - Trees, with Hank Hartman.

Walks begin at the preserve parking lot, one mile north of Thompson on Route 171, where Stack Road intersects. The bird walk will last about four hours, but you are free to leave whenever you wish. The trails may be wet, so wear warm, protective footwear. Don't forget your binoculars, and come prepared to spend a morning exploring the fascinating world of birds. For further information, contact Trebbe Johnson at 570-396-0293.

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HASYB Seeking Donations & Singers

Submitted by Lynn Stiles

The Harford Agricultural Society Youth Board (HASYB) is inviting you to join us in preparation for the 162nd Harford Fair in August. We are in search of items for our Flea Market that we are hosting on Saturday, May 25th at the fairgrounds from 9am to 3pm. You can stop to donate items at the fairgrounds on May 18th. We accept any item(s) except for large furniture and electronics. Questions? Contact the Harford Agricultural Society Youth Board via email at We are in search of National Anthem performers, too. HASYB members are going to be at the fairgrounds Sunday, June 2nd from 12pm to 3pm to listen and select performers. We are opening it up to voice or instrumental. National Anthem performers are going to be performing for the Main Arena events throughout the week of the fair, August 18th-24th.

So, why don't you join us in making the Harford Fair great? Donate items or time to performing at the Harford Fair. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns via email or the Harford Fair Office.

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Energize PA Bill Passes In House

Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R-Susquehanna/Wayne) joined Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) and other colleagues as the House Republican Caucus launched its Energize PA bill package which aims to help create, grow and sustain jobs in the Commonwealth without imposing new fees or taxes on Pennsylvania taxpayers.

As part of this package, Fritz's PIPE Program legislation, House Bill 1103, is responsible for making grants from the Pipeline Investment Program (PIPE) more readily available to construct the last few miles of natural gas distribution lines to business parks and existing manufacturing and industrial enterprises; accelerate beneficial deployment of low-cost energy; and result in the creation of new economic base jobs in the Commonwealth while providing access to natural gas for residents.

"Through our Energize PA bill package, we will provide more job opportunities across the Commonwealth, especially our rural communities and allow other businesses to further expand and grow our state's economy," said Fritz.

Additionally, Fritz's legislation accomplishes the following:

  • Opens existing grants to large residential conversion projects and combined heat and power applications.

  • Increases the maximum grant amount from $1 million to $1.5 million.

  • Provides for an additional $500,000 grant for tapping projects.

  • Directs the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) to develop streamlined guidelines to expedite applications for grants of $75,000 or less.

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Courthouse Report

Bench Warrants

The Susquehanna County DOMESTIC RELATIONS Section has outstanding BENCH WARRANT'S for the following individuals as of 8:25am on MAY 10, 2019: Jack Akers, Antonio L. Alcantara, Duane M. Aldrich, Brett F. Barnes, Amanda C. Bedell, Adam Bohn, James L. Bradley, Ryan T. Brooks, Brandon J. Cicon, Nathasha Everett, Jeremy W. Hall, Carrie Hiemenz, Robert W. Hobbs, Timothy M. Holmes, Tara M. Humphry, Jean M. Larson, Jessica Lobdell, Randy Manzer II, John R. Martin IV, David N. Miller, Ricahrd A. Murphy III, Vincent J. Petriello, Jeffery T. Pilcher, Scott E. Roth, Bruce A. Schurr, Chad Schurr, Tanaray Smith, Edward Teshara, Thomas Whipple, Jr. Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 4050 with any information on the location of these individuals.


Hirsch, Jean S to Harrington, Richard for $230,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Oleksza, Albert and Oleksza, Jennifer to Oleksza, Joseph M for $1.00 in Middletown Township.

Barnes, Carol A to Rockwell, Christopher D for $10.00 in Harmony Township.

Daniels, Harry to Warren, James R for $45,000.00 in Jackson Township.

Strawn, Kendall and Taylor, Debbie and Strawn, Jean and Strawn, Philip S and Williams, Louise to B & D Brothers Family Farm LLC for $10,000.00 in Franklin Township.

Lemasurier, Roy and Lemasurier, Teresa to Montrose Hillbillies V LP for $200,000.00 in Franklin Township.

Wert, Robert C and Collins, Linda M to SR Three LLC for $750,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Week 25 Unit 47: Messinger, Joan E and Messinger, Mark S to Bremer Hof Owners Inc for $100.00 in Herrick Township.

EGK LLC to Burns, Kurt D Sr and Burns, Deborah A and Burns, Tiffany L for $235,000.00 in Clifford Township.

Owens, Robert and Owens, Karen Lynn to Montrose Municipal Authority for $110,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Mineral: Ainey, Lillian A (Estate AKA) and Ainey, Lillian (Estate) to Ainey, Richard Jeffrey for $1.00 in Montrose 2W.

Tracy, Christopher T and Tracy, Cathleen A to Tracy Family Limited Partnership for $136,000.00 in Harford Township.

Quit Claim: Gardner, John N to Johnson, Carl for $10.00 in Lathrop Township.

Quit Claim: Gardner, John N to Palko, John M and Palko, Joseph D for $10.00 in Lathrop Township.

Filipowicz, Bonnie Johnson to Johnson, Carl for $10.00 in Lathrop Township.

Bell, Dawn to Johnson, Carl for $10.00 in Lathrop Township.

Bell, Dawn to Palko, John M and Palko, Joseph D for $10.00 in Lathrop Township.

Filipowicz, Bonnie Johnson to Palko, John M and Palko, Joseph D for $10.00 in Lathrop Township.

Rafferty, Carol Elizabeth (Estate AKA) and Rafferty, Carol E (Estate) to Rafferty, Karen for $12,000.00 in Franklin Township.

Kerr, James B and Kerr, William F Jr to Kerr, James B for $1.00 in Clifford Township.

Panek, Robert H and Panek, Julie M (NKA) and Bouse, Julie M to Angermeier, Mark T and Jenkins, Jamie for $110,500.00 in Forest City 2W.

Snitzer, Holly A to Palmer, Jamie for $172,000.00 in Great Bend Township.

Curran, Thomas J and Curran, Virginia M to Curran, Matthew R and Curran, Patrick J Sr for $1.00, two locations in Forest Lake Township.

Week 42 Unit 41: Axtell, Joan to White, Timothy and White, Wendy for $100.00 in Herrick Township.

Gemmer, Conrad J to Hughes, Dennis R and Hughes, Zuzanna M for $140,000.00 in Harford Township.

Rozelle, Dora L to Rozelle, Dora L and Dodge, Edward I for $1.00 in Forest Lake Township.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Cebular, Raymond E for $43,000.00 in Choconut Township.

Warfle, Gary and Warfle, Robin to Patti, Ronald Jr for $350,200.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Williams, Mark H and Williams, Mary to Williams, Mark H and Williams, Mary for $1.00 in Brooklyn Township.

MacDonald, Kevin H and MacDonald, Linda to Buckwalter, Michael S and Buckwalter, Catherine D for $145,000.00 in Lenox Township.

Hillis, Norman O to Nelson, Eileen and Nelson, Kahl for $1.00, two locations in Apolacon Township.

Wood, Floyd M and Mooers, Judy L (NBM) and Wood, Judy L to Thurman, Daniel S and Thurman, Nicole J for $118,720.00 in Springville Township.

Dolinak, Patrick J to Laduca, Salvatore and Laduca, Karen S for $28,000.00 in Forest City 2W.

Kilmer, Jeffrey to Kilmer, Jeffrey and Kilmer, Diane for $1.00, one location in Lanesboro Borough and one in Harmony Township.

Yonkin, Wanda R (NBM) and Travis, Wanda R and Travis, Jeff A to Zapolski, Scott S for $186,000.00 in Jessup Township.

Leonard, James R and Leonard, Mary M to Martin, Jodi M for $60,000.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Corrective: Wayman, Jason Seth and Wayman, Jennifer Lynn (AKA) and Wayman, Lynn to Wayman, Jason Seth and Wayman, Jennifer Lynn for $1.00, one location in Apolacon Township and one in Choconut Township.

Ridge, Kathleen and Pritt, Jonathan and Pritt, Benjamin to Pritt, Jonathan and Pritt, Benjamin and Pritt, Joseph for $1.00, two locations in Great Bend Township.

Mineral: Harrington, Alvernon A to Harrington, Alvernon A (Trust) for $1.00 in Rush Township.

Myers, Nancy J to Myers, Nancy J and Myers, Roger A for $1.00 in Lathrop Township.

Robinson, Charles and Robinson, Marlene L to Eriksen, Family Trust for $30,000.00 in Springville Township.

Wright, Robert F (Estate) to Wright, Winston for $1.00, one location in Bridgewater Township and one in Franklin Township.

Oved, Elan to Lone Star Equities Inc for $175,000.00 in Susquehanna.

Vantassel, Allen A and Vantassel, Deborah E to Rosenkrans, Katy B for $90,000.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Marvin, Kathleen S (By Sheriff) to Peoples Security Bank and Trust Company for $10,310.30 in Hallstead Borough.

Liddick, Jeffrey and Liddick, Cathy and Susquehanna County Tax Claim Bureau to Lotten, Sarah and Lieber, Jon for $16,359.28 in Bridgewater Township.

MacKenzie, Cliff R and Susquehanna County Tax Claim Bureau to Stroka, Daniel and Stroka, Rebecca for $5,024.04 in Great Bend Township.

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Pet of the Week

Submitted by True Friends Animal Welfare Center, 16332 SR 706, Montrose, PA 18801. Phone 570-278-1228 Website:

We can't believe these two stunning boys are still at the shelter! Two black beauties, these bonded brothers are chronic cuddlers who love people and each other.

Sammie and Tony are a little over a year old, Fiv/FeLV neg, neutered and current on vaccines. Anyone looking for an affectionate duo who will melt in your arms, please come meet the exceptionally handsome and affectionate Tony and Sammie. These cuties are sure to capture your heart.

Tony and Sammie's adoption fees are being sponsored by a generous friend. Stop by and meet them today!

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