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Meals On Wheels Thanks Volunteers

Meals on Wheels Endless Mountains (MOWs) program, the home-delivered meal program of B/S/S/T Area Agency on Aging, wants to recognize all of our dedicated Susquehanna County MOWs volunteer drivers and Active Living Center volunteers. The dedication these volunteers put into the delivery of meals to individuals in the community is profound.

Instead of honoring just one or two volunteers we would like to say thanks to all of our volunteers, as it truly takes all of them for this program to function. Take a look at some of our snapshots from the last few months to show you what we mean.

For more information about how you can support Meals on Wheels Endless Mountains through volunteerism or charitable contribution, please call 1-800-634-3746.

The B/S/S/T Area Agency on Aging, Inc. is funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging; AmeriCorps; the United Way of Bradford County; the Lycoming County United Way serving Lycoming, Sullivan and Tioga Counties; and the United Way of Susquehanna County.

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Lucky Buddy Clovers 4-H Takes Challenge

Submitted by News Reporter Cash Barhight, Leader Jackie Hazen

Our Lucky Buddy Clovers 4-H Group would like to say Hello. We had a great Valentine's Party at our Club, and we had a project to do. We made St. Patrick's Day pictures for the Forest City Nursing Home, which was our challenge for the month of February. The residents at the Nursing Home were so happy to see the pictures that the kids had made for them.

From the month of March until August, Lucky Buddy Clover's 4-H Group will be collecting items for the Forest City Nursing Home and the kids have had a great start so far. The mission is to teach the kids that giving gifts is better than receiving gifts.

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New Milford Rotary Welcomes New Member

Submitted by Dave Palmer

The Barnes-Kasson Hospital in Susquehanna Depot Borough was the setting for the most recent new member pinning on March 21, 2024. The Barnes-Kasson Hospital is a Corporate Member of the New Milford Area Rotary and presented a program on mental and behavioral health to the members that evening.

The meeting offered the opportunity to pin Susan Adornato, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes-Kasson Hospital, and the primary representative of this Corporate Member. The Alternate Member is Kimberly Tuttle. The Barnes-Kasson Hospital membership brings a welcome addition to the New Milford Area Rotary, which will enhance its focus on Disease Prevention and Treatment, and Maternal and Child Health. The Club currently consists of thirty-nine members actively serving the community and world and welcomes new membership.

The club can be reached at; or contact David Palmer, Membership Chair at

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Dairy, An Important Companion For Life

Submitted by Charlotte Quick, Susquehanna County Alternate Dairy Princess

From the high school hallways to the golden age of maturity, dairy is an important component of a balanced diet, providing the 13 essential nutrients that support our health and wellness.

During the early years of high school, as we juggle school, athletics and social outings, our bodies need a supply of vitamins and minerals. But what to do when the fridge is empty of the usual energy drinks and deli meat? Well, grab a glass of milk instead! You see, dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt deliver these nutrients perfectly, so that we fuel our immune systems, strengthen our growing bones, and ensure our teeth stay strong.


County Alternate Dairy Princess Charlotte Quick

As we grow into adulthood, the importance of dairy stays just that: important. Whether we're professional athlete, tired parents, or the librarian next door, dairy continues to play a role in meeting our nutritional needs. From calcium for maintaining bone health, to protein for sustaining muscle strength, dairy products provide the energy and nutrients necessary to keep up with our activity in our daily lives.

And as we age into the golden years, dairy will remain our constant companion, supporting both our health and well-being. Whether enjoyed in a comforting cup of milk before bed, a refreshing bowl of yogurt as a dessert, or a savory slice of cheese as a midnight snack, dairy products remain an essential part of our diet, keeping our lives full with health, nutrition and sweet, sweet dairy!

So, whether you're a high school freshman navigating the challenges of learning (milk will get you through study hall); or a stressed out junior/senior in the ending years of high school (good luck with college searches and SAT's); or even a grown adult enjoying the benefits of life, remember, include dairy in your daily diet. With its endless help of nutrients and unmistakable flavor, dairy ensures that every stage of life is healthy, enriched, and celebrated to the fullest!

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Students Warned Of College Exam Scams

Attorney General Michelle Henry is warning Pennsylvanians to be aware of scammers contacting parents of students who will soon be taking PSAT, SAT and ACT exams.

The scammers claim to be associated with the College Board or other educational organizations while offering preparation materials, duping the target by using their student's name, address, school and test details, and other personal information.

The scammer starts the call by confirming the student's address, then asking for parental permission and a deposit for the test prep materials. The scammers claim the deposit will be refunded after the test materials are used and returned.

"There is a lot of pressure and anxiety that go along with being prepared for these exams, so make sure you remain vigilant and protect yourself in coming months," Attorney General Henry said. "Always remember to pause and think before offering personal information or any type of payment."

Tips to Remember:

  • Always be wary of unsolicited phone calls and emails requesting a payment.

  • Never give personal or financial information over the phone or via email to an unsolicited phone call or email.

  • Tell the caller that you need to check with your child or partner first and hang up.

  • The College Board will never ask for bank or credit card information over the phone or email.

Consumers with any questions or feel that they have been victimized by this scam may submit a complaint with the Office of Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection by visiting the website,, by emailing or by calling the office at 1-800-441-2555.

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Time To Get That Dog In Good Shape

Submitted by Ann Vitale

Why does my dog do that? How can I get my dog to stop doing that? Why won't my dog let me trim his nails? How can I get her to stop pulling on the leash and walk with me? Is he too fat? Can I teach an old dog new tricks for fun?

Come to the Canine Behavior lecture and Q&A session at the Montrose Adult School, on April 25th and learn what behaviors are inherited and which are learned. Being a kindly leader of your pack, whether it is one dog or several, and having fun while teaching respect is not hard.

The instructor has many years of experience with adults and children and their canine companions. Obedience, agility, rally, Canine Good Citizen all have something you can use in everyday life with your dog.

Each student will have an option to schedule a one-on-one with their dog at a convenient date. This is included with the $5.00 registration.

For this class only, the Adult School will allow teenagers with a related adult. Register for class #603. Preregistration is appreciated for room set-up and handouts, but walk-ins will be accepted.

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Residents Urged To Pick Up Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Transportation (PennDOT) encouraged residents, local leaders, businesses, and organizations to join in cleaning up their communities as part of the "Pick Up Pennsylvania" spring community improvement campaign, now through May 31.

Pick Up Pennsylvania is a year-long initiative, however, events scheduled from March 1 through May 31 receive free trash bags, gloves, and safety vests provided by support from DEP, PennDOT, and Keep America Beautiful, as supplies last.

Events may include litter cleanups, illegal dump cleanups, community greening and beautification, special collections and litter education events. Events must be registered at to receive free cleanup supplies. To support their efforts, DEP and the Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association sponsor no- or low-cost trash disposal at participating landfills for registered events during the month of April.

Last year, the Pick Up Pennsylvania initiative welcomed more than 71,000 volunteers who disposed of over 2.9 million pounds of trash, cleaned 8,462 miles of road and waterways and planted more than 8,000 trees, flowers and other greens.

Groups in PennDOT's Adopt-A-Highway program, which involves volunteers cleaning roadsides year-round, are longtime participants. Adopt-A-Highway volunteers collect litter on a two-mile section of state highway at least twice a year. In 2023, the program had over 4,400 participating groups, more than 117,700 registered volunteers, and over 9,000 miles of adopted state-maintained roadways resulting in 32,272 bags of litter collected.

Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, including Scout troops, businesses, watershed organizations, Trout Unlimited, Rod and Gun Clubs, and others, have participated in Pick Up Pennsylvania events for over 20 years.

Pick Up Pennsylvania is part of PA Fights Dirty, a larger initiative coordinated by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development that focuses on both preventing and cleaning up litter. Learn more at the PA Fights Dirty website.

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Courthouse Report

The Susquehanna County DOMESTIC RELATIONS Section has outstanding BENCH WARRANTS for the following individuals as of 8:47am on April 5, 2024. Jeffrey A. Fisk, Jeffrey A. Fisk, Jeremy W. Hall, Jearmy s. Kowaleki, Charles M. Lynady III, Richard A. Murphy III, Matthew A. Williams. Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 4050 with any information on the location of these individuals.

DEEDS as of 04-10-24

Williams, Elwood H (Trust By Trustee) and Williams, T Fay (Trust By Trustee) to Tompkins, Nathanael and Tompkins, Marsha for $355,000.00 in Lathrop Township.

McMurry, Doreen to McMurry, Doreen and McMurry, Fred for $1.00 in Lathrop Township.

Kinney, Robert E and Thomas, Sharon L (NBM) and Kinney, Sharon L to Olecki, Joshua S for $136,000.00 in Hop Bottom Borough.

McNiece, William T and McNiece, Shawn L (By Atty) to McNiece, William T and McNiece, Shawn L (By Atty) for $1.00 in Auburn Township.

McNiece, William T and McNiece, Shawn L (By Atty) to McNiece, William T and McNiece, Shawn L (By Atty) for $1.00 in Auburn Township.

Jenkins, Keith and Jenkins, Emily and Williams, Mark H to Judd, Nicholas and Judd, Dempsey for $155,000.00 in Brooklyn Township.

Taylor, Robert and Taylor, Yvonne M to Taylor, Robert R Jr for $1.00 in Lenox Township.

Wasmanski, Jesse and Wasmanski, Aniela and Wasmanski, David and Wasmanski, Paul Jr to Bognatz, Stanley R and Bognatz, Joyce for $285,000.00 in Herrick Township.

Reese, Margaret Gelder to Reese, Sandra Lee and Reese, Jeffrey Curtis and Reese, Kristen Elizabeth for $1.00 in Lenox Township.

Brown, Brenda (Estate AKA) and Brown, Brenda C (Estate) to Baker, Laura N and Brown, Lindsey and Brown, Erin for $1.00 in Ararat Township.

Thomas, Philip J and Thomas, Paula L (FKA) and Strohl, Paula L (FKA) to Newhart, Lauri for $185,000.00 in Liberty Township.

Stilloe, John and Stilloe, Tana to Burtns, Liam for $7,000.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Discoveries In Sculpture Inc to Hill Billie Acres LLC for $75,000.00 in Franklin Township.

Duick, Stephen A (AKA) and Duick, Stephen Andrew and Sebastiaelli, Ernest J (Agent) to Little, Foster C and Plante, Danielle Lynn for $344,000.00 in Herrick Township.

Wagner, Avery and Williams, Dana to Leon-Rodriguez, Felicita Antonia De and Alvarado, Hugo A Soto for $60,000.00 in Forest City.

Edwards, Justin to Cudo, Michael and Cudo, Elizabeth for $30,000.00 in Silver Lake Township.

Straway, Arthur M Jr to Straway, Arthur M Jr and Straway, Laura for $1.00 in Ararat Township.

Calabro, Nathan R and Rysz, Laura and Mitchell, Helen P and Mitchell, Charles to Warren, Thomas J for $75,000.00 in New Milford Borough.

Dobitsch, Francis and Virbitsky, Katrina and Andrzejewski, Katrina (NBM) to Dobitsch, Francis and Virbitsky, Deborah for $1.00 in Clifford Township.

Dobitsch, Francis and Virbitsky, Deborah to Dobitsch, Francis and Dobitsch, Edith for $1.00 in Clifford Township.

The Presbytery of Lackawanna to Saam, Kevin and Saam, Eileen for $15,000.00 in Uniondale Borough.

Chauncey, Judy Lee to Rounds, Cole A for $195,000.00 in Liberty Township.

Schell, Nicholas and Taylor, Katelynn to Schell, Nicholas for $1.00 in Clifford Township.

Frey, Katherine N (Estate) to Virbitsky, Molly and Striefsky, Nell for $1.00 in Clifford Township.

Executors Deed: Naber, John F (Estate) to Naber, John F Jr and Ogden, Dina and Naber, Charles S and Naber, Mark C for $1.00 in Auburn Township.

Executors Deed: Naber, John F (Estate) to Naber, John F Jr and Ogden, Dina and Naber, Charles S and Naber, Mark C for $1.00 in Auburn Township.

Executors Deed: Naber, John F (Estate) to Naber, John F Jr and Ogden, Dina and Naber, Charles S and Naber, Mark C for $1.00 in Auburn Township.

Place, Richard and Place, Charlotte to Leichliter, Daniel Nathan and Dauro, Amanda Rose for $148,000.00 in Auburn Township.

Sitio Appalachia LP to Emory Peak Minerals II LLC for $5,494,880.23, one location in Apolacon Township, two in Auburn Township, one in Forest Lake Township, one in Franklin Township, one in Jessup Township, one in Lenox Township, one in Liberty Township, one in Middletown Township, and one in Bridgewater Township.

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