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Blue Ridge Prepares To Downsize?
Clifford To Fix Bridge
Harford Adopts Budget
Courthouse Report
Elk Lake Reorganizes, Talks Football
Courthouse Report
New Milford Adopts Budget
Starrucca Borough Council Minutes
Oakland Twp. Has Overflow
Gibson Barracks Report

Hallstead Boro Has Winter Woes
Silver Lake Twp. Police Reports


Blue Ridge Prepares To Downsize?
By Ted Brewster

The Blue Ridge School Board gathered for a special meeting on December 13, only a week after what was supposed to be its last of the year. The agenda was brief, but surprising, and may presage difficult times during the coming year.

The technology staff, Mike Stewart and Donna Tewes, got together early with Alan Hall, School Board President, Superintendent Robert McTiernan, Middle School Principal Matthew Nebzydoski and a few others to hash over a plan to provide an offering for students who now attend so-called “cyber-charter” schools. The cyber-charter movement has proved costly to local school districts because the number of enrolled students can’t be anticipated, yet the districts must pay a fixed amount (for Blue Ridge, about $10,000) per student when billed at year’s end. Blue Ridge is hoping to recruit some of these students by offering an equivalent experience at lower cost, with the promise of a Blue Ridge diploma at graduation.

Once the full board gathered, as the first item on the agenda they accepted the resignation of High School Principal Scott Jeffery as of the end of the month Mr. Jeffery has accepted a superintendent position in Old Forge. As the second agenda item, they appointed Mr. Nebzydoski to replace him (Board member Shane Rumage voted against the appointment). Following the meeting Mr. Hall hinted that the shift may save some money, if the open slot in the Middle School isn’t filled.

He didn’t hint at what was to follow. The Board authorized “the Superintendent to research and make proposals regarding staff reductions due to declining enrollment which m[a]y utilize furloughs, demotions, and non-renewal of temporary professional (non-tenured) employees …”. Under the Pennsylvania school code, the district must announce such actions, and file with the state Department of Education. Mr. Hall said later that the district has the same number of teachers now that it had 5 years ago, but enrollment is significantly lower. He is determined to keep taxes as low as possible, but said that the budget currently in development for next year so far has a gap of about $1.8 million between projected revenue and expenses.

There was an another item added to the agenda at the last minute that directs the Superintendent “to freeze all hiring without Board approval.”

The Board hoped to try to come to an agreement with the teachers on a new contract early. If they can come to terms before December 31, then everyone can relax. After that it may be the turn of the lawyers. The contract between the District and the Blue Ridge Education Association (BREA) - the teachers’ union - expires next June 30.

Asked for comment following the meeting, BREA President Margaret Glezen said that the early negotiations had not yet begun. She said that most of the teachers had not yet seen this measure that calls for the Superintendent to recommend ways to downsize the staff, and wasn’t willing to comment further, but she didn’t seem particularly happy about it.

The next scheduled meeting of the Blue Ridge School Board should be on Monday, January 10, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Committees often meet early. All meetings are held in the cafeteria in the Elementary School.

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Clifford To Fix Bridge
By Stephanie Everett

Unresolved old business received much attention at a Clifford Township business meeting held December 13. One such matter involved the Mud Road bridge project; the township must pay all bills for the project before PEMA and FEMA will provide the awarded grant money to reimburse the township. The township supervisors passed a motion to take out a $92,000 low-interest loan to pay for the bridge work.

Board president Dennis Knowlton opened bids for two dump trucks the township had advertised for sale. One bid was for $6,752; the other was for $1,733. “I think it’s too low for either of them,” commented Knowlton, who stated that he wanted to seek a way to “get a little more [money] out of the trucks.” Secretary René Reynolds suggested advertising the trucks in the paper shop or putting them up for auction. The supervisors wished to consult road master James Locker, and the matter was tabled.

Next was the adoption of the 2011 township budget. Barry Searle noted that there was no tax increase this year. “We’re staying within our means,” he said.

Matters concerning roads in the Crystal Lake Forest Development surpassed all other business for length of discussion. A resident of Crystal Lake Forest noted that “three or four years ago,” Clifford Township Supervisors had voted to take over approximately an eighth of a mile of roadway within the development. Roads were maintained and plowed until a snowstorm early in 2010 stranded residents for two days. Since then, the resident noted, the supervisors had again voted to take over the road. When she called to verify that the roads would be plowed this winter, she “was told they wouldn’t be.”

“We still haven’t gotten everything through the state,” responded Knowlton, who promised that the supervisors would “continue working on the state.” Township attorney, Joseph McGraw, stated that although the township voted to take over the road, required conditions have not yet been met. He added that the township is “limited by statute about what we can do to a road that technically doesn’t belong to the township.”

However, the resident stated that her neighbors have been in contact with other government officials, including Sandra Majors’ office, where they were told that a road “has to be passable before an emergency. …Your government can’t just leave you stranded.” When she contacted Penn DOT, the resident stated that she was told, “If a road is voted by the township to be taken over, it’s taken over,” even if liquid fuels money is not received to cover maintenance costs.

Knowlton stated that he would “tell Locker to plow up there on a regular basis for now.” Reynolds stated that this was not advisable, as it would set a precedent for other developments. However, the supervisors pointed out that the road was voted on. “That’s the difference here. It’s been voted on more than once.” “We’re unique,” the resident asserted at one point.

Another resident questioned the “whereabouts of our third supervisor,” commenting that John Regan has not been in attendance for several meetings. “You know as much as I do,” stated Knowlton. “He’s still active,” clarified Searle, who pointed out that supervisors must attend meetings to get paid.

Sandy Wilmot announced the sale of calendars for the historical society. Proceeds will benefit the hallway museum project, which will commence after the holidays.

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Harford Adopts Budget
By Ted Brewster

The Harford Township Supervisors met for the last time in 2010 on December 14, covering a varied agenda topped by final approval of a budget for 2011.

The new budget is essentially the same as proposed last month. The Harford budget is in 3 parts. The township budget itself, supported largely by property and income taxes, will be slightly more expansive, but will not call for an increase in tax rates. Property taxes will remain at 5.13 mills; an additional 1 mill is assessed for the fire company. Cash on hand at the end of this year of about $172,000 will drop by about $30,000 by the end of next year. The Supervisors anticipate additional expenses for debt service, equipment and legal fees.

Supervisor Garry Foltz hopes to cut some of the debt service in the part of the budget allocated to the sewer system by refinancing the outstanding principal on the loan that helped build the system and now held by Rural Development, an office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The current note carries a rate of 4.5%. With further details are yet to be determined, Peoples National Bank is offering to take over the loan at 3.25% for the first year, with the rate not to exceed 4.5% for the life of the loan.

That will be a savings to the sewer part of the budget, which expects to spend about $43,000 more than it takes in, mostly for facility improvements and replacement parts in the sewer plant. The Supervisors did not indicate an increase in sewer fees is planned. The engineering company that operates the plant, David Klepadlo & Associates, has also asked for an increase in its fee, from $1,800 to $2,000 per month, the first increase in over 3 years.

The third part of the budget, the so-called “state budget,” is financed mostly from liquid fuel subsidy and turnback funds from the state. It is to be used exclusively for road maintenance. For 2011 Harford expects to spend about $7,000 more in this area than it takes in.

Overall, Harford Township in 2011 expects to collect just over $644,000, and spend almost $723,400.

In other business, Supervisor and Roadmaster Terry VanGorden said he had tried to interest a number of people in becoming the township’s Emergency Management Coordinator. In the end, Wayne Frederici, a township employee and fireman, accepted the obligation, and will receive additional training, much of it on-line.

Mr. Foltz reported that he had drawn up an “Industrial Noise Ordinance” that is now with the township’s solicitor for review. The ordinance, similar to one passed earlier this year, is more specific about permitted noise levels, and is targeted initially at ameliorating the effects of the potentially disturbing noise emitted by large natural gas compressors. He said that the township would have to purchase various measuring instruments to help enforce the measure.

He also reported that the lawsuit with property owners over the sluice at the outlet of Tingley Lake is still in the hands of the township’s lawyers.

Mr. VanGorden noted that the sewer plant operator has reported “flows increasing” to almost double the normal volume. Upon investigation, he determined that the increase is due at least in part to the output of household sump pumps going into the system. Mr. Foltz said that this practice should not be permitted, and “needs to be addressed,” first with a letter to sewer system subscribers, and possibly later to “door-to-door” “physical inspection.”

In his road report, Mr. VanGorden said that the crew is having trouble with frozen material in these cold temperatures, inhibiting spreading. They will try using a tarp to allow the anti-skid to stay dry. A resident of the village said that the anti-skid he has found along School Street is much too large, and he brought a sample to illustrate. Mr. Foltz said the stone looked more like 2B, and asked Mr. VanGorden to investigate.

The township will notify a resident at the corner of Tyler Lake Road and Tingley Lake Road that two trees will have to be removed to improve sight lines at that intersection.

A resident of the Forrester Road area expressed some concern about the pronouncement last month that the township will no longer try to spread oil on “no-outlet” roads - like Forrester. She said that Forrester Road is home to 5 residences in 3 tenths of a mile. Mr. Foltz suggested that the township might find a way to spread calcium chloride in those areas instead of the more expensive AEP oil.

The Supervisors have received a letter from Southwestern Energy requesting a copies of the township’s ordinances. Supervisor and Secretary Sue Furney will send copies of ordinances that might be of interest to the gas company. And a proposed “Road Maintenance Agreement” offered by Southwestern last month is in the hands of the township’s attorney for review.

Mr. VanGorden reported that the township will shift its purchase of new road signs from Chemung Supply to Bradco. He said that more than 40 of the signs made by a Chemung sub-contractor were longer than the specified maximum 36 inches and were returned as unusable.

The Harford Township Supervisors will organize themselves for 2011 at a meeting on the first Monday, January 3, as required by law. The next business meeting is expected to be held on Tuesday, January 11. Meetings usually begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held at the township building on Route 547. The organization meeting may change these dates and times for the new year.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren Price Ficarro


Chann Investments, Inc. to Chann Family Investments LLC, in Jackson Township for $100,000.00.

Chann Investments, Inc. to Chann Family Investments LLC, in Harford Township for $120,000.00.

John Koromlan and Helen Lewis to Joseph Bowen, in Rush Township for one dollar.

Mary Carol Gallinot (AKA) Mary Carol Snyder and William Snyder to Mary Carol and William Snyder, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Joanne A. Kerschner to Joanne A. Kerschner, in Lathrop Township for one dollar.

Carmella D. Fanelli to Carmella D. Fanelli, in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Mark J. Hinkley to Mark J. Hinkley, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Clyde, Jr. and Ann Ella Larue to Larue Partners Limited Partnership, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Clyde, Jr. and Ann Ella Larue to Larue Partners Limited Partnership, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Clyde, Jr. and Ann Ella Larue to Larue Partners Limited Partnership, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Clyde, Jr. and Ann Ella Larue to Larue Partners Limited Partnership, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Kathleen Walter to Dale Gerfin, in Lenox Township for $80,000.00.

William and Anita A. Mundy to William and Anita A. Mundy, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Thomas A. and Diane M. Dooley to Bruce K. and Vickie L. Swindlehurst, in Thompson Township for $12,123.00.

Dewey B., Sr. and Helen L. (by POA) Hunsinger to Dewey B., Jr. and Patricia Hunsinger, in Dimock Township for $95,000.00.

Bank of New York Mellon, Chase Bank of Texas and Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. to Phoenix XXX LLC, in Forest City for $6,870.00.

Charles W. and Norma J. Jaget (NBM) Norma J. Cronk to Charles W. and Norma J. Jaget, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Charles W. and Norma J. Jaget to Charles W. and Norma J. Jaget, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Michael R. and Kimberly Kirchmeier to Justin and Karin Mann, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Walter M. and Carol Lou Oakley to Gerald M. Oakley, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Betsy Small (by POA) to Loren W., Marvin R., Brian and Brock Small, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Fiddle Lake Properties LLC to Victor and Lorraine Demaio, in Ararat Township for $1,000.00.

Edward S. Florey to Andrew D. and Amber Peterson, in Silver Lake Township for $265,000.00.

David and Kelly B. Ingram to Marcos Hernandez, in Lenox Township for $3,500.00.

Eleanor I. Meshach to Christopher T. and Cathleen A. Tracy, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Walter T. and Ann Kinney to Joseph Bowen, in Rush Township for one dollar.

Thomas F. Walsh to David A. and Susan L. Petersen, in Silver Lake Township for $185,000.00.

Corey J. Shaw (by sheriff) to State Farm Bank, in New Milford Borough for $1,565.55.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has bench warrants for the following individuals as of 10:13 a.m. on December 17, 2010.

Erika L. Back, Keith Bryant Beach, David Shawn Blaisure, Ryan T. Brooks, Daniel M. Brown, Douglas Buckman, Bryan S. Burnett, Howard A. Burns, III, Jonathan Fathi, David J. Fischer, Thomas Fisher, Ryan M. God, Jeremy J. Grick, David Haines, Jr., Keith G. Harms, Anthony D. Hibbard, Sr., Shannon J. Hollister, Gerald C. Hundley, Jason R. James, Erik E. Krisovitch, Lee Labor, Casey J. Lawton, Joshua S. Lee, Charlie J. Legere, Carlos L. Leiser, Derrick Lezinsky, Jason Lindquist, Mark C. McCarey, Jennifer M. Miller, Shane Nelson, Anthony E. Olszewski, Brian T. Phillips, Jeremy Presson, Arthur D. Quick, Tammy Raymond, Michael S. Rieman, David J. Shiner, Richard D. Shoemaker, Sinon C. Smith, Sr., Justin Thompson, Robert J. Twilley, Todd M. West, Roderic R. Williams, Steven G. Wormuth, Edward K. Zajaczkowski, Karl D. Zantowsky.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals

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New Milford Adopts Budget
By Melinda Darrow

New Milford Township, Mr. Hunter reported early in the December 15 meeting, is a little bit in the red due to the Bailey Road project and money owed the township by FEMA. The paperwork has gone through FEMA and PEMA and is a continuing its journeys, so it is hoped that by the end of January the money will be reimbursed. The supervisors have spoken with Penn Star Bank in case it is necessary to pursue getting a loan.

Jack Conroy and Jules Graham raised $640 for the MDA charity event. They expressed their thanks to the community members and vendors who donated.

The township sold its 1997 GMC flat bed truck for $999, during the last month.

At the prior month's meeting Southwestern Energy was in attendance. The supervisors had received notification the day of this month's meeting that there would be a few pads put in within the township's environs, in the general area of Houlihan Road though further details were to follow.

Mr. Hunter motioned that the 2011 budget be accepted at $551,964 in total; it was estimated that there would be $456 in expenses. Taxes were to remain the same. The motion was unanimously approved.

The 2 year emergency management plan was also accepted. The township goes in on this with the county, so that they do not have to do it alone.

The township will be seeking a new auditor it was announced. Mr. Hunter quipped that it would be helpful if this person knew a little something about bookkeeping.

The township received notification from DEP that there would be some logging performed off the East Lake Road. It was to occur about a mile and a half from 492, on the right hand side. The person doing it was out of Montrose, and a stream crossing and temporary bridge had been applied for.

The township had received a notice from the auditor general regarding the Columbia Hose Company, which is audited every two years, and there were some findings. The audit was available for public review.

The reorganization meeting was scheduled for Monday, January 3 at 7 p.m., with the regular meeting to follow.

An update was provided regarding the East Lake Campground. Mr. Young had apparently brought up a bunch of questions about tank capacity and permits at the last meeting. Mr. Hunter stated at this meeting that he had been fined $6,000 by the court, payable to the township. Mr. Young had asked about the 6,000 gallon tank. Mr. Hunter read a letter from the sewage enforcement officer stating that the SEO and DEP had revoked the permit for this in the past due to it being a single compartment, not meeting current regulations.

The question was raised regarding the gas and oil industry's effect on roads, by a visitor. It was asked if the township had thought what they might do for their roads if they became heavily traveled and damaged. Mr. Hunter pointed out that many of the roads had been fixed well, and that these roads had been more used to heavy vehicle traffic than some others so might fare better.

A notice was read from Eastern Industries that material costs would be increasing, due to the loss of qualified workers. The gas and oil industry had been able to offer higher wages. As the company needed to raise wages, then, the ripple effect was going to be going into effect.

A Christmas card was received thanking Jack Conroy and the guys for their work on Jennings Road. It was very complimentary.

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Starrucca Borough Council Minutes
Submitted By Pat Schneyer, Secretary

Starrucca Borough Council meeting was called to order by President Jack Downton on Monday, November 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the Starrucca Community Hall. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council members present were Vice President Robert Martin, Barbara Glover, Arthur Kopp, Paul Everett and Mayor Maryann DeBalko.

Council members absent were Robert Buck and Anthony Palonis.

The audience included Loreda Everett, Roland Buck, Paul & Brigette D’Agati, Dan Kramer, Dee Martin, Kathy Downton and Roger Glover.

The minutes of the Council meeting held on October 4 were read. Mr. Kopp objected to the minutes as read because he read a letter dated August 17, 2006 at the October meeting and it was not included in the minutes. The minutes were corrected. Motion to accept the minutes as corrected carried. Mr. Everett abstained because he was not appointed to Council in October. (Correction made at the meeting held on December 6 - Mr. Everett was not in attendance at the October meeting.)

The Treasurer’s report was read. The total for the UCC checking was corrected to $46.50 and the total for all accounts was corrected to $698.33. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as corrected passed unanimously.

Bills to be paid (November) - Motion to pay the bills as presented ($698.33 passed unanimously. Motion to void check #1191 payable to Thompson Fire Co. General Fund and issue check #1200 payable to Thompson Firemen’s Relief Association passed unanimously.


Auditor DeBalko correspondence - filed.

Thompson Vol. Firemen’s Relief Fund - returned check - check #1192 voided.

Application Update - Federal Surplus Property Division/Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations - filed.

Building Inspection Underwriters - invitation to lunch - filed.

Paradigm regarding Emergency Response Preparedness Report -filed.

Old Business

Update Hess Road Agreement - Motion to table the agreement for one month passed unanimously.

Update Hazard Mitigation Report - Mayor DeBalko reported that Mr. Boyer was not returning her phone calls and that she is willing to search for funding in 2011.

Bids for Winter Road Maintenance 2010-2011 - The only bid received was from Como Construction @ $55./hr. plus $20/ton for material.

Scott Township Agreement/Contract for road maintenance - President Downton spoke about the contract with Scott Township. R. Martin suggested that Scott Township should honor the contract for the maintenance of Fairmount Road and Kellogg Road, Como Construction will cover the rest of the Borough roads. Scott Township charges $30./per trip for Fairmount Road and $15./per trip for Kellogg Road. Motion that the Borough hold Scott Township to their contract for Kellogg Road and Fairmount Road and that a letter be sent requesting monthly billing and a breakdown per trip passed unanimously.

R. Martin discussed Penn Hill Road and Kellogg Road. He suggested a “No Outlet” sign should be installed on both roads. Further discussion concerned the Borough roads and Council members will volunteer their time to maintain the roads when possible.

Winterize the Community Hall - R. Martin and A. Kopp will get together to winterize the Hall.

Town Hall - A discussion held concerning new locks. R. Martin is willing to donate locks for the Town Hall. A. Kopp said he has a key for the upstairs door. Motion to have R. Martin re-do the locks on the doors of the Town Hall passed unanimously.

New Business

Budget 2011 - Following discussion, motion to advertise the preliminary budget for public review passed unanimously.

FEMA-PEMA Agent Discussion - There was no interest expressed in the position. A. Kopp will ask Gale Williams-Reddon to attend the next meeting.

Bank Loan - A discussion followed regarding the paperwork for the bank loan. P. Everett suggested contacting the firm that completed the 2008 audit (William Owens, CPA). The 2008 audit states that the Borough had $200,000. in expenditures. Motion to have a work session to go through the loan paperwork for the bank and other business if time permits passed unanimously.

T-wall Sections - P. Everett commented that the October rains pushed more of the T-wall sections into the Shadigee Creek. He suggested that DEP should be contacted to avoid another violation. Motion to contact Solicitor Treat as well as DEP to determine what has to be done passed unanimously.

Public Comment

Loreda Everett commented regarding the 2008 figures and suggested that Council should look at the Treasurer’s reports of expenditures or contact the Auditor General’s office regarding the signing of documents for the bank.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

CORRECTION TO OCTOBER MINUTES - At the meeting held on November 1, Mr. Kopp objected to the October Minutes as read because reference to a letter from PEMA dated August 17, 2006 and read by Mr. Kopp at the October meeting was not included in the Minutes as read.

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Oakland Twp. Has Overflow

Usually there are few, if any attendees at the Oakland Township Supervisors' meetings. However, on the night of December 14 there were not only people in attendance, it was an overflow crowd with people filling every available space in the township building. Most were there in protest of the news that Cabot Oil has filed an application with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission to extract a million and a half gallons of water (daily) from two separate proposed sites in the township. Although neighbors of any potential sites are supposed to be notified of the impending applications, several said they were not and only learned about it from other township property owners who had spread the word. Although the basin commission had initially rejected the application due to some problems with the application itself, it was expected that Cabot would re-submit it.

There were several concerns about the pending extraction operations. One is that it would greatly increase truck traffic on Rte. 92., estimated to be about 500 trucks per day per site. One resident expressed concern that the vibrations from the trucks carrying heavy loads could damage the foundations of homes. The township's roads regularly see increased truck traffic when the weigh station on Rte. 81 is open; drivers reportedly use Rte. 92 to avoid weigh-ins. Another is that the sites are within the flood plain. And, there is concern about the impact that amount of water being withdrawn would have on the river. The township does have a nuisance ordinance that could cover many of the concerns brought up, but it could be problematic to enforce that ordinance.

Supervisor Cy Cowperthwait said that the supervisors would listen to any complaint brought to them and would investigate to determine if it had validity, and then advise the complainant of actions they could take. A resident responded, “Isn't that after the fact? What we're concerned with is stopping them.”

Several residents questioned why such operations would be located in a residential area, especially when there are commercial areas nearby where the operations could be better accommodated and would not cause disturbances to residents.

It was noted that the Susquehanna River Basin Commission would review any application it received and would allow for a public hearing before approval. One comment was that the commission does appreciate any public input and would take it into consideration.

Several present were of the opinion that taking legal action against the gas companies would be futile, as they have much greater resources at their disposal. Several asked, why not work with the gas companies and see what benefits the township could get in return for expected impact on the community, such as road repairs and improvements, restrictions on hours of operation, reductions in taxes, revenues to preserve local heritage, and other benefits to the community. And, other groups that have been successful in opposing these type of operations could be contacted for information.

The residents agreed that a good first step would be to put together a petition in protest of the operations and send it to the river basin commission. Another suggestion was to send letters to township property owners reminding them of the township's nuisance ordinance. Individuals would also be encouraged to send letters or emails to the commission stating their opposition of the operations. And, a public meeting will be set up at the township building to further discuss the matter, with residents on both sides of the issue invited to attend.

Alice Deutsch, President of the Endless Mountains Heritage Region and several others were present to ask the supervisors to pass a resolution to join all of the other municipalities in the Rte. 92 corridor (from the New York State line to Nicholson) in the Viaduct Valley Scenic Byway. Oakland Township is the only community that has not joined the byway, which is primarily to promote tourism to the area as well as preserve the area's natural resources and beauty. And, local businesses would undoubtedly benefit from tourism. Mr. Cowperthwait acknowledged the positives listed by Mrs. Deutsch, and asked what the negatives would be. More traffic, she replied, but of a leisurely nature; most people would be enjoying the scenery and not speeding. Mr. Cowperthwait asked if there wouldn't be a problem with littering. Mrs. Deutsch said that most of the people who travel the byway are respectful of the environment. And, other areas, such as the boro of Lanesboro (where the Starrucca Viaduct is) would more likely have a problem with littering, but arrangements are in place to minimize the effect. Mr. Cowperthwait reiterated that with every positive impact, there is a negative impact, such as the increased traffic, and that he would like to hear from Rte. 92 residents. After the discussion, a motion carried to consider the resolution by next month's meeting, with supervisors Jamie Chilewski and Mike Fabrizi voting in favor.

In other business, correspondence reviewed included invitations to two holiday luncheons hosted by Building Inspection Underwriters and the Department of Agriculture; information from PennDOT on a red light enhancement program; notice of a Sheriff's sale of a property in Oakland Boro; and information from Interstate Tax Service regarding unemployment compensation for a township employee.

Mr. Fabrizi has completed a road review and identified areas in need of work, and will have more details by the next meeting as far as expected costs and projected time frames. Logging activity appears to be going on in the area of Bed Bug Hollow, and there is still a problem with beavers blocking a sluice pipe on Bed Bug.

A (road) weight limit ordinance is still under review and a land development ordinance is still in progress. A property maintenance codes ordinance needs to be in place before the land development ordinance is enacted.

A list of current codes violations was reviewed.

There was discussion about the township's amusement tax, particularly those who are not in compliance. It was noted that the township could order an audit of businesses not in compliance at the owners' expense, or subpoena tax returns.

A motion carried to adopt the 2011 budget.

The reorganizational meeting will be held on Monday, January 3 with Mrs. Chilewski presiding as chairman pro tem, and the auditors' reorganizational meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 4. The regular monthly supervisors' meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., beginning January 11.

A motion carried to accept the annual contract with the Susquehanna Fire Dept. for coverage at the same rate as last year.

Jim Wood, the township's Emergency Management Coordinator was given information from the county, requesting an update of the township's Emergency Operations Plan.

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Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


On December 6 at 9:10 a.m. Janet Conklin of New Milford was traveling east on 706 in Bridgewater Township at the same time Clinton Smith of Susquehanna was traveling west. Conklin was exiting a left curve in the roadway when she lost control of her vehicle and started to spin on the snow covered roadways, crossing over into the oncoming lane of travel and striking Clinton's vehicle on the left front corner. Both units were towed from the scene. Both passengers were utilizing seatbelts; neither was injured.


On December 14 at 4:00 p.m. John Moore of Tunkhannock was traveling southbound on SR 29 in Dimock Township at the same time Joshua Kukowski was traveling northbound. Kukowski had pulled into the left lane to pass a vehicle as it was approaching the crest of a hill, he failed to complete the pass and struck Moore's vehicle. He was not utilizing a seatbelt; he sustained minor injury. Moore was utilizing a seatbelt; he also sustained minor injury.


On December 8 at 7:30 p.m. Dennis McCann of Susquehanna was traveling southbound on SR 1012 in Jackson Twp. when he failed to fully and properly negotiate a right hand curve in the roadway. The vehicle crossed the northbound lane and went onto the opposite berm, striking a wooden post and continuing along the berm, spinning approximately 90 degrees in a clockwise direction. It then impacted a tree, coming to a rest. McCann sustained minor injury; it was not known in the report if he was utilizing safety equipment.


On November 25 at 2:30 a.m. Christian Fish of Friendsville was operating a 2009 Mercury Milan on SR 11 in Great Bend Borough when he was stopped for a motor vehicle violation. He displayed signs of DUI and was placed into custody for suspicion of DUI. The accused was charged at District court 34-3-02 on Charges of DUI and other traffic related offenses.


On December 11 at 5:20 p.m. a 17 year old juvenile from Nanticoke, PA happened upon Brent Birch of New Milford while both were at the Pump and Pantry in New Milford Borough. The two have a prior history, and the accused waited for Birch to exit the store. At this time, they became involved in a physical altercation. Trooper Kosloski was off duty and inside the store. He witnessed what was occurring and intervened by taking the accused into custody. After identifying himself several times, the accused continued to struggle until uniformed troopers arrived. The accused attempted to conceal his identity from investigators. When his identity was revealed, it was discovered that he was wanted by Luzerne Co. Juvenile Court for absconding while on supervision for Burglary and Theft of an Automobile. The accused was relinquished to Susquehanna Co. Juvenile Officers, and will be charged criminally by the Pennsylvania State Police.


On December 8 between 9:30 a.m. and noon, one or more unknown person(s) arrived at the residence of Lucas Mack in Brooklyn Township and entered through the front door. A Dell Inspiron laptop Model 1525, a zip lock bag containing approximately $100 in change, and a 37” Polaroid LCD flat panel TV were taken. Anyone with information is asked to contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On December 4 at 5:30 a.m. Christina Reimiller of East Rush lost control of her vehicle on the snow covered roadway of SR 29 in Bridgewater Township and crossed the opposing lane of traffic. The vehicle struck and went over a small embankment. The vehicle struck a second embankment and a telephone pole. It then rolled over on its passenger side and then roof. It came to a rest on its roof facing a south-easterly direction.


On December 7 at 7:24 p.m. Ryan Miller of Montrose showed signs of intoxication while police were investigating a two vehicle non-reportable crash. Failing all field sobriety tests, he was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI. After being transported back to PSP Gibson he refused to give a chemical test of his breath. Charges were filed at District Court 34-3-01.


On December 7 at 12:06 a.m. Yamuna Goins of Starrucca was traveling south along SR 171 in Herrick Township when the driver lost control of the steering in his vehicle due to traveling too fast for the snow covered road surface, on a slight downgrade. The F-150 slid on the snow covered surface in a counter clockwise motion, traveled across the northbound lane of travel, then collided with a tree with the 2 o'clock position of the vehicle. The impact triggered the airbag system; the vehicle came to a final rest at the impact point. The driver and passenger were not injured in the crash; both were utilizing seatbelts.


Between December 4 and 6 the side of Matthew Shager's red Chevrolet truck was spray painted on the passenger side in Gibson Township. Anyone with information is asked to contact the station.


On December 4 at 7:10 a.m. April Cruz-Brewer of Laceyville and David Burman of Thompson were both traveling north along SR 267 in Choconut Township when Burman lost control of his vehicle and began to spin clockwise toward the right shoulder of the road. Cruz-Brewer then also lost control on the slippery surface and struck Burman's spinning right rear corner with her right side. From there her vehicle traveled across the southbound lane and struck the guardrail with its left rear corner. It then bounced off the guard rail and continued in a northbound direction, coming to a rest position upon a frontal impact with the front bumper of a southbound Mack truck driven by Robert Pickert of Berkshire, NY. No one was injured in this crash; all were utilizing seatbelts. Cruz-Brewer's vehicle required towing from the scene, which was done by Park's towing.


On December 4 the door was pushed and the door jam molding broken on a door belonging to Rosalyn Nowlan in Springville, Twp. Anyone with information is asked to please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On December 5 at 3:25 a.m. Naoma Howard of Clifford Township was traveling eastbound on SR 0106 when she failed to negotiate a left curve. Her vehicle exited the roadway from the south shoulder and traveled in a southeasterly direction approximately 100' before striking a utility pole with the right side of the vehicle. It then traversed down an embankment approximately 40' where it struck the bottom of the embankment, approximately 150' from the impact point. It was removed from the scene by Kozlowski's towing. Members of the Clifford Township fire department assisted at the scene. As a result of this investigation, Howard was arrested for driving under the influence. Charges were to be filed with District Court 34-3-03 as of the time of report.


Between November 20 and December 4 scrap metal was taken from the property of Ken Bryant of Little Meadows.


Between the 20th of November and the 4th of December a phone line was cut from the residence of Alice Tinklepaugh of Springville. Anyone with information is asked to please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On November 25 at 2:38 approximately 50 glass jars with dirt on them were taken from the property of Helen Vile of Hallstead. Anyone with information is asked to please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On December 2 at 8:26 a.m. James Owens of Uniondale was traveling east on SR 371 in Wayne County when he lost control as his vehicle went across ice on the road. The Tacoma spun around, crossed the westbound lane, went over an embankment, and then struck a fence and a tree. It came to a final uncontrolled rest off the North side of the West bound lane. No fire or EMS responded. A seatbelt was in use; there were no injuries. Kozlowski towed the vehicle from the scene.


On December 2 at 5:52 a.m. Justin Byrd of Eastland, TX was traveling north from SR 2003 to west on SR 3004 while Krystina Kruk of Springville was traveling east on SR 3004. Byrd failed to stop for a stop sign and traveled into the path of Kruk, who struck his vehicle on the driver side. After impact Byrd's vehicle entered a counter clockwise spin and traveled across the westbound lane of 3004, continuing off the north berm and into the yard of the Crego family, where it overturned. The CK 2500 came to a rest on the passenger side of the vehicle, facing in a westerly direction approximately 30' from the point of impact. Kruk's vehicle was driven to a point of controlled rest. Byrd was utilizing a seatbelt; Kruk was not. Neither was injured.

If you have information regarding any of these incidents please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.

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Hallstead Boro Has Winter Woes

With winter upon us, construction on the sidewalk project on Main St. in Hallstead Boro has been put on hiatus for the time being and will continue in May. But, there have been continuing problems at one site. When the project was being planned, business owners with driveways were contacted and the placement of driveways discussed. At this particular site, the property owner approved the proposed placement of the driveway, but has since rented out the site to another party and is no longer happy with the placement of the driveway. The tenant, who has changed the nature of the business somewhat, is also reportedly not happy, and there has been damage to the new sidewalks from plowing and large trucks driving over them. At a previous meeting, the Hallstead Boro Council had decided to put up barriers to keep the walks from being driven over or damaged by plows. The property tenant has reportedly let it be known that if the barriers are put up, they will be removed. There was some discussion as to whether or not to proceed with putting up the barriers. As the boro does have a right-of-way, the walks were funded by taxpayers through a grant, and the landowner is ultimately responsible for any damage, a motion carried to proceed with putting up the barriers.

In other business, the boro is still in need of an emergency management coordinator.

The boro's nuisance ordinance is in the process of being amended to allow fourteen days for compliance rather than thirty.

A motion carried to adopt the 2011 budget.

A motion carried to authorize repairs to fix a drain pipe in the building's kitchen.

And, a motion carried to approve purchase of a snow deflector for the boro truck; its cost would be considerably less than having to replace the windshield if it should be damaged by debris while plowing.

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Silver Lake Twp. Police Report
Submitted By Silver Lake Twp. Police Dept.


On October 29 at 1445 hrs., SLTPD was dispatched to a two car MVA on SR267 in Birchardville. Stephen Gary from Wyalusing, PA was driving north on SR267 when a deer jumped in front of his 2002 Chevy. He stated that he hit his brakes and his vehicle kicked sideways and into the southbound lane where he struck a 2006 Volkswagen driven by Deborah Mills of Montrose. Mills verified what had happened and neither she nor her passenger was injured in the crash. Both vehicles were towed from the scene by Force’s Garage.


On October 30 at approximately 2340 hrs., John Marconi, Jr. was traveling west on SR 4002 (Quaker Lake Road) in Choconut Township when his vehicle went completely across the east bound lane and into a ditch before going back across the west bound lane and into a tree. The driver was not injured and no other persons or vehicles were involved in the crash. Mr. Marconi was arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated and taken for testing to E.M.H.S. in Montrose, PA.


On October 31 at approximately 2000 hrs., Thomas Rieselman of Brackney was traveling on SR167 in Silver Lake Township when he became entangled in telephone wires that had fallen. His vehicle sustained some damage including a blown tire. He was not injured. The roadway near Kennedy and Arrowhead Lake Roads had to be shut down until Frontier Telephone could respond and clear the hazard.


On November 19, at approximately 13:30 hrs., a dump truck driven by Floyde Brown from Meshoppen was on Stewart Road in Forest Lake Township near the Lopke Stone Yard when Brown attempted to move over for an on-coming Lopke truck and went off of the roadway and flipped over. No injuries resulted and the truck was up righted by Fulmer Recovery and Johns Towing. Some damage to the road and culvert were being assessed for insurance purposes.

To contact Silver Lake Township Police call 570-278-6818 or e-mail

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