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Abortion Is Not Health Care

Abortion is not health care, it is the killing of brothers and sisters created as we have been, in the image and likeness of God, Christ Jesus. He is our savior, who by virtue of his incarnation, resides in every human heart. All souls come into the world with a mission. By our confession of faith in Christ and baptism, we pass from death to life as it was in the beginning. So we are a new creation throwing off the ways of the world, sin, flesh and the Devil, to gladly suffer with Christ for the sake of righteousness. The Cross is the manor unto which Jesus chose to draw all men unto himself so that we could be forgiven and healed. So merciful and loving is our God, in place of our guilt he gave us Mary, his mother, for our own.

This is what our children should have the opportunity to learn while they are innocent and free from the rigors and demands of this present age (modernism). If we can build up the truth in them by our example, then when they are older they will not abandon it.

Children must be looked upon as God’s choicest blessing - his ambassadors - to be taught virtue and hatred of evil, not tolerance of it. Children need their government in this world to stop tolerating and even promoting the destruction of holy matrimony. After all, we must admit marriage is the basis of all our relationships in God.


John Mann

Susquehanna, PA

We “Are” Here!

I was wandering around the little boro I work in, marveling at the beauty of the mountains as they show the splendor of fall. I notice that traffic is showing signs of industry and tourists, and sent a prayer of thankfulness to the one for the gifts of the land, and how progress will help all of us in a rural area, to get off the list of have-nots.

Sometimes, I have wondered if the state of PA knew we were here. I notice that many economic opportunities have gone to counties all around us, leaving us with only our talented folks to carve a niche for ourselves when powers to be have looked away.

I never understood that. We have infrastructure. We have wheelers and dealers, and folks who work hard, are smart, and have a bred-in sense of land stewardship. Why were we on the short end of the stick? I believe by seeing how our local elected folks act, I have a sinking suspicion, that we have seen the enemy, and they are us.

I think that the elected do not want any one to know we are here. Alas, the cat is out of the bag, and others are not only aware we are here, they bring tidings of good fortune. They also come in different nationalities, and the second language spoken in the country. They are skilled laborers, in the gas industry, who are sent, as we are not skilled in the ways of gas, but stone. Imagine blasting around a gas site. Now that would really alarm folks, myself included. I don't want to sound like all I do is criticize the elected, yet I wonder if the lack of hospitality that is shown here in this little boro, is what displays itself county wide.

As in all small boros in the country, we have a small park with a bandstand. The pride of our ancestors, and the place of amusements and picnics in a by-gone era. Walking past the one here, I stopped and could only stare at the "Keep out," "No trespassing" signs around the cordoned off bandstand. I examined the structure, I see no falling debris, no crumbling steps, and the electric light shines at night. Why are these signs up? Was not the bicentennial celebration held in the park, and bandstand?

Why is the park parking lot made up of so many handicap parking spots, and all at one end? The playground, where I suspect an older grandmother might want to watch her child play, looks like one might have gone there, and make the park accessible, and isn't. The other end has parking barriers which are not at all friendly to handicap navigation. I think that sends a message, we don't want our citizens to use public facilities, ergo, we don't want outsiders. Is this how we want to be perceived? The arrogant American? We are finally being recognized as even being a part of the state, and the welcome is anything but friendly to this little villager. I think I'll go back to the village, and see if there isn't something more that can be done on the north end of RT. 11, to welcome the progress, and the people who will come with it, and leave the towns-people to themselves and their dead.


Cynthia Allen

Summersville, PA

Surviving The Cure

If the vaccine industry has its way, we would all be stuck with more needles than a well-worn pin cushion. Beginning immediately after birth to the fourth month, ten vaccinations are recommended. From the fifth month to the first year, 12 more. From the first year to the twelfth year, add another 13. Included in this phalanx of needles is a yearly flu shot starting at six months of age.

If one joins the military, he will soon discover that vaccines are a way of life. All recruits start with a round of 13 injections. Then, depending on one's area of deployment and risk factors, the trooper will roll up his sleeve another 18 times. Of course the annual flu injections continue.

Adding it all up comes to between 35 and 70 jabs. Tack on a few more if one takes a trip abroad.

The question arises, what's in all those syringes? There are scores of substances, but a few are common: ethylene glycol (antifreeze), phenol, formaldehyde, aluminum, antibiotics, mouse serum, monkey cells, viruses, and pus. Continuing: pig or horse blood, rabbit brains, dog kidney, and mercury.

Topping off a witch's brew is aborted human fetal tissue. If one has a moral objection to abortion, this additive is the most objectionable.

The most poisonous ingredient is mercury. According to Rebecca Carley, M.D., “If children receive all recommended vaccines, they will receive 2,370 times the allowable safe limit for mercury in the first two years of life.”

This hobo soup is injected directly into the blood supply bypassing the digestive system and the liver, the body's main organ of detoxification. Side effects range from mild, to severe, to death.

But doesn't the government assure us that vaccines are safe and effective? Indeed it does. But the truth is that they are neither safe nor effective. Studies attesting to safety are based on manufacturers' funded research. Moreover, these studies are short-term investigations lasting only a few days after injection. Long-term side effects are unknown. These data are then given to the relevant government agencies which rely on their veracity.

However, independently funded studies cast doubt on their safety and efficacy. The American Journal of Epidemiology reported that children died at a rate eight times greater than normal after a DPT vaccination. The CDC found that children who received the meningitis vaccine were five times more likely to contract the disease compared to children who did not received the vaccine.

Dr. Terry Phillips, Professor of Medicine at George Washington University, said, “foreign proteins in virtually all vaccines wreck havoc with the human immune system.” And they can do more than that. Families of the deceased claim that the swine flu vaccine of '76 killed 300 family members.

All right, they're not safe. Surely though, they are effective, right? Wrong. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that 87 percent of those who contracted whooping cough were vaccinated for it. The Lancet reported a study involving 100,000 people, some were vaccinated for the flu and others not. The conclusion was that flu shots did not confer any protection.

But what about the dramatic decline of infectious diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, and polio? Diseases have cycles. They were in decline before mass inoculation. This may partly be attributable to herd immunity. This type of immunity is conferred by one group that has immunity to a particular disease to another group that formerly did not have this immunity.

But the strongest factor in the reduction of disease was not modern medicine but modern sanitation. It was clean water free of pathogens and parasites, proper sewage treatment and disposal, and personal hygiene that should be credited with the eradication of plagues.

For example, the Black Plague was an epidemic that killed 100 million in 10th century Europe. Today, it is virtually unknown. Vaccines were not the cause of its disappearance. Rather, it was the increasing standard of hygienic living conditions that were absent during the Dark Ages.

The vaccine industry will gross in excess of $11 billion this year. They have the resources to roll out a multi-million dollar advertising juggernaut touting vaccines. But one has to wonder, how can these putrid and toxic concoctions be either safe or effective?

Or are the means to a robust immune system to be found in a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, fish, and meat? But there won't be any cash-flushed media campaign for this - you can bank on it.


Bob Scroggins

New Milford, PA

Short The Three Miracles

I should like to delve into the implications of the honor, so recently bestowed upon our President. Right off the bat, it blows a few grains of grit onto the gears in the alleged Republican Attack Machine. Before the Nobel, Obama was simply another human being, an ordinary guy, a powerful one to be sure, nonetheless, just another human being.

So far as perception of status goes, bestowing the Nobel prize for Peace is tantamount to secular canonization. Quite candidly, even I am a little non-plussed to regard good buddy Barack as any sort of saint, secular or otherwise.

In whatever century Americans are living, they commit to that century. This century differs from the previous in that it is invincible. There's no evading this century, there's no way it can be prevented from altering the intellectual and moral and spiritual comportment of every society in the world.

And that's what perturbs those "bedbugs," who are forcing President Obama to come to a decision about Afghanistan. Those people, however they're called: Taliban or al Qaeda or whatever, are committed to the Fourteenth (14th) Century, ghoulishly so. Thanks to their commitment to the best century for their version of their religion, the bedbugs are enraged by the changes, occurring in the present.

I'm proposing a rationale for President Obama to adapt both a reasonable and sustainable commitment of our military in Afghanistan. Okay, we start with the general mindset in the Muslim portion of the world.

In our part of the world, there is a striking difference between matters secular and those holy. In their part of the world, "secular" translates as "infidel." In their world, it's all either holy or unholy.

Maybe, I'm going out on an intellectual limb. Even so, so far as the Muslim mindset is concerned, that Nobel has bestowed upon our President an aura of holiness. So, here's the text for the rationale for his adopting a reasonable and sustainable commitment of our military in Afghanistan.

To those Muslims, who share with the American people a commitment to the 21st Century, he pledges all feasible aid against bedbug onslaught. He makes that pledge, because he believes the following.

One, the Muslim world in the person of Palestinian nationalists let slip away a once-in-a-millennium opportunity. Had the Jews, fleeing the aftermath of Nazi holocaust, been welcomed by those nationalists, the magnitude of the prestige accruing to Islam would've dwarfed the oceans.

Two, the further spurning of that opportunity led to the abolition of the spiritual bond between Jew and Arab.

Three, because of that killing, the aforementioned spiritual bond has been replaced by one between the Jewish people and the American people.

Doubtless, the overwhelming majority of Muslims would deny the validity of those beliefs. Even so, there's no denying the possibility that our President harbors those beliefs. And that possibility will be chewed over, again and again, in their coffee shops.

The way I figure it, yes, we can defeat the bedbugs on the battlefield. It'll take 15 or 20 or 25 years, and cost much in blood and treasure. I'm proposing we defeat them in the coffee houses. The monetary cost will be less than that for a now canceled F-22 fighter jet, along with a lot less American bloodshed. And I'm speculating victory could come in the middle of our President's second term.


A Alexander Stella

Susquehanna, PA

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