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Bike Patrol Working
New Dairy Princess Begins Promotion
Wedding Announced Snyder - Robbins
4-H News
Veterans Bridge Committee Meets
Manmade Wonders Of The Area
New Postmaster In Union Dale
Dept. Of Aging Marks PACE Anniversary
PNB Declares Dividend
Robert Brown On All-American Team
Tri-County Human Services Moves


Bike Patrol Working

On June 8, Manager Darlene Slocum of the Peoples National Bank presented the Susquehanna Borough Police Department (Chief Golka) with a check of $500.00 for a bike patrol. The bike patrol went into effect on June 10 and is an asset to the police department.

The bike patrol has since been used on an average of three days per week at various hours for business security, backup for traffic stops and is further used for enforcing fish and boat laws along the Susquehanna River. It has initiated several incidents in areas where a patrol vehicle can't go.

With the donations received, police not only bought the equipment they needed, but were able to buy their uniforms, too. The police sincerely thank the community for their dedication in making our town a great, safer place to be.

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New Dairy Princess Begins Promotion

Hello, my name is Amanda Zembrzycki, the new Susquehanna County Dairy Princess and I would like to tell you about some dairy promotions I have been doing.

My first promotion was at Forest City Regional Elementary School. I spoke to the four first grades about the importance of dairy in their diets. The promotion with Mrs. Bernarsky’s, Mrs. Horan’s, Mrs. Kovaleski’s and Mrs. Kulasinsky’s classes was a shaker pudding.

The students got to make their own container of pudding. All of the students were so excited and couldn’t wait untill their pudding was done. They also were able to add Real whipping cream and sprinkles to their pudding.

I read the children a book and asked them, "What is 3-A-Day?" I was surprised that some students actually knew. We went over the 3-A-Day pamphlet and they were able to keep them to take home and show their parents.

Mrs. Horan’s class asked, what is a Dairy Princess? I answered, "A Dairy Princess is a person who promotes dairy products to people to make them aware of how important cheese, yogurt and milk are in their diet to have strong teeth and bones." At the conclusion of each promotion we posed for pictures and passed out coloring books and cow erasers. I enjoyed working with the children and promoting good eating habits. The promotions went very well and I would like to thank the teachers and students for allowing me to come to their classrooms.

On Flag Day, two of my Dairy Ambassadors, Ashley Franklin and Karley Mosier served ice cream to the public at the Susquehanna County Courthouse. We met a lot of people. Being the new Dairy Princess, this was all a new experience to me. There were many people wondering who I was and I was proud to tell them that I was Amanda Zembrzycki, the 2004-2005 Dairy Princess. I believe this promotion was a wonderful event and it was fun.

My Ambassadors, Ashley Franklin, and Karin Mowry and I passed out "Milk Jugs," which now you can get with your happy meal at McDonald’s nationwide. Children now can get milk instead of a soft drink to make their diet healthier.

I think that all of the dairy promotions went well and that we got the message across that everyone should, "drink milk and eat dairy products as part of one’s diet."

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Wedding Announced Snyder - Robbins

Denise Snyder and Carl Robbins were joined as husband and wife on June 12, 2004 at the Great Bend Methodist Church.

The bride and groom were accompanied by Maid of Honor, daughter of the bride, Shiloe Benedict, of Hallstead. Best Man was Ed Fassett II, of Susquehanna.

Bridesmaids were sisters of the bride, Sue Sivers, of Friendsville, Josie Lindow, of Scranton, and Sharon Fassett, friend of the bride and groom.

Ushers were son of the bride, Byron Benedict, of Endicott, NY and son of the groom, Bobby Robbins, of Gibson.

Ringbearer was grandson of the bride and groom, Codi Benedict, of Hallstead.

Denise was given in marriage by her father, Stanley Lindow and mother, Evelyn Lindow, of Susquehanna.

A reception was given at the Hallstead Rod & Gun Club.

The couple honeymooned in Hershey Park and Washington, DC and currently reside in Hallstead, PA.

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4-H News

North Jackson Ag Club

The North Jackson Ag 4-H Club held their last meeting on June 28 at the Onyon house. The meeting began at 7:00 with the American and 4-H pledges. Holly Carey read the secretary’s report. Tim Carey read the treasurer’s report. Megan Carey told the club what horse camp was like. Megan said that there was a nutritionist at the camp and there were also people that helped the kids with jumping techniques. Also Megan wanted to thank the people that helped with painting the horse arena. She asked for all members of the club to try to help out with the Barnes Kasson-100 Anniversary parade by contributing work towards a club float. The next horse club meeting will be held at B.J. Carey’s house on July 22. Next Abby reminded the club that there was still a need to form committees.

Sandy Pavelski told the club that she signed them up to help with the Harford Fair’s "farmer-for-a-day" project on Tuesday during the fair week but still needs volunteers. A.J. Carey told the club of his accomplishments with shooting sports. He came in first in the shotgun category.

July 9 was the dairy ethics meeting for everyone involved in dairy. Abby told the club that this year’s One Day camp at the Harford Fair grounds will be on July 19 and volunteers were needed.

State days at Penn State college will be held on August 3, 4, and 5 this year. The club has decided to ask each family to donate a pie or plate of cookies for the fund-raiser. Sandy Pavelski has also asked club members to contribute something to the flower display at the fair this year. Also during the meeting the club discussed and debated over where they wanted to go on their club trip. The club didn’t come to a conclusion yet.

Then, the demonstrations began. Austin did his demonstration on his trip to Ross Park Zoo. Eileen Walker did her demonstration on dog care. Corey Kleiner instructed the club how to play various types of harmonicas. He even played a few songs. Megan Kleiner demonstrated how to make a quilt and showed the club the quilt she recently made. Abby Onyon and Stephanie Shaeffer demonstrated on the Alpacas that they recently showed in a huge show. They demonstrated showmanship, halter and obstacle. Aaron Onyon demonstrated how to throw a shot put. He showed the club both ways to throw it. Chelsea Saam demonstrated on her air pistol. She told all the different parts of the gun and how it’s used.

Before adjourning the meeting, Abby reminded the club that the next meeting was to be at Carey’s Pavilion.

If you are interested in joining 4-H, or becoming a volunteer contact the Susquehanna County 4-H program at 570-278-1158 or Penn State Cooperative Extension, 31 Public Avenue, Montrose, Pa 18801.

By Caitlin Flor, News Reporter

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Veterans Bridge Committee Meets

The Susquehanna County Veterans Memorial Bridge Committee met on June 3 at the Lanesboro Community Hall, Lanesboro.

After a light lunch, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Tony Napolitano, followed by the tribute to the flag.

Carol Rockwell read a poem about veterans, and also the urban legend about Taps. Then she played a tape of Taps.

Members present were Tony Napolitano, Carol Rockwell, Ray Rockwell, Lee Smith, Evan Price, John Bronchella, Lois Singer, Robert McNamara, Sr., and two new members, Joe Canini and Jerry Vale. Beverly Everitt was also present. Joe and Jerry were welcomed.

The minutes of the October 2, 2003 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

The street commission says that the flags are in good shape. Ray Rockwell made and donated two new flag poles.

Tina Pickett sent a card to Tony that stated the state is reluctant to do any more with the bridge. The repair work is holding out well. They are going to repave soon.

Tony will check on a meeting place for September, and the picture plaque will be presented.

It was noted that Steve Glover does a great job in taking care of the flags and putting them out when necessary.

The Christmas flags will be checked and necessary repairs will be made, or new flags purchased.

A letter will be written to the county commissioners asking for a donation to help with the upkeep of the plaques and flags on the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge. If further explanation is needed, a member of the committee will attend one of their meetings.

The committee will present Ted Gordon and Bill Hand with certificates of appreciation for being founding members of the bridge committee.

Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

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Manmade Wonders Of The Area

Bridges – "Man Made Wonders" – Publicized recently were "Man Made Bridges" of the area. Among those were the Starrucca Viaduct bridge located in Lanesboro, PA. Completed in 1848, the viaduct was commissioned by the New York & Erie Railroad to allow passage of trains over a creek providing easier access to Binghamton. (More on the Starrucca Viaduct later in this article.)

Other bridges mentioned were: Tunkhannock Viaduct. The Delaware & Western Railroad began building the structure, commonly known as the Nicholson Bridge, across Tunkhannock Creek in May, 1912 to advance access to the western half of the nation.

Lake Wallenpaupack – in the 1920’s, Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. dammed the Wallenpaupack stream in Pike County to increase electrical power for consumers.

Stillwater Dam – built in 1941 by the US Army Air Corps of Engineers, Stillwater Dam in Susquehanna County (near Forest City) was a $5.73 million flood-control project to prevent damage from the Lackawanna River.

Martin’s Creek Viaduct – built in Harford Township, southeast of Starrucca, erected in 1914. The viaduct was part of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad’s extension through Lackawanna County into Susquehanna County and New York State.

The Starrucca Bridge – begun in 1847 and completed a year later, the Starrucca Bridge is made wholly of Pennsylvania bluestone collected from a local quarry.

Commissioned by the New York & Erie Railroad, the bridge allowed the rail line to cross a deep and wide quarter-mile creek valley in Susquehanna County and continue on to Binghamton, NY.

Three contractors tried and failed to cross the valley before engineer James Kirkwood came on board.

He set a railroad track at both sides of the valley, found his material at the bluestone quarry three miles away and employed 800 local men to do the job. They erected 13 temporary tiers, brought the stone in on rail cars and worked day and night to finish the project on time. In fact, they finished ahead of schedule.

At the time, the Starrucca Bridge was one of the largest most expensive and most dramatic stone arch bridges in the United States.

It includes 17 rounded arches and a deck wide enough for double tracks. The price tag: $325,000.

The American Society of Civil Engineers lists it as a major milestone in engineering history.

Today, as trains rumble through the countryside, the heavy-duty bridge appears ready to weather many more years.

More facts: engineers – Julius Adams and James Kirkwood; length – 1,040 feet; arches – 17; height – an average of 100 feet.

Martin’s Creek Viaduct – built in Harford Township, southeast of Starrucca, Martin’s Creek Viaduct was erected in 1914.

It, too, was part of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad’s extension through Lackawanna County into Susquehanna County and New York State.

By then, new materials and tools were in place. Contractors used the new Portland cement on the bridge and reinforced concrete on the arches – advanced methods for the time.

More facts: length – 1,600 feet; height of arches – 150 feet; price tag – $12 million for the entire project.

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New Postmaster In Union Dale

Gary Allen was recently sworn in as the new postmaster of Union Dale. Allen was the postmaster of White Mills prior to assuming his current duties.

A native of Susquehanna County, Allen joined the Postal Service in October, 1993 as a clerk at the Moscow Post Office.

Allen served in the US Air Force and Army National Guard. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Community College of the Air Force.

"I’m looking forward to providing the Union Dale community with the best possible mail delivery and retail service," said Allen.

Customers can reach Allen at the Union Dale Post Office (570) 679–2152.

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Dept. Of Aging Marks PACE Anniversary

HARRISBURG – Secretary of Aging Nora Dowd Eisenhower today joined with dozens of older Pennsylvanians to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s landmark PACE Program, which provides low-cost prescription assistance to older adults. "Twenty years ago, Pennsylvanians had the imagination, determination, and bipartisan spirit to launch a unique prescription drug program for older residents which has become a model for other states across the nation," said Secretary Dowd Eisenhower. "Since then, PACE has provided access to life-sustaining medications to more than one million older Pennsylvanians. "New income guidelines that took effect in January have resulted in more than 60,000 new enrollments in PACE and PACENET," Dowd Eisenhower said. "Today, the programs serve more than 280,000 older Pennsylvanians and we look forward to serving many more in the future." Secretary Dowd Eisenhower was joined at the PACE anniversary celebration in the Capitol Rotunda by older Pennsylvanians, legislators, representatives of AARP-Pennsylvania and other advocates for older adults.

PACE and PACENET are administered by First Health Services under contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. For information on enrollment and benefits, consumers may call 1-800-225-7223. Enrollment applications also are available at state legislators’ offices and through the Commonwealth’s network of 52 Area Agencies on Aging. Additional information is also available on the Department of Aging’s website at

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PNB Declares Dividend

A regular quarterly dividend of $0.18 per share was declared by Peoples Financial Services Corp. on July 1, 2004. The dividend will be paid on August 17, 2004, to shareholders of record on July 30, 2004.

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Robert Brown On All-American Team

Robert J. Brown, CFP has been selected for the American Funds All-American Team. He was honored for supporting the American Funds ideal of sound investment advice and for helping his clients reach their financial goals. He has been in the financial field for six years.

Membership in the All-American Team, which is based on annual sales, entitles financial advisers to special services and sales support to help them grow and sustain their businesses.

Robert is a graduate of Elk Lake High School, as well as Bloomsburg University, where he majored in Business Management. He is an active member and past president of the Montrose Area Kiwanis Club.

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Tri-County Human Services Moves

Tri-County Human Services Center is pleased to announce that their Montrose location has been changed from 61 Church Street, Montrose to Lake Plaza #2 Rte. 706 E, RR 7, P.O. Box 7117 Montrose, PA 18801. The newly renovated location will house all of the services that are provided to clients in Susquehanna County. Tri-County Human Services Center provides behavioral health services to children, adolescence and adults in the community setting.

Serving Susquehanna County for the past 29 years, Tri-County Human Services Center, a member of Maxis Health System, is the area’s largest community based provider of behavioral health services. For more information on these services, call (570) 278-3393 or visit their web site at

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