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Shana Mack Crowned County Dairy Princess
50th Anniversary
Blue Ridge Senior Center Update
Local Librarians Carry Message To Harrisburg
Pre-School Story Hour Graduates
The Baskets Are Back

Shana Mack Crowned County Dairy Princess

Princess Rebecca Place handed down her reign to Shana Mack, daughter of Dean and Jane Mack, at the Dairy Princess Pageant. Shana is very familiar with dairy promotion, having served as a Dairy Maid and as a Dairy Ambassador previous years. She is a student at the Mountain View High School and plays soccer, participates in track and is a basketball cheerleader. Shana and her seven brothers, Lucas, Dustin, Cody, Logan, Austin, Keegan and Ethan live on a 150-cow dairy farm near Brooklyn. The Mack’s milk about 75 cows and raise 75 heifers and calves. Shana works on the farm and owns a total of eight Holsteins and red and white Holsteins. Shana has been a 4-H member for eight years and shown cows at county, district, state and national levels.

Pictured are new Princess Shana Mack (seated) 2002/03 with Princess Rebecca Place (standing).

Kelly Diaz, former County Princess welcomed everyone to the evening event held at the Episcopal Church in Montrose. Committee member, Becky Place gave the invocation and led everyone in the flag salute. The evening’s music was provided by Corky Staats and John Puzo. Jessie Puzo was photographer for the evening, capturing many lovely photos.

Evie Goff, County Chairperson introduced each of the girls and their escorts. Ashley Franklin, daughter of Dennis and Penny Franklin; Amy Roe and Jessica Roe, daughters of Steve and Vicky Roe; Karin Mowry, daughter of George and Patricia Mowry; Lydia Carlin and Ashley Fuller, daughters of Gerald and Tina Carlin; Karley Mosier, daughter of Gordon and Marsha Mosier were each escorted by their Dads. Amanda Miner, daughter of Patrick and Connie Miner was escorted by her brother, Andy. Abbey Puzo, daughter of Doug and Mary Puzo, was escorted by her brother Dan. Abbey Hewitt, daughter of William and Ginger Hewitt was escorted by her brother, Cooper. Rebecca Place, daughter of Chuck and Mary Place was escorted by her Dad. Dustin Mack proudly escorted his sister to the stage for her crowning as this year’s Dairy Princess. Alicia Roe, daughter of Steve and Vicky Roe and Jenna and Alyssa Sprout, daughters of Preston and Valerie Sprout each completed a year of dairy promotion work but were unable to attend the pageant. The girls all carried bouquets of flowers donated by Kathy and Mark Zayleskie, owners of the Town and Country Florist Shop located in Montrose.

Mary Puzo, county booking chairperson reported on the record breaking number of promotions completed by the 2002/2003 Dairy Princess, Ambassadors and Dairy Maids. Mary complimented the girls on their teamwork thoughout the year. Peggy Empet presented a college scholarship award to Rebecca, in recognition of her service to the program over the past year.

Each of the twelve girls participating in dairy promotion over the past year kept a scrapbook. The scrapbooks were chock full of their own dairy promotion memories. It was a difficult decision for the judge, committee member Cindy Tompkins to choose the best scrapbooks. The top four scrapbook awards were presented to Amanda Miner, Abbey Puzo, Abbey Hewitt and Alicia Roe. The girls each received a ribbon and a gift from the County Committee.

Rebecca presented a picture plaque to Mark and Cindy Tompkins and their children, Trevor and Mariah for their cooperation in the "day on a dairy farm" promotion held on their farm. This promotion event was a huge success and would not have been possible without the Tompkins family allowing the public to visit their farm.

The Dairy Ambassadors and Dairy Maids each gave short speeches. They all introduced themselves and told a little about their families and some of the organizations and activities they participate in, other than dairy promotion. Some of the speeches included information about favorite promotions, some about plans for a new year of promoting and milk vending machines coming to schools in our County. One of the girls spoke about the new 3-a-day program; a Dairy Ambassador plans on educating people about eating low and no fat dairy products to get needed calcium; one read a poem they had written; and sisters ready a news article they had written recently titled "What if all the cows stopped milking."

Rebecca gave her farewell speech telling how she has grown through her involvement in the Dairy Promotion Program. Rebecca related her experience as a young child, meeting a Dairy Princess and then becoming one herself. With tears, Rebecca expressed sadness as she leaves the program but also acknowledged the new friendships she made through her year as Princess. This program helped Rebecca choose her education goal of attending Penn State University, majoring in journalism and a minor in ag communications.

Before being crowned, Shana told about her family and family farm and of her plans to promote the dairy industry in Susquehanna County with support from the Dairy Ambassadors and Dairy Maids. Mariah Tompkins carried the Princess crown for Rebecca to crown Shana as the new Susquehanna County Dairy Princess. After the Pageant a reception was held for all of the girls complete with refreshments.

Each girl completing their first year of promotion work received an embroidered fleece shirt; the Princesses and girls completing two or more years of dedication to the County dairy promotion program received embroidered jackets. Girls completing the year also received incentive checks and thank you gifts from the County committee. Rebecca received an engraved ring as her thank you for contributions to dairy promotion.

Along with the 2003-2204 Dairy Princess Shana Mack; Abbey Puzo, Amanda Miner, Ashley Franklin and Alyssa Sprout will serve as Ambassadors; Karley Mosier, Ashley Fuller, Karin Mowry and Lydia Carlin will all be Dairy Maids.

The nine-member Dairy Royalty group is eager to begin better acquainting residents in Susquehanna County with dairy farming and the importance of milk and dairy products in a person’s diet. Any Susquehanna County organization, business, school, etc. interested in having the Dairy Princess or a member(s) of her court present at an event to speak and/or serve dairy products can call our new Princess Shana Mack at 289-4789, Evie Goff (278-1212 home or at 278-1158 work), or Mary Puzo (278-4704) to make arrangements.

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50th Anniversary

All are invited to join in celebrating the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Norma Silver and Clyde Payne.

Clyde and Norma (pictured above on their wedding day) were married June 20, 1953 at the First Baptist Church of Hallstead, PA by the late Reverend John W. Young.

The couple will be honored with a private dinner party at the Roaring Fork, Vestal, NY, by their immediate family.

Clyde and Norma have three children, Margaret and Richard Walworth, Hallstead; Randy and Sandy Payne, Brackney; Andrew Payne, Phoenix, AZ. They have also been blessed with three grandchildren, Lisa Marie Walworth, Jedediah and Alex Michael Payne.

Friends and family wishing to congratulate this very special occasion may send their greetings to: RR 2 Box 2069, Hallstead, PA 18822.

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Blue Ridge Senior Center Update

Did you know the first week of April is National Laughter Week? Well Mother Nature really got the laugh this year, when she dumped all that snow!

Early in the month Diane Connely from Endless Mts. Health Center talked about diabetes, showed slides and presented a very thorough and easy to understand program. We thank her.

Several representatives from the Lion's Club International District 14-H spoke about their hearing aid program. We were told of the requirements to participate in this program. One of the speakers was Mr. Harold Wegman from Montrose. They also gave information on their eyeglass program as well.

The day of our Easter dinner was sunny and bright with a slight breeze, but mild. A record 45 people came out to enjoy the delicious meal. Each place setting had a tiny pastel colored basket filled with candies. These favors were made by Bea Chandler. Our rooms were a feast for our eyes with the many table decorations, baskets, bunnies and spring flowers. Before the meal we had a short sing-a-long, with Charlotte Wescott at the piano. We sang "In Your Easter Bonnet" and some other Easter songs, plus some good old "Oldies."

Instead of an Easter Bonnet Parade - we had a "Silly" hat day, thinking that some of the men would join in, but alas no males were brave enough. Maxine was the winner.

April the 12th was a very special day. We traveled to Montrose to attend the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. It was held in the large dining room of the Montrose Bible Conference. There were over 250 attending. This year the theme was " Hawaiian." Some came dressed like they would in the islands, Marion Nemaire looked like a native with her colorful dress and flower behind her ear. The meal was delicious, we enjoyed the remarks made by the center managers, and the music was delightful. Many, many thanks to Judy Collins for making this day so special and enjoyable for all of us.

Two representatives from Forest City Nursing and Rehab Center brought a delicious cake for our dessert one day, and presented a very informative program on nutrition. All were given a nutrition food chart to take home. Healthy eating makes a healthy you. Many questions were asked and we learned a good deal about eating healthy.

A group of 13 enjoyed breakfast at Dobbs one morning. This was one of our brown bag days. The second one was a covered dish lunch. Really, we have some great cooks in our group.

The Center was closed on Good Friday, but a bake sale was held out in front of the Electric-Zone in Hallstead. Many provided items for this, and Mary White and Alice Hall organized and worked to make this event the great success it was. Thanks to all who helped in any way.

There were many birthdays this month, I can tell you who, but not any ages. Goldie Small celebrated on the 1st, and she was followed by Jim Bender, Don Reitner, Doris Florence, Helen Elbrecht and Irma Bender. We sang the Birthday Song for them and had cake one day to really celebrate.

Every Wednesday evening a couple of buses, filled with people from the Lanesboro Center and our Blue Ridge Center go to the Elk Lake School to enjoy the pool. This program was started this month and will continue for eight weeks. Our regular activities continue at the center, exercise on Mondays, also cards on that day and Thursdays. Dominoes almost every day. Darts still going on. Come on out and join in the fun - it will help keep you laughing and young.

That's all for now.

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Local Librarians Carry Message To Harrisburg

Librarians from the Susquehanna County Library system, accompanied by the director of Susquehanna County Literacy, traveled to the state capitol on Tuesday, June 3, urging legislators to keep libraries open. Along with more than 600 other library supporters from across the state, they made their voices heard in protest of the fifty percent cut in state funding that public libraries will suffer under the new state budget.

"Our libraries have made great progress in recent years, thanks, in large part, to the State's investment in public libraries. To pull the plug on that funding now, when our citizens need libraries more than ever, would be a disaster," said Susan Stone, Administrator/Librarian. A binder containing the 2,200 signatures received so far in support of maintaining library funding was delivered to Senators Lemmond and Madigan, and to Representatives Major and Pickett.

Historically, libraries are used most heavily during times of economic downturn. History is repeating itself in today's difficult economic climate. Libraries are seeing tremendous increases in use by people seeking jobs, by parents seeking affordable preschool programs for their children, and by those without computers in their homes.

"More than 300,000 children in Pennsylvania will be heading to their libraries for summer reading programs as soon as school lets out. What will happen to them next year when the funding for such programs has been cut?", asks Frances Allen, Children's Librarian.

Cathy Chiarella, Executive Director of the Susquehanna County Literacy Program, emphasized how Literacy relies on the library for resources and collaborates on programs like Summer Reading.

Library advocates asked state legislators to restore library funding to $75 million, the level it stands at in the 2002-2003 budget.

For more information, please call the main library at 278-1881.

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Pre-School Story Hour Graduates

The Pre-School Story Hour Program at the Susquehanna County Library in Montrose held graduation ceremonies on Tuesday, May 27, and Wednesday, May 28. Children received diplomas certifying attendance during the '02-'03 school year, enjoyed singer/guitarist Corky Staats, and were treated to refreshments.

Story Hour at the Montrose Branch of the Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association runs each year from September through May. For an hour each week, 3 1/2 to 5 year olds listen to a story, watch a movie, play games, and make a craft to take home. There are two sessions, which are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Special programs during the year celebrate holidays and occasions like National Library Week. "Story Hour is often a child's first introduction to group activities," said Amy LaRue, Story Hour Director. "It's wonderful to see how much they change and grow over the year. We all have a lot of fun."

This past spring, many visitors came to Story Hour: Nurse Ada Hess–"Mr. Yuk" poison awareness; Dr. Michael Spataro–dental health; Joe Donovan, Justin Sprout, and Clark Bush–Montrose Minute Men Emergency Medical Services; Marcia Yoselson-Susquehanna County Humane Society; Thadd Taylor, Jack Lasher, Doug Lotten, Bernie Zalewski, and Ralph Henry–United Fire Company; and Trooper Chuck Sands and Trooper Bill Stakowski with "Trooper B. Smart"–Pennsylvania State Police.

Registration for the '03-'04 Story Hour program, which runs during the school year, begins Monday, August 4, at 9am. After the openings have been filled, a waiting list will be started. To attend, children must be at least three and a half years old, and their parents must be members of the Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association. Membership includes a subscription to the quarterly newsletter. If you have any questions about the program, please call 278-1881; however, registration will only be accepted in person.

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The Baskets Are Back

Spring is here, the sun is shining, and the twenty baskets have been hung with care. Pink ivy geraniums (botanically speaking, Pelargoniums) have made their debut in downtown Montrose. Longer summer days and sunny rays will encourage the flowers to multiply and become clouds of color for the season.

The Garden Club of Montrose has once again undertaken the project of hanging baskets of flowers to help beautify the center of town. Boyd Manzer planted and grew the flowers, and wrapped, delivered and helped hang the baskets. Thanks are extended to Else and John Brunner, Bob Berger, Garret Berger, and Nathan Newhard for their assistance in getting the large, heavy baskets in place.

National Garden Clubs, Inc., the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania and The Garden Club of Montrose all endeavor to serve the public and the environment in various ways. They hope that all who view them will enjoy the beauty of the flower baskets.

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