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Kiwanis Are Thankful

A damp day didn’t stop the residents of the Montrose area and beyond to attend the Memorial Day services held at the Montrose Green. Following the ceremony, the Montrose Area Kiwanis held their annual chicken barbecue with a new addition – Drive Thru. It was a huge success.

The Kiwanis wants to thank all who waited patiently for the sale of chicken to begin after the conclusion of the ceremony on the Green. A special thanks to members of the Montrose and Elk Lake Key Clubs who helped distribute the chicken. Also, a thanks to the Montrose Fire Company for use of their facilities. Without all the above help it would not have been a big success.


Tom Bush

Montrose Area Kiwanis President

Thanks For The Courage

As I walk into the building, my stomach is in knots. Will we be good enough, will I be good enough?

Then, I see her from across the room, Miss Bobbie. She waves me over, gives me one of her quick smiles and puts us right to work. Straighten those legs, spot, slow down, heads up, "smile"!

Hour after hour, I watch her go from one group to the next, fine tuning our skills, never seeming to tire. How does she remember all those dances? How does she remember all those steps?

She calls us over, she tells us how wonderful we look and how very proud she is of all of us, and suddenly, I realize everything will be all right. I step on stage, hold my head up high and do what I love to do (what Miss Bobbie has taught us all to love), I dance.

Thank you, Miss Bobbie for giving us all the courage, strength and skill to perform the art of dance.


Your Windwood Students

To Residents Of Thompson

On June 21, some local business people are putting on a town fair. I really don’t have a problem with a town fair, but I do have a very big problem with them holding it two weeks before the Thompson Hose Co. is having their Fourth of July doings. I feel that they are taking away from our fundraising affair, instead of them thinking up new ways. I guess it must be easier to copy the fire company.

I asked Dennis Price, Borough Council President why the date of June 21? His reply was, that was the only date that they could come up with. What about three weeks in July, and all of August? What is their problem?

As for the borough council getting involved, I feel that they have a lot of better ways of spending the taxpayers’ money. At first, according to the council report they had planned to cash a CD so that they would have money to get started. But, because people have been so generous, that now may not be necessary. Of course not, because they received a check from a bank in Wayne County for $500.00. Why do they need to ask for money? Is this legal for council to do? The check was made to Borough Council; ask Dennis Price. He will have some answers for you. They may not make sense, but then what does?

I hope that, by taking away from the fire company, this day doesn’t come back to haunt them.

This letter is not from the fire company, but from me, a volunteer who puts in many hours to help others. Do they?


Joan Tully

Thompson Borough

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