23 January 2019

Blue Ridge Board Begins Bargaining

The current Blue Ridge teachers' contract runs out at the end of this fiscal year, on June 30. The School Board entered into "early bird" talks late last year in an effort to forestall formal bargaining, but those discussions seem to have come to naught. At the very end of the Board's meeting on January 14th, President Chris Lewis announced that formal negotiations would open the following Monday. While it is unclear yet what the major issues are, one can always assume that they include salary, and the teachers' contributions to their health care plan.

23 January 2019

Oakland Borough Adopts Tax Ordinance

Oakland Borough Council could not agree on a budget before the December 31st deadline so they froze the budget, keeping the same numbers as 2018 and agreed to review it again at the January Council meeting. Since a new budget was not determined, President Eric Page reported the tax would remain the same, at twenty-four point seven mils, which was unanimously adopted.

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