26 September 2018

Changes In New Milford Township

New Milford Township Supervisors held two special meetings on June 1st and September 11th, and an executive session during their scheduled September meeting on the 19th, that have resulted in some administrative and staff changes. Many details were not forthcoming, but appear to have involved some bookkeeping issues.

26 September 2018

Another Phelps On Harford Board

Harford Township Supervisors met half an hour earlier than usual on September 18th to select a replacement for Sue Furney, who resigned her seat on the board abruptly last month. Between the two applicants, Supervisors Dustin Walker and Kyle Payne chose Jim Phelps as the most knowledgeable and experienced. Mr. Phelps took a seat at the table, but is ineligible to vote until he takes the oath of office before a notary public. He will have to stand for election in November, 2019.

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