23 September 2020

Blue Ridge Debates Transitions

In the end they decided to stick with the "hybrid" (or "blended") model for the time being. But it took a lot of debate to get there during a workshop and business session of the Blue Ridge School Board on September 14th, and the question may remain open, at least for some. The meeting itself was all "virtual," at least for visitors. None of the Board members were wearing masks; for those at home, who knows? The audio wasn't very good this time, with the contributions of some Board members indecipherable. (One caller said, "I can't hear squat.") Nonetheless, the debate was wide ranging and often detailed, and in the end the decision itself was a hybrid, a compromise, and on a tie vote, no less.

23 September 2020

Mountain View Extends "Hybrid" Model

There wasn't much debate this time, as the Mountain View School Board decided to extend the "hybrid" (or "blended") model of instruction through the end of the first marking period. At their meeting on September 14th, members voted 7 to 2 to stick with the hybrid approach, a mix of in-person and remote learning, but the question could reappear as the school year progresses.

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