21 August 2019

Discrimination? In Harford?

Patrons of the Subway™ sandwich shop at the Liberty filling station on the north side of the Route 547 exit on the interstate at Harford know that it has been a little harder to get to this summer. The steps and ramp to the door have been closed, taped off as unsafe. Operators of the business appeared at the Harford Township Supervisors' meeting on August 13th with an appeal for help getting the problem fixed. Their perhaps unfortunate choice of the sensitive word "discrimination" may or may not have been misconstrued by their listeners, but it didn't help their cause.

21 August 2019

Mountain View Is Gearing Up

With summer too quickly nearing an end, the Mountain View School District is hustling to prepare for the start of the new school year. Teachers will attend 3 in-service days beginning on August 26, with classes starting promptly on Thursday, August 29 (followed by the long Labor Day weekend). The district's Board, at its meeting on the 12th, anticipated the approach with a relatively straightforward agenda.

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