5 May 2021

County Discusses Clean Water Plan

The meeting to discuss a County Clean water Action Plan (CAP) was held on April 26th from 10:30-12:30 at the Montrose Branch Library. Present were all three County Commissioners, members of the Susquehanna County Conservation District, Josh Glace of Larson Design Group, and several stakeholders throughout the County which included municipal representatives and farmers.

5 May 2021

Financing a Rec Center at Mt. View

In a surprise move two weeks ago, the Mountain View School Board approved, without comment, and by a roll call vote of 6-3, an agreement to "sell" some "useless and unnecessary" acreage to the Susquehanna County Recreation Center (SCRC). The text of the agreement was subsequently posted to the district's website, providing some information. At the Board's meeting on April 26th more details came to light, particularly about how the SCRC's "purchase" would be financed.

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