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Local Winners Of Fair Contests

Submitted By Abby Cook, Secretary

The Harford Fair is proud to announce the local winners from the 2018 Harford Fair Baking Contests. These winners will be competing at the 2019 PA Farm Show in January. Over 100 Fairs from across the Commonwealth of PA will submit entries for the chance to win over $500 in cash prizes!

The Harford Fair offers four different Baking Contests each year at the annual Harford Fair in August. The contests are: the Incredible Angel Food Contest, the Homemade Chocolate Cake Contest, the PA Preferred Junior Cookie-Brownies-Bars Contest, and the Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest. In 2018, there were a total of forty-nine entries in the Baking Contests.

The winner of the Incredible Angel Food Contests was Kristin Longacre, of Hallstead. The Incredible Angel Food Contest is sponsored by the PA Egg Farmer's and the PA Association of County Fairs. Second place was awarded to Amy Gretzula, and third place was awarded to Hannah Merkh.

The winner of the Homemade Chocolate Cake Contest was Hannah Merkh, of Clarks Summit. Her winning Fudgy Triple Layer Chocolate Dream Cake delighted the judges to first place. Second place was awarded to Jessica Raub, and third prize went to Alyssa Clarkson. The Homemade Chocolate Cake Contest is sponsored by the PA Association of County Fairs.

The winner of the PA Preferred Junior Baking Cookies-Brownies-Bars Contest was Cassie Marvin, from Nicholson. Cassie baked Chewy Chocolate Brownies for her first place win. The PA Preferred Junior Baking Contest is sponsored by PA Preferred. Second place was awarded to Zoey Wright and third place went to Kailey Bridgeman.

The winner of the Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest was Evie Decker, of Susquehanna. Evie's traditional apple pie featured McIntosh apples. Second place went to Kristen Burkhart, and third place to Margaret Henneforth.

Each of the Harford Fair winners will be competing at the PA Farm Show from January 5-12th, 2019. The Harford Fair has a deep history of doing very well in these contests.

Interested in exhibiting in these contests in 2019? Call 570-434-4300 for more information.

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Achievement Night Celebrates 4-H

Submitted By Susquehanna County 4-H Educator, Julie Harvatine

On Saturday, November 17, Susquehanna County 4-H families gathered to for a covered dish dinner and an awards celebration second to none at Mt. View High School. The ham was provided by Bill and Amy Curley. They were so kind as to spearhead the dinner portion of the evening. The duo helped to set up, line up dishes as they arrived and clean up while families enjoyed the ceremony.

The evening began with Luke Zipprich leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance and Luke Harvatine leading everyone in the 4-H Pledge. Recognition and appreciation was given to our county commissioners Alan Hall, Betsy Arnold and Maryann Warren. Followed by additional praise given to Sarah Welch, administrative assistant, at The Penn State Extension, Susquehanna County Office and Emily Supancik 2018 4-H Summer Intern.

The 2017 Outstanding 4-Hers, Zeb Swartley and Taylor Sebring, came back to serve as our emcees for the evening. After brief introductions and some cow jokes from Taylor they asked our first award presenters to take the stage. Michelle Kowalewski and Charlie Clark, both 4-H Club Leaders awarded our Livestock Record Book Awards as follows:


Rookie Division: Champion - Madison Soden - Born to Show; Reserve - Rhys Evans - Sizzlin' Steaks.

Junior Division: Champion - Ian Briechle - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Kinsey Bello - Elk Mountain Community.

Intermediate Division: Champion - Emory Bewley - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Hannah Hricko - Sizzlin' Steaks.

Senior Divison: Champion - Emma Zipprich - Sizzlin' Steaks; Reserve - Jamie Supancik - North Jackson Ag Community.


Rookie Division: Champion - Claire Getz - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Ben Hricko - Sizzlin' Steaks.

Junior Division: Champion - Chelsea Empet - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Luke Zipprich - Sizzlin' Steaks.

Intermediate Division: Champion - Alex Empet - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Jack Kowalewski - North Jackson Ag Community.

Senior Division: Champion - Nate Pettyjohn - Borderline; Reserve - Vicky Clark - Born To Show.


Rookie Division: Champion - Katalyna Ahlbrandt - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Madelyn Tyler - North Jackson Ag Community.

Junior Division: Champion - Susanna Hricko - Sizzlin' Steaks; Reserve - Payton Lord - Elk Mountain Community.

Intermediate Division: Champion - Wyatt Walczak - Elk Mountain Commuity; Reserve - Samantha Warner - Delmonicos.

Senior Division: Champion - Kayleen Conklin - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Amanda Gawel - Elk Mountain Community.


Rookie Division: Champion - Hannah Fearnley - Born to Show; Reserve - Holden Edwards - Elk Mountain Community.

Junior Division: Champion - Andrew Kowalewski - Born to Show; Reserve - Aiden Empet - North Jackson Ag Community.

Intermediate Division: Champion - Megan Zipprich - Sizzlin' Steaks; Reserve - Katelyn Supancik - North Jackson Ag Community.

Senior Division: Champion - Josiah Hricko - Sizzlin' Steaks; Reserve - Jamie Supancik - North Jackson Ag Community.

Jill Swartley, a leader with Borderline 4-H Club then announced the Diary Goat Project Book Award Winners:

Junior Division: Champion - Susanna Hricko - Sizzlin' Steaks; Reserve - Cassie Marvin - Farmer's Omelette; Honorable Mention - Abriauna Adams - DES.

Intermediate Division: Champion - Hannah Foster - Borderline; Reserve - Jase Adams - DES.

Senior Division: Champion - Geo Swartley - Borderline; Reserve - Zeb Swartley - Borderline.

Cathy Bewley, one of our very active dairy leaders, took to the stage to kick of several dairy awards being given with the Project Book Award recipients.

Rookie Division: Champion - Madison Soden - Born To Show; Reserve - Jenna Daye - DES; Honorable Mention - Luke Harvatine - Sizzlin' Steaks.

Junior Division: Champion - Ian Briechle - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Charley Quick - Born to Show; Honorable Mention - Katelyn Farley - Born to Show.

Intermediate Division: Champion - Emory Bewley - North Jackson Ag Community; Reserve - Alex Empet - North Jackson Ag Community; Honorable Mention - Amanda Voll - DES.

Senior Division: Champion - Jamie Supancik - North Jackson Ag Commuity; Reserve - Patrick Curley - DES; Honorable Mention - Michayla Stahl.

Cathy Bewley then awarded additional dairy awards as follows:

Best Bred and Owned Holstein and Color Breed to Emory Bewley.

Dairy Sponsor Award (given to the member obtaining the most sponsorships) was awarded to Garrett Peters.

Outstanding Diary Members and Dairy Scholarships to Jamie Supancik and Rierdan Reyan.

Kathy Walker came to the podium to announce our horse awards as follows:

Horse Sponsor Award (given to the member obtaining the most sponsorships) was awarded to Michael Stone.

Outstanding Horse Members for 2018 were Jess Sudhop and Sarah Carpenetti. The accomplishments of these two young ladies are amazing and they are planning to volunteer with our program so that many other will grow and learn.

The 2018 Horse Scholarship was awarded to Jessie Purdum who was, you guessed it, absent from the event for a horse show!

Mary Iveson and Dave Wood joined the party by giving the News Reporter Award to two very deserving young ladies that worked very hard. Katelyn Supancik from North Jackson Ag 4-H Club and Megan McVaugh from Borderline 4-H Club.

The Project Diversity Award is given to the individual that completed the most projects for the current project year. 2018 came with high goals being set by Megan Zipprich from Sizzlin' Steaks 4-H Club. She completed 17 projects.

Project Completion Incentive Program awards two members. One that is a first year or rookie and one from the other members combined. You get one entry per project you complete. Therefore, if you completed 17 projects, like Megan, you were entered 17 times in your category. This year's recipients, chosen at random are Maci Harvatine a cloverbud with Sizzlin' Steaks and Jack Lopatofsky with North Jackson Ag Community 4-H Club.

Club Spirit Awards, presented by Rebecca Hricko a leader with Sizzlin' Steaks 4-H Club, are given by each club. Each club decides which member has shown the most improvement, has been helpful to both members and leaders, has had good attendance, and someone that also participates in community service with their club and/or on their own.

The following members are the 2018 recipients: Baconeers - Abby Johns; Borderline - Hannah Foster; Born to Show - James Grisafi; Country Kids - Brianna Demarest; Delmonicos - Trever Graham; DES - Kiara Mooney; Elk Mountain Community - Zoey Wright; Farmers Omelette - Samuel Cowan; Franklin Hill - Ava Booth; Green Grove - Bryce Conklin; Happy Horseman - Gabby Zurn; Jackson Pin Thimblers - Zachary Heath; North Jackson Ag - Jack Kowalewski; Pigeon Poppers - Nathan Farley; Pounding Hooves and Beating Hearts - Michael Stone; Schooley Pond - Lacey Konczyk; Sizzlin' Steaks - James Fay; Susquehanna Mixers and Makers - Jessica Teribury.

In 2018, Susquehanna County 4-H has had several members compete at both State and National levels. They were recognized and given awards as available and recognized for their achievements in the evenings program.

County Council Chair Kim Swartz and Vice Chair Hannah Hricko took the stage to present the Blue Ribbon Club Awards to Borderline, Born to Show, D.E.S., Elk Mountain Community, Farmer's Omelette, Jackson Pin Thimblers, North Jackson Ag Community, Sizzlin' Steaks Community 4-H Clubs. One Red Ribbon Club Award was presented to Happy Horsemen!

Several members took to the stage to recognize leaders serving 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years. These volunteers, listed below, received a token of appreciation and a standing ovation. It certainly takes a village and here in Susquehanna County we have a wonderful village!

First Year Leaders: Jeremiah and Nicole Fearnly, Raymond Adams, Chris Gardner, Rachel Smarkusky, Rebecca Tweed, Autumn Mulligan, Bonnie Zipprich, Amy Foster and Emily Supancik.

Five Year Leaders: Jill and Mike Swartley, Mary Greenly, Lisa Boston, Gigi Gardner, Lindsay Strohl, Kevin Borove.

Ten year Leaders: Michelle Kerr, Al Robbins and Charlie Clark.

Fifteen year Leaders: Kim Clark and Owen Bewley.

Twenty Year Leader: Linda Stephens.

Scholarship Recipients included: Dairy Goat Scholarship to Zeb Swartley; YPAC Scholarships to Jessie Purdum, Jamie Supancik and Lillian Taylor.

The night concluded with the big announcement of our 2018 Outstanding 4-Her awards. So outstanding they are invited back to emcee the 2019 4-H Achievement Night; Jamie Supancik and Darren Wallace.

To join 4-H contact Penn State Extension in Susquehanna County at 570-278-1158.

Administered in Pennsylvania by Penn State Extension, 4-H is a community of more than 6 million young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. Penn State Extension 4-H youth development educators in all 67 counties throughout the commonwealth administer local 4-H programs through non-formal education and outreach. To find your local program, visit the Penn State Extension website at:

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Master Gardeners Hold Fall Clinic

Submitted By Kimberly Grace

The Penn State Master Gardeners in Susquehanna County held their annual Fall Clinic on October 27 at the Montrose Bible Conference and the Junior Master Gardeners joined their Master Gardener friends and teachers for the day. Each of the Junior Master Gardeners presented an informational topic and display to the public.

The Junior Master Gardeners, Maddison Gaylord, Lauren Ross, Addison Welch, Emily and Sarah Gorham also had their 4-H Pumpkin Roundup projects on display to be judged. A variety of carved and painted pumpkins delighted everyone.

The Fall clinic featured programs on Orchids, Rain Gardens, Companion Planting and Keystone State Symbols. Attendees also got the chance to make homemade candles with Catherine Hynes and beautiful Hydrangea wreaths with Gayle O'Brien of Humming Hill Lavender Farm.

The day included a light breakfast and variety of soups, salads and desserts! Please join us for our 2019 programs through the Montrose Area Adult School.

For more information about the Master Gardener program please contact the Penn State Extension Master Gardeners in Susquehanna County at or call 570-666-9003.

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Local Logger Badly Injured

A Hancock, NY area logger was seriously injured last week. ALIFT was able to provide some financial help to his family.

Carol's husband, Cory, a Hancock, New York area logging contractor, was seriously injured last week. He suffered broken neck bones, damaged vertebrae and broken ribs. He will be out of work indefinitely, while he hopes to fully recover at a physical rehab center. For more information about ALIFT call 570-836-5825.

Local residents will recognize that Corey's wife, Carol is a vlaued employee at the Susquehanna Branch of People's Bank.

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Bench Warrants

The Susquehanna County DOMESTIC RELATIONS Section has outstanding BENCH WARRANT'S for the following individuals as of 8:46am on DECEMBER 7, 2018: Antonio L. Alcantara, Brett F. Barnes, Amanda C. Bedell, Adam Bohn, James L. Bradley, Ryan T. Brooks, Lee M. Carter, Christopher J. Clark, Tina Dolan, Nathasha Everett, Jeremy W. Hall, Timothy M. Holmes, Bryan Homsher, Brandon Housen, Tara M. Humphry, Timothy J. Jackson, Jessica Lobdell, Lawrence M. McGuire, David N. Miller, Robert A. Muzzy, Vincent J. Petriello, Scott E. Roth, Desiree L. Shifler, Jerome W. Slick, Tiffany S. Swan, Derek Sydlosky, Edward Teshara, Jason Traver, Renee A. Valentine, William Webb, Thomas Whipple, Jr. Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 4050 with any information on the location of these individuals.


Calello, Frank to Palevac, Bruce for $137,000.00 in Gibson, Township.

Dalton Air Inc to Diaz Family Limited Partnership for $175,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Robbins, David and Robbins, Danielle to Leslie Holdings LLC for $40,000.00 in Forest City 2W.

Peoples Security Bank and Trust Company (SBM) and Peoples National Bank to Yoder, Ashlie and Phonechanh, Xaysonkham (AKA) and Phonechanh, Xaysongkham for $69,000.00 in Harmony Township.

Quit Claim: Snyder, Mary E to Colwell, Arnold J and Colwell, Jane M for $1.00 in Jackson Township.

Colwell, Arnold J and Colwell, Jane M to Colwell, Arnold J and Colwell, Jane M and Walker, Donna Marie and Colwell, Richard Arnold and Colwell, Arnold Marcus for $1.00 in Jackson Township.

Halper Family Trust (By Trustees) to Lewinter, Mindi Sue and Fishlow, Stacy Michelle for $1.00, two locations in Herrick Township.

Estabrook, Randy and Estabrook, Joni to VanCott, Linda K for $284,000.00 in Franklin Township.

Hempstead, Gregory W to Backer Properties Inc for $200,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Griffis, Stanley G to McNamara, Susan Griffis for $1.00 in Montrose.

Fabrizi, Michael S and Fabrizi, Gus J and Fabrizi, Barbara J to Viteritto, Robert J for $63,600.00 in Oakland Borough.

Laguzzi, Joseph P Jr and Laguzzi, Amy to Laguzzi, Joseph P Jr for $1.00 in Clifford Township.

Mineral Deed: Earl, Eleanor (Estate) to Humphreys, Cathy A and Earl, Mark and Earl, David and Kaslaitis, Wendy for $1.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Haertsch, Melissa and Puzo, John to Haertsch, Melissa for $1.00 in Dimock Township.

Pittle, Allyne Kell and Pittle, R David to Black, William and Black, Amy for $117,000.00 in Lenox Township.

Kuestner, Thais and Kuestner, Daniel B to Kuestner, Daniel B for $1.00 in Liberty Township.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Vinsko, Daniel F III for $2,800.00 in Susquehanna.

Arnold, Edward C and Arnold Kim E to Lewis, Mason D for $9,330.78 in Jessup Township.

Marcy, Matthew C (Estate) and Marcy, Kristin M (Est) and Marcy, John G and Marcy, Ellen F to Holleran, Ryan W and Holleran, Angela R for $70,000.00 in Liberty Township.

Sammarco, Damion Joseph and Sammarco, Carrie Lyn to Sammarco, Damion Joseph and Sammarco, Carrie Lyn for $1.00 in Liberty Township.

Thompson, Glenn D Sr (Estate AKA) and Thompson, Glenn D (Estate) to Watson, Sarah A for $65,000.00 Auburn Township.

Oil and Gas Deed: Haynes, Sharon D (Estate) to Barbour, Kim R and Grubb, Karen M and Haynes, Roger C Jr and Haynes, Eric J for $1.00, two locations in New Milford Township.

Melan, James and Baddour, Carole Emilie to Melan, David J for $1.00 in Auburn Township.

Fine, Frances, L (Estate AKA) and Fine, Frances (Estate) to Carrotto, Frank and Carrotto, Eda for $82,000.00 in Lenox Township.

Bailey, Carlton C (By Atty) and Bailey, Roberta I to Bailey, Glenn A and Bailey, Mark C and Bailey, Brian C and Bailey, Gary R for $1.00 in New Milford Borough.

Leslie, Frank G and Leslie, Phyllis M to Carey, David and Carey, Nathan for $1.00 in Springville Township.

Childress, Michael G and Childress, Kelly S to Burke, William A II and Burke, Clara B for $75,000.00 in Auburn Township.

Brighoff, Mary Laun to Boroughs, Donald F and Boroughs, Pamela K for $295,000.00 in Bridgewater Township.

Corey, Orson E and Corey, Bonnie L to Corey, Orson E for $1.00, one location in Uniondale Borough and one in Clifford Township.

Mancuso, Robert and Mancuso, Thelma (By Co-Gaurdians) to Davis, Colleen R for $1.00 in Ararat Township.

Mancuso, Robert and Mancuso, Thelma (By Co-Gaurdians) to Davis, Colleen R for $1.00 in Ararat Township.

Jordan, Jeanne (Estate) and Jordan, Dale H and Vogel, Jennifer L to Peck, Christopher J for $168,500.00 in Franklin Township.

Leighter Corporation to Daniels, Debra P for $60,000.00 in Hop Bottom Borough.

Osborne, Thomas P to Heinz, Anne M for $70,000.00 in New Milford Borough.

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Pet of the Week

Submitted by True Friends Animal Welfare Center, 16332 SR 706, Montrose, PA 18801. Phone 570-278-1228 Website:

Dreaming of a white Christmas??? Well we can't guarantee it will snow for the holiday, but we can promise you will dazzled by a beautiful white furball should you adopt one of these amazing kitties. Affectionate, UTD, neutered, and Fiv/FELV neg, these friendly marshmallows would turn any home into a cozy winter haven. Only 6 months old and hoping to spend the cold days ahead warming your heart, these little dreamboats are the perfect holiday treasure.

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