5 December 2018

Boyko Gets Blue Ridge Security Award

One day not long ago, Edward Arnold, the Blue Ridge School Board's security maven, used his privileged fob to unlock a door and sauntered into the school unannounced. He was soon accosted by a staff member, who asked his business. Identifying himself as himself, vice president of the school board, he went on his way, leaving the flummoxed staffer behind. He later had an epiphany.

5 December 2018

New Policy Engages Mt. View Board

Over the past couple of months Dr. Christine Plonski-Sezer has alerted her colleagues several times that her committee was drafting a new policy covering such things as social media. And so, at the meeting of the Mountain View School Board on November 26th, members listened closely as the chair of their Policy Committee read out the 4 pages of something entitled "Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries."

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