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A Policy Of Self Interest

Now that the mid term elections are over, it is time to look at the next election cycle which includes the local elected. Now is the time to look around at other citizens who will bring the county and its townships and boroughs up to standards.

When there are elected officials who have been in position for so long it causes stagnation, then are they really who we want to govern us? Imagine a township supervisor who doesn't want to be in the sewer business, yet as printed, holds the 537 act for the sewer business?

How about the county commissioners who closed a position of county manager, then pay thousands of dollars to another county for development? How about a county seat full of attorneys, yet only one is the solicitor, when not a commissioner? How is it an assistant DA is booted out of office, before the old DA is buried, and the Commissioners reinstate one who did not win the election, but has an ancient county name?

What happened to the dare to say no to drugs, and the program for all the druggies to seek help? How did this turn into a wash, rinse and repeat of the same people? Don't drink in this county, fines and jail time is assured. Do drugs in this county and get community service, because the opioids are legally prescribed and the treatments are county funded. One has to ask, if there are no druggies, is the Trehab drug program necessary? Sounds like this crisis is more of a laundry service for money. One should ask, what are these county authorities, what is the function of these authorities, who has a seat at the table? Who do they serve? I would also look closely at the education system and its school board members. What programming is going on? Are we educating the county population, or are the teachers, some just out of college themselves, recruiting new party members in the classroom? I do know of some teachers whose political motivations are more suited for other jobs, not impressing young minds to be afraid of the elected. Having known of at least one upset little girl cry because HRC was not elected is irresponsible, and may be why a PA politician seems to think that politics should not be in school, which is hard, as the teachers union is powerfully rich in PA. I ask, why isn't civics taught, but political views are?

There is a far greater interest in voting now. Maybe we are tired of the trick questions that appear on the ballots to change the state constitution, and then whole paragraphs are eliminated on the next ballot so the voter is confused, which "changes" the vote. This chicanery happened last time. The original question regarded ages of state judges, should they be in office until age 75? The primary ballot was voted no. The general ballot was different, suggesting something else, so the vote was yes. Check it out. There is a new state constitutional amendment coming up for consideration. Read it, know it, so you won't be tricked when it appears on the ballot. The majority of voters do not want ancient Judges.

Susquehanna County is finally on point, for no other reason than the gas/oil industry. The state, who I firmly believe did not know we were part of, now sees us as a cash cow for the people who live on the reservations we call cities. All the services will go to the reservations, while those of us who worried how to pay the high taxes on our property are made to feel selfish because we want those services as well. Maybe if more people owned something they paid taxes on, not just taxes paid on disposables or income, there would be a more equitable way of sharing the load. Instead there is quasi legal advantage to steal from a hard working property owner, not a reservation renter or one who has raised a family on the welfare dime, to ensure voters.

Now is the time to really ask the questions no one else will and demand accountability of our elected. Now that the state knows we exist, shouldn't we have elected those that will represent us, and not themselves?

One now has to know how to word a question, to get an answer. I hope this is not the past, present and future of this county, or we will be governed by the same olds who have nothing to gain and much to lose, if the policy of self interest is exposed.


Cynthia Allen, New Milford, PA

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Sex And The Brain

If you want to understand human sexuality, you must first understand the four rules that govern gloves. First, gloves always come in a pair, which is a singular plural, like eyeglasses, scissors or pants. If you ware out one glove faster than the other, you must buy another pair: they don't come separately. It's right and left, male and female, they go together.

Second, a glove is either for the right or the left hand; there is no in between. Sex is the same, it's like the binary system of a 1 or a 0. In humans, it's either an X gene (female) or a Y gene (male). There is no in between.

Third, although gloves are necessarily opposite, one is the mirror image of the other, they are complementary. In sex, human sexual attraction should be human sexual repulsion. In human compatibility, like attracts like. But in human sexuality, like attracts unlike. Mysterious, but with 7.7 billion of us crowding the planet the arrangement seems to be doing just fine.

And fourth, though feminism insists that men and women are equal (in their paradigm, equal = same), it can only be achieved if one glove is turned inside out, then both will be the same. It works with gloves but not with people.

Now you understand 90 percent of human sexuality, we have but to flesh out the bones. We'll start at the top, the brain.

Brains start in neutral, until at specific stages in the development the embryo are bathed with the male hormone, testosterone and develop male characteristics. The female brain has only a token amount of the male hormone compared to the female hormone, estrogen, and manifests feminine qualities. Later it is hormones, together with genes that settle the nature-vs.-nurture debate. Nature always wins, except with feminists. With these social warriors any ratio less than 50-50 for women is sexism.

For example, the reason that women are less than 5 percent of the CEO's in the Fortune 500 is the "glass ceiling," that invisible barrier holding women down. There's an alternate reason for that, which we'll get to shortly.

We proceed with the brain.

Think about the old-fashioned telephone switchboard, with dozens of different connections being connected and disconnected by an operator. In men and women, although the switchboards are similar, the connections are completely different.

In the male brain, the connection between the left and right hemispheres is weak. Information is compartmentalized into specialized areas, like spatial relationships and math. Sure some girls are whizzes at math. But for every girl that is gifted in math, there are 13 boys.

On the other hand, the hemispheres of the female brain are more robustly connected. Information is distributed throughout the brain. Her strong points are verbal, both spoken and written. For every girl in a remedial reading class, there are four boys.

However, the significant difference between the male/female brain is located in the limbic system; the part of the brain that controls the emotional disposition of males and females.

To men, women are bundles of emotion, always tending to excess. But to women, men are insensitive and emotional duds. Both are right, and that's just the way it should be; nature doesn't make mistakes.

A woman's body is designed for reproduction. Not only is her body made to bear children, but her brain also yearns for motherhood. A woman's breast may drip milk at the mere sound of her child's cry. Men would make lousy mothers: they are just not equipped with the reservoirs of love, empathy and patience that mothering requires. Dads and moms are not interchangeable.

Men's bodies are the opposite of women's. Their bodies are generalized, adaptable to a variety of tasks requiring strength, endurance and toughness. His biological role is to provide his family with protection and sustenance, leaving a mother free to perform the most demanding of all tasks, the caring for her young.

No species requires as much care and attention as a human infant. It takes a newborn a full two months before he can hold up his head and at least 15 years before he can be somewhat self-sufficient. But no matter how long, a mother is always there for her children.

The tragedy of feminism is that they belittle what a woman is supremely endowed to do, while lauding women who achieve success in areas at which they are less apt to realize fulfillment or success.

Both sexes would be spared a good deal of distress if they not only acknowledged their inequalities, but celebrated them. We would do well to echo what the French say about sex differences; Vive la difference!


Bob Scroggins, New Milford, PA

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