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Credible, Or Incredible?

Fox News, that bulwark against the onslaught of liberalism, wilted when confronted by the touching testimony of Dr. Christine Ford. Ford bared her soul to the Senate Judiciary Committee when she recounted how Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh held her down on a bed and tried unsuccessfully to undress her. But Ford managed to escape by the narrowest of margins to tell the tale.

She also managed to escape a critical examination of her deposition. Unfortunately, Fox and other news outlets shied away from posing hardball questions to Ford, judging that discretion was the better part of valor. We'll try to fill in the gaps, correct some misleading statements, and answer some unasked questions.

To get a sense of how Ford's recollection of her alleged abuse by Kavanaugh was greeted, we'll begin with a quote by one of Fox News' heavyweights, Judge Andrew Napolitano. "All of us agree," said Napolitano, "that this witness is exceptionally credible."

By "us" the judge may have meant Chris Wallace. Ford's testimony, said Wallace, "is extremely emotional, extremely raw, and extremely credible.... Your heart goes out to her. This is a disaster for the Republicans." Karl Rove was more to the point: "She was credible."

Au pardon. Let's put the Kleenex away and switch organs from the heart to the head. Space permits only a bare-bones, nine glaring omissions and misstatements in Ford's Senate presentation.

• Ford is not sure when the teen bacchanal took place: in the mid-'80s, early '80s, finally settling in on 1982. Ford, 15 at the time was not old enough to have a driver's license. Oddly, she does not remember how she got to the unchaperoned beer blitz, 20 miles from her home, or how she got home, or who invited her to the gathering. Nor can she pin-down the location of the party, or in what house.

• However, she does remember that the boys---Kavanaugh and fellow rapists Mark Judge--- were "stumbling drunk": she had only "one beer." That she remembers.

• But Judge submitted a sworn statement refuting the charge. He added, "I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes."

• Ford recalls the name of four witnesses who were present at the beer bust, including her life-long friend, who Ford said would corroborate her story. Trouble is all four have submitted affidavits, under pain of perjury saying they have no recollection of the party. And her BFF, Leland Keyser, well she couldn't remember because, "she was sickly and ill."

• After said attack, she frantically ran out of the house saying not a word and without witnesses to her silent departure. She did not discuss the "incident" with any of her friends, police, or even her mother, ever.

• Ford and her husband were undergoing therapy in 2012. She supposedly mentioned the attack during counseling with her therapist, but she did not bring up Kavanaugh's name. Ford has not agreed to release her therapist's notes.

• Ford, flanked by her lawyers, insisted on several extreme preconditions to testify before the Senate Committee. Little wonder. Her story would crumble under questioning. She can cite no evidence to back her claim, or anything that can be investigated.

• The Chairman of the Judicial Committee offered to have the committee flown to her home state, California, and conduct a closed-door investigation. Ford said she was unaware of the offer. Later, Ford added she could not travel to the Senate meeting in Washington because she is afraid to fly. This was exposed as a lie. Travel records show she is a frequent flier---and liar?

• Could it be that Ford, a Democrat activist, turned down a private hearing because she wanted her testimony to be a televised spectacle to undermine Kavanaugh? She contacted the Leftist Washington Post news?-paper to break her story, not her congressman saying, "I didn't know how to do it." That's a toughie, even for someone with a Ph.D. like Dr. Ford.

Sorry, Dr. Ford. Your trembling performance by a 51-year-old woman playing the part of a terrified 15-year-old girl doesn't fly. Bluntly: Your narrative has more holes than a wedge of Swiss cheese. To this date, you have not offered a scintilla of supportive evidence which is, in itself, evidence that the attack happened only in your mind.


Bob Scroggins, New Milford, PA

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Quiet Heroes

We are blessed to have quiet heroes in our area. On Sunday, September 30, 2018, two gentlemen were quietly and without fanfare using their own time and resources to re-set the memorial stone commemorating the service of America's military veterans—veterans interred in Evergreen Cemetery in Susquehanna.

As a passerby to the event I expressed a hearty "Thank you," to them. The veterans' memorial stone had somehow toppled over the during the bitter winter of of 2017-18. It had never been set right—until now. One of the gentlemen observed that he had noticed the toppled stone on Memorial Day, and "it hurt when I saw it." As he and his co-worker finished refurbishing all around the newly-set and polished memorial, and placed American flags appropriately, he commented, "It no longer hurts!"

As I continued my pedestrian trip I noticed a bounce in my step and stood a little taller. Heroes of wars past lie at rest in Evergreen, their service honored and redeemed by men who understood that freedom is not free.

Thank you to the men and women who have served in our military in all wars, and thank you to the two men I observed who were so honoring of their service.


An Observer of Heroes

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You're Being Spoofed

For quite some time now, Bob Scroggins has been spewing out one ridiculous extremist view after another. He excused numerous, well-founded allegations of depraved behavior by a Senate candidate from Alabama, as if it's all acceptable, while conveniently ignoring the guy's proven judicial malfeasance. He tries to re-litigate a 64 year old Court precedent [Brown v. Board of Education] that ensures a basic Constitutional principle: equal protection of the laws. He suggests women should not be allowed to vote, claiming they're psychologically unsuited for the task (never mind how unsuited a lot of males are.) In sum, he presents a form of retrograde racism such as is more commonly seen in the most benighted states of America; like Alabama. Plus all manner of cranky conspiracy mongering. All as prolix as possible.

I can only conclude that Scroggins has been pulling our leg. He's been cunningly creating the most absurd facsimile of an ultra-right crackpot, pushing it further and further to find the point where even Tea Party types are compelled to say, "Enough! Too far!" Unfortunately, for his apparent strategy there does not seem to be any bottom to this barrel of deplorability. Only a Liberal or two ever bothers to object, and they don't matter. Bobbo has succeeded in exposing the true nature of the local political mentality. The old pundits' assessment is correct about Pennsylvania: you have Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Alabama in between. I should have realized it when I saw too many Confederate flags shamefully being displayed in this county, but it seems I gave local yokels more credit than they deserve. Yee haw! The South has risen again-- in the North!


Stephen Van Eck, Rushville, PA

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