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Do Not Buy an Electric Vehicle

Why? Because new facts are being published by these great news providers. 'Advance America' and the 'Western Journal'. They wrote this news on May 17, 2022 and it completely destroyed the stupid 'Biden Group' about 'Green and Clean Energy'. EV's or Electric Vehicles, are very expensive and our government has the taxpayers, that is you, paying for thousands of dollars in subsidies to help pay for this expense. EV's are very heavy and weigh at least 1000lbs. more then a Gas Powered Vehicle.

The very big battery that propels these monsters are causing tires to let loose as they run on the road and do much horrible environmental damage to our health and the air, water and soil. 11% of these tiny particles are so small that we will breath them. A good example is the new Ford F150 Lightning XLT that costs about $55 thousand (with a giant, very heavy battery) and it will need a 'Charging Station'. The so called EV Charging Stations are not very plentiful and cost an additional great expense.

These 'Charging Stations' many times rely on gas, diesel fuel or nuclear energy. The land that is being destroyed to mine and bury these terrible batteries, you can blame the 'Biden Group', that is tragically promoting EV's. Do not believe in the Mainstream Media, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, as they will never write or say anything about how bad the 'Biden Group' is.

Over 1 year has gone by and our country now has the worst effect on our morals, religious teachings, schools, military, police, sheriff and border protection.

They have increased our cost of energy, fuel, food, housing, vehicles, etc., add to that the terrible bloody mistake of human life murdered and abandoned in Afghanistan included the loss of $83 billion of our military airport, trucks, weapons, planes and the knowledge to use the equipment.

This is what some of the damage the 'Biden Group' has left to our people. We must pray to god and our saints for them to come back to sound reasoning.


Bruce Moorhead, Susquehanna, PA

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Pure Evil

TV and radio broadcasters, newspapers and commentators have all emphasized the Pure Evil that went into the killing of ten people in the Buffalo grocery store.

Pure evil abounds in the United States of America. A president who kills the Keystone Pipeline on day one, trying to force the Green Energy Program on millions of Americans that do not want it. The burning of our cities, the stealing of high-end goods and, carjacking in broad daylight, gleefully punching an elderly woman in the face; then laughing about it, the unnecessary extended shutdown of schools and businesses with the excuse of COVID, all the while teaching CRT to our children in schools to hate each other and America, then punishing parents for sticking up for their children at school board meetings. This is all pure evil. The most despicable, disgusting and unlawful demonstration in front of our Supreme Court Justices residences and their children is inexcusable. All done without one word from President Biden and without retribution. Pure evil.

This is just the beginning. VP Harris yapping, "How dare they tell us women what we can do with our own bodies''? How about her strident call "get vaccinated or close your business and do not return o school"? Empty store shelves, gas prices beyond reach of struggling Americans, COVID designated monies used to bus illegals all over the United States, stockpiling baby formula for illegals to use while American babies are going without, and fraudulent election practices. Then 54 billion, 800 million dollars in aid to Ukraine. Biden has sent 1billion dollars to the US southern border to help our border agents, while millions of dollars of taxpayer border wall lays there and rusts away. Pure evil. There are 150 other countries in this world who could chip in to help Ukrainians.

Please bring back MAGA! President Trump ruffled the feathers of and insulted others. Tsk Tsk. He would have had the wall completed, border closed to illegals, negotiated help for Ukraine from other countries. At least we knew where he stood on issues.

Until the American people wake up and see the Marxist communist party is importing illegal immigrants, giving them preference ahead of blood bought Americans, and recognize they are determined to change America into a Communist country. That is pure evil. I do not want to live in pure evil and I am sure you do not either!

Until America gets back to the Constitution and biblical standards as originally written. It will be pure evil. Biden and Marxists think they have a winning catch campaign phrase in "King Trump". There is only one KING, it is KING Jesus. Rev 1:5 "And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood."


Betty Hendsbee, Sebring, FL

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Will Increase In Milk Prices Be Maintained?

The question that many dairy farmers are asking is "will the increase in the price we are getting be maintained?" I am sure that the majority of dairy farmers will say that if we are going to survive, the prices must be maintained.

Dairy farmers have been caught up in the same cost price squeeze that almost everyone else in the United States has. Before the statistical price paid to dairy farmers for milk produced in April was announced as $26.06 CWT, we had estimated the price to be around $26 CWT.

This meant that the price paid to dairy farmers has increased $3.32 CWT since January. The Class I price has been announced for milk produced in May as $28.70. That is $1.07 over April. This means that the price paid to dairy farmers will increase in May – unless the manufactured price for dairy products in Class II, III and IV declines. But no one will know what the price for Class II, III and IV will be until early in June. What a crazy way to price milk – after it's purchased from the dairy farmers!

A gallon of milk at a PA store in Black Walnut, Wyoming Co. is currently selling at $4.85. Remember that in PA the Milk Marketing Board establishes the minimum price that milk can be sold for. Stores can sell it at a higher price, but nothing lower.

The sad thing is, even with these higher milk prices paid to dairy farmers, we don't know if they will be enough to cover their increased costs of production. I would say no. The cost of fertilizer has gone up 300% since 2021; fuel to operate machinery is up over 55%; seed is up over 2021 prices by 15%-20%.

It is time for the USDA to have a more current formula in developing the dairy farmers' costs of production. Dairy farmers have been waiting long enough for a realistic pricing formula. Now is the time to develop one.

There is some indication that prices may start decreasing by June. This must not happen. The US Congress and the USDA can and must develop a floor price paid to the dairy farmers.

Listen! Talk to the dairy farmers. They will tell you what they need for a price. Failure to start a new milk pricing formula will only mean hundreds of dairy farmers will be forced out of business.

Remember the old days. We had parity pricing until Oct. 1981. Since that time, Congress intervened and kept lowering the value of the support price. Consequently they eliminated it without any substitute for parity pricing. This is the main reason why a majority of dairy farmers have been forced out of business.

Now is the time to do something different.

Pro-Ag can be reached at 570-833-5776.


Arden Tewksbury, Manager of Pro-Ag, Meshoppen, PA

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