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New Milford Rotary Donates To UWSC

Submitted by Dave Palmer

The Green Gables Restaurant in New Milford was the setting for a formal gift presentation to the Real Men Read Program of the United Way of Susquehanna County (USWC) on April 18, 2024. New Milford Area Rotary donated $2,616, which represented club funds matched with a Rotary District 7410 grant. The grant will be matched with other funding sources to ensure the sustainment of this program in Susquehanna County.

Real Men Read is a volunteer reading program that brings in MENtors and MENtor Assistants from Susquehanna County to read to kindergarten students for one hour each month to help foster early literacy. At the end of each reading visit, students receive a copy of the book read to add to their own personal library. This program launched at Elk Lake Elementary School for the 2017-18 school year. The program now serves kindergarten classes in the Blue Ridge, Choconut Valley, Elk Lake, Forest City Regional, Lathrop Street, Mountain View and Susquehanna Community Elementary Schools. New Milford Area Rotary provides five volunteer readers each month.

The purpose of the REAL MEN READ program is to: encourage and improve the literacy skills of our students; show students that real men value education; provide MENtoring opportunities for students; demonstrate the importance of community partnerships.

New Milford Area Rotary currently consists of thirty-nine members from throughout Susquehanna County actively serving the community and world and welcomes new membership. Contact information can be found at Or one can contact David Palmer, Membership Chair at

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Interfaith Fetes Cynthia Beeman's 10th

Recently, Susquehanna County Interfaith's Executive Director, Cynthia Beeman celebrated her 10 year anniversary. She has preserved the 30 year mission to provide help and hope to those in crisis.

Through her leadership, innovation, and dedicated service to the community it has been a decade of immense growth and amazing accomplishments. When Cindy first started, Interfaith was in a tiny storefront on Public Avenue, Montrose with very limited resources to assist with the community's hardships. Through God's provisions and Cindy's servant leadership, Interfaith now effectively serves individuals, families and senior citizens through three locations strategically placed throughout the county in Montrose, Susquehanna and Forest City.

Interfaith maintains beautiful thrift boutiques that offer a clean, inviting, pressure-free space where customers can enjoy their shopping experience. For those in crisis, case managers walk beside individuals by sharing essential resources and services to further empower in the community.

Cindy Beeman's journey has been nothing short of inspiring and her impact on Susquehanna County has been immeasurable!

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Diaz Manufacturing Receives MAEA Award

The NEPA Manufacturers and Employers Association (MAEA) proudly upholds its mission of fostering excellence within its member companies.

Companies from six different counties were honored at the awards ceremony held on May 7, 2024 at the Mt. Valley Clubhouse from as far north as Northern Susquehanna County and south as Lehigh Valley.

Diaz Manufacturing LLC, Montrose received an award for Manufacturer Process Improvement.

Diaz Manufacturing, LLC ("Diaz") is a manufacturer of specialty millwork products, consisting primarily of solid hard wood doors and specialty moldings. Diaz like many domestic companies operated at full capacity during 2021 and 2022 in order to meet consumer demand. The high level of productivity left no opportunity for equipment replacement and changeovers, even if the equipment was readily available. With business volumes returning to normal levels in 2023, the management of Diaz was able to begin an ambitious project to replace the majority of its production equipment with modern state of the art equipment specifically designed to meet its production requirements. Detailed attention was given to optimization of raw material usage, employee safety and productivity and the enhancement of product quality.

The entire production process, inclusive of computer controlled main rip saws, conveyors, molders, wide belt sanders and shapers were systematically replaced during the various stages of the multimillion-dollar project which was begun in 2023 and which is now being completed. The operation gains and efficiencies, employee safety and comfort enhancements and overall product quality improvements will serve to maintain Diaz's leadership in its industry for many years to come.

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