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Making Me Sick

One of the top items in the agenda of the new Republicans, scheduled for the 12th, is a purely posturing effort to repeal the Health Care Act. America doesn't want it, we're told. Well, come what may, people will still show up at Emergency Rooms, often with non-emergency conditions, to receive the most expensive health care that they can't pay for. But we will. So if America really doesn't want Universal Health Care, that would allow these people to go to a regular clinic, and before their neglected conditions get even more expensive to treat, here's what we need to do: Pass a law denying health care to anyone who shows up unable to pay. Even if it means they die. Call it a Tea Party Death Panel. I guess that's the price they pay for choosing to be poor.

The Tea Party has rejected any system for taking care of the uninsured. So unless we stop it, we'll continue to pay for the most expensive health care instead. Tea Party America clearly has neither a brain nor a heart.


Stephen Van Eck

Rushville, PA

Everyone Will Beneift

I am sure that I am not the only one noticing almost everything we Americans own is electric, or depends on a battery to turn it on. I can't tell you how many times I had to use a cell phone when our power goes out in my home. The new fangled house phones need electricity. Our cars need electric current to start, the minute we get into our cars a light goes on. When we open our front doors in our house we reach for our light switch. When we go into the bathroom we depend on that hot water and cold water to brush our teeth. When ever we see our TV's picture go blank because our power (electric) goes out we get right on the phone to call someone! Most telephones have back up power to keep them working in case of a power outage but let’s see. If our power goes out, what could we do?

If our power goes out and stays out who would we call? What if the power stays out for a long time and our battery operated gadgets run out because we charge them from our electric plugs. What would happen if we went to our car phone charger and the car won't start because there is no gasoline to run it? What if? What if the electric brain in our vehicles runs out of power? What if? GPS, cigarette lighter? What if the things we take for granted just don't work?

When our settlers came here to this new world they did not have electricity, they had no idea what it was. They did not depend on electricity to run a car or to pump gas or call someone. They survived on God given drive and knowledge. How many of us could survive in our world today if the power we produce goes out. How many of us could?

My point being that when our ancestors figured out that grinding the corn would be easier if they hooked up the stone to a wheel from the local creek to turn the stone. That made making flour easier to make. Then after awhile the farmers, because that is who most of them were (farmers), built a high tower so no one would walk into it to the blades that they made turn by the wind to pump their water from the ground. Wind blows most of the time. Water flows most of the time also. Water in streams and creeks and strong wind blows in special places; very strong on the mountains.

It seems to me that our world will be in turmoil; let’s use a different word to describe a big problem everyone can understand, how about DAH? I can say the more I think about this the more I think about our area and how most people who live just in our area are not farmers (however they own land or a home or work in a place that depends on electricity), they probably don't know how a light switch works, they don't need to care either. However if that switch does not turn on that light or that car won't start they would be screaming! Not concerned at all for a while, until days run into weeks and weeks into months, and you get the point.

I bet most people who live in the cities and have property in our area to get away from the hustle of the city will be very upset also. They might for a while be happy and figure they could survive in the woods; maybe some of them think they are better off than most with generators that produce electricity, until the fuel runs out.

Again, this is just a test of the strength of our country and the ingenuity of the people who come into the country side, for a get-a-way.

There are companies who want to build a wind park in parts of our area. They as a company don't want to make our countryside an eye sore but they know what I just described. They know that even the smallest amount of electricity that they can produce may not help you and me directly, but they know it is necessary. Our country needs a back up, sort of what this letter does - backs up our thinking - they know how important it is to have the wind blowing and the water flowing to make sure we all have electricity to keep our life style going. They know and want to help supply electricity. They know how important it is to do this now, today, to have this endless back up power for our country’s sake. No matter how tired we as humans get, the wind never stops blowing or gets tired!

The time is here American's, let’s allow them to construct towers in our area. Let them harvest the wind that blows, let them put many unemployed hard working men and women to work. (They are willing to do it). Think about this - anyone who is interested enough to read this call your Congressman or woman. Call your township supervisor, go to meetings, call or visit your city neighbor and discus this; show them how important these wind mills are. Let’s get this okayed quickly; help cut through the red tape always being aware of the environment.

They don't want to hurt our environment nor do I. It is time for us to step up to the plate. Get these people to work and insure power forever.

The benefits outweigh the risks. The costs to these wind mills will come and go because the wind will always blow. Let’s be smart like our forefathers, let’s revert back for safety’s sake and for our strong America!

We Americans are going to need power forever, and we depend on it more and more everyday! Anyone concerned needs to help get the word out and show support for this go-back-in-time project. It seems that there are a lot more people who will benefit than be affected. As far as I can see this newly generated electricity won't be used here in our area, however everyone will benefit. Just think!


Peter A. Seman

Thompson, PA

A Little Revolution

The Tea Party did a good job in helping us clean house in 2010, but the battle is far from over. The next task is far more important, and, can probably take a major bite out of a majority of our corruption and financial problems.

Since the elected legislators will not see that they can not continue costing us between 3.5 and 5.5 million dollars per year each, we need to take legal action ourselves, and the Tea Party has the organization in place to do it. Since our glorious Senators and Representatives won't do it, we must to save our nation. In addition, most of the higher governmental employee positions are well over 100,000.00 per year plus excessive perks.

In each state, a referendum on the ballot, limiting all salaried elected officials, and all federal government employees to the same salary/benefits schedule and expense reimbursement policies and the U.S. Military. Pick the highest paid branch as the model, and it will save us hundreds of billions of dollars. Which of them is willing to say that they are better and deserve more than people whose job is to die for us? In the same referendum, ban all WAM money. It is time for the excessive perks to end. If these money hogs won't do it then we must. It is our only legal recourse.

Thomas Jefferson said that a little revolution is healthy for a nation, and keeps it strong. The ballot box is our revolution, it happens two times per year. Let's fix our country now.


Barney Wilkins

Gibson Twp., PA

The Leopard

This is the time to stay focused. For the last two years we were told “We won” in reply to objections to the goals of this administration. We have had Obamacare crammed down our throats, incredible spending and massive increases to the federal payroll. We have the EPA and HHS running amok with more administrative end runs in the works. We have the monetary system trashed with Federal paper ($600,000,000,000) run off the presses. We have trillion plus budget deficits. We have a government rapidly intervening in every aspect of our life. And, finally, we have a President who denies our Creator as the source of our unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Where will this all lead to - a Godless socialist country where the bureaucrat reigns supreme.

Witness the rise of the Dow Jones and NASDAQ. All the funny money is having its effect on the market. The market will run with it - they always do. But, they focus on the short term and will change on a dime for a buck. Don’t kid yourself. This isn’t real, it is puff pastry. On November 2, we took a great step in restoring the pillars of our Liberty by reclaiming the House of Representatives. We can now begin to stop the runaway train. But, do not get your hopes too high. The House is only one branch of our government. We need at least one more to really turn things around and get back to our Founders. And that is where your focus must remain. With all the nicey-nice which is coming out of the administration, there will be temporary Clinton-like moves to the center. We will have two years in which the Progressives will work to charm the citizens into re-electing the current administration. A second term would certainly cement in place the framework for future government control. It will be all smiles and co-operation leading up to the next election. If we prove to have a very short memory, all the work done so far will be lost. If nothing else, remember that the leopard does not change his spots. Forget at your peril.


Joe McCann

Elk Lake, PA

Do Question, Do Think

The repeal of “don't ask, don't tell” (DADT) set in motion two tectonic plates grinding against each other. One plate is moving toward the right, the traditional values of the conservative military. Abutting that and moving toward the left, the policy that will permit the open expression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transvestite (LGBT) behavior. The epicenter is the United States military and it will be rocked.

Already there are tremors.

An Army lieutenant colonel has requested to be relieved of his command consequent to the repeal of DADT. He writes, “My personal religious beliefs and moral convictions do not permit me to treat homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle compatible with military service.” He does not stand alone.

The Department of Defense DADT survey found that 12.6 percent would leave the military if Congress overturns DADT. That amounts to 265,000 troops. An additional 11 percent said they would consider leaving. That totals more than 500,000 troops. The report also cites a possible 7 percent reduction in enlistment.

In a free democratic society, heterosexuals and homosexuals can have cordial, nonjudgmental relations. Contrary to popular belief, homosexuals can be masculine, honorable, affable, successful in business, and creative in the arts. For the most part, both parties live without interfering with each other. But when prolonged proximity is imposed, there is friction.

In corporate America, sensitivity training was used to prevent discrimination. However, at 5 o'clock everyone went his own way.

But the military is not a free democratic society. Men live cheek-to-joule. Privacy is limited and at times nonexistent. The free and easy interaction between straights and gays in civilian life does not exist in the close quarters of the military. And the workday is 24 hours long.

Integration of openly LGBT behavior would necessarily mean a top-to-bottom transformation of the entire military establishment. The academies, ROTC, national guard, and all ranks from general to private, would be required to take some form of sensitivity education.

Acceptance training would roughly parallel the re-education camps in communist nations. These camps were the primary means to coerce acceptance and conformity to the new social order.

In the People's Republic of China and during the '80s in Vietnam, Step No. 1 for recalcitrant citizens was relocation to a re-education camp. In the military, everyone will be indoctrinated. Step No. 2 for noncompliers to the new social order was prison. In the military it could be reduction in rank and for incorrigible violators of policy, the brig. Step No. 3 for the reds was execution of the nonconformists. The military's counterpart would be a dishonorable discharge.

The military's re-education training will not be commensurate with civilian sensitivity classes. They will differ radically in scope and in consequences. For a civilian who is unwilling to comply with corporate regulations he can quit or be fired and find another job. But being “fired” in the military is a life changing event.

A dishonorable dischargee is barred from all government aid, veterans' benefits, government employment, unemployment insurance, and he will lose wage credits for social security accrued during his time in uniform. He will likely be denied bank loans and be prohibited from owning a firearm.

Additionally, sexual integration poses many difficult questions with troubling answers.

Should LGBT service members be restricted from exhibiting their sexual orientation? If heterosexuals are not so restricted, then restricting others would be discriminatory. Will the military be obligated to provide for partners of homosexuals and lesbians? Applying the same standards to both parties would be mandatory. Should heterosexuals and homosexuals be compelled to live in shared quarters? Anything less would be counterproductive to full integration.

Finally, what about the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim chaplains, whose faiths teach that homosexuality is a sin? They must be muzzled.

Running counter to the military's sexual integration policy is human nature. Like gravitates toward like. Neighborhoods tend to have similar ethnicity. Poles, Germans, Italians, Hispanics, Asians, whites, and blacks, gerrymander their own communities.

In civilian life this works fine, but in the military cliques are divisive. Marine Corps commandant Gen. James Amon expressing the opinion of his troops said, “Their message is that the potential exists for disruption of our current combat mission effectiveness.” He added, “Repealing DADT would also threaten unit cohesion and combat readiness.”

The implications of the repeal of DADT have yet to be fully manifested. Perhaps adjustments will be made with only a few temblors. There is also the possibility that friction between the two tectonic plates will cause a massive seismic event. But whatever occurs, this seems certain: It won't be your father's military anymore.


Bob Scroggins

New Milford, PA

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