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Oakland Okays Police Contract
Forest City Council Chastised
Courthouse Report
County Okays Hotel Bond
Gibson Barracks Report
G. B. Twp. Addresses Complaints


Oakland Okays Police Contract

Oakland Boro has been in discussion with Oakland Township about the possibility of the boro providing police coverage to the township on a per-hour basis. At their September 9 council meeting, Oakland Boro Mayor Randy Glover reported that he had met with a township supervisor to review the agreement that had been drawn up, similar to the one that the boro has with Lanesboro, and that the township supervisors were expected to approve it. A motion carried to approve entering into the agreement, and it is expected that the boro will begin providing coverage to the township by October 1. Mayor Glover stressed that the boro and the township are both still involved in discussions with Lanesboro and Susquehanna to form a regional police department in anticipation of state legislation that will require that all municipalities provide full-time police coverage.

At the mayor's request, a motion carried to hire police officer Angel Perez of Scranton, who has recently completed the required training and is fully qualified. He will be used on an as-needed basis.

Council member Dave Trevarthan gave an update on the park improvement project, which has been progressing well, thanks to the efforts of several volunteers.

There was some discussion as to whether or not a complaint form needs to be filled out if the codes violation is brought to council by a council member on behalf of a resident; a form is needed to provide a record of the complaint and also to provide information for a follow-up and should be filed by the person making the complaint. As the complaint was in regard to high grass not being mowed, there was a discussion as to whether or not to actively pursue such complaints, as council had put together a priority list of violations to pursue, and grass not being mowed is an issue that was placed at a low priority.

There was discussion as to the procedure that council must take to fill a vacant tax assessor position; the current assessor had moved out of the boro and had not officially resigned, so there was some question as to what needs to be done to fill the position.

During review of codes violations, a motion carried to authorize the codes enforcement officer to take whatever steps are necessary, including litigation, regarding two properties, one on Prospect St. and one on State St.

It was noted that a rather large bear has been seen around the boro, getting into garbage.

Volunteers are needed to man the food booth at the park for soccer season.

The county Housing and Redevelopment Authority is handling a complaint about alleged damage done to a garage during the sidewalk replacement project on State St.

Information was obtained about choosing an electric supplier for next year, when electric costs are projected to rise significantly.

Correspondence included an invitation to the PACOG annual conference, the PSAB fall leadership conference, the county township officials' annual convention, the PIRMA annual report, and various educational workshops.

A motion carried to change the meeting time from 7:00 to 6:30, beginning with next month's meeting, which will be on Thursday, October 14 at the Lanesboro Community Center.

The meeting adjourned to an executive session, with no action taken on the topic discussed.

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Forest City Council Chastised
By Stephanie Everett

During a Forest City Borough meeting September 7, a local businessman railed against council for “selective enforcement of the rules. You mail me a letter to cut my grass,” he said, but stated that the borough grass along the roadways is not mown, citing examples such as weeds on Lower Delaware Street. “You don’t think that the law is for you,” the man continued. He also defended his right to keep an unlicensed vehicle on his commercial property, asserting that Allan Hornbeck is permitted to do so on that commercial property. The man mentioned a previous lawsuit he filed against Forest City Borough and threatened, “I’m gonna sue you again. I’m sick of [council] pummeling me because I won’t cooperate with this nonsense that goes on,” he asserted, “It’s time to change the zoning and the codes.”

Codes were mentioned again in reference to blighted properties. Council president Robert Trusky mentioned a proposed Senate bill that would require landlords, as opposed to tax payers, to pay to bring apartment buildings up to code.

Back fines were discussed, as well. “When do we really do something about [those]?” Fran Graytock asked. Trusky responded that some delinquent bills have been paid. Collecting others requires the district magistrate’s cooperation, he said, explaining, ”[Council] can only go so far.”

Nick Cost mentioned the 600 block of Delaware Street, a recurring topic at borough meetings, calling it “a disaster.” Cost cited garbage and noise problems and stated that council needs to enforce its three-strike rule concerning such properties. Residents living near the property mentioned decreased property values; “You can’t even sell [your house],” said one individual. Other residents concurred, and one woman pointed out, “We’re lifetime residents of Forest City.” Trusky stated that council has been to the magistrate numerous times concerning the property in question. “We need a little more cooperation from the magistrate in helping us out with this,” he said.

In his report, Forest City Mayor Patrick Coles announced National Take-Back Day, which will provide individuals a safe disposal of expired, unwanted or unused medicine from their home. A collection box will be located at Elegante’s on Saturday, September 25 from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Wishing to keep the borough office open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., council passed a motion to terminate part-time secretary Donna Mauro, who was unable to provide additional hours. Lucinda Stone was hired to replace Mauro retroactive to August 30, 2010.

Several refuse bids were opened; council will review them with borough solicitor Paul E. Smith. Council expects to award a bid at the October borough meeting.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren Price Ficarro


Kathy and Jonathan Vanaman and Sandra I. and William Post to Stephen E. and Linda Gongliewski, in Thompson Township for $127,000.00.

Carole J. Hunter to John M. and Gay M. Jacobs, in Clifford Township for $136,500.00.

Lawrence A. (by atty) and Phyllis (by atty) Hurlburt to Robert S. and Cindy L. Fasulo, in Little Meadows Borough for $55,000.00.

Guy (by sheriff) and Christine R. (by sheriff) Giannone (AKA) Christine Chamberlain to Fannie Mae, in Clifford Township for $1,456.78.

Shawn R. and Julie D. Burns to Timothy E. Dewey, in Susquehanna for $32,000.00.

Dewey G., Marlene and George E. Lyons to David M., Jr. and Stacey M. Phillips, in Liberty Township for $52,500.00.

Stanley and Linda Gurecki to Caroline Stone, in Harford Township for $118,720.00.

Mark and Joan M. Scone to Paul B. and Theresa M. Barnes, in Susquehanna for $6,000.00.

Jean Kelly to Josh Williams, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Sandra L. Sanderson to David P. and Patricia A. Hopkins, in Herrick Township for $190,000.00.

Brian C. and Linda M. Watson to Brian C. and Linda M. Watson, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Citibank to Kevin and Sandra M. Millard, in New Milford Township for $113,900.00.

Albert B. and Maureen P. Timinski to Clifford D. Bunt and Ronald W. Burke, in Silver Lake Township for $88,000.00.

Florence K. Mikolon (by sheriff) to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, in Clifford Township for $1,725.45.

Arthur B. and Betsy K. Cole to Holtan LLC, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Sarah Louis Williams (estate) to Evelyn W. Wilcox, Josephine Onyon, Ethel Reeder, Beverly J. Masalonis, Valerie Aldrich, Benjamin T., R. Bradley, Daniel and Michael Harris, H. Marcelo Williams and Sarah Aravena-Mayer, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Joseph M. Taylor, Sr. and Leona Florance to Betsy Jo Balmer, in New Milford Borough for $80,000.00.

Sonia E. Gray to Sonia E. Gray, in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Peter and Diane Dellane to Charles F. Bennett and Colleen M. Somma, in Forest Lake Township for $72,000.00.

Kenneth R. and Eleanor C. Pennington to Bremer Hof Owners, Inc., in Herrick Township for $100.00.

Ramon E. and Ruth Valdez to Rudolph G. and Donna R. Testa, in Gibson Township for $22,000.00.

Mary E. Weaver and Raymond C., Jr. and Elizabeth L. Truex to Raymond C., Jr. and Elizabeth L. Truex, in Harford Township for $34,250.00.


Shane T. Rosenthal and Erin Lynn Kasten, both of Hallstead.

Joseph F. Staria and Cassandra M. Roth, both of Susquehanna.

Dustin J. Shaw of Susquehanna and Rachel Grace Ann Millard of New Milford.

Stanley Cook, Jr. and Jerry M. Bockus, both of Kingsley.

Brion J. Stone and Brandy C. Cassidy, both of Montrose.

Paul H. Shelly and Deidra Elaine Jones, both of Thompson.

Joseph J. Digirolamo and Lacey L. Wells, both of Springville.

David Paul Atherholt, Jr. and Cassaundra L. Miles, both of Montrose.

Erich W. Shafer and Heidi H. Ross, both of Syracuse.

Patrick S. Kelly and Jaclyn N. Bennett, both of Montrose.

Anthony Joseph Rezykowski and Amanda L. Dein, both of Meshoppen.

Justin David Lindsey and Amanda Lee Barber, both of New Milford.

Robert J. Barnes of Endicott and Mindy Sue Davis of Brackney.

William J. Overfield, Jr. and Bryane Marie McCarey, both of Nanticoke.

Casey Albert Rose and Rebecca L. Kelsey, both of Montrose.

Aaron Glen Treadway of Hallstead and Julianne Collins of Susquehanna.

Laverne Robert Conklin and Mellissa Sue Crowley, both of Susquehanna.

William J. Deakin and Christina M. Wallace, both of Susquehanna.

Bruce A. Schurr and Jamie Lynn Barnett, both of Owego.

David B. Dalrymple and Arlene M. Warner, both of Montrose.

James Donald Carley, Jr. and April Marie Lewis, both of Vestal.

Cory M. Peranich and Melanie Beth Oakley, both of Brackney.

Ronald M. Brand, Jr. and Ashley Khrysteena Burton, both of Hallstead.

Mitchell L. Walsh of Endicott and Grayce P. Parshley of Smithtown, NY.

Jonathan E. Murray and Ariana L. Rife, both of Little Meadows.

W. Kevin Dougherty and Barbara Ann Robinson, both of Brackney.


Patricia A. Holden of Susquehanna vs. Dana P. Holden of Binghamton, married 1990.

Michael C. Mock of Little Meadows vs. Betsy Mock of Endicott, married 2000.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has bench warrants for the following individuals as of 11:00 a.m. on September 10, 2010.

Erika L. Back, Keith Bryant Beach, Harold R. Bensley, David Shawn Blaisure, Ryan T. Brooks, Christopher J. Clark, Deborah L. Drish, Robert W. Evans, Jonathan Fathi, Shawn Fiorentino, Christopher M. Fiorentino, David J. Fischer, Jason Gardner, David Haines, Jr., Keith G. Harms, Anthony D. Hibbard, Sr., Kaci Jo Howell, James Karhnak, Erik E. Krisovitch, Casey J. Lawton, Joshua S. Lee, Charlie J. Legere, Carlos L. Leiser, Jason Lindquist, Jennifer M. Miller, Shane Nelson, Anthony Neri, Brian T. Phillips, Arthur D. Quick, David J. Shiner, Richard D. Shoemaker, Sinon C. Smith, Sr., Duane Spencer, Justin Thompson, Christina L. Trayes, Keith W. Vroman, Jamie L. Williams, Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., Karl D. Zantowsky.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals.

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County Okays Hotel Bond
By Susan E. Gesford

Susquehanna County Commissioners gave final approval at the September 8 meeting for the issuance of a $1,500,000 bond to finance a project on behalf of Singh Realty, Inc., through the county's Industrial Development Authority. Singh Realty plans a 25 room expansion project at the Holiday Inn Express in New Milford Township. The funds, part of the county's Recovery Zone Facility Bond allocation, were estimated to be sufficient to pay, together with other available funds of the borrower, the costs associated with the project, including financing expenses. A public hearing detailing the project and funding request was held on August 31.

The county has replenished its workforce in several county offices. Yet another change has taken place at the Assessor's office, which is already undergoing staff changes due to the planned retirement of Richard Kamansky at the end of October. Dean Johnson, who was recently hired as a field assessor submitted his resignation effective August 25. The full time field appraiser position was filled with the hiring of Alexander Novack of Aston, PA, with a start date to be determined by Kamansky.

Commissioners were asked during the public comment portion of the meeting why Kamansky is remaining in his position past his original retirement date of August 31. Commissioners responded the office is short-handed at present due to Joan Burman being on sick leave, the resignation of Johnson and the fact that incoming Chief Assessor Tom Button is still training in commercial property assessment procedures.

Erika Canfield, Montrose, was hired as a temporary part-time, non-union clerk typist in the Prothonotary's office. As the position is funded by automation fees in that office, Canfield's position will end by February 28, 2011, or when there are no longer automation fees available.

Betty Phillips, who recently retired from her full-time employment in the Register and Recorder's office, has been hired to fill a part-time, union clerk position in that department.

Children and Youth Services filled its open full-time clerk typist position with the hiring of Ruth Smith of Great Bend. Chad Weaver was promoted from Caseworker I to Caseworker II status, effective Sept. 2.

Rebecca White, of Brackney, has been hired to the full-time, union clerk typist position in Magisterial District Justice Jeffrey Hollister's office as of August 30.

Two parcels in the county were exonerated from the Tax Claim Bureau's delinquent taxes list. The first parcel was a trailer in Hart's Trailer Park, Bridgewater Township; the second, a parcel in Springville Township where a trailer had been razed.

The following were named to the Lackawanna-Susquehanna Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisory Board for the term of Sept. 8, 2010 through Sept. 7, 2013: John Lester, Beverly Bennett, Beverly Griffiths and Carolyn Warner.

In preparation for Public Utility de-regulation, the county ratified an agreement with Constellation Energy of Baltimore, Md., whereby it will purchase electricity from Constellation for a period of one year at the rate of $.064243/Kwh for 13 Susquehanna County accounts.

During the County Retirement Board meeting, the Seneca Group, which handles investments for the county's pension fund, reported to the commissioners. Noting that market volatility will remain high until after the mid-term elections in November, Seneca stressed that the county's $11 million pension fund is in good shape due to a conservative investment policy. When compared to its peer pension plans across the country, Susquehanna County's plan ranks in the top quarter for performance. Seneca plans to maintain the conservative investment course, but noted, that, if a major change should take place in the national economy, the group would consider a more aggressive investment course on a short term basis.

The next Susquehanna County Commissioners' meeting is 9 a.m., Wednesday, September 22, in the county office building downstairs conference room, 31 Public Ave., Montrose.

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Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


On September 7 at 8:17 p.m., William Arnold of Springville, PA was traveling South on SR 3023 in Rush Twp. when he lost control of his vehicle, swerved into the oncoming lane, and struck an embankment off the east side. The vehicle came to a rest in an area located nearby. Arnold fled the scene. Rush Fire and EMS responded. Forces towed the vehicle from the scene.


On September 8 at 1 a.m., Daniel Brown of Hallstead, PA was asked to leave Maloney's Irish Sports Pub and Family Restaurant in that town, because he was being disrespectful to female patrons and trying to start a fight with another customer. Brown became enraged and damaged the door as he exited the building. He was cited for Criminal Mischief.


On September 6, at 1:38 p.m., a crash occurred on Turkey Woods Rd. when a juvenile was traveling primarily east and west from Susquehanna to Hallstead. As he was negotiating a left turn in the roadway, the vehicle began to skid counter-clockwise, The boy overcorrected, causing the car to subsequently begin to spin clockwise, continuing across the roadway and impacting a tree on the north side. Both the driver and a passenger were wearing seatbelts and refused treatment at the scene. Assistance was provided by Susquehanna Volunteer Fire Company. Citations were issued to the operator.


On September 7, at 11:13 p.m., a vehicle traveling northbound on I81 in Lenox Twp., driven by Brian Kil of the College Point, NY area, struck a second vehicle which was disabled form a previous collision and sitting in the left lane.


On September 6, at 12:15 a.m., Clay Noto of the Little Meadows area was traveling southbound on SR 858 when he exited the roadway to the east of the travel lanes, and impacted a utility pole, and fled the scene prior to police response. Charges were pending as of time of report for violations of PAVC.


On September 5, at 9:50 p.m., an unnamed driver was traveling south on SR 3001 in a Mazda B3000, at the same time as Benjamin Shaddock of Meshoppen was backing into a driveway from that road. The Mazda struck Shaddock's vehicle; the driver fled the scene on foot.


On September 5, at 4:30 a.m. Robert Balendy of Forest City was traveling southbound on SR 171 when, after negotiating a left hand curve, he lost control of his vehicle. The intrepid exited the roadway off the east berm and struck a utility pole. Balendy fled the scene after the crash. He was not injured; his passenger was transported via private vehicle to Marian Community Hospital in Carbondale for treatment of minor injuries. Both were reportedly utilizing safety equipment.


On September 6, at 12:30 a.m., an unnamed person was traveling southbound on SR 858 in Little Meadows Borough when he struck downed utility wires while passing through a crash scene. This caused damage to the left side of the vehicle, including scratches to the entire side and removal of the side mirror. The driver related that the area was dark and she did not notice the downed wires until it was too late. Neither the driver nor a passenger were injured; the vehicle was driven from the scene.


Between August 21 and 22, a home on Carter Road in Rush Twp. was entered and cash, prescription medications, and other personal items removed. Anyone with information is asked to please contact PSP Gibson.


On September 4, at 8:44 p.m., Lynn Cafaro of Thompson was traveling westbound on Brown Hill Road in Jackson Twp. when she lost control of her vehicle while negotiating a left curve in the roadway. The vehicle crossed the eastbound traffic travel lane, exited the roadway, and overturned towards the passenger's side, coming to a final rest upon its roof. Cafaro left the scene and traveled to her residence prior to police response to the scene. She contacted a private tow company for vehicle removal. She was reportedly utilizing a seatbelt; she was not injured.


On September 6, at 6:50 p.m., Sean Grannan of Hallstead was traveling east on SR 1022 when he failed to negotiate a right curve in the roadway. The motorcycle traveled off the road and lost control, ending up on its left side. Both Grannan and a passenger sustained minor injury; the latter was utilizing her helmet improperly.


On September 5 at 11:30 p.m., the plastic mailbox belonging to Teresa Lewis of Hallstead was smashed with an unknown object.


On September 4 at 3:15 p.m. Eric Bean of Hop Bottom was traveling east on SR 3023 when, while descending a downhill grade, he lost control of his truck and exited the roadway. The truck impacted with an embankment, continuing to travel east along the roadway and coming to rest in an easterly direction. The Elk Lake Volunteer Fire Company assisted at the scene. Bean sustained moderate injury; he was not utilizing proper safety equipment. Citations were to be file din District Court 34-3-01 as of the time of report.


On September 2, at 7 a.m., a Mikita Circular saw was turned into PSP Gibson as found property. Anyone with information regarding the property's owner is asked to contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On August 31, at 11:20 a.m., unauthorized entry was made into the Thompson Fire Company in that borough, through means of an unsecured door. Anyone with any information is asked to contact PSP Gibson and reference incident number R05-0780878. The investigation was ongoing as of the time of report.


On August 27, at 10 p.m., Nichola Hanford of Brocktondale, NY was arrested for DUI in Susquehanna Borough.


On August 27, between 7 and 8 a.m., the mailbox of an elderly gentleman in Hallstead was smashed. Anyone with information is asked to contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On August 28 at approximately 11:44 a.m. James and Kathleen White were yelling at each other at a youth soccer game at Mountain View. Both were charged with disorderly conduct at district court 34-3-03.


Between August 26 and 27 the windshield and left side window were smashed out of Paul Kovitch's truck. The scene was then fled in an unknown direction at an unknown time. Anyone with information is asked to please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On September 27, at 5:04 p.m., Bocephus Fleming of Statesville, NC was traveling north on SR 11 with Peter Olivieri of Dallas, PA behind him. Fleming was turning right into the parking lot of Precision when, while he was in the lot and still moving, Olivieri swerved to his right, striking the turning vehicle. After this, Olivieri's vehicle continued across the parking lot and went under a parked flat bed trailer, coming to its final uncontrolled rest area. Hop Bottom EMS and Fire responded. Clark's garage towed it from the scene.


On August 27, a search warrant was executed at a house on Meshoppen Creek Road in Dimock Twp. Found inside the residence was approximately four lbs. of processed marijuana, various paraphernalia to include grow magazines, scales, marijuana bowls, bongs, rolling papers and various other items for ingesting marijuana. Located outside of the residence, growing on the property, 276 live marijuana plants were seized. Found inside of an outbuilding were 31 live marijuana plants, drying, ready to be processed. Due to the amount of marijuana and the size of the live plants, which ranged in size from 4 to 8 feet tall, a Penn Dot dump truck was utilized to take the plants from the scene. Bennett is being charged, and his arraignment was pending as of the time of report.

If you have information regarding any of these incidents please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.

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G. B. Twp. Addresses Complaints

The Great Bend Township Supervisors' meeting of September 7 began as usual with the Roadmaster's report; the crew has been busy patching potholes, mowing brush and maintaining equipment. The open road worker position had been advertised, and 16 applications had been received. A date was set for this week to conduct interviews.

The 2008 Liquid Fuels Report was received from the state Auditor General.

Assessment and UCC permits were issued during the month to Stewart and Nancy Beatty, George and Joan Hicks, and Mark and Judy Harvey. A sewage repair permit was issued to Rachel and Rebecca Barton, and perc tests were done for Howard and Merna Colwell and Jerry Mess. Claverack Rural Electric has applied for a GP-3 permit for Trowbridge Creek, and a peddler's permit was issued to Jim Kimble for sale of vegetables.

Correspondence reviewed included a letter from DTE Energy with the information they sent to landowners in the township regarding a proposed pipeline; notice that the 2010 Upset Tax Sale would be held on Monday, September 13; notice that New York DOT will be working on I-81 South from exit one to the Welcome Center; a copy of a letter sent from an individual to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission requesting that an application from Cabot Oil be withdrawn due to a site in the application incorrectly identified as being in Great Bend Boro rather than Great Bend Township; and an invitation to attend the Susquehanna County Township Officials Association fall convention on October 28.

The township is still in need of an Emergency Management Coordinator.

Several topics concerning Airport Road were brought up during public comment. The first, a business sign at the intersection at Route 11 that was said to block sight distance. The second, drivers ignoring the 35 mph speed limit on Airport Road. The third, concern that heavy trucks might be causing decay to the bridge to Airport Road; it was thought that the trucks were water trucks used for the gas drilling activity in the area and were most likely empty, as there is no water being drawn from the creek in that area and were most likely being driven to and from work by drivers who live in the area. The final topic, dust control on Airport Road, elicited the longest discussion. A resident asked if oil could be used on the road rather than liquid calcium. The supervisors responded that oil cannot be used and that calcium is applied once a year to keep the dust down. Recent complaints about dust were most likely due to the dry weather, as calcium lasts longer when there is rain. They added that this road is the most expensive one in the township to maintain, and this year alone had cost $10,000. They agreed to do research, to see whether an environmentally-friendly oil, such as soy or vegetable oil could be used when planning next year's road work.

The next meeting will be on Monday, October 4 at 7:00 p.m.

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