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Susky Elementary 2nd Qtr. Reading Awards

SCCTC Announces 2nd Qtr. Honor Roll
SCCTC Building Blue Bird Houses
Susky Elementary Students Of The Month
Delaware Valley College Announces Dean's List
E/L Forensics Team District Champions
F/C High School 2nd Qtr. Honor Roll
LCCC Announces Fall Honors Lists
Mansfield University Fall President's List
PSU Announces Fall Dean’s List

Susky Elementary 2nd Qtr. Reading Awards

The Susquehanna Community Elementary School is proud to announce the following list of students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the 2nd marking period of the 2010-2011 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

First Grade: Gavin Baker, Jaden Bickford, Dalton Crowley, Jasmine Funk, Kyleigh Jones, Sophie Lawrenson, Anthony Palonis, Rachel Rockwell, John Adams, Alexus Argust, Sara Beemer, Javon Hall, Shannon Marinari, Brandon Reid, Cole Soden, Kevin Tross, Cortney Bennett, Devyn Benson, Hailey Buchanan, Zachary Consla, Cheyenne Cude, Heather Fortune, JD Heckman, Lauren Jennings, Jenna Krall, Joseph Murphy, Cody Orner, James Paynter, Trent Smith, Maidson Towner, Jacob Downton, Austin Gow, Skylar McClain, Emily Sheldon, Raya Vermilyea, Hayden Wayman, Val White.

Second Grade: Nichole Anthony, Dylan Crawford, Kanor Haskins, Deegan Lee, Zachary Meck, Shania Megivern, Shane Muiter, Siarah Talotta, Jaycie Conklin, Austin Groover, Joseph Roney, Malinda Slocum, Timothy Sweeney, Brianna Wallace, Shenandoah Young, Steven Brown, Harlee Burns, Tyler Leonard, Leah Reyes, Christopher Skurski, Jakub Tomczyk, Samantha Voege, Quarry Weidow, Elizabeth Barnes, Zachary Chisek, Jonathan Jenkins, Geena Miller, Jacob Moser, Airyll Rockwell, Colin Shanley, Kailye Towner.

Third Grade: Lia Heath, Garrison Kiernan, Kaylee Landry, Canyon Stone, Andrea Westbrook, Robert Burns, Destini DeLong, Rhiannon Potter, McKenzie Rhone, Chloe Tinklepaugh, MacKenzie Williams, Sean Argust, Angel Bieloski, Devon Dubanowitz, Erika Knifer, Cody MacDonald, Anakin Major, William Perry, Ashley Wallace, Christopher Ayres, Rylee Cook, Cierra Cotter, Kamdin Maby, Robert Palonis, Adam Rockwell, Taylor Millard, Ben Prentice, Nicholas Wayman.

Fourth Grade: Emily Frye, Bridget Iveson, Becca Bushong, Kaylee Matone, David Armitage.

Fifth Grade: Saige Perry, Karina Polak, Evan Cantone, Slone Chandler, Annabelle DiNoto, Gabrielle Glover, Jessica Lamb, Jonathan Teribury, Alexandria Warring, John Abruzzo, Hunter Vaughn, Cassandra Glover, Dylan Talotta.

Sixth Grade: Michael Armitage, Daniel Braun, Cori Glidden, Kaitlyn Gow, Miranda Rhone, Nicole Sherman, Baily Barnes, Donna Jo Decker, Alyssa Hubal, John Ball, Breanna Bushong, Jessica Plutino, Alyssa Rockwell, Rachel Serfilippi, Ashley Foote.

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SCCTC Announces 2nd Qtr. Honor Roll

Dr. Alice M. Davis, Administrative Director of the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center, is proud to announce the SCCTC’s “Honor Roll” list for the 2nd marking period of the 2009-2010 school year.

High Honors: Emily Adams, Ashley Aldrich, Haley Atkinson, Sandra Avila, Anna Barney, Robert Barziloski, Kelly Beichler, Carissa Belles, Brittany Bender, Kirsten Benninger, Chantelle Betcher, Brittany Birtch, Michele Burke, Tyler Butts, Courtney Cady, Regina Cahill, Seth Canfield, Tori Lee Carpenter, Silas Chance, David Coolbaugh, Stacy Cortright, Shannon Dock, Andra Evancavich, Brittany Fassett, Eric Fisk, Marissa Fuller, Joseph Genito, Heather Glover, Rachael Grosvenor, William Guenter, Mercedes Haffner, Amanda Hammer, Lorianne Holbrook, Erica Hollenbeck, Dominique Horrocks, Cyerah Jones, Alesha Kegelman, Allison Kiefer, Kenneth Kiefer, Jason Konopka, Stacey Kulesza, Danika Lawson, Alisha Martin, Donna Mead, Sarah Myers, Jordan Noldy, Nicole Norton, David Ogonosky, Michael Pipitone, Johnathan Prevost, Brittany Price, Colin Rosene, Devin Rought, Helen Schoonmaker, Norma Seamans, Cassandra Sekely, Amber Shibley, Anthony Sorak, Shannen Squires, Samantha Stacknick, Benjamin Stang, Sierra Stewart, Cortney Stewart, Casey Streich, Brennan Thek, Jerri Traver, Kyle Traver, Tanna Ulmer, Joe Valentine, Lindsey Vogrin, Stephanie Walsh, Brandon Welch, Jody Wilcox, Tyler Wright, Kevin Zamorski.

Honors: Kristin Allen, Curtis Althouse, Dylan Amplo, Jacklyn Appleby, Amanda Atkinson, Jesus Avila, Jessica Backus, Larry Bean, Tyler Bergman, Crystal Betcher, Ashley Bolster, Taylor Brewer, Venessa Caffarello, Adam Clark, Ashley Clifford, Marie Cole, Christopher Colombo, Casey Corter, Brianna Costigan, Matthew Coy, Jeffrey Crass, Naketa Crawford, Shawn Darrow, Riana Darrow, Krista Davis, Dylan Decker, Derek Diskin, Alysha Donavan, Dylan Ellis, Sabrina Ely, Brittany Filer, Nikki Finkenbinder, Michael Fisher, William Fleming, Amber Fowler, Tyler Freeman, Joshua Fry, Emily Gacha, Duane Galambos, Michael Gardner, Brian Glover, Roselyn Goble, Ryan Gongliewski, Randon Grochal, Felicia Helbing, Kyle Heller, Jesilynn Henry, Sage Hofmeister, Quiersti Hooko, Amanda Howlett, David Jensen, Eduardo Jimenez-Ruiz, Travis Kellogg, Leah Kibler, Corey Kleiner, Kortney Kruger, Brittany Lawrence, Joseph Lewis, Samantha Luce, Ali Lynch, John Lytle, Victoria MacNew, Kaitlyn Mancini, Takowa May, Roger May, Maggie McCarey, Brad McHale, Adam McLaud, Bryan Miller, Annamae Mitchell, Jessica Naples, Leonna Noble, Gwendolyn Ormes, Daniel Osborn, Brittany Owen, April Pellam, Seth Piasecki, Ariel Pugh, Alysia Race, Shaun Rafferty, Ashley Raines, Erica Rose, Brandon Rosler, Brittany Ross, Eric Salsman, Seth Schmidt, Jahnay Shay, Tara Sheridan, Michael Sippel, Carrie Smith, Jeremy Smith, Daniel Smith, Louis Speed, Trinity Spencer, Tyler Spickerman, Kurt Steele, Heather Stiastny, Benjamin Stine, IV, Adam Vibbard, Terry Visakay, Alicia Wenzel, Kiera Whitney, Brandon Williams, Earl Youngs, Lauren Yun, George Zamorski.

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SCCTC Building Blue Bird Houses

For the past four years, the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center’s Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Class has been constructing blue bird houses for distribution to worthy conservation localities which will enhance the blue bird population. According to the SCCTC’s Administrative Director, Dr. Alice M. Davis, “This is an important project - the students see how their work ties into not only the surrounding communities but also how it affects the environment.”

Pictured above: kneeling - George Zamorski, Devin Zona, Kyle Heller, Curtis Althouse, Daniel Osborn, Abigail Spears, and Dominique Horrocks; standing - David M. Rice, Bruce Castelli (SCCTC Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Instructor), Curtis Fassett, Jesus Avila, Billy Marcinkus, William Weida, Mike Sippel, Dillon Hitchcock, Jared Kirchner, and Gary Fenton(SCCTC Worksite Coordinator).

This year the class chose the Cook’s Pond location in Potterville, Pennsylvania. The class was impressed with the story of how the Cook’s Pond Association saved the pond after the existing dam was condemned by the Department of Environmental Protection, who was afraid if it failed it would endanger the village of Potterville. “The students take great pride in the community projects that they have been involved in. From designing, to the hands-on aspect of the projects, I have found that the students are more enthusiastic about projects that involve helping others,” said Bruce Castelli, SCCTC’s Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Instructor.

The story of how the public became involved and worked together to save the pond (it was dedicated on October 18, 1997) as a public place to fish and to enjoy the outdoors was intriguing to the class.

The initial money was raised by selling raffle tickets for guns. This gave them the money to file for non-profit status so they could apply for grants. They were helped by Roger Madigan who was the Senator for the region at that time.

The Manchester family deeded the pond and the land surrounding it to the Association for recreation purposes open to the public at no charge. The Department of Environmental Protection and Soil Conservation Departments were helpful with the planning. They devised a coffer dam to save the fish, a favorite spot for bass fishing for many years.

A flag pole and plaque in memory of Jim Allen, who spent hours goose hunting, fishing and trapping was presented by Allen Farms. Some of the people who were instrumental in this total community event (but not all by any means) were Dick Rockefeller, John Karpautz, Gary Corbin, Christi Corbin, Keith Corbin, Todd Corbin, Dan Barrett, Morgan and Mary Edith Davis, the Kirk Manchester and the Manchester Family, Dave Simons, Jamie Cooper, Roger Cook and the Athens Bank.

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Susky Elementary Students Of The Month

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the “Students of the Month” for January, 2010 for kindergarten through sixth grade.

Kindergarten, First, Second and Third

Pictured (l-r) above: row 1 - Jasmine Funk, Jocelyn Wasko, Bradley Cottrell, Mackenzie Decker; row 2 - Kevin Tross, Emily DeVries, Val White, Hailey Buchanan; row 3 - Karin Dunbar, Samantha Fox, Shenandoah Young; row 4 - Kamdin Maby, Devon Dubanowitz, Destini DeLong, Lia Heath; absent - Brooke Dolph and Shania Megivern.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth

Pictured (l-r) above: row 1 - Nicholas Wayman, Cristopher Travis, Breanna Treible, Morgan Rivenburg; row 2 - Nathanyl Smith, Chad Lee, Myra Hargett, Casey Staerker; row 3 - Ashley Meck, Samantha Irwin, Miranda Groover, Cori Glidden; absent - Marisa Conklin.

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Delaware Valley College Announces Dean's List

DOYLESTOWN, PA - Dr. Dorothy Prisco, Delaware Valley College Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, announced the following students have been honored for academic achievement by being named to the Fall 2009 Dean's List: Elizabeth Gerhard, Montrose; Kerri Recipko, Carbondale.

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E/L Forensics Team District Champions

At the PA High School Speech League District 8 Championship at Bloomsburg University on February 20, the Elk Lake Forensics Team had a record breaking day.

All three EL Forensics Team members qualified to the PHSSL State Championship Tournament on March 12-13 at Susquehanna University.

Pictured above, Elk Lake Forensics Team District Champions: Shea Skinner, 1st place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate; Austin Cohen, 3rd place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate; Richard Guiton, 2nd place in Extemporaneous Commentary; EL Forensics Director Keith Brosious.

Junior Shea Skinner led the team by winning the District 8 Championship in Lincoln-Douglas Debate by compiling an undefeated 4 win and 0 loss record. On his way to that title he defeated debaters from Crestwood and Pocono Mountain West high schools along with 2 debaters from Wallenpaupack High School.

EL freshman Austin Cohen also compiled an undefeated 4 win and 0 loss record by defeating debaters from Bangor, Note Dame, Wallenpaupack and Pocono Mountain West high schools. However, his speaker points total placed him 3rd overall in LD Debate. Normally, only the top two place-winners advance to the State Championship. However, because Cohen had an undefeated record, he received an automatic qualification to the PHSSL State Championship Tournament.

Because the team was allotted only 2 slots in LD Debate, sophomore debater Richard Guiton had to enter a different event, Extemporaneous Commentary, for the first time in his career. After a lot of hard work learning the new event, Guiton advanced to Finals in the event by placing 1st, 2nd, and 2nd in his three preliminary rounds. In Finals, he placed 2nd and advanced to the PHSSL State Championship Tournament.

Guiton becomes the first EL Forensics Team member to advance to the PHSSL State Championship Tournament in a non-debate event in the team’s 18 year history. This was also the first time in the team’s history that the entire team at Districts advanced to the State Championship Tournament.

“Their success today is the result of months of hard work. I am extremely proud of all of them. Shea and Austin had tremendous tournaments in LD and Ricky really put in an incredible performance in his first tournament in Commentary,” commented EL Forensics Director Keith Brosious.

The team will now travel to Abington Heights High School on March 6 to compete at the Scranton Catholic Forensics League National Qualifying Tournament. The top 4 place-winners in each event at this tournament will earn the right to compete against the top 200 competitors in their respective events at the National Catholic Forensics League Grand National Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska over Memorial Day Weekend.

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F/C High School 2nd Qtr. Honor Roll

Mrs. Christine Acevedo, Forest City High School Principal, announces the honor roll for the 2nd marking period of the 2009-10 school year.

Grade 7: high honors - Sonny Albright, Alan Brucher, Tyler Butler,Patrick Coles, Cassidy Congdon, John Darrenkamp, Noah Fedak, Scott Giles, Katelyn Kernoschak, Caelin Logar, Sean McCormick, Matthew Nevins, Steven Ramos, Nicholas Rutledge, Emily Statkun, Solana Stratford, Brandon Striefsky, Nicole Williams, Katelyn Zembrzycki; honor roll - Allen Babcock-Conklin, Benjamin Baileys, Cody Barrese, Laureen Cook, Daryl D’Antuono, Joseph Dombkowski, Morgan Gasper, Colleen Glavich, Jenna Hunter, Lucas Johns, Elizabeth Kelly, Alex Lucchesi, Madison McGraw, Destiny Megivern, Richard Mikloiche, Alexys Piasecki, Kyle Rivenburgh, Tyler Trichilo, Blake Tyson, Jamie Walsh, Abbigail Westgate, Paige Zack.

Grade 8: high honors - Jennifer Baron, Cassandra Bendyk, Jenna Burrell, Rachel DeLucy, Megan Demcevski, Carly Erdmann, Alexa Escalona, Will Jonas, Michaela Konzman, Nicholas Kovaleski, Michaela Martines, Doria Miller, Katherine O’Neill, Christian Retana; honor roll - Jenna Baron, Victoria Corey, Christopher Fitzsimmons, Neil Foster, Meagan Goben, MackKenzie Keller, Gregory Kowalewski, Samantha Kuriger, Ryan Long, Frank Piotrowski, Evan Smith, Kelsey Twilley.

Grade 9: high honors - Kirsten Bailey, Kylie Borick, Kiana Marcho, Megan Marcinkus, Stephanie Ramos, Morgan Saul, Benjamin Terry; honor roll - Kylie Besz, Kayla Cangialosi, Samantha Carey, Zachary Johns, Jacob Mohring, Kathrine Pecko, Brittany Rutledge, Drew Stark.

Grade 10: high honors - Courtney Andrews, Rose Campbell, Brian Carpenter, Katherine DeMark, Logan Fitzsimmons, Kelsey Glavich, Sarah Kubus, Kristine Kuriger, Amber Leary, Jennifer Natishak, Brian Nebzydoski, Tania A. Pollard, Nicole Reider, Katie Zefran, Kara A. Zerby; honor roll - Maria Bostjancic, Sonja Campbell, Brigitte Davies, Brian Demchak, Jason Doerwald, Elizabeth Heller, Lauren Hornbeck, Benjamin Komar, Jenna Lucchesi, Michael Palmer, Cassandra Saul, Kaeleigh Schwartz, Taylor-Ray Tammero, Seth Thomas.

Grade 11: high honors - Andrea Burleigh, Cheyenne Darrenkamp, Summer Demcevski, Cassie Erdmann, Sarah Forsette, Rebecca Keller, Shannon Novak, Shauna O’Reilly, Amy Saam, Jessica Strickland, Kevin Swartz, Jenna Tasso, Matthew Terry, Cree Townsend; honor roll - Jessica Gigliotti, Mitchel Goben, Hope Hoanzl, Tyler Parente, Chad Paulin, Dominik Sparks, Mary Sullivan, Bernard Zembrzycki.

Grade 12: high honors - Andrew Salvi, Kaitlyn Schott; honor roll - Lyle Foster, Taylor Gerchman, Jessica Herbst, Nicholas Lowry, Jessica Smith, Kurt Stiles, Christina Turano, Jordan Underwood.

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LCCC Announces Fall Honors Lists

Luzerne County Community College announces the following students have earned recognition for outstanding academic achievement during the fall 2009 semester.

To qualify for the President’s List, a student must earn a 4.0 cumulative grade point average. Students who attain a grade point average between 3.5 and 3.99 are included on the Dean’s List, and those with an average between 3.25 and 3.49 are included on the Honors List.

President’s List: Amanda Begliomini, Montrose; Brandy Demchak, Meshoppen; Lori Sampson, Susquehanna.

Dean’s List: Joshua Cannon, Nicholson; Andrew Eichelberger, Susquehanna; Angela Guzy, New Milford; Christopher Milheim, Nicholson; George Paterno, Susquehanna; Roseann Paul, Union Dale; Jenna Rajnes, Brackney; Jason Roe, Susquehanna; Ryan Swingle, Nicholson.

Honors List: Karen Bailey, Susquehanna; Joanna Dooley, Susquehanna; Tina Graves, Susquehanna; Phyllis Hibbard, Springville; Frank Levai, Clifford; Edward Milot, Springville; Jason Richmond, Kingsley.

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Mansfield University Fall President's List

A total of 170 Mansfield University undergraduates have been named to the fall 2009 President's list. To be named to the President's list, a student must attend the university full-time and earn a perfect 4.0 GPA for the semester.

The following area students earned the honor. Laurin Gilliard, Laceyville; Courtney Grunza, Nicholson; Adam Palmatier, New Milford; Kelliann Walsh, Susquehanna.

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PSU Announces Fall Dean’s List

There were 21,439 students achieving the Dean's List for the Fall 2009 semester university-wide at Penn State University. A student must attain a grade point average of at least 3.5 and be full-time (12 hours or more). The following area students were named to the Dean’s List:

Sarah L. Biegert, Susquehanna; Catherine A. Caterson, Montrose; Jordan M. Clapper, Hallstead; Robert D. Cross, Hop Bottom; Samantha N. Cudo, Montrose; Chelsie C. Daugherty, Forest City; Erin L. Dayton, Susquehanna; Kelly A. Dovin, Forest City; Geri L. Ellett, Uniondale; Katherine M. English, Montrose; Kristi A. Farinelli, Forest City; Stephanie M. Ficarro, Susquehanna; Sarah M. Gould, Friendsville; Emily F. Gow, Montrose; Stephanie M. Gow, Montrose; Kirsten H. Guelly, Hop Bottom; Nathaniel J. Hollister, Hallstead; Amber R. Johnson, Friendsville; Scott A. Jones, Montrose; Ashley E. Krizauskas, Clifford Twp.; Travis N. Laudeman, Springville; Carrie R. Lewis, Susquehanna; Nicole Marsicano, Vandling; Levi A. Matulevich, Hop Bottom; Danielle N. Mayes, Brackney; Bridget E. Mcnamara, Friendsville; Marika N. Merritt, Susquehanna; Erika A. Mills, Susquehanna; Matthew B. Morgan, Hop Bottom; Rita C. Munifo, Vandling; David T. Navickas, Hallstead; Andrew M. Nichols, New Milford; Kristin R. Olcese, Uniondale; Jane A. Osborn, Springville; Paul E. Propert, Susquehanna; Preston E. Propert, Susquehanna; Michelle Reagen, Montrose; Nathan A. Richardson, Vandling; Kenneth L. Robbins, Kingsley; Christopher M. Rowe, Browndale; Jacklyn S. Smith, Forest City; Michael J. Stahl, New Milford; Jonathan R. Torch, Vandling; Robin J. Tyborowski, Clifford Township; Sara F. Vanleuven, Vandling; Paul E. Zipprich, Hop Bottom.

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