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Turnpike Terrace Update
Major Applauds DEP On New Oil And Gas Office
Tom Robinson Has New Book In Printt

Turnpike Terrace Update
Submitted By Mary Heesh

Hello from Turnpike Terrace.

We had a lot of our friends in and out of the hospital last month. We hope they are feeling a lot better.

We had a lot of birthdays in January. Happy birthday everyone.

My car and a few others’ wouldn’t start. I called my son-in-law from Hobb’s and he got it going again. He is always there when I need him.

We lost two of our tenants in January: Ron Cleveland, who was a special man. He was so kind and a gentleman. We will miss him. Also Virginia Znamirowski. She was a sweet lady and loved to come to our parties. She baked a lot and passed everything on to her neighbors. She always had a smile. Our hearts go out to the families.

My girls took me out to dinner and a movie for my birthday.

We missed the Soulfire concert. It was so cold no one wanted to go outside. It was below zero when I went for the paper. But hopefully a few more months and warm weather.

Marian Glover and I went to Margaret Grave’s 80th birthday party. We had a good time and I saw a lot of people I used to work with.

I have a new great grandson. He missed my birthday by a few days. His name is Lincoln Alexander Hobbs.

Some doors are decorated for Valentine’s Day and they look nice.

Marsha missed a couple days up here, but she is back now.

I believe everyone is out of the hospital for now. We kept them pretty busy for a while.

That’s all for now, so take care and see you next time.

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Major Applauds DEP On New Oil And Gas Office

HARRISBURG - Rep. Sandra Major (R-Susquehanna/Wayne/Wyoming) congratulated the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on its plans to open a new Oil and Gas Management office in Scranton.

"This office will be a welcome addition with the new Marcellus Shale drilling sites across the region" Major said. "It will help oversee and respond to issues stemming from increased natural gas drilling."

DEP reports that the oil and gas staff currently spends a great deal of time traveling to Marcellus Shale drilling sites all across the northern tier. The new office will help reduce response time when performing inspections and monitoring activities at drilling sites. The closest office currently is in Williamsport.

The exact location of the office has not yet been determined, but will be centrally located to provide the department with easier access to the hundreds of natural gas wells that are expected to be drilled in the region.

On Jan. 28, Gov. Ed Rendell announced that DEP will hire 68 permitting and inspection staff, including 10 for the new Scranton office, in response to expectations that the industry will apply for 5,200 new Marcellus Shale drilling permits in 2010 - nearly three times the number of permits issued during 2009.

The additional staff will make sure drilling companies obey state laws and act responsibly to protect water supplies. Rendell also announced at the time that DEP will strengthen oil and gas regulations to improve well construction standards. These critical upgrades are designed to prevent gas leaks that can pose risks to the public and water quality.

Information regarding the new oil and gas positions can be found by visiting

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Tom Robinson Has New Book In Print

Enslow Publishers, Inc. of Berkeley Heights, NJ has released the latest book from Susquehanna native Tom Robinson.

Ben Roethlisberger: Gifted and Giving Football Star, Robinson’s 17th book, was released in January.

The 128-page biography of Roethlisberger is part of the Sports Stars Who Give Back series.

Enslow Publishers, Inc. has provided quality nonfiction series for young readers in grades K-12 since 1976. Titles are available directly from the publisher, major book distributors, retail book stores, and online retailers. A complete list of titles is available online at

Robinson, who specializes in books for middle-school readers, has completed manuscripts for three more books that are in the production stage and is currently writing his 21st book.

In addition to his work as an author, Robinson is a freelance sports writer and an editor of medical and educational books. His writing assignments include covering sports for the Susquehanna County Transcript. He is also a regular contributor to the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Hockey Web sites.

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