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COG Police Study Delayed Yet Again
College Asks Permission
Montrose Recessed
Courthouse Report
Silver Lake Twp. Police Report
Gibson Barracks Report

COG Police Study Delayed Yet Again


The members of the Susquehanna County Council of Governments (COG) has been awaiting results of the regional police study being put together by Greg Hostettler through DCED. Mr. Hostettler’s presentation has been delayed several times for various reasons but was expected at the December 15 meeting. However, Mr. Hostettler has been ill, and the presentation has been delayed yet again. Mr. Hostettler sent word that he expects to be able to attend the January meeting. Those municipalities who are not members of COG but who are participating in the study will be notified if he is, indeed expected to attend.

There was some discussion initiated by a guest at the meeting regarding property owners who may seek mineral assessments, prior to gas drilling. COG’s only involvement in the process would be if those property owners or their agents make inquiries about permits that had been issued for the properties. Those requesting information would be required to fill out a request form, listing exactly what information they are looking for.

COG Sewage

The executive committee had met the prior week to prepare next year’s budget. State reimbursements for sewage enforcement are at a considerably lower rate than had been anticipated. Permit requests are down, most likely because property owners are not seeking subdivisions while there are gas leases to be had. With a projected decrease in revenue, the only alternative is to raise permit fees. Cost cutting measures are also being taken. The office will be closed on Fridays and two staff members laid (off on Fridays). After discussion, a motion carried to adopt the 2010 budget. Action on the fee schedule was tabled until the January meeting so that all of the member municipalities can look it over before voting on it.

COG had conducted a letter campaign to state representatives protesting the cut in sewage reimbursements, and will continue to do so on an expanded scale, particularly to those who support environmental issues.

In other business, Brian Davis was approved as alternate SEO, on an as-needed basis. COG is required to have a soil scientist of record, and the one currently on retainer is retiring; the committee is actively seeking a new one.

And, DEP is requiring that any subdivision or development plan include accurate maps of any waterways on the property involved, showing where tributaries are and where they run, and whether they are of exceptional or high quality. The consensus was that this is yet another unfunded state mandate that COG will probably end up having to do.

COG Codes

A permit has been issued for the 24 unit senior housing project in Hallstead, and the sewage plan for the 24-unit senior housing project in Choconut has been approved and the permit issued.

Committee chair, Ted Plevinsky asked members to let any contractors they interact with know that COG’s reduced office hours are cost cutting measures, and are not intended to inconvenience them. He added that those he has had to deal with have been very understanding. Inspections scheduled for Fridays by BIU, the third-party inspector, will still take place, and the inspector(s) will be in the office on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:00.

There was some discussion about someone who could not obtain a permit because of some items that were missing, such as outlet designation and placement of attic access. The state does require a complete plan before any permit is issued; no partial permits can be issued.

The state building code will change after the first of the year. Any project currently in progress under the old codes will be permitted to go on, provided that timely documentation is provided and the project is proceeding in a timely manner. Any job started after December 31 must adhere to the new codes. New code books with the changes are available.

And, a motion carried to adopt the 2009 codes budget.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 19, at 7:00 p.m. at the COG offices in New Milford.

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College Asks Permission
By Melinda Darrow

Lackawanna College is looking to dispose of its waste in a rather unusual way, it was stated at the December 16 New Milford Township meeting. Representatives from the college were in attendance to request permission for stage one of the plan, utilization of a 4500 gallon holding tank. Permission for this was received. Director of the New Milford branch of the college, Ryan Stalker, outlined the progress which the college has achieved thus far at its New Milford site, three acres in Gibson just off the highway. Five modular buildings and one larger building have been erected. The steel building is slated to be a natural gas technology lab, for which one of the local gas and oil companies donated a lot of equipment. It is the site’s first year for this program; expansion into other programs is planned as well. After this overview, the township’s solicitor, Mr. Briechle, called an executive session. It was then that the true nature of the grander sewage disposal plan was discussed.

The college hopes to erect a greenhouse system, where plants would clean and break down the waste. It is hoped, then, that the return water could be used to supply or supplement the non-potable water for the complex. This system would operate differently than a leach field; which the college didn’t have the land to pursue. This would be a new endeavor for this area; one representative stated that he believed there to be only one other like it in the state. The consultant working with them, it was further explained, is the only person in the state licensed to do it. It was called a great addition environmentally. One visitor also suggested that the college might look into the possibility of the plants to treat frack fluids, though the conversation didn’t go very far.

Speaking of gas leases, the township stated that they would once again be putting out their land for gas lease, although there has not yet been much interest in the 12 acres. It was asked by one man in the audience whether they would be beholden to accept any bid they received, and suggested that the supervisors wait until a company approached them.

The 2010 budget was approved, including the .61 increase in taxes for the fire department, and the half mill increase for the township itself. Mr. Bevans asked why Mr. Hunter had voted against the raise the month previous, and it was responded that he, while feeling the fire company increase to be necessary, had not desired the other raise.

The township once again approved the Emergency Operations Plan for Susquehanna County, which had been updated. As in the past, the plan, compliant with NIMS, was written for the municipalities to adopt. When asked if they had to accept the document, Mr. Hunter responded that the township either had to accept the one they were given, or come up with its own.

Amy Hine was given permission to complete her tax collector duties in the township's hall. It was stated that she would be accepting appointments.

Complaints regarding Carey Road were discussed, where debris being tracked down the road from the work of B&S led to slippery conditions. The supervisors related that PennDOT told them they did address it, and that the area had been broomed off. Also, it was related, a lady from the main office of B&S had called and stated they were willing to move ahead to stop any problems, and were willing to address it if problems were to arise. They had said that they wanted to be good neighbors. Mr. Bevans asked who those concerned should contact. It was answered that they could either contact the supervisors, or the state directly. Also, it was stated, the jake brake signs and the speed limit signs had been erected at the request of the people.

Mr. Bevans reported that someone had told him the supervisors were in the process of turning the road over to B.S. Quarries. Later in the night Jaelynn Goff brought the subject back up. She stated that she had been told it would be possible to sell the road, rather than turning it over. She suggested that, where it to be turned over, it be sold instead. The supervisors seemed quite befuddled as from whence this rumor had even originated, as it had first been brought up about two years ago, and nothing had been done regarding the matter since. The supervisors, it was reiterated, had no intentions of either selling or giving up the road. Also, when they had contacted PSATS, it was reported, they were told they could not in fact sell the road.

Mr. Bevans brought up the East Lake campground. He asked about cesspools, wondering what had changed that cesspools might be allowed. It was answered that there were not any cesspools at the campground. There were various tanks, which both the township's engineer and the camp's engineer had examined. Also, Mr. Briechle explained, cesspools are not illegal. If it had been in existence prior to 1972, so long as it did not malfunction, its use wasn't altered, or it was not changed or expanded, it was allowable under DEP's provisions.

It was also stated that DEP told the township what could be used at the campground; the township had not told DEP. The camp was in violation, and a cure was sought for this, as civil fines were pursued. Now, it was said, it was the judge's decision. The township hadn't given him all he wanted, parts of it were cut out. He has to come up to compliance. Mr. Briechle stated that they held strong on a lot of issues. Mr. Bevans expressed his opinion that after all they did, they received nothing. Mr. Hunter, argued that point, stating that Mr. Young does have to come into compliance. It was said that the township isn't happy with the situation either, that they have asked for significant civil fines. Enforcing the law, though, is expensive.

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Montrose Recessed
By Melinda Darrow

Due to conflicts arising from the annual legislative mandate that school boards reorganize during the first week of the month, the regular meeting of the Montrose borough was not covered by this paper. When asked, at the recessed meeting, if anything important had happened, representatives of the borough responded that yes, it had, but one could read the minutes to find out what. When the minutes were requested, it was responded that they had not yet been approved. Thus it is unknown what occurred at that first open meeting, but the recessed meeting, on the third Tuesday, was attended. Various things were discussed that evening.

Deb Nagle attended to present a report on the progress of the Streetscape project. She stated that it was essentially complete, according to the engineers, though some work still remains to be done. It was queried as to whether or not the engineers were supposed to put a reverse slope in the alleys, so that they drained in the middle. Ms. Nagle responded that they were, but that it hadn't been done. However, it was said, they were very well sealed. This led to a discussion of the water in the sporting goods store. Mr. Reimel recommended that she talk to the PAWC, which has a way to identify if it is their water (as in a broken pipe) or natural water. Some of what remains, Ms. Nagle explained, will probably have to wait until spring.

The matter of dimming the lights was again broached. Ms. Nagle responded that she had asked the question, and was told the only way to do so would be to put in lower watt bulbs. Currently, at the rate it was going, it was estimated that the borough might spend $6,000 a year on this lighting. Further discussion was to be held, perhaps after further research. The request had also been made that the pole street lights be turned off.

Ms. Nagle then asked the council a question on behalf of local people who were confused. What, she queried, was being done about parking. The signs were up stating that the borough was chalking tires, but meters were in place as well. This left parkers uncertain if they ought to feed the meters or not. It was decided that the signs would be taken down, though the borough could, should they so choose, both chalk tires and require meters to be fed.

It was then asked if there was validity to the rumor that, even if a meter were fed, a car might need to be moved every two hours. This would affect those who worked in the area, and might park in a spot for eight hours. It was answered that this was true, that the borough could enforce a car needing to be moved every two hours. The purpose of meters, it was explained, was not to bring in revenue but to turn over parking. If those who worked in the area parked in a spot for the entire day, those who might visit area businesses could be left without parking. Different methods of parking enforcement had been attempted, it was stated, and the meters worked pretty well. Furthermore, it was said, a survey of the businesses had been done, and those that responded wanted the meters left. The difference to this rule, is Chestnut street, where 10 hour parking is still allowed.

CEO David Darrow then spoke of a fire ordinance, which could protect the borough in the event of house fires. Currently, if the insurance company settled with the insuree prior to the appropriate interaction with the borough, it might be possible for the borough to be stuck with the demolition of the site. He recommended working on an ordinance which would prevent this from occurring.

A man had shown up at the borough, a union rep, wanting to see the payroll for the new borough building to ensure that prevailing wage was being paid. He said that he wanted to make sure it was, as he had workers who weren't working. It was stated, as this was being discussed, that the borough was not in charge of payroll. Part of why the decision to go modular had been made was because of the cost difference the lack of prevailing wage with this kind of construction made.

Mr. Reimel then scrutinized the budget, which would represent a 2 mill tax increase from 14 to 16 mills (plus the 1% earned income tax). He asked, after finding more money coming in than seemed absolutely necessary, why taxes would be raised two mills when one would do it. Various people at the meeting proposed places where that extra mill might be used, in furnishing for the new building or a cushion for the construction, etc. Mr. Reimel stated that he didn't have any problem with putting it in if it was needed, but that people would wonder why it was raised two mills when one would do. He explained that most of this, in the end, is to save taxpayers money in the long run. It would allow the loan to be paid off in perhaps ten years instead of thirty, and would keep the mills low all along. This was to be advertised the Monday after the meeting.

The building itself was reported to be progressing well. Mr. Yeager's work in pushing the project ahead was acknowledged.

The ice skating rink was mentioned. It successfully had begun to hold water, and a woman had offered to loan the borough equipment which would smooth the ice, kind of like a garden hose, walk-behind zamboni.

The house bill 1500 was mentioned, which would charge municipalities not having full-time police money to utilize the state police. The police chief explained that he had run the numbers, and for around $20,000 the current force's hours could be expanded to meet the requirement, whereas it would take around $80,000 should the borough fall victim to the potential legislation. Mr. Yeager asked that the council take a formal stance against the bill, and it was unanimously voted that they would do so. It was decided that Jack write a letter to this effect.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren P. Ficarro


PHH Mortgage Corporation (by POA) to Ray M. and Kathleen L. Ellinger, in Dimock Township for $57,200.00.

HSBC Bank to Carol A. Ho, in Herrick Township for $36,000.00.

Lisa M. and Frank B., III Barhight to Lisa M. and Frank B., III Barhight, in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Diana R. Barros to Shandon and Colleen Hart, in Ararat Township for $35,000.00.

Patricia L. Delousia to Michael J. and Emily S. Hegedus, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Roy and Linda Silfee to Merrion Oil & Gas Corporation, in Harford Township for $100.00.

Allen G. and Lisa M. Jones to Nancy J. Myers, in Lathrop Township for $13,000.00.

Terry J. and Wanda M. Rockwell to Dana and Jennifer Rivera Rockwell, in Susquehanna for one dollar.

Heidi Brown to Troy A. Brown, in Harmony Township for one dollar.

George Calabro (by POA) to Dale A. and Susan M. Gaylord, in Thompson Township for $42,000.00.

Dolores A. Swetland to Eugene, Dawn, James, Norma, Roger and Priscilla Swetland, Sally and James Pepper and Sandra and Charles Williams, in Rush Township for one dollar.

Francis R. Disalvo to Anthony Disalvo, in Hallstead Borough for one dollar.

Michelle L. Davis (by sheriff) to Kondaur Capital Corporation, in Forest City for $2,943.68.

George and Donna Bleck to Lisa J. Schmidt and John N. Bleck, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Matthew J. and Janyce A. Simonetti to Jeffery L. and Patricia L. Zepkowski, in Susquehanna for $65,720.00.

Timothy and Kristine Loomis to Hilda E. Franklin, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Shawn and Tracy Mudge to Richard W. Craig, in Clifford Township for $151,031.00.

George C. and Deborah D. Ludwig to George C. Ludwig, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

JPF Enterprises, Joseph P., Jr. (TADBA) and Michael (TADBA) Franceski to Zephaniah and Britney Marion, in Forest City for $117,021.00.

Douglas L. and Michelle K. Haberle to Distant Ventures LP, in Liberty Township for $150,000.00.

Terrence and Betty Gangaware to Mario Fasullo, in Bridgewater Township for $163,500.00.

Andrew D. Allen to Adrew D. Allen, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Andrew D. Allen to Michael L. and Karen A. Allen, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Andrew D. Allen to Adam M. Allen, in Harford Township for one dollar.

John M. and Anne M. Halpin to Matthew A. and Kelly Goff, in Hallstead Borough for $93,000.00.


Lisa Weidow of Lawton vs. Shaun R. Weidow of Dimock, married 2001.

Ilona Scroggins vs. Gregory Luce, both of Brackney, married 2005.

Richard K. Hacker of Hallstead vs. Ava J. Hacker of Binghamton, married 1986.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has bench warrants for the following individuals as of 9:33 a.m. on December 18, 2009.

Antonio L. Alcantara, Duane Aldrich, David P. Atherholt, Jr., Erika L. Back, William D. Barton, Keith B. Beach, Neeko A. Beahan, Harold R. Bensley, David Shawn Blaisure, Joseph Bonavita, Howard A. Burns, III, Robert B. Carrier, Beverly A. Carvin, Darryl M. Chaffee, Christopher J. Clark, Edward J. Dickson, Jr., Deborah L. Drish, Keith Edwards, Jr., Christina Elmy, David J. Fischer, Ryan M. Forder, Kelly Fox, Racheal L. Frisbie, Deborah E. Gould, George Graham, David Haines, Jr., John J. Hall, Suzanne R. Hansen, Amanda L. Henderickson, William N. Hendrickson, Kenneth M. Kintner, Eric C. Kohlhepp, Erik E. Krisovitch, Lee Labor, Joshua Lee, Charlie J. Legere, Carlos L. Leiser, Jason Lindquist, Eric Lynn, Patricia J. Marrero, Bradley W. Megivern, Joseph Mershon, Kimberly L. Mershon, David N. Miller, Joseph C. Moore, Robert A. Muzzy, Shane Nelson, Anthony Neri, Benjamin Newell, Ryan A. Rhoads, Timothy W. Rogers, Robert A. Ryman, David J. Shiner, Richard D. Shoemaker, Darin Sink, Duane Spencer, Donald Louis Stocks, Garrett M. Thomas, Keith W. Vroman, John Wansacz, Jr., Jamie L. Williams, Roderic R. Williams, Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., Patrick L. Yachymiak, Karl David Zantowsky.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals.

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Silver Lake Twp. Police Report
Submitted By Silver Lake Twp. Police Dept.


On October 3, SLTPD arrested Daniel Preston of Apalachin, NY for driving under the influence of alcohol, PAVC 3802, after a traffic stop for speeding at 81.4 mph in a 45 mph zone on SR29, Franklin Township.


On October 11, SLTPD was dispatched to a dispute in progress involving a separated couple with custody disagreements. The couple and children were dispersed until further court action can take place.


On October 17, SLTPD was dispatched to a domestic dispute between a common law couple involving several children. The couple were separated and one party was transported to NY State for the interim.


On October 18, SLTPD was dispatched to a physical and verbal dispute in Silver Lake Township between adult boyfriend and girlfriend. The parties were separated for the weekend.


On October 17, Gladys Barney of Brackney reported that some inexpensive jewelry had been taken from her home on SR167. No suspects have been identified at this time. This incident is still under investigation.


On October 20, SLTPD was requested to assist the PA Fish Commission with a possible mentally confused boater. The initial call was for assistance from the Fire Company for a boat away from shore and leaking.


On October 21, SL police was requested to assist PSP in Middletown Township for a man shooting at his neighbors with a gun.


On October 22, Jerry Sullivan of Franklin Township reported that several political signs for Mark Cramer had been taken or damaged.


On October 24, a search was initiated for the whereabouts of 9 yr. old Johnathan Wert of Montrose. He was suspected to be in the Salt Springs Park or Montrose areas. He was eventually found in the Montrose area.


On October 24, a routine traffic stop resulted in several traffic and license violations as well as the arrest of Rodney Oakley, wanted on a warrant.


On October 25, SLTPD responded to the Brackney Inn for a criminal mischief incident. The call came from the owner of the Inn. The large Inn sign had been knocked over and some porch boards had been damaged.


On October 26, SLTPD officers came upon a two car MVA on SR29 in Franklin Forks. The accident had just happened and one lane was blocked with the two vehicles. One unit was hit in the rear as it was attempting to make a left turn. The other vehicle was at fault for not having the vehicle under control and bad tires.


On October 28, Jamaine Bullard reported his ex-girlfriend, Valene Povish, stole his vehicle. Charges were filed, the vehicle was recovered and the suspect was arrested.


On October 30, SLTPD was dispatched to Steam Hollow Road, Franklin Township, for a suspicious person walking around a home and looking into the windows with a flashlight. The witness stated he chased the person threw the woods and field area near the home. He gave a description of the person and a search was conducted.


On October 31, the C.C. dispatched for a MVA on Lake Sophia Road. Upon arrival at the scene, the vehicle involved had left the scene. A witness stated that she heard a vehicle hit the speed limit sign, but was unable to give a description of the vehicle.


On October 31, the C.C. dispatched SLTPD to the Brackney Inn for two disorderly persons at the bar and one was brandishing a knife and trying to pick a fight. Upon SLTPD arrival at the bar the individuals had fled in a Ford pickup truck with possibly Canadian or Vermont plates. No one was injured. SLTPD searched the area and other bars in the vicinity.


On November 1, SLTPD responded to a one-vehicle rollover accident on Progy Road, Silver Lake Township. No driver was present. Investigation of the accident reveled that the driver, Cory J. Ellsworth of Binghamton, NY was driving under suspension, no vehicle insurance and had drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Ellsworth was charged with several violations and is scheduled for a court hearing.


On November 9, Sheryl Boyle of Brackney, PA was attacked and bitten by a boxer dog near the Conaty residence as she was walking home from her bus driving duty in Silver Lake Township. Richard Hull, also of Brackney, owns the dog. Mrs. Boyle was transported to Wilson Hospital in Johnson City for treatment. This incident is under investigation.


On November 9, David Cicon of New Milford was driving a Dodge pickup truck and struck a deer on SR4002 near John C. McNamara Drive. The deer became embedded underneath the vehicle and broke the transmission and steering mechanism causing the truck to travel out of control. The truck then struck a vehicle driven by Brianna Strope of Brackney before crashing into a steep bank. Miss Strope was transported to a Binghamton area hospital for injuries and observation. Both vehicles appeared to be totaled and were towed from the scene.


On November 9, Mary Singer reported a possible break-in at the Dawn Cook residence on Steam Hollow Road, Franklin Township. Suspicious persons were seen fleeing the scene as the family and friends returned from shopping. Nothing was apparently taken and SLTPD and PSP Gibson searched the area.


On November 11, Timothy Emery of Beaver Falls, PA, was traveling north on SR167 in a 1996 Plymouth Neon with three passengers when he failed to negotiate a curve near Kennedy Road. The vehicle went off of the roadway and crashed into a tree injuring one of the passengers who was transported to Wilson Hospital. The driver was sited for unsafe speed.


On November 13, a third party called in a physical and verbal confrontation in Franklin Township, between an adult female and her boyfriend. The parties were separated for the night and no charges filed. Adult probation will also be involved.


On November 13, Pat Witek from Philedelphia, PA, and also living in Franklin Township, reported that someone had made several phone calls from her residence in Franklin Township while she was out of town. SLTPD also had a 911 hang-up call at the residence during this period. This incident is still under investigation.


On November 22, Richard Kocak, in Silver Lake Township, reported that his mailbox was smashed. Investigation at the scene showed that someone had strayed off of the roadway and struck the box with a pick-up truck tearing off the remote control side mirror of the truck


On November 24, SLTPD came upon a vehicle in Franklin Township that had hit and killed a deer. The driver and passengers were not injured and the vehicle suffered only minor front-end damage.


On November 28, Cory Simon was driving his Dodge Dakota west on Pops Hobby Road and then crossed SR167 towards Quinn Road when he failed to negotiate the turn onto Quinn and went into the ditch and struck a tree. The vehicle was towed and no one was injured.


On November 27, Juanita Homer reported an attempted break-in at her residence on Lake Sophia.


On November 30, a domestic dispute erupted in Silver Lake Township between a mother and daughter. No one was injured.

Any information or questions for the Silver Lake Township Police, please call 570-278-6818 or e-mail All information will be held strictly confidential. Visit the Silver Lake Township website at to see all of Silver Lake Townships’ news, profiles and resources, including the police reports.

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Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


On December 16 at 7:15 p.m., Christopher Blosser of Spencer Roane, WV was traveling northbound on SR 29 in Springville Twp. when he entered the southbound lane, into the travel path of Kelley Ellsworth of South Montrose. Ellsworth swerved right to avoid a head on impact and struck a wire fence, going into a pasture. Her vehicle traveled approximately 135 feet through the pasture, striking a drainage ditch and overturning before coming to rest on its roof facing easterly. Both drivers were utilizing seatbelts; neither was injured.


On December 14, at 3:30 a.m., Thomas Davis of Union Dale was traveling southbound on SR 171 in Forest City Borough when he lost control of his vehicle on an icy road. The Buick Regal exited the roadway and struck an embankment and drainage culvert. Davis was transported via ambulance to Marian Community Hospital in Carbondale for treatment of minor injuries; he was wearing a seatbelt.


On December 15 Michael Davern of New Milford Twp. reportedly had his mail box smashed. That same night, the mailbox of Victor Smith suffered a similar fate.


On December 13, at 1:30 p.m., an unknown driver was traveling eastbound on SR 171, in a dodge stratus. He or she lost control on the road surface made slippery due to winter conditions, while negotiating a left hand curve in the roadway. The stratus crossed the opposing lane of traffic and left the roadway, striking a dirt embankment and causing minor damage to the front of the car. The incident occurred on State Hwy. 171 in Great Bend Twp.


On December 12, at 2:01 p.m., an unknown driver was traveling on State Route 11 in New Milford Twp. At the same time, Gary and Cheryl Matulevich of Hop Bottom were on that road. The accident occurred as the unknown driver was traveling south, and turned left into the Endless Mountains Lodge without yielding to oncoming traffic. He was struck by the Matalevich's vehicle, causing both units to end up on the property of the Endless Mountains Lodge. The operator of the offending vehicle fled the scene without providing information to the driver or passenger of the other vehicle. The offending vehicle sustained passenger side front quarter panel and front bumper area damage, based on the evidence left at the scene. The Matulevich's vehicle had minor damage to its driver side front quarter panel and front bumper area. Ms. Matulevich went to the hospital on her own; both persons in that car were utilizing seat belts.


On December 10, at 9:07 p.m., Britney Cross of Susquehanna was traveling west on SR 492 in Jackson Twp. when her vehicle spun out of control, rolling over and impacting a barn. The report stated that Cross will be cited as a result of this investigation.


On December 8, at 3:43 p.m., a juvenile male from Little Meadows was traveling east on SR 4007 in Forest Lake Twp. when his vehicle went off the road and he lost control, striking large rocks off the south berm. The report stated that he would be cited as a result of this investigation.


On December 13, at approximately 2:30 p.m., a crash occurred on State Hwy. 492 in New Milford Twp. which involved 10 people. All involved were utilizing some sort of seatbelt; none were injured. The incident occurred as Angela Guzy of New Milford was traveling westbound on that road with three passengers, while Shelly Stanton of Susquehanna and Clyde Gorton of Union Dale (each with two passengers) were traveling eastbound. At a certain point Guzy failed to properly negotiate a left hand curve in the roadway, having gone onto the shoulder and lost control. Her vehicle veered back onto the roadway and into the opposing lane of travel, striking Stanton's vehicle before spinning approximately 180 degrees counterclockwise and being struck in turn by Gorton's. It then spun an additional 90 degrees counterclockwise before coming to a rest on the westbound berm facing west.


On December 13, at 6:26 a.m., Abralyn Weidow of Susquehanna was traveling on SR 92, southbound. At this same time Hayden Sutton of Clarks Summit was traveling northbound. A deer ran onto the road in front of Weidow from the right, which she proceeded to collide with, causing her vehicle to swing into the opposing lane and strike Sutton's vehicle. The Malibu then continued into the west ditch, and came to rest on its side. Sutton's Chevrolet 2500 traveled further north, and was then able to get off the road to the east shoulder. Minor injuries were sustained by Sutton; both were utilizing seat belts. As of the time of report, there were to be no citations issued for this crash.


On December 13, at 3:24 p.m., Thomas Blaisure of Montrose was traveling west on T641 in Forest Lake Twp. when he lost control of his vehicle, which exited the roadway, struck several trees, and rolled over onto its left side. Parks towed it from the scene. No fire or EMS responded. Blaisure was not injured; he was utilizing a seat belt.


On December 13, at 3:13 p.m., an unnamed traveler was driving on State Hwy. in Bridgewater Twp., north. At this same time another unnamed driver was traveling south. The first vehicle, a 2004 Dodge Ram, swerved into the southbound lane and struck the second, a 2000 Buick Lesabra. No fire or EMS responded.


On December 13 at 1:30 p.m. Tod Carter of Dimock was traveling north on SR 29, when the road was slush and ice covered. As he was traveling north, a slight left hand curve in the road approached. Carter lost control of his unit and traveled out of his lane onto the east berm and impacted with several small trees located approximately 35 feet off the east berm. After impact, the vehicle came to a final rest facing north east into the trees. Carter was not injured; he was utilizing a lap and shoulder belt.


Between the 28th and 29th Silverado Foods in Great Bend Borough was burglarized via the rear garage door. A latch with a lock was pried open, with what appears to have been a blunt object. The various mobile freezers were approached, and 5 cases of chicken and beef were removed. Each case contained 6 individual boxes of chicken or beef, with a brand name of Direct USA. A total of 36 separate boxes were taken before the scene was fled.


On December 9, at 7:15 a.m., Richard Hunter of New Milford was traveling northbound on SR 848, plowing snow. At a certain point the Mack Granite slid on the ice/snow covered road while negotiating a curve, and slid off the east berm striking a mail box and two utility poles before coming to a rest. As a result of the utility poles being struck, utility wires were pulled from two homes, causing damage to the same. Hunter was not injured; the vehicle was driven from the scene.


On December 10 at 1:34 p.m., Jamie Walker of Altamonte Springs, FL was traveling north along SR 81 when his vehicle exited the roadway to the right. The Freightliner Columbia 120 continued off the road and rode the embankment, then striking a highway sign referencing the next exit number. The truck still continued to travel in a northerly direction and on down an embankment, before subsequently striking a tree. Walker was transported to Montrose Hospital where he was treated and released for a complaint of pain in his left leg. He was utilizing a seatbelt.


On December 2, at 5:58 p.m., an unnamed driver operating a Chevrolet cavalier was stopped at the northbound stop sign where SR 2081 meets SR 848. At this time a Kenworth Conventional was traveling west on 848 and was turning left onto SR 2081. The truck made the turn too tight, and its trailer went into the northbound lane of 2081 and crossed over the top of the cavalier. The edge of the trailer struck the cavalier on the driver's side edge of the windshield, causing minor damage.


On November 23, at 9:30 a.m., Lillian Yager of Oneonta, NY was entering the welcome center off Interstate 81 in Great Bend Twp. and struck an object lying in the roadway. The object was determined to be part of a brake drum from a large truck. After striking the object, Yager was able to pull off onto the right berm. She was not injured, and was utilizing a seatbelt.


On November 18, at 4:55 p.m., Attila Szespesi was traveling down the exit ramp of Interstate 81, entering the welcome center. Szepesi failed to negotiate a right hand curve in the roadway and hit the curb, traveling over the curb and striking a traffic sign before continuing southerly and impacting a small tree and a second sign post. The Chevrolet impala traveled approximately 50 feet before coming to rest in the grass area o the welcome center facing south.


On December 9, between the hours of 6 and 11 p.m. the right front tire and rim were removed off a 2000 Dodge stratus, prior to the scene being fled. The incident occurred at Johnson Motors in Lenox Twp.


PSP Gibson is investigating a burglary at the Corner Shop on Erie Ave. in Susquehanna Borough. During the commission of the crime, a small amount of money was taken and a door damaged. The total loss is approximately $100.


On December 9 at 10:30 p.m., Michael Philip Carney of Fort Worth, TX was traveling northbound on I 81 in the right lane. Failing to negotiate a left hand curve caused the 2003 International TT to roll onto its right side and come to a rest in the roadway, closing the interstate. Carney was transported by Clifford Ambulance to CMC in Scranton for treatment of unknown minor injuries. It was unknown at time of report if he was seat belted at the time. When the report was written the interstate was still closed, and traffic was detoured off of exit 206 north bound.


On December 9, at 4:00 p.m., 100 percocet pills prescribed to a Susquehanna woman were stolen. If anyone has information regarding this incident, please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.


On December 8, at 7:55 a.m., Sheri Decker of Windsor was traveling northbound on SR 1009 when a juvenile male walked out from behind a parked vehicle on the east shoulder and into the side of Decker's vehicle. The boy was transported to Wilson Regional Hospital in Johnson City, for injury's of unknown severity at the time o report.


On December 6, the H.O. Mart in New Milford Twp. was burglarized. An undetermined amount of money and merchandise was stolen. Anyone with information is asked to contact PSP Gibson.


On December 5 at 10:20 p.m. Donalda Goehring of Binghamton was traveling south on Interstate 81 in Lenox Township when, while attempting to negotiate a right hand curve on a bridge, she lost control of her vehicle. The Ford Mustang struck the concrete barriers on both shoulders due to the icy road conditions. Both Goehring and a passenger were transported to CMC Hospital for non life threatening injuries; both were utilizing seatbelts. Goehring was to be cited for driving vehicle at safe speed, as of the time of report.


On the same date, time, and township as the last report, Robert Jenkins of South Gibson also lost control of his vehicle while attempting to negotiate a right hand curve, and struck the concrete barriers on both the left and right shoulder of the road. His vehicle sustained heavy front bumper area damage due to the impact. Jenkins was utilizing a seatbelt; he related no injuries. He was to be cited for driving vehicle at safe speed as of the time of report.


On the same date, time, and township as the previous two reports, Patricia Milizio of Merrick, NY, Thomas Cahill of Wantagh, NY, and a driver not named in the report were all traveling south on Interstate 81. Milizio, as traveling uphill on the brigs, attempting to negotiate a right hand curve, struck Cahill's vehicle, which was attempting to get out of the lanes of travel after striking concrete barriers due to icy road conditions. After impacting with Cahill's vehicle, Milizio continued to travel south where she then made impact with the their vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma (perhaps that of Robert Jenkins) which was already disabled from a previous crash. Milizio's mini cooper came to a final rest upon this impact. Cahill's vehicle was pushed toward the concrete barrier on the right shoulder southbound after being struck. All three vehicles required towing. The passenger's of Cahill's vehicle were transported to Mercy Hospital in Scranton, PA for further evaluation. All three operators were to be cited for driving vehicle at safe speed as of time of report. All persons were wearing seatbelts.


On December 5, at 10:29 p.m., an unknown driver was traveling south on SR 171 when he traveled into the northbound lane and struck the driver's side mirror of a vehicle driven by Danielle Glover of Thompson. The unbeknown driver did not stop and continued south on SR 171.


On December 5, at 5:59 p.m., Carol Mead was traveling east on State Route 848 in Gibson Twp. when her vehicle exited the roadway and struck an embankment, rolling onto its roof. The Grand Vitara sustained damage to its roof as a result of the roll. Mead was transported to Barnes-Kasson Hospital for further evaluation; she was utilizing a seat belt. She was to be cited for driving vehicle at safe speed and driving on roadways laned for traffic at time of report.

If anyone has information regarding any of these incidents, please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.

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