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Elk Lake Taxpayers Protest Expansion
By Melinda Darrow

The Elk Lake and SCCTC school board meetings ran for close to four hours on October 20, even without the usual extended executive session at the beginning of the meeting (though there was a brief one partway through) and despite only a short recess between the meetings. The reason the unusually well-attended evening was of such lengthy duration lay with the dissatisfaction of a particularly voluble subset of taxpayers, in attendance to protest the proposed expansion of the vo-tech center. Apparently the public response was a reaction to the public hearing held a week or two prior, though it had not lasted as long. At the hearing, it was stated, there had not been as much room for give-and-take between the board and the visitors. (This term is used to differentiate between the two parties for, as it was pointed out, the board members are community members and tax-payers.) After the exchange that evening, some in attendance relate their appreciation that opinions had been heard.

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COG Police Study Delayed, Again


The members of the Council of Governments (COG) had expected to host Greg Hostettler at their October 20 meeting. Mr. Hostettler is working through DCED to prepare a feasibility study of what would be involved for members to form their own regional police departments and had expected to present the completed report at their October meeting. But, Mr. Hostettler communicated that due to unforeseeable professional and personal events, he has not been able to complete the report, but does expect to have it completed by the November meeting. Several of those present commented on their interest in hearing the report's findings, especially with the possibility of HB1500 being enacted by state legislators. If HB1500 does get passed, municipalities will face a State Police “service fee” if they do not have full-time police coverage, whether it be by their own departments, or through a contractual agreement with a neighboring municipality.

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