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What A Turkey!

Dairy farmers around the country will fully realize the turkey they receive for Thanksgiving this year will be a payment of $13.62 per cwt on their advance check for the first 15 days of milk delivered in November. What an insult to dairy farmers! You mean to say this is the best advance price that dairy farmers can receive on their milk?

For the last year, these same farmers have experienced tremendous inflation in their cost of production. Certainly, in the year 2008, dairy farmers should be and must be treated with a much better price than $13.62 per cwt. Some people will say the price will even-out on the dairy farmers’ final pay price around December 16. This is true, but their final price will be influenced by the $13.62 per cwt price and, unfortunately, all other low Class prices.

This must change. To those who say, “Dairy farmers must accept the volatility in milk prices,” I say, “You should milk the cows for awhile, and then see what you think!”

It was refreshing to read the article by Dan Smith and Paul Christ in Hoards Dairyman (September 25, 2008) regarding the need for a new pricing formula for dairy farmers. Likewise, in the same issue, Hoards Dairyman editors referred to the need for a new milk pricing formula.

I am sure that everyone knows that Pro Ag and the National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC) have been advocating the need for a new, realistic milk pricing formula for many years. While the Smith-Christ proposal has opened the doors for more discussions, it still is our strong belief that any new pricing formula must be constructed that will enable our dairy farmers to cover their cost of production.

It is time to get rid of the “Milk Income Loss Contract” (MILC) payment provision, and allow dairy farmers to obtain a realistic price from the marketplace. We also think it is time to manage the supply of milk in the United States in a way other than by killing cows.

Dairy farmers continue to wonder why the milk hearings that have been held during the last 10 years always end up either costing dairy farmers additional funds (like hauling costs) or lowering milk prices through processor “make allowances,” etc. These same dairymen are insisting that action must be taken to consider dairy farms’ costs (for a change!).

In order to obtain a milk hearing for dairy farmers, the National Family Farm Coalition is embarking on a mission to gain support for a unified effort with many farm organizations to obtain a new milk hearing. If you are a dairy farmer, or if you represent an organization that would like to participate in this endeavor, you may call Pro Ag at (570) 833-5776 (or e-mail: proagorg@yahoo.com) or National Family Farm Coalition at 800-639-3276 (or e-mail: nffc@nffc.net).


Arden Tewksbury

Manager, Pro Ag

Scrooge Arrives Early

Halloween has just ended, Thanksgiving is not here yet, and Christmas is still six weeks away, yet the classic character Scrooge, from the Christmas novel by Charles Dickens “ A Christmas Carol” has reared his ugly head here in our fair town of Susquehanna. His target is our fine and respectable business that has been supported by friends, fellow patrons and customers for 15 years. Our store has just celebrated this month, 15 years of continued business here serving Susquehanna Boro and the surrounding areas.

We are very proud of our store and business, “ Video King and Baha Tanning.” However, Scrooge is on the warpath for higher stakes; it seems the NEPA Community Health Care which is currently located at the Barnes Kasson Hospital is willing to pay Scrooge a lot more money for rent than what “Video King” currently pays or has been paying. Video King isn’t just a place to come and rent or buy movies, etc. but is also a server of three different tanning rooms, “Baha Tanning” which is a very popular amenity to the many who use it.

Video King is very proud to serve all our patricians and customers, not just here in Susquehanna, but outlying areas like Lanesboro, Jackson, New Milford, Thompson, Windsor, Starrucca, Deposit, etc.

Do you all know that we support our schools and hospital by giving free rentals to them for special functions, and we also donate to any benefit; whether it is local or not, we always give a donation.

It seems they want to close us down, kick us out and bring the health center here, and all for big and higher bucks.

We currently have three employees here in the Video King, who in these economic times are all struggling to make ends meet. We have families, children and bills to pay, so if Video King closes, what will come of us?

Video King has not only been good business for this community, but also for our landlord. We have been very loyal to him as tenants for 15 years, and we supported him in every way we possibly can. So what he is trying to do to us now is not only a slap in the face, but a betrayal to us at Video King, but most of all to all of you out there in Susquehanna Boro and the surrounding area. If you will help us, if you will stand by us, if you will fight for us and with us, you and us together will hopefully send a strong message to Scrooge and the health center, that no one would like to see our local video store close its doors.

We have always appreciated your business, and we will always continue to appreciate your business. We are not closed, so please stop in and use our services and help continue to support our business. Please stop in and sign our petition.

Let us all send a clear and strong message, that none of us are happy campers and that this video is really turning out to be a real horror flick.


Employees of Video King

Susquehanna, PA

A Great Success

The Susquehanna Fire Department wishes to take this opportunity to thank the American Legion Post #86 for the benefit that they recently held on behalf of the fire department. It was a great success, enjoyed by everyone who attended. This benefit goes to show the commitment the Legion has for the community, and the fire department in particular.


Steve Glover

Fire Chief

Just A Reminder

This is a reminder that the Susquehanna Depot Area Historical Society will be having a very important meeting on November 20, at the Susquehanna Borough Building at 7:00 p.m. We will be voting to dissolve the museum at this meeting. If you have any interest at all, please be at that meeting.


Carl Tanner, President

Clay Martin. Vice President

Janet Hartt, Secretary

Elaine R. Kaiser, Treasurer


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Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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