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Literacy Commends The Community

The 14th annual Apple Festival could not have happened without the generous support of the community. Several local businesses lent their support to the festival by hanging our banner, moving and storing items for us and providing the hot dog cart, complete with delicious hot dogs. One business person was instrumental in coordinating the sanctioned bike races through the beautiful Endless Mountains.

Many businesses contributed theme baskets or items for theme baskets. This is a very popular tent at the festival. The baskets are now being enjoyed by the winners.

Not to be forgotten are the individuals who contributed, worked, and attended the festival. Without their help, the festival could not take place. We invite you to check out a complete listing at http://www.susqctyliteracy.org/apple.php.


The Board and Staff

Susquehanna County Literacy Program

The Train Was Coming!

The average American citizen is shaking his head in disbelief concerning the investment firms’ financial problems on Wall Street. Where were the watchdogs? Where were the oversight agencies that are supposed to sound the alarm long before the crisis took place?

Look at the auditing that our local banks go through to protect their depositors. Aren’t these investment firms scrutinized? Remember, these firms are working on other people’s money.

While I talked to thousands of consumers and workers for the last six to eight years, it was easy to understand that the train was coming. Thousands of workers with reasonably well paying jobs were removed from the workforce. Some workers were asked to go to Mexico and other countries to set up plants that were geared to take their jobs. This is incredible! Many of these workers blame some of the “Free Trade” agreements that the US government has entered into as the main culprit for their problems.

Our workers are not the only victims of these government policies. We have seen these same problems coming on our dairy farmers since 1981. Just drive around the countryside in most states, and you will see what has happened. Visit our small and average size towns and see how much prosperity has been lost in these areas by losing so many of these family farms and small businesses. Just as these losses have been costly to the American economy, now you can go into many cities and see the same thing taking place.

It appears that many farms, small businesses, and workers all over the country have been “losing their shirts,” while many investment firms were making a “killing.”

We can only hope that there are enough safeguards in the rescue bailout plan to prevent this mess from happening again. However, most Americans are suspicious of the lack of control and oversight of the investment firms. When you couple all of these problems with the problems being created by the high cost of energy, you certainly can understand why many Americans have their “backs up against the wall.”

Whether the bailout program is right or wrong, there are two main things that are necessary. First, credit must be available to both large and small businesses (including farms). If credit is not available, then many businesses will falter (not “may,” but will). Confidence is the second important thing. If the American people lose confidence in the “system,” then watch out. And, you know it’s difficult for John Q. Public to remain confident when they are continuing to cope with the ever increasing costs of commodities. While John Q. Public is trying to keep his “head above water,” he looks up and sees billions of dollars being squandered on Wall Street with many CEO’s receiving unbelievable cash packages.

Returning to the plight of our dairy farmers, it must be noted that on the last day of negotiations on the bailout program, we tried to get an amendment to the package that would have given dairy farmers a more realistic price from the marketplace. The plan would not have cost the government one nickel. However, we were told no amendments could be added to the package. When the final package was passed, we noticed that there were several costly items that were attached to the bailout plan. I guess our government officials don’t want to implement programs that are budget neutral. They seemingly want programs that have a high cost value attached to them.

One thing is for sure. Our dairy farmers have got to receive a more adequate price from the marketplace, and our workers have got to go back to work. Put more money in the hands of our farmers and workers, and they will turn the economy around.

Pro Ag can be reached at (570) 833-5776 or by e-mail at proagorg@yahoo.com.


Arden Tewksbury

Manager, Pro Ag

Calling All Catholics

Three quarters of Americans are still against abortion. It is this killing of our fellow human beings that is the underlying cause of the moral and ethical crisis in the world. It is repulsive to even think that some of our leading politicians continue to betray Christ and His church with their support and advancement of abortion.

This is the greatest scandal in the history of the church and the world. As I write, the candidates of both parties are hiding behind the major media’s abortion agenda. Yes, a silent conspiracy to continue to commit murder.

In a democracy, we have a time to be heard. A vote for an abortion candidate and not a pro-life candidate is a commitment of our will and our taxes to the abortion industry. Like any big business, Planned Parenthood and P.P. International and N.A.R.A.L. have made known contributions of $20 million to the Democratic Party to maintain the wages of sin, death for the inconvenience of millions of unborn babies.

With all the money we give away, can’t we keep some to protect and promote marriage and family life at home?


John Mann


The Economy Is Working

Today is the 9th of October, and ya got to believe the economy is working. Now that is huge for me to say. The price of gasoline and heating oil is coming down and has dropped almost a dollar in a month.

Let’s just keep after the folks who claim the economy is at the bottom. It has a lot more to go so the prices of goods match the incomes of anyone still working. Let’s hope we can survive this economic swing.

Our economy is bending like a twig, and we the people, grassroots America, stand to benefit from the curve. It does show me that the big plunger, Wall Street, does work.


Peter Seman

Thompson, PA

How Many More?

On September 26, yet another person lost their life on a stretch of highway from Great Bend to Susquehanna on Rte. 171. How many more will have to lose their lives before the State Police start patrolling this stretch of highway? Every day I hear and see the cars, trucks and semis roar down the road, going way over the speed limit. The last time I looked, the speed limit was 45, not 75-80. There have been at least five car accidents in the last six months. We have contacted the State Police, as well as our neighbors have, to inform them of this problem, to no avail. We have offered for the State Police to sit in our driveways to slow the drivers down, to no avail. What is it going to take for them (the police) to help us out? We sit in our living room and cringe when we hear a speeder come down the hill, expecting them to come right in our living room at any time, and it has happened to two of the homeowners on 171. Luckily, no one in the home was injured, but what will happen next time, maybe the homeowner will not be so lucky. Just this afternoon I heard tires screeching at the top of the hill, where kids are outside every minute of the day. I hate the thought of one of the kids being hit by one of these idiots. I am extending an invitation to the State Police to please take some time out of your busy schedule patrolling Interstate 81 and help us out on Rte. 171 to slow down these idiots, so another life does not have to be lost to this senseless act. Remember, driving is a privilege and a lot of people take advantage of it every day.


S. Baker

Susquehanna, PA

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