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Happy 4th Of July From All Of Us At The Suseuahanna County Transcript

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Sex Offender Ordered To State Prison
Clifford Project Remains Hazy

Staff Changes At Elk Lake
Courthouse Report
Gibson Barracks Report
Bill Flynn Broadcast At Hometown Days
COG Adopts Fine Schedule
SCSD Faces Funding Cuts

Sex Offender Ordered To State Prison

A 48-year-old Susquehanna County man was sentenced to a term of five years to 15 years in a state correctional facility when he appeared before Susquehanna County President Judge Kenneth W. Seamans on a number of sexually-related charges.

Richard Bruce Himko of Montrose was also fined $2,500 and was ordered to register as a sex offender under the provisions of Megan’s Law. He must also participate in sexual abuse counseling.

Trooper Rebecca Warner of the Pennsylvania State Police charged Himko with rape, indecent assault, aggravated indecent assault, endangering the welfare of children, and other charges stemming from sexual contact with juveniles less than 16 years of age. The incidents occurred in Bridgewater Township during July, 2006.

Others sentenced by Judge Seamans included:

Christopher Ronald Sweeten, 22, of Union Dale, 18 months probation, $400 fine, restitution and 25 hours community service for theft by unlawful taking in Clifford on October 16, 2005.

Alex J. Gaskill, 17, of Montrose, two months to 17 months in the Susquehanna County Jail with credit for time served, four years probation, $500 fine, restitution, and continue with drug and alcohol counseling for criminal trespass in Bridgewater Township on November 19, 2006. He also received one year probation and was fined $150 for possession of drug paraphernalia in Bridgewater Township on March 22, 2007; and, 18 months probation, $200 fine and 50 hours of community service for receiving stolen property in Bridgewater Township on February 2, 2007. The last two sentences will run concurrent with the defendant’s initial sentence.

Tony Jason Stark, 20, of Thompson, three years probation, $150 fine and 25 hours of community service for criminal trespass in New Milford on June 10, 2006. Also, concurrent sentences of 18 months probation and $100 fine for theft by unlawful taking in New Milford on July 24, 2006 and 18 months probation, $450 fine for theft by unlawful taking in Great Bend Township on July 14, 2006.

Tonya Lynn Brown, 31, of Susquehanna, 18 months probation, $250 fine, 30 hours of community service, and continue mental health treatment for endangering the welfare of a child in Great Bend Borough on January 24, 2006.

Christopher Michael Payne, 20, of Hop Bottom, one year probation, $200 fine, 25 hours of community service for criminal conspiracy/receiving stolen property in Bridgewater Township on February 26, 2007.

Jerrod Steven Decker, 21, of New Milford, 75 days to 15 months in the county jail, with credit for time served, $250 fine, for access device fraud in New Milford Borough on September 2, 2005. Also two additional sentences of one year probation each to run concurrent with the initial sentence and an additional $170 in fines for possession of controlled substance in Great Bend on November 16, 2006 and resisting arrest in Great Bend on November 16, 2006. Decker must also complete 50 hours of community service.

Clark T. Steele, 46, of Springville, six months probation, $300 fine for driving under the influence in Montrose on December 2, 2006. Also, one year probation to run concurrent with above sentence, $300 fine and 25 hours of community service for recklessly endangering another person in Montrose on December 2, 2006.

Dale Ernest Albert, 38, of Kingsley, $300 fine, one year probation, 25 hours of community service for theft by unlawful taking in Harford on July 29, 2006.

Judson James Barnes, 28, of New Milford, 11 1/2 months to 23 1/2 months to include six months in the county jail and 5 1/2 months home confinement, $500 fine, for driving under the influence in New Milford Township on September 3, 2006.

Edward Mazzocchi, 45, of Forest City, 90 days to one year in the county jail, $1,500 fine, for driving under the influence in Forest City on October 14, 2006.

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Clifford Project Remains Hazy
By P. Jay Amadio

Clifford Township residents may be united when it is time to put their noses to the grindstone in support of most municipal projects, but there are still enough pros and cons on a proposed township sewer project to keep it in limbo.

As recent as last week, township supervisors found themselves unprepared to answer key questions and could not respond to one woman who asked, “Is this a necessary project to begin with?”

“Crystal Lake is clean and pure,” said Attorney Ben Schnessel, who has lived on the lake for a number of years. He said some septic systems may be malfunctioning, but those are individual problems that should not necessitate spending a lot of township money. He said he saw no reason why people with perfectly good operating systems should be asked to pay $77 to $100 a month for the rest of their lives.

Supervisor Randy LaCroix said testing that was done on Crystal Lake did show some problems.

John Regan, chair of the Board of Supervisors, expressed a belief that in the future sewers will become mandatory, but he punctuated his statement by asking aloud if the township can put a project together that can be affordable to township residents.

“Everyone on this board wants the best decision that can be reached for the township,” Regan said.

Meanwhile, David D. Klepadlo and Associates of Moosic, who have been engaged to performing engineering services for the township since it was hired to update the township’s Act 537 Plan would like to get paid to date for the work they completed. The township appealed to Congressman Chris Carney for financial help and, while he did not rule it out, he advised the township to break the project into phases, indicating he might be able to secure some financial help in the next phase of the project.

At the same time, Carney said if the engineering firm did the work, it should be paid.

“They did the work and they deserve to get paid,” LaCroix said. “We certainly don’t want a lawsuit.”

“I would not pay them yet,” Supervisor Dennis Knowlton said. He went on to support a motion by Regan not to pay the engineering firm at this time.

So far, there is no indication that the lack of action by the supervisors has jeopardized a proposed $1.9 million in grant money pledged to the sewer project by the federal government. However, increasing costs and the possibility of 40 additional hook-ups could necessitate Governor Ed Rendell or someone in Harrisburg coming up with a sizeable financial commitment to support the project.

The township’s sewer project includes pumping the sewage from Dundaff and Clifford’s share of Crystal Lake, to the Greenfield sewage treatment plant off Route 247 near Newton Lake.

In another matter, James Donald Warner of Lake Idlewild was advised to get a building permit for a storage building he erected on his property.

“You could be fined for every day that building is up there (with no permit),” Paul J. Peterson, township solicitor, told Warner.

The discussion on the issue surfaced then Regan said the township has received “quite a few letters” over the building Warner put up. By his own admission, Warner said the building is about two and one-half feet inside his property line.

“You need to apply for a variance too,” Peterson said to Warner.

“I will do what is right,“ Warner said.

Police Chief Donald Carroll, who has been a one-man police force for some time, finally got approval from the supervisors to add a second police officer, who will work three days a week. And, in a related move, the supervisors unanimously approved a suggestion from Regan that the township buy a used police car and use it in the summer months to preserve the township’s four-wheel-drive vehicle for winter driving.

In his monthly report, Carroll reported a total of 110 incidents in May, including 50 criminal incidents. He also said he generated $726 in revenue for the township in May. He also made 38 traffic stops, a dozen arrests, and issued nine traffic violations last month.

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Staff Changes At Elk Lake
By Melinda Darrow

It was a short meeting at Elk Lake on June 19; this was the second of two meetings this month, held a week apart.

Two staff changes were announced. The resignation of second grade educator Tracey McComb was accepted with regret. It was then recommended that her position not be filled, as enrollment has gone down. Class size without that position is estimated to be 19 children per room next year, with it the number might be 16. A hiring was also approved. Alexandra Vanderlake has been hired for a secondary Chemistry position, which was opened by internal staff transfer.

The school safety reports, which are required to be filed with DEP by June 30, were reviewed. No incidents were noted in the elementary school, and the SCCTC report was summed up as very consistent with past reports – very few incidents occurred. It was stated that things had been pretty stable at the secondary level as well, with a decrease in the possession of illegal substances. Most of the violations which did occur were with possession of chew or snuff.

A summer gifted program is being offered through Sussex Community College The program is for students grades 10-12 , and involves many different course choices. The district could choose whether or not the classes counted for credit, and decided that they should. Currently only one student is enrolled, but it is hoped more might become involved in the future.

Mr. Place brought up an issue prompted by a parental call. The parent wondered if there was any way to save paper, as children do a lot of writing and at times print out several drafts of papers. It was asked if somehow the work could be done without the paper trail, perhaps by means of saving work on disks and handing the disks in when required. Mr. Bush said that the idea had merits. It would not be mandatory. At this point, however various objections were raised. First of all this might then require the educator to print all the papers from the disks anyway. The purpose of printed papers is to facilitate editing and comments; this may be more difficult to do on the computer. Also there may be issues with different computers or different programs making documents hard or impossible to access.

The SCCTC house was mentioned at the very end of the meeting by one of the board members who had driven by it. He commended how beautiful it was, to which assessment others assented.

Several things occurred at the previous week's meeting as well which Ms. Hollister, the board secretary, was kind enough to later relate. The board voted to send a resolution to the governor regarding their unhappiness with Act 1.

Two of the principle matters of recent controversy – the proposed elimination of the golf team and the proposed calendar changes – were addressed. The golf program has been reinstated. The calendar was not changed. Eight visitors attended the meeting.

The budget was approved. The millage for Susquehanna County was 33.5230 mils., and for Wyoming County it was 49.1650 mils. The golf team was included in the budget.

Various staff matters were addressed. Matt Barrett was hired for a science position in the high school. In the SCCTC, Karen Brittingham was hired as an associate and Marty Kane as a half-time co-op educator. A contract was approved with Biofeedback Services. This involves Mrs. Hammernick, who has been providing counseling services at the district through Children and Youth, but will now be doing it for herself. Finally, the district will be advertising for a school psychologist.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By P. Jay Amadio


Barbara J. Cowperthwait (nka) Barbara J. Reynolds, Rufus H. Reynolds to Robert K. Keyes, RR2, Susquehanna, Gay W. Keyes, in Lanesboro Borough for $39,000.

George D. Everett, Carol A. Everett to Jeffery D. Harris, Susquehanna, Heather B. Harris, in Oakland Borough and Oakland Township for $19,037.

Mary Laura McClelland (estate) to James P. White, New Milford, in Susquehanna for $12,500.

Carol Ann Scheesley (aka) Carol Anne Scheesley, Newell Butler, Ellyn M. Saxton, Franklin W. Saxton, David H. Thomas, Mary A. Thomas, Edith Thomas Rosenberger (est, aka) Edith Rosenberger (est, aka) Edith J. Rosenberger, Llewellyn William Thomas (est, aka) Bud Thomas (est, aka) L. William Thomas (est) to Ellyn M. Saxton, Owego, NY, Franklin W. Saxton, David H. Thomas, Mary A. Thomas, in Middletown Township for $395,000.

Francis Joseph Belmont, William H. Liepinis, Cindy L. Liepinis to William H. Liepinis, RR1, Susquehanna, Cindy L. Liepinis, in Jackson Township for one dollar.

David T. Belcher, Victoria B. Ross to David T. Belcher, RR1, Hop Bottom, in Lenox Township for one dollar.

Jean A. Ploutz, Walter Larnerd to Gregory Clinton, New Milford, Mary J. Clinton, in New Milford Borough for $58,000.

William E. Muzzy, Jr., Tammy S. Muzzy to William G. Roe, RR1, New Milford, Janet M. Roe, in New Milford Township for $117,000.

Lucille M. Bodosky to John A. Wood, RR2, Nicholson, Diane A. Wood, in Lathrop Township for $48,000.

Robert T. McGavin to Robert J. McGavin III, RR3, Meshoppen, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

John Kevin Kelly, Joan M. Kelly, Richard J. Williams, Carolyn M. Williams to Steven Serfilippi, RR1, Thompson, Laurie M. Serfilippi, in Ararat Township for $59,000.

Raymond C. Runkle, Fay M. Runkle (aka) Faye M. Runkle to Daniel J. Runkle, Parker Ford, PA, Karen R. Runkle, in Choconut Township for one dollar.

Cathryn Satunas, Paul F. Satunas to Paul F. Satunas, RR1, Union Dale, Susan Satunas, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Lisa Sadecki (nbm) Lisa Berndt, Walter S. Sadecki, Jr. to Walter J. Sadecki, Jr., RR2, Hallstead, in Liberty Township for one dollar.

Charles Staub, Jr. to Robert J. Yonkers, West Babylon, NY, Helen A. Yonkers, in New Milford Township for $215,000.

James A. Craft to Tamra Klossner, Thompson, Jamie Andres, in Thompson Township for one dollar.

Jerald L. Homsher, Kim Z. Homsher to Kim Z. Homsher, RR1, Friendsville, in Choconut Township for ten dollars.

Gregory A. Strawn to Steven Carinci, Sr., Mahopac, NY, Steven Carinci, Jr., Nicholas Carinci, in Hallstead Borough for $130,000.

Francis Joseph Belmont to Sandra Conklin, RR1, Susquehanna, in Jackson and New Milford townships for $1 million.

Keith Grose, Amelia Grose to Stephen T. Smith, RR4, Montrose, in Bridgewater Township for $122,900.

Caroline D. Cabot to Mary Pickett Knauth, RR5, Montrose, in Rush Township for one dollar.

Pasquale Fucci, Kathryn Pasquale to Ernst Pederson, Flanders, NJ, Kari Pedersen, in Clifford Township for $440,000.

Dale J. Ralston, Theresa M. Ralston to Gerry Koziol, RR1, New Milford, Nancy Koziol, in New Milford Township for $150,000.

Nathan D. Taylor, Kelly A. Taylor to Nathan D. Taylor, RR1, Springville, Kelly A. Taylor, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Norma Conrad, Lynn Conrad to Lynn Conrad, New Milford, in New Milford Borough for one dollar.

Jane J. Heekin, James R. Heekin, Jr. to James R. Heekin III, Williamstown, MA, Margaret Heekin Kensinger, Elizabeth Heekin Kensinger, Elizabeth Heekin Bartels, Timothy Jessup Heekin, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Dale G. Severcool, Debra Jo Severcool to Elizabeth R. Gifford, RR2, Montrose, in Jessup Township for $412,500.

Alan R. Borove, Kristen M. Borove to D. Jacob Knowlton, RR1, Union Dale, Tracy Tellep, in Gibson Township for $82,000.

Sharon D. Norton, Sharon D. Norton (trust by trustee) to Thomas W. Norton, RR1, Brackney, Lori A. Norton, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Sharon D. Norton, Sharon D. Norton (trust by trustee) to Jonathan A. Norton, RR1, Brackney, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Carol J. Potter to Fairfield Farm Management Co. LLC., Lansdale, in Thompson Township for $105,000.

Irene Huncharek to Allene Costa, Forest City, in Forest City for $105,000.

Daniel N. Kolesar, Patricia A. Kolesar to Ronald E. Kocak, Friendsville, in Silver Lake Township for $65,000.

Lois A. DeSantis to Pael Kempel, Philadelphia, in Middletown Township for $40,000.

Darius P. Shimer, Dorothy Shimer, James William Shimer to Stephen T. Tanghe, Philadelphia, in New Milford Township for $70,000.

John Matthew McKeeby, Ellen McHale to William R. Lewis, Deborah M. Lewis, in Bridgewater Township for $220,000.

Richard G. Cottrell, Evelyn A. Cottrell to David G. Cottrell, RR2, Thompson, Patricia Cottrell, in Ararat Township for one dollar.

John C. Benninger, Jr. to Joel Thomas Learn, Stevensville, in Rush Township for $10,000.


Donald Lee Ellis and Carol Ann Mulhollen, both of RR4, Montrose.

Ronald Dean Henry, Jr. and Kelly Jo Gorski, both of RR2, Montrose.


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Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


The Pennsylvania State Police want to advise citizens of a new scam. A resident in Susquehanna County received a letter advising her that she had won a sweepstakes; a check was included. The letter came from the Virgin Mobile USA Sweepstakes Center, and the check was signed by a supposed representative of The Torrey Company, Inc. in Plainville, MA. The check looked authentic and contained an authentic routing number, but it was fraudulent. With this scam there is a phone number in the letter which the victim is asked to call, and if they do they will be asked to supply the routing number of their bank account so that their winnings can be deposited. Instead, the scammers empty the victim's account. If anyone receives correspondence such as this, they are asked to contact their local or state police as soon as possible.


Between the 19th and 20th of June, one or more persons reportedly stole quarry tools from Brent Vanteger of Great Bend. They were taken from the Teger Scrap Quarry in Springville Twp. The approximate value of the tools is $850.


Between the 16th and 19th of June, a hydraulic pump worth $800 was taken from a 2008 Ford F-550 dump truck parked at the Simmons-Rockwell Ford in Great Bend Twp.


On June 19, Jeffrey Jones of Apalachin, NY was traveling south on SR267 when a deer entered the roadway. Jones applied the brakes of his 1983 Kawasaki motorcycle in an attempt to avoid a collision. The attempt failed, and the vehicle's front end struck the deer, killing it. Jones was thrown from the motorcycle, landing on the shoulder of the road. The bike continued a short distance before coming to rest. Jones sustained moderate injury, and was transported to Endless Mountain Health Care Facility He was wearing a full face helmet at the time.


On June 16, sometime between midnight and 5:30 a.m., Paul Craig of Susquehanna Borough was discovered missing from his residence. The 83-year old was located at 10:15 a.m. and transported to Marion Hospital, Carbondale for evaluation. The Pennsylvania State Police would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Susquehanna Borough Fire Department, EMS, and community in searching for this individual.


On June 14, Joseph Bennett of Susquehanna was traveling northbound on SR 11 where Great Bend Twp. and New Milford Twp. meet. At this location SR11 is a three-lane highway, allowing for two lanes of northbound traffic and one of southbound. Bennett encountered a vehicle driven by Ronald Whitaker of the Harford area, which was stopped in the road blocking the northbound lanes. Bennett struck Whitaker's vehicle on the passenger side, causing it to roll upon its drivers' side. Whitaker sustained significant injuries and was flown to CMC Scranton for medical treatment. Bennett reported no injuries at the scene. Bennett was wearing a seatbelt; it is uncertain if Whitaker was doing the same.


On June 8, an accident occurred on SR 4002 in Silver Lake Twp. between a motorcycle and a Chrysler Sebring. The incident occurred as the Sebring, driven by William Campoli, Jr. of Binghamton was stopped, waiting to turn onto Lake Front Road. It was rear-ended by a 1982 Yamaha Motorcycle driven by Matthew Hibbard of Binghamton, NY. Hibbard then ran away. The motorcycle sustained heavy damage; the car, minor. Hibbard was cited for multiple vehicle code violations, including Hit and Run.


On June 11, Dale Henry of Hallstead found a bicycle in the woods and notified PSP Gibson. The bike was found on a dirt road across from A&E Garage, on SR11 in Hallstead. It is a black and chrome colored 20” Razor, Mod #GS62048. Anyone with any information on the owner is asked to contact PSP Gibson at 800-506-3154 or 465-3154. The claimant must have proof of ownership.


Sometime between the 19th and 30th of May, an unknown person stole an envelope containing $1,828.00 from Felix/Hinds Propane in Bridgewater Twp.


On June 12, Chief Donald Carrol of Union Dale took Joseph Machell, Jr. into custody for the crimes of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and DUI. While being processed at the station, Machell made threatening remarks to the chief. He stated that he would get even with the Carrol, and that he would put a bullet in his head once he leaves the Susquehanna County Correctional Facility. The accused was then taken to the Correctional Facility, and is incarcerated there for violation of his probation. A charge of Terroristic Threats was filed against him at the office of District Justice Franklin in Clifford, PA.


Recently a burglary occurred in Dimock Twp. Two men broke into the residence of Theresa Hertzler of West Chester, PA and took a black entertainment center. A suspect vehicle was observed, described as a 1992-1993 red Chevy extended cab pickup truck with a rust spot below the tailgate handle. Two men were observed inside of the vehicle. The driver is listed as a 30-40 year old with brown hair and a mustache, who was wearing a baseball cap. The passenger is described as a 17-21 year-old with dirty blond hair cut short over his ear, and possibly 5'8” or 5'9” tall. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact PSP Gibson at 465-3154. Please reference incident number R5-656352.


A green 1989 Ford F-150 pick-up truck was stolen from the intersection of Church & Elizabeth Streets in Great Bend Borough, sometime overnight between the 9th and 10th of June. The vehicle, belonging to William Henry Richards, Jr. of Great Bend, was subsequently located on Williams Street in Hallstead Borough on the 10th.


In the early hours of June 9, mailboxes belonging to Catherine Smith and Mary Horn, both of New Milford, were intentionally damaged by a vehicle.


On June 10, at 12:45 a.m., Amber Clapper of Hallstead was a passenger in which the driver was arrested for DUI. Clapper was obviously drunk and was cited for underage drinking.


On June 8, Fred Ackley was driving a motorcycle on SR4014 off SR267. He lost control of a 1999 Harley Davidson, went of the west side of the southbound lane, and hit a ditch before coming to a stop. No fire or EMS responded. Upon arrival at the scene, Ackley was gone.


On the 7th of June, an accident occurred between an ATV and a car, on SR 848. The incident happened as the ATV, driven by an unnamed 15-year old male, was traveling on Tyler Road, approaching the intersection with SR848. He failed to stop for the stop sign and entered SR 848, into the path of a Lesabre driven by Harold Smith of New Milford. Smith was unable to avoid the ATV, striking it and pushing it for approximately 60' before he was able to stop. The unnamed male was ejected from the ATV and landed in a ditch next to the road. He was injured, and transported to Wilson Hospital in Johnson City, NY. Smith and a rear passenger were uninjured, though a front seat passenger sustained a minor injury to his leg.

If you have information regarding any of the above incidents please contact PSP Gibson barracks at (570) 465-3154.

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Bill Flynn Broadcast At Hometown Days

Popular radio and TV personality Bill Flynn will bring the Binghamton oldies station COOL 100.5 to Susquehanna Borough on July 14 during the Hometown Days celebration. Bill is no stranger to Susquehanna, having done “live coverage” for the event since its inception three years ago. The broadcast will air for four hours, beginning at 1:00 p.m. from the event area. Bill Flynn is known for his broadcasting on the Binghamton oldies station, but especially for his popular polka show, which is heard on COOL 100.5 from 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon on Sunday. He is also co-host of Pennsylvania Polka, seen on WVIA PBS channel 44 each Saturday night at 8:00 p.m.


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COG Adopts Fine Schedule
By Barbara Whitehead

At their May meeting, COG members had discussed how to handle situations where building was begun without the owner first securing the necessary permits. After discussion, consensus was that fines should be imposed in the amount of the fees that should have been paid for a permit for any work done to (that) date, in effect doubling the fees in such cases. A resolution was presented and voted upon at their June 19 meeting, enacting the new fee schedule. The fee schedule could be adopted by resolution, rather than ordinance, which means that it would not be necessary to advertise its enactment. But, as a courtesy, it was agreed that a notice should be published so that contractors and anyone contemplating building would be aware of it. COG’s member municipalities are listed in the notice, so that there is no question about which ones use COG as their agent for permits.

Patrick Hunter of Certified Laboratories presented a demonstration for members at the last meeting of water-based absorbent materials his company markets. At the invitation of president Eliot Ross, he continued the demonstration at this meeting, this time showing how oil-based absorbents work, even when the oil spill is in an area where there is water. The material will absorb the oil without absorbing the water, and can be disposed of as ordinary waste, either incinerated or taken to a landfill. Mr. Hunter also demonstrated the properties of a machine lubricant his company makes, which maintains its form in all types of conditions. Mr. Ross thought that COG could act as an agent for members to purchase the materials in bulk, at a reduced price. Members who were already customers could see a savings over what they were currently spending.

Mr. Hunter agreed to stay until after the meeting so that anyone who was interested could get more information, and he extended an invitation to attend a lubrication seminar his company was hosting on June 27 in Binghamton.

The insurance committee has been looking into information on health insurance policies, to get a better rate than the current one. The executive committee will review the information and bring their recommendation to members for approval.

PennDOT committee member Randy Decker was present at what was to be his last COG meeting. After 36 years with PennDOT, he would be retiring June 29. He said that it had been an honor to work with COG, and commended them for their accomplishments, of which they should be proud. Whenever this COG was mentioned by people from other parts of the state, he said, the only comments he ever heard were positive ones. Mark Keklak, who would be taking his place, had wanted to attend the meeting, but due to a scheduling conflict was unable to. After the meeting, a small reception was held to wish Mr. Decker well in his retirement.

The executive committee is still working on several possibilities for the new building site, and should have a report for members at the next meeting.

Friendsville Boro adopted an ordinance at their June 4 meeting, reestablishing their membership in COG, and the ordinance had been duly publicized prior to its enactment. A motion carried to approve the boro’s readmittance into COG.

Oakland Township duly publicized and acted on an ordinance withdrawing their membership, effective as of June 17. A motion carried to accept.

Harvey Rosenkrans, chair of the sewage committee, was not present. SEO Duane Wood said that business had been steady, not “booming” like it was this time last year.

And Codes chair Ted Plevinsky remarked on rumors that there would be legislative action on the state level to do away with the UCC, “Just when they’re getting things ironed out to where it is actually working.” Another member commented that both FEMA and PEMA require that municipalities adopt the code, or there will be no reimbursements for disaster damage.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 17, 7 p.m. at their offices in New Milford Boro.

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SCSD Faces Funding Cuts
By Barbara Whitehead

The Susquehanna Community School Board, at their June 20 meeting, approved the budget for the coming school year at $13,270,807, slightly higher than the tentative budget that had originally been presented for approval. The difference was accounted for by the recent news that the state will be cutting Title I funding for the second year in a row. This leaves districts in a position where programs are mandated by No Child Left Behind, but funding for them is not guaranteed and, in this case, is cut. School districts are required to have their budgets prepared by June 30, but as of this meeting’s date the state budget had not yet been passed. It leaves districts playing somewhat of a guessing game, having to prepare a budget without knowing absolutely what funds they will be receiving. Many districts obtain tax anticipation notes and invest interest income; with the loss of Title program funding, that revenue will have to be applied towards the shortfall for these programs rather than towards its original designation. The approved budget reflects a 2.8% increase in milage for Susquehanna County residents.

Correspondence included a letter from an elementary student’s parent, who requested that the practice of taking students away from recess for band lessons be reconsidered. The letter asked that a solution be offered that would not take away classroom time, either, but would still allow students to have their much-needed recess time. With single tier bussing being implemented this coming school year, there will be a bit more instructional time during the students’ day. And, Principal Keyes said that the faculty is looking at some options, such as a special rotation schedule that would allow for activities such as band lessons without taking away recess time.

This year, graduation ceremonies had been held for the first time on a Saturday, rather than Friday evening. By all accounts, it not only went well, it was said to be the best attended ever.

Other items approved by the board:

- Awarding the bid for the $1,000,000 Tax Anticipation Note to Peoples National Bank.

- Canceling July’s board meeting and re-scheduling August’s meeting to the 8th and holding the work session on the 7th.

- Changing the time of the school day for 8:27 a.m. to 3:08 p.m. for the high school, and 8:25 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. for the elementary.

- A resolution authorizing a corrective deed for the old Laurel St. School property, which was sold by the district in 1988.

- A public meeting on August 7 at 7 p.m. on a proposed resolution relating to LERTA, a state program which allows taxing entities to offer tax exemptions for revitalization of dilapidated properties.

- A support agreement with CyberCity for replacement of five servers.

- The School Based Juvenile Probation Officer agreement for the 2007-2008 school year.

- Renewing a Letter of Engagement with DeHey McAndrew LLC.

- Transportation Summer Rates (buses).

- The proposal with Northern Tier Commercial Refrigeration & AC to refurbish the elementary freezer, the original one, which dates from 1976.

- A bus contract change for bus #25.

- A request for homebound instruction for a student in grade 10.

- Volunteer Joshua Williams for the summer, in the technology department.

- Elementary School teacher Anne Houghton’s intent to retire at the end of the 2006/2007 school year.

- Accepting the following resignations: Special Education Department Head Lorraine Pidich; Assistant Cross Country Coach Melissa Franks; SADD Advisor Carmen Maby; Senior Advisor George Moore; Junior High Basketball Game Manager George Moore; Head Junior High Boys’ Basketball Coach Ben Hibbard; Assistant Junior High Boys’ Basketball Coach Lawrence Tompkins.

- Hiring the following: Special Education Teacher – High School, Andrea Owens; Assistant Cross Country Coach, Leanne Rhone; Special Ed. Dept. Head, Charlene Brieden; Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach, Dori Chervanka; Elementary Teacher, Richard Emmons; Elementary Teacher, Karen Downton; Head Junior High Boys’ Basketball Coach, Lawrence Tompkins; 92-day Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, Jill Holleran.

- Permission for the Susquehanna Junior Sabers to use the football field and food booth for 2007 season.

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