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Ashley Gregory Gets PASR Scholarship
Lott, Adams Fund Check Presented
Two Local Students Graduate F & M
Susky Elementary 4th Period Honor Roll
Local Students Make SRU Dean’s List
Foundation Announces Scholarship Winners

Susky Elementary Reading Recognition
Susky Elementary President’s Awards
Peer Mediation At Lathrop Elementary
Mt. View High 4th Period Honor Roll
Mt. View Elem. 4th Period Honor Roll
SCCTC Announces 4th Period Honor Roll

Kimberly Dubas Graduates Albright
Local Students Graduate MSU

Ashley Gregory Gets PASR Scholarship

At the annual “Senior Awards Night” at Mountain View High School, Ashley Gregory, daughter of Marlies Gregory and Mike Andzulis of Clifford, PA, received the scholarship awarded by the Susquehanna Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees. Mrs. Mary Ketterer, president-elect of the local PASR, made the presentation.

Ashley’s high school activities included participation in softball, cheerleading, and peer tutoring and service as an elementary aide. In addition, she has worked in the restaurant business part-time for four to five days a week since the age of 14.

Ashley plans to pursue a degree in Elementary Education at Keystone College.

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Lott, Adams Fund Check Presented

A check from the Harlan Lott, Ray Adams Scholarship Fund amounting to $500 was presented to Heather Shadduck during a recent ceremony held at Elk Lake Joint School. Presenting the check on behalf of Warren Royal Arch Chapter was Mr. Fred Baker.

Photo by Marjorie Walters.

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Two Local Students Graduate F & M

Lancaster, PA – Two students from Susquehanna County were among the 453 seniors at Franklin & Marshall College who participated in commencement exercises on Sunday, May 15, 2005 at the college’s graduation ceremony.

Frederika Edgington-Giordano, a Physics Major and Astronomy Minor, is a 2001 home school graduate. She is the daughter of Luther Giordano and Nancy Edgington, Montrose. A Dean’s List student and Buchanan Scholar, Edgington-Giordano was designated as a John Kershner Scholar in physics and astronomy. She has served as secretary of Aikido Club and president of the Physics Club. Her additional activities include the Asian Cultural; Society, F&M Cares, and the fall research fair.

Matthew Robert Batzel, a Government Major and Environmental Studies Minor, is a 2001 graduate of Susquehanna Community High School. He is the son of Carl and Carolyn Batzel, Susquehanna. Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Batzel received departmental honors for his project, “The Confirmation Process for Lower Federal Court Appointments in the Clinton and G.W. Bush Administrations: A Comparative Analysis.” An Honors List student and Presidential Scholar, he was selected for membership of Phi Beta Kappa national honor society, Pi Gamma Mu National Social Science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science honor society, and Skull and Crown sophomore honor society. Batzel’s activities include F&M Christian Fellowship, men’s varsity indoor track, men’s varsity track, and men’s varsity cross-country.

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Susky Elementary 4th Period Honor Roll

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following students who made the Honor or High Honor Roll for the fourth marking period of the 2004-05 school year.


GRADE 4: Lindsey Glidden, Melissa Kukowski.

GRADE 5: Courtney Arthur, Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.

GRADE 6: Zachary Baker, Kelly Burke, Kelsey Carmody, Sean Leonard, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano, Sarah Parsons, Alex Price, Derek Williams, David Winn.


GRADE 4: Brett Archambault, Danielle Barnes, Megan Canfield, Emily Carmody, Derek Case, Daniel Cordner, Britney Glover, Amanda Marco, Chelsea Matta, Caitlynn O’Dell, Raymond Polak, Caleb Scepaniak, Austin Smith, Ryan Swanson, Andrzej Tomczyk, Callie Truex, Amberly Warner, Casey Williams.

GRADE 5: Brandon Deakin, Alexandria Dominick, Matthew Hilling, Mary Kemmerer, Brenda Kochmer, Stephanie Skurski.

GRADE 6: Kimberly Aldrich, Kalyn Cina, Susan Greene, Basia Polak, Ryan Rosenthal, Timothy Sager, Robert Skiba, Steven Skurski, Kristen Wentzell.

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Local Students Make SRU Dean’s List

Slippery Rock, PA – Slippery Rock University students from across Pennsylvania and the nation earned Dean’s List honors during spring semester, 2005 (ending May 7).

To qualify for the SRU Dean’s List, a student must earn a 3.5 grade-point average or higher on a four-point scale while taking 12 or more graded hours of course credit.

Students from the local area named to the list were: Sara M. D’Amanio, Nicholson; Alison McNamara, New Milford; Adriane M. Carlson, Susquehanna.

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Foundation Announces Scholarship Winners

The Community Foundation of Susquehanna County is pleased to announce the following 20 scholarship winners and their academic and military service destinations.

Bradley David Conklin Memorial Scholarship – For students who exhibit the qualities of perseverance and humility in academic and athletic endeavors: Lackawanna Trail – James Staffaroni, Penn State University; Chenango Forks – Zachary Vredenburgh, Cornell University; Windsor – Tyler Rathmell, Cedarville College; Lake Wallenpaupack – Terrence Porter, Luzerne Co. Community College; Scranton High – Lamar Johnson, Ryder College; Blue Ridge – Thomas Donovan, Keystone College; Bishop Hannan – Ryne Mailen, Lackawanna College; Seton Catholic Central – Elizabeth Fox, Nazareth College; Daniel Furner, St. Bonaventure College; – Daniel Komarinetz, St. John’s University; – Suzanne Precopio, Broome Community College; – Samuel Thomas, Susquehanna University.

The Agnes and James W. Holbert Scholarship – For a Montrose and Elk Lake senior excelling in academics and participating in sports who will attend an institution of high learning or enter a branch of the military: Elk Lake – Patricia Gassaway, US Marine Corps; Montrose – Deua Traver, US Army National Guard.

The Andrew M. Snitzer Scholarship – For a Blue Ridge senior of high moral and ethical character who has demonstrated a selfless commitment to the service of others, and who will continue this commitment through a career in education: Blue Ridge – Jessica Casey, Bucks County Community College.

Memorial Scholarship Fund – For a Blue Ridge senior, who exhibits good sportsmanship in wrestling, is of good academic standing, and who plans to attend college or a technical institute: Blue Ridge – Louis Villella, Johnson College.

The Mathew James White Memorial Scholarship – For a Montrose senior who is a student in good standing who participates in extra curricular activities, plans to attend college, and writes a winning essay about the dangers of adolescent consumption of drugs and alcohol: Montrose – Caroline Millen, Binghamton University.

The Nicholas Severcool Memorial Scholarship – For a Montrose senior who excels in academics, participates in athletics, and will attend an institution of higher learning: Montrose – Justine Marbaker, West Virginia University.

The Julia A Frystak Memorial Scholarship – For a Montrose senior who excels in academics and/or participates in athletics, and will attend an institution of higher learning: Montrose – Jacob Horn, University of Pittsburgh.

The Raymond L. Bennett, MD, Academic and Athletic Memorial Scholarship – For a Montrose senior excelling in academics, and who participates in athletics, and will attend an institution of higher learning: Montrose – Jeffrey Snyder, University of Florida.

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Susky Elementary Reading Recognition

Following is a list of Susquehanna Elementary School students who qualified for Reading Recognition Awards. Students must have received a Reading Achievement Award for all four marking periods of the 2004-05 school year.

Mrs. Tingley – 1-1: John Ball, Baily Barnes, Daniel Braun, Cori Glidden, Kaitlyn Gow, C.J. Mallery, Miranda Rhone, Jessica Staros.

Mrs. Rowe – 1-2: Haley Aldrich, Michael Armitage, David Baker, Alyssa Hubal, Jessica Plutino, Nicole Sherman.

Mrs. Davis – 1-3: Abby Burdick, Kristine Callahan, Allison Hampton, Marissa Hodge, Samantha Irwin, Alyssa Rockwell, Dylan Stout.

Mrs. Hilling – 2-1: Willard Cobb, Keith Hubal, Tyler Petriello, Dale Reid, Allison Ryder, Brad Sherman, William Reddon.

Mrs. Hinkley – 2-2: Nicole Barnes, Kasey Burdick, Justin Stanford.

Mrs. Houghton – 2-3: Ivy Christensen, Tiara Rokita, Anastasia Smith.

Mrs. Mazkewich – 2-4: Christian Miller, Olivia Rockwell, Daniel Staros, Samantha Yoskowitz.

Mrs. Steele – 3-1: Sydney Avery, Melvin Batson, Amber Dubanowitz.

Mrs. Stone – 3-2: Joseph DeLaPlaine, Richard Pelicci, Micaela Rhone, Ciera Scepaniak, Victoria Trynoski.

Mrs. Heath – 3-3: Jack DeLaPlaine, Mashawna Hargett, Lauren Marco.

Mrs. Soden – 3-4: Nicholas Chamberlain, Rachel Hubal, Alyssa Jacobs, Emily Staros.

Mrs. Rockwell – LS-3: Cheryl Hendrickson, Brooke Morrison, Tyler St. Andrew, Nicholas Wilmot.

Mrs. Stanley – 4-3: Megan Canfield, Callie Truex.

Mrs. Conklin – 5-2: Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.

Mr. Presley – 5-3: Courtney Arthur.

Mr. Rezykowski – 6-1: Kelly Burke, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano.

Mr. Escandel – 6-2: Sarah Parsons, Basia Polak.

Mrs. Chervanka – 6-3: Sean Leonard, Alex Price.

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Susky Elementary President’s Awards

Following is a list of Susquehanna Elementary students who qualified for the President's Education Awards Program during the 2004-05 school year.

Educational Excellence: Sean Leonard, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano, Sarah Parsons, David Winn.

Academic Effort:

Zachary Baker, Kelly Burke, Kelsey Carmody, Kalyn Cina, Basia Polak, Alex Price, Ryan Rosenthal, Kristen Wentzell, Derek Williams.

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Peer Mediation At Lathrop Elementary

Good things are happening at Lathrop Street Elementary School… the Peer Mediation Program is being expanded! Since the 2001-02 school year, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students have had the opportunity to solve minor disputes and problems with the help of specially trained Peer Mediators from fifth and sixth grade. Beginning with the 2005-06 school year, fourth grade students will be trained to help with fourth grade mediations as well as third grade mediations. This has occurred at the request of third grade students. While third and fourth grade students are on the playground together, they occasionally have minor conflicts. The students asked if they could resolve these conflicts via the Peer Mediation Program. Third grade teachers and Mr. Adams, building principal, approved their request. Students n these grades can ask to be mediated, or they can be referred by an adult in the building or by parents.

Lathrop Street Elementary School’s Peer Mediators for the 2005-06 school year are as follows: fourth grade – Nicole Lewis, Rebecca Timm, Holly Andre, Anna Ruseski; fifth grade – Katie Brink, Kelsey Brink; sixth grade – Colby Major, Connor Packard, Kurt Kimsey, Jordan Christofaro, Katie Volk, Katie Stranburg, Maura Warner, Meghan Gregory.

Mrs. Lee coordinates the Peer Mediation Program, with the assistance of Mrs. Sharon Rosenkrans, Mrs. Margaret Kohnke and Mrs. Heather Jurchak.

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Mt. View High 4th Period Honor Roll

Following is the Mountain View High School fourth marking period Honor Roll for the 2004-05 school year.

GRADE 7: Jonathan Buzzerd, Angela Ferrence, Ravi Figgles, Miranda Fisher, Sara Garavuso, Colleen Haley, Luke Jenkins, Codie Jones, Sharon Jones, Haley Kwiatkowski, Cory Landes, Michael LoSapio, Jonathan McBride, Mark Miller, Kelly Morgan, Jeffrey Salak, Michael Shostek, Leah Tantanella, Seth Tiffany, Katherine Webster.

GRADE 8: Elaine Arsenault, Shawnna Benedict, Darlene Bloxham, Calla Bufford, Jamie Buzzerd, Michael Conklin, David Corbin, Bryce Edwards, Megan Faux, James Gething, Nicholas Hancock, Joseph Harvey, Misty Karhnak, Michael Kovacs, David Krizauskas, Michelle Lahnemann, Alexandra Laske, Gerard Lockwood, Jr., Scott Martens, Macy Matthews, Daisy Matulevich, Brittany McGraw, Chase McLaud, William Merritt, Brandon Miller, Michael Oakley, William Owens, Alexander Pashchuk, Bradley Powers, Kenneth Robbins, Brian Robinson, Amanda Schmidt, Jessica Short, Suzanne Skurnowicz, Zakkary Snedeker, Melissa Sohns, Donald Tantanella, Shelbey Twining, Sarah Walker, Colleen Whitaker, Mariah White.

GRADE 9: Maura Bocan, Allison Bodt, Michael Brown, Alisha Burgess, Krystal Chubirka, Gina Cicco, Matthew Daniels, Sierra Daniels, Nicholas Durling, Benjamin Garrison, Carly Gaughan, Kelly Griffin, Kyle Holgate, Joshua Jaragin, Christina Kane, Amy Kern, Amanda Kizziah, Patrick Lambert, Amanda Leach, Brian Lockwood, Amanda Makosky, Zachary Matulevich, Matthew Morgan, Justin Moser, Andrew Nichols, Wade Nordahl, Matthew Powers, Kelly Rafferty, Kendra Rafferty, Kristin Repchick, Nicole Rhodes, Jennifer Roberts, Erin Robinson, Stephanie Satunas, Casey Schweppenheiser, Megan Shipsky, Marc Taylor, Bonnie Thompson, Justina Wadge, Michelle Wedin, A'Leia Weida, Christina Zick.

GRADE 10: Gerald Bennett, Jr., Sarah Bishop, Melinda Chidester, Phillip Cicco, Ashley Compton, John Corbin, Adrienne Courtemanche, Diipali Figgles, Meghan Gardoski, Derek Gelormini, Steven Gillman, Sonya Greenberg, Kenneth Jesse, Robert Johnson, Katie Kelley, Adreanna Konsur, Chad Lasher, Josephine Littman, Jaclyn McCawley, Julie Novak, Adam Oakley, Jeffrey Oakley, Matthew Potter, Joseph Scanlon, Hilary Shinn, Jordan Shugart, Brendan Smith, Nicholas Stoud, Lucas Tantanella, Whitney Twining, Victoria Webster.

GRADE 11: Tegan Aherne, Donald Belcher, Sierra Buck, Jacquelyn Buzzerd, Robin Cobb, Ashley DelGuercio, Leon Feduchak, Elizabeth Ficken, Kerri Green, Colleen Griffin, David Jones, Luke Kavka, Margaret Klees, Ashley Krizauskas, Darek Ladden, Autumn Laske, Matthew Latwinski, Shaynna Mack, Amanda Marcy, Caitlyn McBride, Jody Molenko, Matthew Panasevich, Rebecca Phelps, Beatty Price, Jenna Regan, Hayley Salansky, Jessica Speth, Samantha St.Clair, Jessica Wedin, Brittany Wilkins.

GRADE 12: Kara Ainey-Franklin, Daniel Arthur, Chad Batzel, Dawn Belcher, Jared Bradley, Amanda Breese, Crystal Butcher, Sarah Button, Catherine Christensen, Nicholas Cicco, Amanda Drum, Amanda Estabrook, Daniel Evans, Nicole Evans, Marissa Franchak, Tiffany Holgate, Bruna Kalil, Shana Mack, John Madas, Shawn Matthews, Brenton McHugh, Gregory Nixon, Brandy Oakley, Kristin Olcese, Melinda Owens, Joann Parkinson, Kyle Parsons, Beth Pelton, Nicholas Pratt, Jason Robertson, Rebecca Rose, Danial Schaffer, Anne Stankevich, Tennille Straitiff, Katherine Szymanski, Ashley Thatcher, Emily Wise, Bethany Yohe.

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Mt. View Elem. 4th Period Honor Roll

Following is the Mountain View Elementary School fourth marking period Honor Roll for the 2004-05 school year.

GRADE 4: Paige Belcher, Elizabeth Black, Shannon Bollard, Kamara Brink, Rebekah Brown, Victoria Buckley, Tyler Chidester, Krista Chidester, Seth Decker, Colton Esslinger, Victoria Fallon, Eric Faramelli, Sarita Farnelli, Owen Flannery, Anthony Gaynor, Nathan Goodenough, Alexis Hancock, Kerri Jarnagin, Kurtis Jenkins, Joshua Johnson, Molly Keogh, Marshall Kupinski, Karleen Mazzone, Erin McHale, Caroline Miller, Laura Moser, James O'Brien, Bradley Pfahl, Veronica Robbins, Nicholas Sabuacak, Lee-Anne Sherman, Matt Shipsky, John Stephens, Victoria Sterling, Megan Sutton, Caitlyn Tague, Kelsey Twining, Katie Valentine, Stephanie Virbitsky, Tyler Walsh, Mick Whitaker, Molly Williams, Brandon Wolf.

GRADE 5: Tess Berish, Jeff Bishop, Aaron Chidester, Nate Chipelo, Marissa Christina, Katherine Cure, Allison Davis, Tabitha Drum, Cathlene Farnelli, Ryan Faulkenberg, Tabitha Flowers, Maria Garavuso, Michaela Gates, Brian Goble, Denis Halstead, Dominique Horrocks, Jesse Johnson, Ashley Jones, Shannon Kavetski, David Kern, Angel Kester, Adam Klees, Nina Knorr, Megan Kress, Cassie Kudzinowski, Ryan Lahnemann, Alexis Lewis, Elizabeth Lockwood, Joel Madas, Liam Maloney, Casandra Moran, Nathan Moyer, Elissa Muller, Jordan Noldy, Bradley Owens, Kelly Purdy, Jeff Smalley, Gary Smith, Devon Suhadolnik, Alixandria Taylor, Devon Tonkin, John Valentine, Michael Wakalowski, Melisa Walker.

GRADE 6: Greg Adams, Thor Banks, Larry Bean, Andrea Beeman, Barbara Bennett, Alaney Berish, Taylor Brainard, Diandra Bucksbee, Dustin Compton, Adam Conklin, Ashley Conklin, Paul Fontana, Karch Frantz, Aaron Goodenough, Lindsey Harvey, Chris Herman, Devin Hollenbeck, Carly Jesse, James Johnson, Katelynn Johnson, Bethany Kavka, Michael Keogh, Justin Kinney, Samantha Knowlton, Jessica Lotterman, Alex Lynn, Julia Madas, Hunter Marcy, Andrea Mason, Daniel McWhirr, Mikey Mikloiche, Anthony Miller, Brian Miller, Nathan Perry, Allan Phelps, Eric Potter, Christopher Powers, Michael Purdy, Brittany Reseguie, Nathan Robbins, Cody Robbins, Cheyenne Scheer, Kristen Shuster, Mary Skurnowicz, Katherine Stanziale, Nathaniel Suchnick, Josh Terpak, Joseph Valentine, Kenneth Van Gorder, Mary Walker, Karsten Wallis, Ryan Walsh, Robert Weiler, Breann Wilkins, Kalena Williams, Tyler Wright, Olivia Zick.

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SCCTC Announces 4th Period Honor Roll

Mrs. Alice M. Davis, Vocational Director of the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center, is proud to announce the SCCTC’s “Honor Roll” list for the fourth marking period of the 2004-2005 school year.


Rhonda Arnold, Michelle Batson, Stephanie Branning, Jessica Briar,Brittany Brown, Marie Butts, Joyce Carey, Bethany Carroll, Crystal Casterline, Holly Cobb, Melissa Compton, Amber Darling, Michell Drost, Christy Fassett, Brittany Faux, Brittany Fike, Kristin Fredericks, Devan Gates, Shannon George, Angela Greene, Lindsey Grosvenor, Kristina Gunn, Angel Hubert, Joseph Inman, Broc Jennings, Crystal Jonas, Tiara Kelly, Jared Kloda, Alysha Kmieciak, Allyssa Lawrence, April Lewis, Michelle Mason, Henry Mast, Kelley McCarthy, Nicole Mokwa, Denise Nogick, Kristina Nye, Kara O’Malley, Corissa Paccio, Samantha Peck, Brittany Posten, Jennifer Ransom, Julie Robets, Dawn Rodd, Brenda Rozell, Gina Rudock, Kaitlyn Shinn, Stacey Singer, Cassandra Smith, Jessie Smoker, Amanda Squier, Sarah Stanley, Anne Stark, Melanie Stark, Casey-Jo Thoman, Brooke Thomas, Joseph Truskolaski, Thomas Walker, Jaimy Watson, Tina Welch, Alexis Wheeler Clarissa Wilson.


Adam Belles, Tonya Benjamin, Chad Benson, Roxanne Bishop, Ashley Brewer, John Brooks, Kassandra Buckingham, Nathaniel Buckingham, Daniel Burnett, Natasha Burton, Nicolette Canfield, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Jennifer Chambers, Gavin Chilson, Amber Clapper, Ashley Corbin, Laura Croasdale, Malinda Daniels, Brittany Davies, Mike Donato, Alexander Eastman, Adam Esposito, Dustin Fassett, Darin Ford, Racheal Frisbie, Anthony Fuller, Samantha Furman, Sarah Gardner, Bobbi Griffin, Kyle Hanjaras, Aaron Hitchcock, Amanda Jordan, Heather Keller, Caitlyn Marsh, Jordan McDaniels, Elizabeth McGuire, Andrew Miner, Beverly Miszler, Doug Moore, Jesse Naylor, Linda Neer, Kristi Newhart, Diann Nogick, Kaela Page, Daniel Puzo, Dustin Shaw, Brian Slofkosky, Brock Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Nicole Snedaker, Rachel Southworth, Dustin Squier, Tina Stark, Brett Sutton, Kathleen Talcott, Kayla Taylor, Cassy Tompkins, Chandell Underwood, Brian Valvano, Chuck Vullo, Tamra Webb, Ashley Westbrook, Ashely Woodruff, Heather Yankovich.

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Kimberly Dubas Graduates Albright

Reading, PA – Four-hundred eighty-five graduates received diplomas at Albright College’s commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 22, 2005. Diplomas were presented by Lex O. McMillan III, Ph.D., Albright’s newly appointed 14th president of the college.

Kimberly A. Dubas of Susquehanna, PA, senior business administration/digital media/marketing track major and graduate of Susquehanna Community High School earned a Bachelor of Science Degree.

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Local Students Graduate MSU

Mansfield, PA – A total of 348 degrees were awarded during Mansfield University’s 141st commencement ceremonies in May, 2005. A graduating class of 313 received bachelor’s degrees, 12 received associate’s degrees and 23 master’s degrees were awarded.

Following are the names of local graduates who achieved the honor.

Lisa M. Kuhn, Little Meadows with a BSN in Nursing.

Robin J. O’Reilly, Friendsville, with a BSE in Elementary Education.

Stacy M. Rezykowski, Dimock, with a BSN in Nursing.

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