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Letters to the Editor Policy

Notice To Area Residents

The Susquehanna Fire Dept. Ambulance fund drive is coming to an end. We have sent “Reminder” notices to a large portion of our residents to remind them that we are very much in need of their financial support. If you have already sent your donation and received a reminder notice please disregard. Remember that the fund drive has replaced the “Ambulance Club Membership”. By contributing to the fund drive you are entitled to the same privileges that the ambulance membership provided. Please be as generous as you can. Over the past years it has become harder and harder to maintain the level of service, given the severe increases in operating costs.


Susquehanna Fire Dept. Ambulance

Statements Were False

I would like to comment about a complaint that was made at a council meeting on June 14. A resident in Susquehanna Borough had made a complaint about Crimewatch, saying they were going through her vehicle on June 3 of this year and she had witnesses, and if she caught them again she was calling the police. I would like to make the residents feel secure that this statement is false. The resident was asked to make a police report that night and refused to, changing her statement. Crimewatch is the eyes and ears for the residents of Susquehanna Borough because there is no full-time police department and they can’t be everywhere at one time. I want the residents of Susquehanna Borough to know we are here to help the community and we are never involved in any kind of criminal activity.

I would also like to comment about complaints of Crimewatch sitting outside the Moose and the Legion and telling the cops who came out. Again, I say that statement is false. Yes, we may sit out there in our vehicles but there is no law to say we can’t. We are not out there to stop people from having a good time, we are trying to make sure they have fun safely.

Please make note that Crimewatch is all volunteer and we are always looking for new members. If there are complaints, please feel free to attend a Crimewatch meeting every third Wednesday, 7 p.m. at the Susquehanna Borough building.


Allen Wolf

Crimewatch President

Partisanship Paralyzes Politics

The much anticipated U. S. Supreme Court vacancy has become a reality. It's critical that we find an individual who has years of experience as a judge, is known to be moderate and fair to both sides and represents the diversity of America, politically, ethnically and geographically.

One such person is Judge Edward Prado. Judge Prado has served for over 20 years as a judge, first nominated by Pres. Reagan to the district court and then to the circuit court by our present president, for which he was approved by the Senate 97-0. He is known as a moderate, respected by partisans on both sides of the aisle and as a Hispanic American from Texas, reflects the diversity of America.

Judge Prado has received accolades from leaders of both parties. Sen. Schumer, D-NY, recommended him to President Bush as one of five people most qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. Sen. Hatch, R-Utah, has described him as "a man of exceptional character (and) impeccable ethics."

Partisanship has paralyzed our politics. We cannot let partisanship politicize our courts. Judge Prado has proved he will be a fair-minded independent Supreme Court justice. Now it is up to Pres. Bush to prove the truth of his pledge to be a "uniter, not a divider" and nominate an experienced moderate such as Ed Prado.


(The Rev.) Paul E. Meglathery

New Milford, PA

Penny Wise And Pound Foolish

If you or I could invest $5.00 and get $120.00 in return benefits, and that return gain us interest down the road, would we take advantage of it? You bet! That is exactly what is available to Susquehanna County through the Pennsylvania Conservation Corps Grant, only multiplied by 1000. For a mere $5,000.00 in matching funds the state will provide $120,000.00 in wages, training and material for six individuals, five of whom are unemployed, disadvantaged youths, who will gain their GED, learn life skills and become gainfully employed taxpaying citizens. All this while improving Salt Spring State Park, located about nine miles north of Montrose.

I was recently talking with Commissioner Jeff Loomis, a strong supporter of the program. He expressed concern for the support of the funding due to Commissioner Kelly’s opposition. The county has already suffered over $1.2 million in lost grant money this year alone, due to a lack of support for any grants instituted by Mr. Loomis. After the most recent 20% plus tax hike, I would think that the Commissioners would be scrambling to get all the grants available. Commissioner Loomis also revealed that the county has recently experienced an unexpected $90,000.00 windfall and that providing the matching grant would not prove detrimental to the county’s budget at this juncture. It is time to ask Commissioner Kelly to remember the voters and start supporting the county’s best interest. The idea of saving $5,000.00 only to lose $120,000.00 is a classic example of, “Penny wise and pound foolish.”


Fred B. Baker, II

Meshoppen, PA

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