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They Care About You

Last night my girlfriend, Julie Flaherty and I, Liz Kaminski were taking our children (Garrett Flaherty 5, Jesse Flaherty 2 and Kyle Kaminski 19 mo.) to McDonalds. We turned left onto 706 from Lathrop St., going toward McDonald’s, when a motorcycle hit us from the rear. He said his throttle locked up. The glass went flying throughout the trailblazer. The first thing we did was check the kids. Everyone was fine. Little nicks here and there and glass in their hair but nothing major. I turned to look at the guy driving the motorcycle and he was trying to stand up. We rushed over with a towel because his face was bleeding bad. It was a miracle with that force of impact that he was alive.

Jason from Tom Kerr Chevrolet came over while we were discussing how to clean the glass out and get the kids back in. He said, “You’re not putting the kids in that – I’m giving you a truck to get home.” Five minutes later he had a black trailblazer, car seats in it and a/c blasting waiting for us to get home safely. Now we know what Tom Kerr Chevrolet - A Family Run Business really means. It means a business that is where it is today because it cares about YOUR family, not that it is run by family members.

We would like to thank Jason and Tom Kerr Chevrolet for being there for us in an emergency.


The Kaminski Family

Montrose, PA

I Was Appalled

Recently, I was appalled when I visited the soldier’s monument on the green in Montrose. This monument is supposed to be a tribute to all the soldiers in the county who died during the Civil War. The tablets around the monument represent each township’s losses. The restoration, to be completed on July 4, 2004, was not due to the lack of weatherproofing which was applied this spring. The monument looks worse now than before work was begun. Of particular note is the lack of proper care given to the stone tablets and the parrot cannons. The stone tablets, bearing the soldier’s names, are for the most part still unreadable and the cracks in the stone were poorly repaired. The cannons should have been sand blasted prior to painting and obviously were not. The monument itself appears to have been whitewashed with large blotches of discoloration. The total expenditure for this contract was $76,526.00. I have been informed that for some unknown reason there was not a penalty clause in the contract to ensure proper workmanship. Further investigation reveals that the contractor chosen specializes in building and roofing repair, not monuments.

Last year, I was one of several people who worked to procure donations for the monument’s restoration. The present condition of the monument is certainly not what I expected the end result to be. I have been given the contact information of the construction company restoring the monuments at West Point and will be inviting them to give an appraisal of the work that has been done and what additional work will be needed to correct the situation. I have since contacted Congressman Sherwood. He requested, and I sent him, a copy of the Susquehanna County Department Account Details concerning all the Transactions pertaining to the monument. I also provided him with the contractor’s information. I urge all who are concerned with the proper treatment of our heritage to write Congressman Sherwood at 1223 Longworth Building, Washington, D.C. 20515.


Fred B. Baker, II

Meshoppen, PA

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