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Where Was P. Jay?

On Wednesday, April 6, the Susquehanna County League of Women Voters held a very informational forum at the Susquehanna County Courthouse.

The purpose of this forum was to have the Susquehanna County Commissioners in attendance to state their views on their first 15 months in office, and also their agendas for the future.

As the meeting started, I looked at those in attendance and could not believe my eyes. Where was P. Jay? The Susquehanna County ombudsman missing? How could this be?

I’m sure his response would be his editor chose someone else to cover this event. But, people, think of this. A man of such expertise on Susquehanna County politics not in attendance?

It was like Christmas, with no Santa!

I thought and thought – how could a man of such notable expertise about Susquehanna County politics not be here. Maybe the batteries in his elevator shoes were dead.

Speaking with a few people outside the courthouse after the conclusion of this event, we all decided it must be easier to put your own “spin” on hearsay than to attend and get the truth straight from the horse’s mouth. That sells more papers.

As for myself, I think the real reason for P. Jay not being in attendance was the fact that PENNDOT probably still hasn’t plowed his road.


Joseph Franks

Hallstead, PA

I Will Not Be Intimidated

As the nicer weather approaches, it appears the time has arrived for the local Susquehanna Police Department to come out of hibernation and begin their annual campaign of "selective harassment." Last year my family and myself were repeatedly harassed and had our basic First Amendment Rights violated on more than one occasion by this group of questionably qualified individuals. (Their total lack of professionalism and disregard for the constitutional rights of the populace would certainly indicate otherwise.) We incurred a substantial negative financial impact to our well-being due to attorney's fees and loss of work defending ourselves as a result of their unwarranted charges and unethical, if not illegal methods of harassment in the name of law enforcement.

To illustrate the case in point I will submit the following: One "officer" came to my residence last week and confronted my soon to be sixteen year-old daughter. He stated he was there to investigate a complaint of "loud music". This was at 6:30 in the evening. He requested permission to enter my home, which my daughter wisely refused to grant him permission to do. There was no "probable cause" for his request, neither was this an issue of "hot pursuit," ergo no reason to enter my home. Further, I seriously question the motives of a middle-aged male requesting entry into my home when my daughter repeatedly stated, truthfully that she was there alone. That is my main concern. In addition, I do not believe it was in the realm of propriety for him to tell her that she should not be alone and that I should be there, when I am at work. She is certainly capable of caring for herself at 6:30 p.m. and I do not work for "fun". He also questioned her as to the whereabouts and living arrangements of other family members. This is unacceptable in my opinion. She politely provided the answers, as I would not have done. This is not in the realm of information one is required to supply except perhaps in a Communist Country. My children have the same right to grow up and seek educational and employment opportunities elsewhere in this country. My daughter then demonstrated to "the officer" that her CD player could not play above a certain volume and he agreed. She also asked him about the noise ordinances in effect. I am told he replied that these were not applicable in her case, as a lot of "old people" live in the area. I am not very fond of the proximity of the houses in the neighborhood either, however that's the way it is and anyone is free to move to a secluded area if they so desire.

The reason I refer to this treatment as "selective harassment" is that these local cops pick and choose whom they wish to intimidate and pursue. Do you ever see them down at the Moose, Legion, Lakey's or any of the other numerous drinking establishments arresting the regulars as they stumble to their cars and drive away on a daily basis? I think not. Are these same neighbors who are complaining about my children calling them to harass the band that practices daily and loudly behind our homes? I do not see any evidence of it. The same neighbor who initiated the baseless claim that John Record was forced to rescind last year due to the physical, witnessed, photographed, injury he inflicted upon the defendant, and lack of due process, i.e.: no Miranda rights were offered; refused to testify in this baseless case. Further, her children squeal tires in and out of their driveway, day and night among other transgressions that they apparently are never cited for. They (the part-time police force) choose those whom they perceive to be easy targets, mainly working middle class people, to victimize. The non-working cannot fill their coffers and the perceived "elite" are apparently exempt. This smacks of discrimination as it is blatantly a case of "who's who," as to whom is allowed to live in peace and who is terrorized by these overzealous, part- time cops.

I pay my taxes and do my part to respect the rights of others, and I expect the same for myself and my family. I refuse to be harassed in this way indefinitely. It is my intent to contact legal counsel and the State Police to ascertain the course of action I can pursue to end this "poorly-disguised vendetta".

My home should be a place of refuge and comfort for myself and my children, and I will not be forced to feel intimidated and under siege while in it.


Amy D. Plutino

Susquehanna, PA

We’ve Been Busy!

The Lanesboro Cemetery Association has been busy working on fund-raisers for April and May. On April 9, we had a bake sale and dinner and would like to thank everyone who helped in any way for your donations and support.

May’s events will be at the Lanesboro Community Hall. On Saturday, May 14 there will be crafts, baked goods, rummage sale, food and drinks, and on Sunday, May 14, a chicken barbecue.

Thank you all for your support. We’re looking forward to a great time, hope you can join us at our future events.

K. Crawford, Secretary

Lanesboro Cemetery Association


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