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Susky Elementary Gets AYP Award
Elk Lake Junior High Students Of The Month
Elk Lake High School Students Of The Month
Foundation Assists SCCTC Students
Blue Ridge Elementary Welcomes Faculty
Susky Elementary Students of the Month
Blue Ridge Elem. 1st Period Honor Roll
Blue Ridge High School 1st Period Honor Roll
B/R Middle School 1st Quarter Honor Roll
Mt. View Elementary 1st Period Honor Roll
Susky Elementary Reading Achievement
SCCTC Honor Roll
Susky Elementary 1st Period Honor Roll

Susky Elementary Gets AYP Award

The Pennsylvania Department of Education honored Susquehanna Community Elementary School on November 10 with an award for meeting the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards for two consecutive years.

The keystone-shaped award that can be displayed indoors or outdoors is being given to schools across the state where the students have exceeded the math, reading, and other standards required by the state’s accountability system and the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

To meet AYP in the 2003-04 school year, 35 percent of students needed to be considered proficient in math and 45 percent in reading. In the current school year, the percentages will be increased to 45 to 54 percent, respectively.

The PA Department of Education has created an ever-growing slate of tools that help schools lay the groundwork for sustained, substantial improvement. These include school improvement and district strategic planning frameworks, a guide for using data to improve teaching and achievement, an item bank of PSSA sample questions and student responses, and a comprehensive set of Assessment Anchors that clarifies the information to be covered by the PSSA and identifies a core set of standards used on the assessment.

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Elk Lake Junior High Students Of The Month

Elk Lake Junior High Principal, Mr. Brain Mallery, is pleased to announce the following students who were selected as October, 2004 Students of the Month.

Students of the month are selected by nomination of any student in grades 7-9 by a teacher for outstanding achievement. The students must show individual effort, community and school wide effort, as well as effort in the classroom.

Other important criteria includes: a showing of personal growth, skill development, dedication, leadership, academic growth and improvement, school service and community service.


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Elk Lake High School Students Of The Month

Kenneth Cuomo, Ed.D., Elk Lake High School Principal is pleased to announce the following students who were selected as October, 2004 Students of the Month.

Students of the Month are selected by nominations of any student in grades 10–12 by a teacher for outstanding achievement. The student must show individual effort, community and school-wide effort, as well as effort in the classroom.

Other important criteria includes: a showing of personal growth, skill development, dedication, leadership, academic growth and improvement, school service and community service.

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Foundation Assists SCCTC Students

Alice M. Davis, Vocational Director of the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center, is pleased to announce that several of the students attending the school were the recent recipients of scholarship money courtesy of a program that was administered by the Community Foundation of Susquehanna County. The Community Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development partnered to provide an innovative scholarship program for school age children in Pennsylvania.

According to Alice M. Davis, “Many students and parents expressed a sincere appreciation for the scholarship money received from the Foundation. Their gratefulness was evident in the number of thank you notes that they sent to the Foundation. We are hoping that the students will be able to apply for the money every year.” Students from six sending school districts attend SCCTC. They are Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Lackawanna Trail, Montrose Area, Susquehanna Community and Tunkhannock Area. The scholarship funds were used to purchase supplies to support their studies in Automotive Technology, Building Trades, Cosmetology, and Food Management, Production and Services.

For more information on the Community Foundation of Susquehanna County call Joe Burke at (570) 278-3800. For more information on the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center call Alice M. Davis at (570) 278-9229 extension 783.

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Blue Ridge Elementary Welcomes Faculty

The 2003-2004 school year at Blue Ridge Elementary has brought new faculty to their building. Fourth Grade teacher, Chad Jones, holds a degree from East Stroudsburg University in Elementary Education. Prior to coming to Blue Ridge he was employed with the New York State Special Education division, serving schools in Johnson City, NY. Chad is an alumnus of the Blue Ridge School District. With his return as a teacher in the district he looks forward to helping develop the minds of his community’s next generation.

Ms. Janelle Mead comes to Blue Ridge also as an alumnus after graduation from Scranton University. Ms. Mead started off the school year at Blue Ridge as a month long substitute for a First Grade class. In October, she was appointed to the position of Gifted Coordinator. Ms. Mead continues to be a strong supporter for the Blue Ridge athletic program, coaching for Junior Softball and JV Girls’ volleyball.

Ms. Krista Bowman, a first grade teacher, is a graduate of Penn State University with degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education. She was selected to participate in the Profession Development School as a year-long educational intern in the State College school district. Ms Bowman is looking forward to share her love for learning with her students. Before relocating to Hallstead, Ms. Bowman was a resident of Carbondale, PA.

The Blue Ridge Elementary community welcomes their highly qualified new faculty and looks forward to them sharing their enthusiasm and expertise with students.

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Susky Elementary Students of the Month

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announced the following "Students of the Month" for October, 2004.

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth

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Blue Ridge Elem. 1st Period Honor Roll

Following is the Blue Ridge Elementary School first marking period Honor Roll for the 2004-05 school year.


Mrs. Buffington: Sonja Campbell, Autumn Hadlick, Meagan Hoyt, Keith Paumgardhen.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Amanda Reese, Mitchell Wages, Wesley Ward, Ashley Warren.

Mr. Mazikewich: Margaret Darrow, Kevin McCarey.

Mrs. Wolfe: Austin Barrett, Rachel Casella, Kailey Ragard.


Mrs. Buffington: Shamika Dommes, Kyle Frailey, Ethan Mansfield, Gage Piechocki, Faith Rychlewski, Brittney Thomas, Megan VanGorden.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Shawn Darrow, Kellie Jesse, Kayla Muzzy, Kelsey Ralston, Michael Robbs, Levi Schmidt, Sean Stanley.

Mr. Mazikewich: Jessica Chandler, Annie Dunn, Jacqueline Furch, Amber Gard, Amanda Garnett, Cyerah Jones, David Miller, Caleb Watts, Nicole Whitney.

Mrs. Wolfe: Alex Cardoza, Mike Dorunda, Keely FitzGerald, Emmalee Huston, Danika Lawson, Nicholas Schell, Stephen Starks, William Weber.

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Blue Ridge High School 1st Period Honor Roll

Following is the Blue Ridge High School first period Honor Roll for the 2004-05 school year.


High Honors: PJ Berger, Brandon Collins, Neal Dawes, Stephen Delfino, Nicole Denny, Carly Devine, Colin Dixon, Nicole Edwards, Thomas Fisher, Lindsay Franks, Nathan Galloway, Beth Giangrieco, Logan Goff, Danielle Gulick, Justin Herbert, Kenneth Krug, Jennifer Oliver, Abigail Onyon, Brittany Pavelski, Felisha Schaffer, Melisa Secord, Tracy Soller, Brittany Suchnick, Aaron Survilla, Andrew Taylor, Alicia Van Cott, Jessica Wescott, Ashley Winnie.

Honors: Joe Bednarchik, Amber Clapper, Brittany Decker, Trenton Emmert, Heather Franks, Katelyn Franks, Whitney Glennon, Kevin Jacobs, Kristen Levers, Steven Moxen II, Adam Palmatier, Joshua Palmer, Christopher Radicchi, Melissa Reed, Danielle Ridehalgh, Jessica Romano, Jordan Tewes, Jacquelyn Thatcher, Robert Thatcher, Jr., Krista VanGaasbeck, Jaimy Watson, Kyle Wheeler, Rachel Whitney.


High Honors: Alexis Axtell, Sarah Barnard, Heather Brown, Padriac DeVincentis, Leanne Ferenczi, Tiffanie Grover, Samantha Haley, Brian Manchester, Travis McArthur, David Navickas, Bethany Page, Heidi Page, Theron Page III, Kevin Rickard, Kristen Rickard, Katrina Rinehimer, Francis Roach, Laura VanCott, Daniel Weber, Jessica Williams.

Honors:  Melissa Ainey, Natashia Beach, Megan Carey, Sarah Case, Timothy Clapper, Nicole Conrad, Nicholas Cook, Michael Decker, Kristina Gunn, Michael Kovatch, Timothy Latz, Jill Majeski, Linda Neer, Julie Page, Nicole Pagliarella, Nathan Pease, Zachary Pomeroy, Sarah Raub, Samuel Rowe, Joshua Rudock, Jordan Smith, Krystal Whitney.


High Honors: Staci Alexander, Jessica Barron, Joseph Bennett, Jessica Burkett, Natashia Carpenter, Jordan Clapper, Tiffanie Colwell, Anthony Dorunda, Thomas Drake, Stephen Esposito, Travis Findley, Benjamin Fisher, Anthony Folk, Daniel Gaughan, Laurie Hall, Sarah Hardy, Ryan Kane, Jared Lagermasini, Holly Morrison, Aaron Onyon, Maria Preston, Marian Rinker, Bethany Stone, Rebecca Stone, Timothy Stonier, Jeremy Wescott, Melissa Whitney, Jonathan Wilbur, Cody Zurn.

Honors: Thomas Albertson, James Banko III, Katie Bovenkamp, Nathan Calabro, Melissa Compton, Jocelyn Dearborn, Katelyn Donovan, Daniel Glezen III, Caitlyn Goff, Azim Griffin, Tyler Gulick, Ryan Hawk, Glenn Hodges, Tiffany Jhingoor, Joshua Johnson, Kyle Leonard, Adam Longacre, Kyle Post, KaSandra Ralston, Loren Smith, Jarred Tennant, Stacy Thatcher, Whitney Thurston, Jordan Van Cott, Matthew Warren.


High Honors: Otia Anderson, Amanda Boman, Ashley Boman, Kelly Brant, Lynnea Brush, Amanda Button, Tyler Calkins, Michelle Conroy, Erin Dayton, Michael Dayton, Abby Emmert, Sara Folk, Samantha Guthrie, Erin Keene, Nicole Keklak, Zachary Knott, Matthew Krug, Fallon Lawson, Jessica Lobdell, MacKenzie McCain, Marika Merritt, Ashley Miller, Jessica Nusbaum, Aislynn Paccio, Brittany Phillips, Heather Seamans.

Honors: Robert Applegate, Holly Carey, Janelle Collins, Amanda Conklin, Monica Dommes, Leigh Anna Fassett, Danielle Foreman, Melanie Gillespie, Jarrod Hall, Joshua Hartman, Danielle Kruse, Gary Loke, Jr., Ashley Luce, Lindsey Onufry, Caitlin Pavlisak, Patrick Propert, Sarah Smith, Sara Tompkins, Marissa Willchock, Mark Zitzow.

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B/R Middle School 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Following is the Blue Ridge Middle School first quarter Honor Roll for the 2004-2005 school year.

High Honors 8th grade: Josh Allen, Jason Bennett, Christina Brush, Christa Conigliaro, Evan Cook, Nikolas Decker, Caitlin Denny, Chris Empett, Tim Esposito, Lauren Findley, Ryan Galloway, Cortney Gordon, Amber Hadlick, Allison hawk, Rebecca Hinkley, Dayna Keene, Megan Kleiner, Emily Knott, Maegan Lewis, Brandy Luce, Emily Lynch, Zachary Masfield, Ashleigh Mattocks, Kaitlyn Molteni, Alissa Richardson, Molly Rudock, Josh Rumage, Devin Smith, Nick Smith, Carissa Stonier, Cassie Summers, james Treible, Adam Wnorowski, John Michael Zawiski.

Honors 8th grade: Devin Abbott, John Abbott, Damian Allard Joe Crook, Anthony Depue, Dustin Diaz, Bobby Dorunda, Nick Glennon, Sara Grover, Tom Hine, Brianna Kaminski, Bobby Mireider, Roger Morrison, Kelsey OíNeil, Stacy Pearson, Jonah Robinson, Brandon Starke, JoAnna Steinberg, Chris Storr, Briana Whitehead, Louis Zayas.

High Honors 7th grade: Jonathan Banko, Brittany Barry, Debra Barton, Chris Brown, Alex Burkett, Carissa Carpenter, Courtney Collins, Kaitchen Dearborn, Will Fisher, Taylor Guinan, Vicki Hartt, Shayna Hettinger, Katie Klim, Jessica Kovitch, Reva Nusbaum, Caleb Park, Nicole Price, Meghan Ragard, Michael Romano, John Salinkas, Michael Schell, Brittany Schneider, Kenny Seamans, Scott Sienko, Samantha Smith, Alex Stanton, Anthony Tompkins, Alexandrea White, Kathryn Whitney.

Honors 7th grade: Samantha Aldrich, Kelsie Arthofer, Ashley Barry, Andrew Bovenkamp, Ashley Canfield, Cheyenne Childress, John Colton, Megan Conroy, Mindy Corbin, Tara Doubrava, Matt Empett, Monica Green, Renee Hall, Danay Holbrook, Ben House, Ashley LaDue, Hailey Morris, Kyle Muzzy, Jocelyn Oakley, Michael Pipitone, Mark Rowe, Skylar Thorn.

High Honors 6th grade: Justin Banko, Frank Barton, Jillena Bennett, Zach Boman, Taylor Carlsen, Morgan Clapper, Sadie Darrow, Sydney Decker, Lynette Dooley, Ashley Dorunda, Katie Drake, Stephanie Fisher, Eric Giangrieco, Heather Grover, Emily Guinan, Allison Hall, Rebekah Harris, Carissa Hawk, Ben Hepler, Quintin Klenchik, Marissa Kotar, Kaitlyn Krug, Scott Lobdell, Jordan Longacre, Rhonda Lynch, Jillian Millard, Curtis Miller, Dylan Pruitt, Erin Salinkas, Eric Smith, Tiffany Spencer, Greg Stonier, Courtney Ucci, Theresa Whitehead, Mark Willchock, Gabrielle Wolfe.

Honors 6th Grade: Nicole Ball, Katherine Conklin, Jordan Crook, Larissa Decker, Jessica Derrick, Thomas Frailey, Adam Gordon, Doninique Gulick, Wesley Guthrie Eli Kelley, Kris Kelsey, Daniel Kempa, Kelsey Kleiner, Paige MacKenzie, Lindsey Moxen, Eric Onyon, Jordan Ralston, Jessica Rinchardon, Hayley Rupakus, Zach Smith, Nicole Soller, Thomas Towner, Kristy Walker, Chris Zawiski.

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Mt. View Elementary 1st Period Honor Roll

Following is the Mountain View Elementary School first period Honor Roll for the 2004-05 school year.

GRADE 4: Cheyenne Back, Paige Belcher, Elizabeth Black, Rebekah Brown, Tyler Chidester, Krista Chidester, Colton Esslinger, Victoria Fallon, Sarita Farneli, Owen Flannery, Anthony Gaynor, Christopher Hartman, Kerri Jarnagin, Kurtis Jenkins, Joshua Johnson, Molly Keogh, Marshall Kupinski, Erin McHale, Caroline Miller, Laura Moser, James O'Brien, Bradley Pfahl, Veronica Robbins, Nicholas Sabuacak, Lee-Ann Sherman, Matthew Shipsky, Brieanna Stankiewicz, Victoria Sterling, Kelsey Twining, Katie Valentine, Tomika VanVleck, Stephanie Virbitsky, Tyler Walsh, Mickey Whitaker, Molly Williams.

GRADE 5: Tess Berish, Jeff Bishop, Jacob Black, Arron Chidester, Marissa Christina, Elizabeth Correll, Allison Davis, Tabitha Drum, Ryan Falkenberg, Cathlene Farnelli, Maria Garavuso, Michaela Gates, Brian Goble, Jesse Johnson, Ashley Jones, Shannon Kavetski, David Kern, Angel Kester, Jennifer Kochmer, Megan Kress, Cassie Kudzinowski, Ryan Lahnemann, Stephen Landis, Alexis Lewis, Elizabeth Lockwood, Liam Maloney, James McGovern, Elissa Muller, Jordan Noldy, Bradley Owens, Kelly Purdy, Jeff Smalley, Shane Stanton, Devon Suhadolnik, Alixandria Taylor, Devon Tonkin, Michael Wakalowski, Melissa Walker, Robert Weiler, Kalena Williams, Olivia Zick.

GRADE 6: Greg Adams, Thor Banks, Larry Bean, Andrea Beeman, Barbara Bennett, Alaney Berish, Taylor Brainard, Corey Brewer, Diandra Bucksbee, Racquel Chubirka, Adam Conklin, Ashley Conklin, Paul Fontana, Karch Frantz, Aaron Goodenough, Lindsey Harvey, Chris Herman, Devin Hollenbeck, Jeremy Horrocks, Carly Jesse, James Johnson, Katelynn Johnson, Bethany Kavka, Michael Keogh, Justin Kinney, Samantha Knowlton, Jessica Lotterman, Alex Lynn, Logan Mack, Julias Madas, Hunter Marcy, Andrea Mason, Michael Mikloiche, Anthony Miller, Brian Miller, Nathan Perry, Allan Phelps, Eric Potter, Christopher Powers, Ariel Pugh, Michael Purdy, Brittany Resseguie, Nathan Robbins, Cody Robbins, Cheyenne Scheer, Mike Shiner, Mary Skurnowicz, Katherine Stanziale, Joshua Terpak, Joseph Valentine, Kenneth VanGorder, Mary Walker, Karsten Wallis, Ryan Walsh, Robert Weiler, Kalena Wiliams, Olivia Zick.

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Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

The following is a list of the Susquehanna Community Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the first marking period of the 2004-05 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Tingley - 1-1: John Ball, Baily Barnes, Daniel Braun, Breanna Bushong, Zachary Collins, Sean Elliott, Cori Glidden, Brandon Gow, Kaitlyn Gow, CJ Mallery, Michael Pelicci, Miranda Rhone, Jessica Rhone.

Mrs. Rowe – 1-2: Haley Aldrich, Michael Armitage, David Baker, Miranda Groover, Alyssa Hubal, Benny Kane, Marissa McConnell, Jessica Plutino, Dylan Roe, Nicole Sherman, Lewis Sparks, Tabitha Weiss.

Mrs. Davis – 1-3: Alan Anderson, Abby Burdick, Kristine Callahan, Allison Hampton, Marissa Hodge, Samantha Irwin, Montgomery Knifer, Lilia Lobough, Alyssa Rockwell, Dylan Stout.

Mrs. Burdick– LS-1: James Ballard, Dessine Herzog, Tyler Barber.

Mrs.  Hilling – 2-1: Willard Cobb, Luke Falletta, Keith Hubal, Tyler Petriello, William Reddon, Dale Reid, Allison Ryder. Brad Sherman.

Mrs. Hinkley – 2-2: Kasey Burdick, Ashley Fisk, Brendan Lamb, Adam MacDonald, Justin Stanford.

Mrs. Houghton – 2-3: Ivy Christensen, Tiara Rokita, Ana Smith, Max Webster.

Mrs. Mazikewich – 2-4: Jerry Hallisey, Mykal Hilkert, Nicole Hines, Christian Miller, Olivia Rockwell, Daniel Staros, Samantha Yoskowitz.

Mrs. Brieden – LS-2: Justin Acone, Sara Perry.

Mrs. Steele – 3-1: Sydney Avery, Chelsea Ayres, Melvin Batson, Amber Dubanowitz, Ashley Miller, Mark Zappe.

Mrs. Stone – 3-2: Kaitlyn Bray, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Richard Pelicci, Micaela Rhone, Ciera Scepaniak, Victoria Trynoski.

Mrs. Heath – 3-3: Jack DeLaPlaine, Mashawna Hargett, Roy Lewallen, Lauren Marco, Kaelin Payne.

Mrs. Soden – 3-4: Nicholas Chamberlain, Rachel Hubal, Alyssa Jacobs, Emily Staros.

Mrs. Rockwell – LS-3: Cheryl Hendrickson, Cynthia Houman, Brooke Morrison, Tyler St. Andrew, Ronald Welch, Nicholas Wilmot.

Mrs. Homer – 4-1: Britney Glover, Amanda Marco, Chelsea Matta, Caleb Scepaniak.

Mrs. Fuller – 4-2: Raymond Polak, Ryan Swanson, Amberly Warner.

Mrs. Stanley – 4-3: Megan Canfield, Justin Collemacine, Daniel Cordner, Lindsey Glidden, Austin Smith, Callie Truex.

Mr. Hall – 5-1: Zachary Stanford.

Mrs. Conklin – 5-2: Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.

Mr. Presley – 5-3: Courtney Arthur.

Mrs. Loscig – LS-5: Brenda Kochmer.

Mr. Rezykowski – 6-1: Zachary Baker, Kelly  Burke, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano.

Mr. Escandel – 6-2: Sarah Parsons, Basia Polak.

Mrs. Chervanka – 6-3: Kalyn Cina, Scott Cordner, Sean Leonard, Gabrielle Peksa, Alex Price.

Mrs. Vauter – LS-6: Jacob Arneil.

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SCCTC Honor Roll

Mrs. Alice M. Davis, Vocational Director of the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center, is proud to announce the SCCTC’s Honor Roll list for the first marking period of the 2004-05 school year.

High Honors

Jared Kloda, Joseph Truskolaski, Henry Mast, Dawn Rodd, Jason Titus, Brittany Fike, Brittany Posten, Crystal Casterline, Nathaniel Buckingham, John Chambers, Kaitlyn Shinn, Clarissa Wilson, Christy Fassett, Amber Clapper, Linda Neer, Gina Rudock, Melissa Compton, Kim Carey, Amber Darling, Amanda Herman, Stacey Singer, Nicolette Canfield, Malinda Daniels, Brittany Faux, Kristin Fredericks, Devan Gates, Angela Greene, Lindsey Grosvenor, Angel Hubert, Sarah Stanley, Chandell Underwood, Rhonda Arnold, Heather Stewart, Tonya Benjamin, Shelley Benson, Marie Butts, Jennifer Cimini, Casey-Jo Crawn, Jennifer Ransom, Julie Robets, Brooke Thomas, Katrina Walsh, Ashely Woodruff, Rebekah Evans, Shannon George, Anna Jones, Anne Kimble-Bishop, Tina Welch, Breanna Sechrist, Tina Shatinsky, Jessie Smoker, Patricia Turner, Kim Youket, Lisa Zionkowski, Holly Cobb, Tiara Kelly, Melanie Stark, Natasha Burton, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Michell Drost, Samantha Furman, Alysha Kmieciak, Kelley McCarthy, Denise Nogick, Diann Nogick, Roxanne Bishop, Elise Calkins, Brittney Davies, Sarah Gardner, Sara Greene, Danielle Kishbaugh, Heather Yankovich, Saria Brewer, Jennifer Chambers, Adam Nagy, Richard Coy, Jessica Briar.


Arnold Carey, Tom Albertson, Adam Esposito, Kyle Hinkley, Joseph Inman, Aaron Hitchcock, Brian Slofkosky, Jordan McDaniels, Chad Benson, Thomas Walker, James Warren, Anthony Fuller, Michael Hodle, Jamie Warner, Adam Belles, Justin Ruhf, Mike Donato, Brock Smith, Charles Robinson, Gavin Chilson, Alexander Eastman, Brenda Rozell, Steven VanDerMark, Chuck Vullo, Travis Fassett, Blake Smith-Spanel, Daniel Puzo, Charlie Weaver, Bethany Carroll, Kassandra Buckingham, Kristina Gunn, Jaimy Watson, Caitlyn Marsh, Elizabeth McGuire, Stephanie Langer, Kara O’Malley, Nicole Snedaker, Amanda Squier, Kathleen Talcott, Ashley Howlett, April Lewis, Lucia Sacco, Amanda Ward, Kristina Nye, Cassandra Smith, Stephanie Branning, Julie Flynn, Allyssa Lawrence, Samantha Peck, Tamra Webb, Samantha Clapper, Ashley Brewer, Crystal Jonas, Mara Mitchell, Nicole Mokwa, Jennifer Guthrie, Jennifer Sheridan, Patrick Montague, Michael Nice, Michelle Batson, Ashley Corbin, Ashley Westbrook, Alexis Wheeler.

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Susky Elementary 1st Period Honor Roll

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following students who made the Honor or High Honor Roll for the first marking period of the 2004-05 school year.


GRADE 4: Justin Collemacine, Melissa Kukowski, Amanda Marco, Chelsea Matta, Austin Smith, Ryan Swanson, Callie Truex.

GRADE 5: Courtney Arthur, Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.

GRADE 6: Zachary Baker, Sean Leonard, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano, Sarah Parsons, Basia Polak, Alex Price, David Winn.


GRADE 4: Brett Archambault, Danielle Barnes, Megan Canfield, Emily Carmody, Daniel Cordner, Kyleigh Fiske, Lindsey Glidden, Britney Glover, Stacey Gulley, Raymond Polak, Caleb Scepaniak, William Terpstra, Amberly Warner, Casey Williams.

GRADE 5: Brandon Deakin, Alexandria Dominick, Justice Henderson, Mary Kemmerer.

GRADE 6: Kimberly Aldrich, Kelly Burke, Kelsey Carmody, Kevin Cavanaugh, Kalyn Cina, Jarrett Coleman, Chester Cotter, Gabrielle Peksa, Ryan Rosenthal, Timothy Sager, Kristen Wentzell, Derek Williams, Shane Wolf, Melissa Zawisky.

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