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Conservation District Holds Awards Banquet
I'm Here For You!
Only A Safe Toy Is The Right Toy

Conservation District Holds Awards Banquet

The Susquehanna County Conservation District (SCCD) held their annual Awards Banquet November 18, at the Montrose Bible Conference. A delicious roast beef dinner was served to eighty-five attendees. One of several awards was to the Susquehanna Branch of Quality Deer Management (SBQDM) for their continuous effort for improvement and management of wildlife habitat and deer management. Pictured above (l-r) are representatives from Susquehanna Branch of Quality Deer Management: Robert Wagner - Soil Conservation Technician, USDA-NRCS, and Director Susquehanna Branch of Quality Deer Management (SBQDM); Jack Sorber - Director (SBQDM); Ed Grasavage - President (SBQDM); Dave Wilcox - Secretary (SBQDM).

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I'm Here For You!

Hi! My name is Hercules and I’m a three-year old male yellow Lab mix. I know I look like some weird rock star but underneath I’m the most wonderful, happy, loving dog you will find. I would be perfect for some active, fun-loving guy who would run, play and just have a great time with me. Although I love everyone and everything, I may be a little too big and active for small children, but if the kids are bigger, I’d be perfect. Remember, I’ve been cooped up for a awhile so, if you come see me, walk me around a bit so I can calm down. Just give me  a chance! I’ll be waiting for you at the Susquehanna County Humane Society Shelter, in Montrose, (570) 278–1228.

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Only A Safe Toy Is The Right Toy

The excitement of the holiday season is upon us. As we search for those special gifts for our loved ones, we must remember that safety is also an issue, especially for the young children in our families. Toys are a young child’s joy at Christmas. They spark imagination and can provide hours of entertainment. Yet, the hidden dangers can abruptly turn your Christmas joy into a holiday tragedy. Although fewer and fewer toys are hazardous, adults should choose toys wisely. Too often, adults select toys that appeal to them rather than choosing an appropriate toy for the child.

The most important guideline is to select a toy that is suitable for your child’s age. First, check the labels for the age recommendations. Toys recommended for children older than three may still contain parts that could present a choking hazard. Choose toys that the child can handle; although the toy may sat that it is suitable for an eight-year old, not all eight-year olds are mature enough to operate that particular toy. If the toy requires adult supervision while being used, before buying it make sure that supervision will be available.

Protecting children from unsafe toys is the responsibility of everyone. Careful toy selection and proper supervision of children while at play is always the best way to protect your child’s safety at Christmas time. Please join North Central Sight Services, Inc., a United Way agency, and the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind and its member agencies in promoting a safe 2004 Christmas holiday.

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