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Blue Ridge Students Visit Everhart
Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month
Susquehanna School Plans To Recycle

Blue Ridge Students Visit Everhart

What is an environment that lets you into both the past and the present? On September 17, the fifth graders at Blue Ridge Elementary found out that it was a museum. The Everhart Museum in Scranton, PA was, for a day, the students’ learning environment. The Everhart provided the perfect environment for the students to have an in-depth exploration of the history and culture of our area in a museum setting.

Pictured (l-r) are Blue Ridge Fifth Graders Paige Mackenzie, Stephanie Fisher and Meaghan Merritt, posing with Venus di Mulo in front of the Everhart Museum. Venus is part of the "Miles Of Mules" exhibit in Scranton.

During their visit the students traveled from ancient worlds to interpreting contemporary paintings. The full day experience of workshops and activities not only introduced them to the museum collection of art and artifacts, but helped them understand how works of art are explained and presented to the viewer in a museum setting. The students now look forward to creating within their Unit of Study on Native American Indian Culture, several arts, music and writing projects that will be presented in their museum setting at Blue Ridge Elementary in the spring.

In a thank-you note to the museum, fifth grader Jillena Bennett wrote: "I thought it was interesting seeing what real kachina dolls look like since we only get to see pictures of them in our history books. Thank you for all you taught us." Emily Guinan added, "I can’t wait to come again!"

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Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month

Following are the Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens of the Month chosen for September, 2003.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Johnson - Adreanna Skinner; Mrs. Ogeka - Wesley Richardson; Mrs. Rhone - Harrison Parsons; Mrs. Small - Austin Harper; Mrs. Whitehead - Nolan Hausser.

Grade 1: Mr. Goff - Ashley Warren; Mr. Jones - Kailey Ragard; Mrs. Scott - Kyle Frailey.

Grade 2: Mrs. Berger - Dylan Darrow; Mrs. Hepler - Curtis Mills; Mrs. Kresefski - Bethany Krug; Mrs. Yurgosky - Quentin Millard.

Grade 3: Mrs. Harter - Jacob James; Mrs. Kelly - Stephanie Button; Miss Pease - Miranda Dunne; Mrs. Theophila - Allison Coller.

Grade 4: Mrs. Bartkus - Emmalee Huston; Mrs. Button - Chloe Randall; Mrs. Revie - Caroline Bartkus; Mrs. Roe - Colten Hewitt; Mrs. Skal - Dylan Carpenter.

Grade 5: Mrs. Buffington - Rhonda Lynch; Mrs. Chamberlain - Eric Onyon; Mr. Mazikewich - Scott Lobdell; Mrs. Wolfe - Courtney Ucci; Mrs. Zelkowitz - Thomas Towner.

Mrs. Bleck - Alicia Compton.

Mrs. Heal - Ashley Klenchik.

Mrs. Suchy - Codi Benedict.

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Susquehanna School Plans To Recycle

The Susquehanna Community School District is pitching in to help the environment. A recycling program was begun recently to recycle the many tons of paper schools typically generate annually. Carol McNamara, Susquehanna High School guidance counselor who initiated the program, says she has enlisted the help of members of the junior and senior Honor Society. "We have a system," explained Mrs. McNamara, "where it is the responsibility of the students at the end of each week to see that the paper goes to the recycling bin. They are enthusiastic about it, and pleased that their school is recycling."

Pictured in front of the recycling bins are Susquehanna Community High School students with Mrs. McNamara.

The recycling container was provided to the school by the Susquehanna County Recycling Center and paid for by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Susquehanna County Commissioners.

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