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Spotlight Is On The Hawley Farm
Brandy Rogers Takes Police Cadet Program
Another Eyesore Bites The Dust!
Guy Vandermark Gets Purple Heart Stamps
We're Waiting
Bob Mireider Retires After 32 Years
Lenoxville Senior Center Update
PNB Announces Income Dividend

Spotlight Is On The Hawley Farm

This month I have chosen to spotlight the Jewel Farm, owned by Louis and Natalie Hawley. This 550 acre farm is located in the town of Montrose. Mr. Hawley was raised on this farm and then took over after his father left the farm. Louis has been operating the farm since 1968 when he was a senior in high school. Along with his wife and sons Ben, Mike and Nick the milking, feeding and barn chores on this 100 cow, crossbreed milking herd are accomplished. Hawley’s also have a beef herd and a few sheep. The dairy farm consists of three free-stall barns. They rotation-graze the cattle. What makes this farm unique is that it is a seasonal farm. This means their cattle are dried off in January, freshen in March and are milked for the next ten months then dried up again. This gives the family two months to catch up on other work, such as renovating the barns.

Shana Mack, Susquehanna County Dairy Princess visits with Louis and Natalie Hawley.The Hawley Farm has received several awards including Dairy of Distinction, Conservation District No-till Farmer, Conservation Farmer of the Year Award and Statewide Pasture Production Award. Nearly 400 acres of the Hawley farm is part of the State and County Farmland Preservation Program. Mr. Hawley is involved in Dairy Farmers of America, PA Dairy Promotion Board and the Mid-East Dairy Association.

I would like to thank the Hawley’s for letting me visit their farm and thank them for their hard work and dedication to the dairy industry. I’m enjoying learning how different each farm is in our County, but all accomplish the same goal to produce quality milk.

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Brandy Rogers Takes Police Cadet Program

Brandy Rogers, Montrose, successfully completed the Pennsylvania State Police Troop R Camp 2003 Cadet Program on July 25, 2003.

During her stay at Camp Cadet, Brandy’s roommate was Lauren Paciotti. The camp is designed to bring a better understanding to youth of law enforcement activities while living in an atmosphere of an actual State Police Training School. The emphasis of the school is placed on self-discipline, ability to make new friends and work with them as a team.

Brandy really enjoyed the State Police Troop R Camp Cadet Program.

Brandy learned many interesting things associated with the Pennsylvania State Police, FBI, DEA, PA Fish & Game Commissions. She found a visit from the Forensics Unit one of the most interesting and is interested in learning more about this type of work in the future.

Brandy also learned about the history of Pennsylvania State Police, and had presentations on the following: Canine Program, Fire Marshal Unit, Mounted Detail Unit, Polygraph, PSP Wellness, Radar Demonstration, Dangers of Explosives, S.E.R.T. Team, Lackawanna County Prison C.E.R.T., Dive Rescue Unit and the Scranton S.W.A.T. Team, Bomb Squad and the Motorcycle Unit.

Asked if she would attend again, her reply was, "Yes, Sir/Yes, Ma’am." She also would like to thank all who donated funding and time to make this program possible.

After graduation, her parents, Randy and Annette, her brother, Brandon, Aunt, Shirley, Uncle, Bill, and six very special friends greeted Brandy for a job well done!

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Another Eyesore Bites The Dust!

The Susquehanna Depot Borough and the Susquehanna Housing and Redevelopment Authority have teamed up once again to remove some more dangerous, dilapidated buildings that have been plaguing neighborhoods for years. Last year Susquehanna Borough’s residents witnessed six dangerous, unsightly buildings come down. This year there will be an additional six, possibly seven, of these structures removed at no additional cost to the tax payers. Susquehanna Borough’s part time code program is only two and a half years old and has made remarkable strides in addressing issues that have been overlooked for years.

Pictured (l-r) are: Mayor Nancy Hurley, Commissioner Candidate Roberta Kelly, Code Enforcement Officer Shane Lewis, Housing and Redevelopment Authority representative Bobbi Jo Turner.

Borough officials feel that, "Only by cleaning, rebuilding and maintaining our neighborhoods can we restore the pride and beauty that not only encourages our families to stay, but will entice new neighbors who are also looking for neighborhoods they can take pride in."

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Guy Vandermark Gets Purple Heart Stamps

In 1782, during the Revolutionary War, General George Washington issued an order that established a badge of distinction for meritorious action. Known as the Badge of Military Merit, the award was distinctive because it was available to the lower ranks, at a time when only officers were eligible for decoration in European armies. "The road to glory in a patriot army is thus open to all," Washington wrote. This award is known today as the Purple Heart and is given in the name of the President of the United States to members of the US military who have been wounded in combat or to the next of kin of those killed in action. According to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, an organization for combat-wounded veterans, the medal is "the oldest military decoration in the world in present use and the first award made available to the common soldier."

On July 8, 2003, Brackney Postmaster Roger Stonier presented Guy Vandermark with a framed plaque of Purple Heart stamps in appreciation of his service and sacrifice during World War II. Vandermark received a total of five purple hearts during his service to our country. Stonier stated, "It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to present this award to an individual who has given so much to his country. Instead of looking to sports figures and movie stars, we should look in our own communities for real heroes."

Pictured (l-r) are: Brackney Postmaster Roger Stonier, Guy Vandermark, John Vandermark.

Guy’s son, John Vandermark, a rural letter carrier out of Brackney, stated that he is very proud of his father and cherishes the time that they spend together. He also hopes that when people use this stamp, they remember the courage of the men and women in uniform, and the price that they have paid so that we can enjoy living in this great country.

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We're Waiting

Hi! I don’t have a name right now but I’m sure there’s someone out there to give me one. Along with all sorts of adorable kittens, the Susquehanna County Humane Society shelter also has beautiful adult cats, some neutered and declawed, just waiting to be a special companion to someone. And don’t forget the wonderful dogs! Please come see them, soon! They’ll be waiting.

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Bob Mireider Retires After 32 Years

Robert (Bob) Mireider, Sr., one of the Three Boroughs’ most outstanding citizens and Lanesboro businessman, has called it quits after 32 years operating a general grocery store in our sister community. Contents of the store were recently auctioned.

Bob, a former resident of the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY, was born in 1935, in the shadows of the old Brooklyn Dodgers’ Ebbetts Field, where he was familiar with some of the ole time dodgers.

He moved to Lanesboro with his family in 1945. He joined the United States Air Force, from 1952 to 1956, and is a veteran of the Korean War. A few years after his discharge, he came back to Lanesboro (1964).

He operated a grocery store in Oakland Borough, during 1970 and in 1972 opened Mireider’s Store in Lanesboro, in the old Ziegler building that was vacant.

Through the kindness of some of Bob’s friends (as he was hesitant to tell me) we gathered some very interesting things about Bob. Bob is a very generous and giving man. Several times during the Christmas season, he would hear of a needy family, fill a box of "goodies," leave it on their porch and (Santa Claus) quickly walk away, never looking for a "thank you."

Christmas trees were given to children and their families that could not afford them. During the loss of a family member, Mireider’s Store would always send the bereaved a meat platter. He has been a councilman for many years and is currently serving another term. He is interested in local problems of the people.

As a kind and caring man, Bob – more often than not – gave young men jobs to get them started in life; many young people took advantage of the opportunity.

One time, Bob caught a young boy stealing cigarettes. He did not call the police, but did call his parents. Arrangements were made for the youngster to do chores, such as sweeping, etc., and other small jobs, to pay for his act. About ten years later, the young man approached Mr. Mireider and thanked him for not calling the police, saying, "I learned my lesson."

No doubt, Mireider’s Store will be missed, but lots of memories will remain in Lanesboro. For years Bob treated the residents with displays of fireworks during the July Fourth week.

Saying bob Mireider was a kind and generous man is just what it implies; he never hesitated to help anyone in need.

What is he going to do now that he’s retiring? Probably fish, hunt, take it easy, and stay in the area. He is the father of five children: Lori Fisher, of Johnson City, NY; Debra McNamara, of Sayre; Robert, Jr., of Hallstead; Kenneth, of Johnson City; and Keith, of Sherburne.

A personal note: I understand that Bob was a pretty good ball player in his day. Growing up around Ebbetts Field, you almost had to be. His dad owned a garage near the field. Bob and his buddies would hang around the park, and eventually an usher would let them "sneak in." Bob could name most of the old time Dodgers, as could his dad. Like the rest of the Brooklyn fans, they were highly upset when they moved to California. The "Brooklyn Bums were no more."

PS – There is one sad note, Bob is a BIG Mets and Giants fan and cheers for the Binghamton Senators hockey team. Someday, Bob will see the "light" and become a NY Yankees fan.

Bob, have a healthy and happy retirement. Enjoy!

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Lenoxville Senior Center Update

June 19 was a very busy day. We have two new members, George McKee and Joe DeGroft, and back after an absence were Angie Carpenetti, Emma Rauschenberger, Edna Lopatofsky and Dorothy Franco.

We were decorated, outside and inside – flowers blooming in the flower bed and tables decorated with flags and fish and favors for Father’s Day. There were gifts for the oldest father, Edgar Thomas, the youngest father, Joe Peteritis and the one with the most children, Adam Konopka. Drawings for door prizes went to Lewis Titus, Joe Peteritis, Tony Blodnikar, Donald Bartholomay and Angelo Carpenetti.

A newspaper article honoring Tony Blodnikar as a Purple Heart recipient was read and posted.

The 65th anniversary of Pastor Don and Doris Bartholomay was celebrated.

June 26 was special in a very different way. On that hot day, we walked into newly installed air conditioning. What a treat! The treat continued as our Dairy Princess, Shana Mack arrived and brought her mother and three of her six brothers. Shana spoke on the many benefits of milk and brought us a favorite, homemade ice cream she had made the day before. Table decorations were strawberry plants, artificial but very beautiful.

On July 3, with tables decorated for the Fourth, we welcomed another newcomer, Charlie Brown of Susquehanna.

During our monthly council meeting we started plans for our day at the Harford Fair. So far, we’ve decided on coffee, cookies and cupcakes to sell and a food basket for chances. At noon, we wished Tony and Mary Blodnikar a happy 20th anniversary. We also drew names for the birdhouse raffle and the patriotic wreath. The winners were Alice Everitt and Wanda Michael. July 10 was cool, at last; what a relief after the long heat wave. We were even willing to join in Adam Konopka’s Peppi Exercise class. We were serenaded, while we ate, by Rose Kakuk’s daughter, Sondra Magaw and we greatly enjoyed her a cappella voice. Our 50/50 winner was "lucky" Carrie Miller who had both winning tickets.

That’s all for this time. Keep well and happy!

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PNB Announces Income Dividend

Net income for Peoples Financia Services Corp., Hallstead, as of June 30, 2003, was $2,572,000 compared to $1,936,000 in 2002. On a per share basis, for 2003 it was $0.814 vs. $0.615 in 2002. Return on average equity at June 30, 2003, was 1.47% compared to 1.22% at the same time in 2002.

Total assets were $363,631,000 on June 30, 2003, vs. $328,342,000 in 2002. Deposits at June 30, 2003, were $271,183,000 compared to $256,843,000 at June 30, 2002; and net loans were $225,846,000 compared to $208,622,000 at the same period in 2002.

A regular quarterly dividend of $0.16 per share was declared on July 1, 2003. The dividend will be paid on August 15, 2003, to shareholders of record on July 31, 2003.

Peoples Financial Services Corp., Hallstead, PA, is the parent company of Peoples National Bank, an independent community bank with eight offices.

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