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They Would Not Approve

Just days ago, Judge Roy Moore lost his court case and was ordered to remove a monument depicting the biblical Ten Commandments from his Alabama courthouse.

Then, three plaques with inspiration from the Psalms were ordered to be removed from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, after being there for over 30 years. And, there is even talk of removing the Ten Commandments from the United States Supreme Court. Where will it end? Thousands of other examples of the Word of God in public places are threatened. What if they are all removed by court order?

Unless we stop it, all mention of God may be removed from America’s public places.

I hope good people will not stand by, while attempts are made to obliterate references to our Christian heritage in America’s public places. This is not what our forefathers would have approved of, and we should all work against this alarming trend.


Lisa Schmidt

New Milford, PA

They Smash It To Pieces

Please, please help me. I am tired of the state road crew smashing my mailbox and post. I live in Choconut on route 267 across from the Choconut Valley Elementary School. Every year in winter I have to replace my mailbox because the road crew plows my mailbox and smashes it to pieces. To have delivery of my mail, the post office tells me I need a mailbox, yet the state comes along and destroys my mailbox so no mail can be delivered.

I had just put up, two weeks ago, again, a brand new mailbox, brand new wooden post, brand new letters and numbers so the postal worker could locate my mailbox and deliver my mail. Today, in the middle of the day in July, the state crew is digging up the ditch along route 267. The road crew again knocked over my mailbox and mailbox post. Not only do they knock it down, they smash my brand new mailbox.

What is their problem! Why is it impossible for them to go around a mailbox or take it down while they are doing their work and then put it back up again the way they found it! My mailbox is my property. The Pennsylvania state crew has just (once again) defaced my property and I want to know who to contact to make them pay for replacing it ! I am sick and tired of replacing my mailbox at the bottom of the driveway due to their disrespect to my property.

The first time they did it, I said "fine, it was in error. I replaced it". Now, after the umpteen time of replacing my mailbox, I believe someone in the state needs to replace it. I'm not going to keep replacing my mailbox every month ! That's ridiculous. Unless the post office is willing to deliver my mail to my door (my driveway is a 1/2 mile long dirt road on a mountain), I would like to know who I can contact to replace my mailbox.

Can you tell that I’m mad. I'm very upset at this. It's not right. When my mailbox was smashed, destroyed really, I went out and purchased a new mailbox to comply with the postal regulations. I did my duty as a homeowner. Now, two weeks later, to have a state worker come along and blatantly destroy my property when it could have easily been avoided, is incomprehensible.

Could you please direct me to what department and whom I need to contact to correct this problem.


Marise d. Shearer

Choconut Township

EDITOR’S NOTE: You might start, Marise, by contacting PENNDOT at their toll-free number 1–800–932–4600. If that does not work, you might want to report the (repeated) incident to the State Police in Gibson at 465–3156.

About Those Bears...

I read with interest the article "Bears and Bees," but there is one thing about the bears that Ms. Bennett failed to mention. The PA Game Commission has transported a lot of those bears into our area.

Many of the bears have been relocated from the Pocono area, where they were becoming a nuisance. They were brought to the various State Game Lands in our area and released. From the gamelands they began traveling in search of the easy pickings that they had become used to.

I find it ironic that the Game Commission places these bears in our area, then penalizes us for trying to protect ourselves and our property from them. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Game Commission took responsibility for what they’ve done in releasing these problem bears in our area. Oh, I forgot, they are a government agency and they take no responsibility for their mistakes.


Sandra Seamans

Union Dale, PA

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