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June Jurors Drawn
Don't Be A "Pollcat"
Lanesboro Senior Center Update
Lanesboro Cemetery Association Meets

June Jurors Drawn

Following is a list of names drawn to serve as Petit and Traverse jurors for June, 2003, to appear in the Court of Common Pleas, Susquehanna County Courthouse Main Courtroom, Montrose, on the 9th day of June, at 9:00 a.m.

Ararat Twp.: Dianne L. Burman, Misty Sampson.

Auburn Twp.: George Davis, Emanuel Dietsch, Ruth Gardner, John S. Raum, David F. Wells

Bridgewater Twp.: Shirley I. Bennett, John J. Cherundolo, Joseph Crea, Mary Jeannette Kelly.

Choconut Twp.: Donald Paul Boone, Kathleen M. Stanley.

Clifford Twp.: David Andzulis, Tracie Shipsky.

Forest City Boro 1W: Mary Ann Musho.

Forest City Boro 2W: Ann M. Cyzeski, Henry G. Tusar, Jr.

Forest Lake Twp.: Rob Branning, Mary S. Dydynski, Chris E. Jemmott, Geri Rowan.

Franklin Twp.: Kathy Mogridge, John W. Winans.

Gibson Twp.: Christina Boyd, Laymond R. Ezell, Ronald Greene, Albert P. Salansky.

Hallstead Boro: John M. Bennici, Alan M. Hall, Eunice Moore, Harold G. Slater.

Harford Twp.: Sally F. Morgan.

Herrick Twp.: Barbara Ann Konopka.

Jackson Twp.: Erwin Herman, Jeffrey Pallman.

Jessup Twp.: Marianne Oakes.

Lathrop Twp.: Daniel M. Karhnak.

Lenox Twp.: Patricia M. Carr, Margaret K. Doolin.

Liberty Twp.: Vickie L. Buckland, Daniel P. Dooley, Edward J. Hartman, Jade Zahora.

Little Meadows Boro: David A. Ludington.

Montrose Boro 1W: Mary Ellen Demann, Betty J. Marshall.

Montrose Boro 2W: Eileen C. Kelly, Pamela D. Staats.

New Milford Boro: Glenn Bailey, Carolyn A. Stanford.

New Milford Twp.: Ellen Luce.

Oakland Boro: John M. Sullivan.

Rush Twp.: Marcia M. Farnsworth, David Franks, Lorraine S. Hitchcock, David M. Yulke.

Silver Lake Twp.: Mary Lou Fahs, Kelly J. Ropecka, Geoff Rosevear, Anthony L. Smith, Bernard R. Unterkoefler.

Springville Twp.: Gaynell E. Demars, Harris D. Stephens, Bradley Tewksbury.

Susquehanna Boro 2W: Frederick L. Johnson, Carol J. Tingley.

Thompson Boro: Scott A. Halesky.

Thompson Twp.: Judy Ballard, Walter L. Lacey, Daniel Swackhammer.

Union Dale Boro: Patrick P. Foster.

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Don't Be A "Pollcat"

"Pollcat", n. polluter that puts posters and signs on poles and trees before an election and doesn’t remove them when the election is over.

Putting political posters on utility poles is a violation of the PA Crimes Code, Section 6905 and can result in a fine ranging from $50-$300 and 90 days in jail if the fine is not paid. It violates utility company policy and may be removed by the utility company with cost of removal charged to the sign owner. It can wound linemen with nails and staples. It delays the restoration of power; the nails and staples must be removed before linemen can climb poles.

Putting political posters on roadsides violates the PA Code Title 67, Chapter 445, dealing with outdoor advertising devices and is against the law in many municipalities. It can result in a fine between $50-$300. It can block driver visibility and cause accidents.

Putting political posters on trees is against the law in many municipalities. This also may result in fines and can injure or kill the tree with the nails and staples.

If you are a political candidate or are working with one, be considerate. Remove signs and posters when Election Day is over. This is not only the law, but it fights visual pollution and helps keep the area in its’ natural beauty.

The Garden Club of Montrose urges everyone to help fight litter in your community. Working with the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania and National Garden Clubs, Inc., they take the pledge not to litter. Please join them in this endeavor.

For more information on fighting litter, visit or call the Litter Hotline at 1-888-LITTERBUG.

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Lanesboro Senior Center Update

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Lanesboro Cemetery Association Meets

Lanesboro Cemetery Association held an emergency meeting recently to discuss items such as operating expenses, sale of two riding lawn mowers and two push mowers, setting a limit on conditions of flowers and ornaments, discarding a storage shed that was damaged by winter snow, requiring the setting of corner markers at the time of plot sales, general security of the cemetery, locking of gates during winter months, requesting police to patrol more often and having fund-raisers to offset operating costs.

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