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Gold From God's Word
"Trailblazers" Coming To Thompson Baptist Church

Gold From God's Word

In 1962, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Major Chuck Maultsby was flying a U-2 spy plane out of Alaska on a routine sampling mission. The mission meant flying at a high altitude over the polar cap in the drifting radioactive clouds, which were created when the Chinese and Soviets performed nuclear tests. Major Maultsby's mission took him directly over the North Pole in the middle of the night. But when he returned to come home he mistakenly took the wrong south heading and flew deep into Soviet territory. The Russians picked him up right away and thought Strategic Air Command was coming in the back way for a nuclear first strike and start of WW III!

The United States monitored the scrambling jets to intercept the major and he could see the dozens of contrails of the fighters trying to reach his altitude to shoot him down.

Finally President Kennedy got on the hot line with Khrushchev and told him we had a lost U-2 pilot on a weather mission over his country and that it not a hostile aircraft!

Maultsby had no direct radio communications, only a passive HF receiver that allowed him to listen. Someone on the tanker that refueled him got on the radio and informed Chuck that it was sunrise over Alaska and suggested he turn his plane 90 degrees until he saw light, then fly in that direction. Chuck obeyed and headed for the western tip of Alaska; he made the longest U-2 flight ever, ran out of fuel, flamed out and had to dead stick in with his face mask all frosted over. But he made it!

There are many people just as sincere as major Maultsby but also just as lost. The major had no idea he was going the wrong way and about to start WW III! Likewise millions of people are headed the wrong way, thinking they are fine. Thinking that as long as they are a good person and follow their churches’ teaching that everything will work out. But God sent His Son with a "communication." A life saving message that said to repent and believe in Christ and His work of Redemption for the forgiveness of sins and birth into the family of God.

Chuck Maultsby, though out of fuel made it because he turned in time. Today is the time to "turn into the light", the Lord Jesus Christ, before it's too late! If you haven't... don't delay. By Bro. Jim Scubelek, Jackson Baptist Church.

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"Trailblazers" Coming To Thompson Baptist Church

Thompson Baptist Church once again is gearing up for another fun-filled Vacation Bible School from July 21 to July 25.

"Trailblazers, Following Our Faithful God" is the theme for the five days and will incorporate the courage and persistence of the early pioneers who blazed their way across the west on the Oregon Trail. So the kids should be prepared to see tents, cowboys dressed in their western attire complete with wide brimmed hats and girls in long dresses and sun bonnets. They may also see camp fires, saddles, lanterns and even covered wagons as the "Trailblazers" make their way across the "prairies" !

The sign-up sheet is filling up as members of the church prepare to help with the intriguing Bible lessons, the cool crafts and great games as well as the exciting songs and, of course, the delicious theme related treats.

Classes for the children ages 4 to 12 will begin each morning, at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at noon. The teens will have their own separate program every evening, at 7:00 p.m. that same week.

For further information call Thompson Baptist Church at 727-2461.

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