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Beta Rho Chapter Welcomes New Officers
PARSE Update
PASR Honors Award Recipients
4-H Club News Dimock Community
Reflections Of A Dairy Princess
Susky Fire Dept. Offers Scholarship

Beta Rho Chapter Welcomes New Officers

The Beta Rho Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International met May 1, at the United Methodist Church in New Milford. Fresh flower arrangements with highlights of red and gold decorated the room for the chapter’s 26th birthday celebration. The chapter membership is composed of women educators from Bradford, Susquehanna, and Wyoming Counties. President Susan Lee, a guidance counselor at the Lathrop Street Elementary School in the Montrose Area School District, conducted her final business meeting.

Immediately following the business meeting, the membership witnessed the installation of the chapter officers for the 2010-2012 biennium. Red roses, a gold tablecloth, and the Society logo decorated the table in the sanctuary for the lovely candlelight ceremony conducted by Carol Goodman. Thanks were extended to both the outgoing and incoming officers during the ceremony. The Beta Rho Chapter officers for the next two years include President Dr. Ann Way; First Vice-President Emily Alt; Second Vice-President Holly Snitzer; Recording Secretary Emily Perkins; Corresponding Secretary Shari Wolfe; Treasurer Carol Davis; and Parliamentarian and Immediate Past President Susan Lee.

Beta Rho Chapter officers installed at the May meeting include Sue Lee, Parliamentarian and Immediate Past President; Carol Davis, Treasurer; Dr. Ann Way, President; Emily Alt, First Vice-President; Holly Snitzer, Second Vice-President; and Shari Wolfe, Corresponding Secretary. Recording Secretary Emily Perkins was absent for the photo.

Chairmen of the Beta Rho Achievement Award, Pat Arnold and Carol Goodman, then made the surprise announcement of the second recipient of the highest chapter award bestowed on a member. Prior to announcing the recipient’s name, Pat Arnold highlighted the awardee’s credits indicating that the member rarely missed a chapter meeting, was the charter president of the chapter when it was installed in 1984; was the Alpha Alpha State Recording Secretary for 2007-2009, was always helpful to any member, presented chapter programs, and received the Alpha Alpha State Achievement Award in 2005. A standing ovation recognized Cindy G. Reynolds when her name was announced. Carol Goodman then presented the specially designed pin to Cindy who stated that she would wear it proudly and she credited the chapter membership for giving her support and the opportunity to serve.

The 26th chapter birthday celebration concluded the meeting with birthday cake and a visit from founder, Dr. Anne Web Blanton (portrayed by Cindy Reynolds). She reminded the membership what it was like for a woman educator in the early 1900’s and how and why the Society was founded. She paid tribute to each of the 12 founders whose pictures and factual information were mounted on a lovely display board. Included was a brief history of the founding of the Beta Rho Chapter and its installation on May 12, 1984, at the Shadowbrook Inn and Resort in Tunkhannock which refreshed members’ memories.

Members were reminded of upcoming Society events and were encouraged to make arrangements to attend an event beyond the chapter level because this gives a broader perspective of what the organization stands for. The Alpha Alpha State Convention will be held at the Nittany Lion Inn in State College the weekend of June 11-13, and the International Convention will be held in Spokane, Washington, on July 20-24. Next summer, Pennsylvania has the honor of hosting the Northeast Regional Conference on July 20-23, 2011, at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center. The next Beta Rho Chapter meeting will be on October 7, at 4:30 p.m. at Dreyer Hall in Montrose. The initiation of Hilary Stubeda will occur at the meeting and the members will receive their new binders with all of the chapter information for the next biennium.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is a professional honor society for women educators with more than 115, 000 members. Established in 16 member countries around the world, the Society defines its mission as promoting professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

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PARSE Update
Submitted By Cynthia P. Sims

The Pennsylvania Association of Retired State Employees, Chapter 15, met at the Zion Lutheran Church, Dushore, Sullivan County, on May 11. President Jesse Bacon reported that the State PARSE president, Bill Barrett had resigned and an interim president was appointed. He also stated that the new PARSE magazine has been issued and some members reported that they had received it.

In order to stimulate membership, President Bacon stated that with member approval, he would contact State Representative Tina Pickett’s office about having a PARSE informational display at her 2010 Expo in Athens on June 18. He said PARSE would need volunteers to man the display. As the members agreed, he said he would contact Pickett’s office for further information and advise the group at the June meeting.

The next meeting will be held at the Towanda American Legion on June 8. All retired state employees are invited to attend and learn more about the PARSE organization. To make reservations, contact President Jesse Bacon at 570-265-9784 or Susquehanna Co. Vice President John Benio at 570-278-2380.

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PASR Honors Award Recipients

Peter Regeski, high school librarian for Mountain View School District, and Lucrezia Bonifanti, computer aide in the elementary Compass Odyssey lab, received the Lauretta Woodson awards for an educator and a support professional at the Mt. View School Board meeting on May 10.

The award is named for Dr. Lauretta Woodson, a prominent Pennsylvania educator, an assistant professor at Temple University, and an active member of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR). She left a bequest to honor those who have exhibited creativity, initiative, and productivity relative to the learning process and growth of children and have had a positive influence on the learning process. Ellen Holdredge, Educational Support chairperson of the Susquehanna County Chapter of PASR, presented the award, assisted by Bob Orner, President of that Chapter.

Pictured (l-r) above: Ellen Holdredge, Peter Regeski, Lucrezia Bonifanti, Bob Orner.

Regeski has been a teacher at Mt. View since 1987. He began his career as a social studies teacher. Former students remember recreating a castle, a cathedral, and an Egyptian tomb in his room to accompany units of study. In 2000, he became the high school librarian. There he has helped countless students with research papers for senior projects who otherwise might not have completed them and then not graduated. He was the student council advisor for many years. As the advisor, Regeski spent much extra time mentoring that after school activity. Dr. Chichura, superintendent of Mt. View stated, “Mr. Regeski has exhibited a tireless and consistent approach to his profession devoting many hours above and beyond the norm to his profession.”

Receiving the Woodson Award for a support professional was Lucrezia Bonifanti, who has been employed by the district since 1990. She is in charge of the Compass Odyssey lab. Bonifanti teaches the children how to log on and off the computer, offers assistance to the teachers in program usage, and does whatever is necessary to make sure that the lab is running smoothly. She takes great pride in the efficient working condition of the lab and her knowledge that she shares with teachers. As Mrs. Debbie Earley, kindergarten teacher stated, “she is a very valuable asset to the Compass Odyssey program and Mt. View Elementary School. We are lucky to have her!”

Both Regeski and Bonifanti exemplify the goals of the Woodson Award. They are dedicated individuals who have had positive influences on the students in Mt. View School District. The Susquehanna County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR) was pleased to honor them.

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4-H Club News Dimock Community

I am reporting for the Dimock Community 4-H Club in Susquehanna County. Boy do I have news for you!

At our first meeting on April 16, we elected our officers and talked about the new online registration called "E-data."

Our officers are as follows: President, Jesse Borosh; Vice President, Clark Fuller; Treasurer, Tim Marbaker; Games Coordinator, Jonas Fuller; News Reporter, Andy Swetter.

E-data is a new online registration system that all 4-H members and leaders can use to register, see upcoming events, and other information.

At our meeting awards were also given for last year.

On April 26 there was a dinner for all 4-H leaders and awards were given out there too. There were awards for 1st year, 5th year, 10th year, 20th, and 30th year as well. There was one lady there who had 48 years in with the 4-H. Congratulations to her!

News Reporter: Andy Swetter

Sizzlin’ Steaks

At the Sizzlin’ Steaks 4-H Club meeting we played ball in the front of the church. Then we went back inside and said the pledges and introduced ourselves because we have some new members to our club.

We will weed the memorial garden for a thank-you to the church for letting us use the lecture hall for meetings. Alyssa and Evan Clarkson will bring refreshments to the next meeting.

News Reporter: Alyssa Clarkson

Jr. Holstein Club

This spring youth Holstein enthusiasts joined together to start a Jr. Holstein Club in Susquehanna County. This club is open to anyone ages nine to twenty-one and lives in Wyoming, Susquehanna, or Wayne counties and who is a junior member of the Holstein Association USA. This club is bringing youth together that are interested in the dairy industry and who enjoy raising and showing Holsteins.

Pictured (l-r) above, members of the Susquehanna County Jr. Holstein Club: first row - Alex Bonavita, Vicki Clark, Austin Graham, Kennidy Finch, Jacob Curley; second row - Brandon Curley, Ali Teel, Mariah Tompkins, Cassie Clark, Amanda Hirkey; third row - Callie Curley, Sharon Snyder, Abbey Hirkey, Carly Sherwood, Jon Small, Sabrina Clark, Luke Sherwood, Morgan Williams-Clark.

Officers for 2010-2011 are: President, Luke Sherwood, Meshoppen; Vice President, Jon Small, Montrose; Secretary, Callie Curly, Montrose; Treasurer, Cassie Clark, Springville; News Reporter, Amanda Hirkey, Meshoppen; and Social Chair, Sabrina Clark, Springville. All of these people will be sure to make this year a great first year.

On Sunday, July 11, the club is having a golf tournament at Tall Pines Golf Course in Friendsville. This tournament will support the Jr. Holstein Club. If you have any questions about the golf tournament or about joining the club you can contact Michelle Kowalewski at 278-1158 or Kim Clark at 965-2519.

News Reporter: Amanda Hirkey

Sizzlin’ Steaks

At our last meeting on May 10, we didn't weed because it was too cold and windy. We did inside things at the meeting.

Vice-president, David Bradshaw opened the meeting. Everyone said pledges.

We opened up an envelope that came from the VFW. The envelope had $200 in it! This is part of their give back to the community. We signed a thank-you card for the VFW for giving us $200.

Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Harvatine reminded us of all the activities that 4-H offers. There is a One Day Camp at the Harford Fairgrounds on Wednesday, July 14 and anyone can come. Everyone was encouraged to spend the day at the fairgrounds and have fun. There is also Camp Brule, although one needs to be 13 to attend this camp. Rotary on the Green is May 29. Read the Newsline to keep track of all the events that will be happening this summer.

Our 4-H group is going to plant flowers at Maplewood Cemetery on June 3 at 6:30. Everyone should bring gloves, tools, and water.

At our next meeting on June 8 David Bradshaw will be giving a demonstration.

The next meeting is at the church’s memorial garden. We will be weeding.

There will also be another meeting on June 8 at 6:30. Blaze and Autumn Whitehead will be bringing refreshments for the next meeting. We will be finishing weeding the memorial garden at the church.

Mrs. Harvatine led the Cloverbuds and the rest of the group in a Cloverbud project on animals. We had fun thinking of five things about the picture of animals that we selected.

Alyssa and Evan Clarkson shared the refreshments that they had brought with them.
News Reporter: Alyssa Clarkson

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Reflections Of A Dairy Princess
Submitted By Susquehanna County Dairy Princess Daisy Matulevich

Being Susquehanna Count Dairy Princess has been an unforgettable experience, and I truly believe it has inspired much of my personal growth.

When I began my reign as Dairy Princess in the spring of 2009, I was fairly green; there were many things I was yet to learn. However, after attending State Princess Seminar in July, I felt much more situated with the title of Princess. I was ready to promote the Dairy Industry. I planned on performing many promotions during the summer months, as I was to leave Susquehanna County in the fall to continue my education at Mansfield University in Tioga County.

Once I got started, I found it hard to stop. It was a rare weekend when I wasn’t traveling home to attend a dairy promotion or a 4-H event, and there were even circumstances where I found myself in Susquehanna County mid-week attending a dinner. However, I was never in jeopardy of risking my educational status; I had the capability of balancing my responsibilities as a freshman college student with my responsibilities as the Susquehanna County Dairy Princess.

I guess you could say my infatuation with dairy promotions began in the early summer months, even before attending orientation. I loved the opportunity of meeting new people, and promoting such a great industry with my lovely dairy court. I personally enjoyed interactions with youth because most are willing to listen to anyone wearing a shiny crown. However, it wasn’t the crown that held importance - it was the dairy information being relayed to them.

Favorite promotions would include ones completed at the Harford Fair because of the variety of people; it was a great opportunity to reach out to large numbers. Additionally, I held delight in coming home on a weekend in October to assist in Day on a Dairy Farm, a promotion that provides tours of a working dairy farm and educates the public about the dairy industry. Thanks are extended to the Tompkins family of Montrose for hosting such a wonderful event at their Evergreen Lane Farm. They truly are dedicated.

I would like to thank my parents and the Fallon family for supporting my decision to be the 2009/2010 Susquehanna County Dairy Princess, and I would also like to thank the following people for their commitment to the Dairy Princess and Promotional Services: Evie Goff, Mary Puzo, Peggy Empet, Cindy Tompkins, Betty Reibson, and former PDPPS Executive Director, Junia Isiminger.

As a whole, my Dairy Court and I have successfully completed approximately 170 promotions within the past year. Each one a pleasant experience, but some more memorable than the rest. I absolutely love my girls, and I know that they will do a wonderful job continuing to promote the dairy industry with the additional help of two new ambassadors and a new dairy maid.

I wish the 2010/2011 Susquehanna County Dairy Princess the best of luck, as I know she will do a great job promoting the dairy industry, and will create many lasting experiences just as I have!

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Susky Fire Dept. Offers Scholarship

The Susquehanna Fire Department has established a college scholarship with the Community Foundation of Susquehanna & Wyoming Counties that will benefit Susquehanna Community High School graduates for years to come.

The very first Fire Department scholarship will be presented to a 2010 graduate of Susquehanna Community High School who has demonstrated a strong sense of volunteerism and community service. The scholarship award for 2010 is $750.00.

The Fire Department has maintained a fund at the Community Foundation for many years, and is excited and proud to be able to offer this scholarship to deserving graduates. Because the Fire Department relies on volunteers to provide emergency services to the community it was natural that the scholarship should reward the efforts of young people who volunteer and serve in the Susquehanna area.

The 2010 winner of the Susquehanna Fire Department Scholarship will be announced on June 4 at the High School. This scholarship will be offered to subsequent graduating classes, and can be enhanced by donations from the community. Donations can be made to The Susquehanna Fire Department Scholarship, and sent to The Community Foundation of Susquehanna & Wyoming Counties, 36 Lake Ave. Montrose, PA 18801. For more information on this and other college scholarships available, please visit

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