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Students To Fight Fire
SCSD Gets Good News
Courthouse Report
Aberration In Township Tradition
Gibson Barracks Report
Sentencing Report
Starrucca Borough Minutes
Susky Addresses Addressing


Students To Fight Fire
By Melinda Darrow

At the April 20 Elk Lake and SCCTC school board meetings, Dr. Bush and Mr. Cuomo brought to the board’s attention a request by a few of the students serving as local volunteer firemen. The students requested that juniors and seniors be allowed to leave during the school day for emergencies. They wrote up, with assistance of a staff supervisor, rules and procedures for a pilot program where this would be possible. Dr. Cuomo explained this to the board, then, and received permission for it to be piloted through the end of this school year.

In order to qualify for release, students would have to maintain a 75 or better average, and not be failing any class. They must be on track for graduation, and not owe credits. They must be current members of a local emergency services company, and have a form filled out by the chief when they leave attesting to the fact that they were needed on the call out, and that they had been present. Students couldn’t be released for any call, only those where the company was short staffed. Pagers could be carried, but would have to be on vibrate, and students would have to receive permission from instructors and sign out prior to exiting the grounds. The board approved the experiment, but the approval was contingent on a check with the district’s insurance company to assess possible liability issues.

Mrs. Teel reported on workshops at the NSBA conference she and Dr. Bush had recently attended, regarding cyber bullying and sexting. They reported some disturbing statistics they learned: 20% of 13-19 year olds have sent or posted nude photos, 15% of people who receive nude photos will forward them on, the age at which some children begin to send such material is age 12, and they begin to receive it at 10 years old. Also, 83% of kids under the age of 10 have cell phones. This led to a discussion of bullying, and when a school can or should intervene. A mother posed the question as to what was necessary for a school to take notice. She asked if it had to occur in school. There is a fine line, it was answered. The bullying has to be disrupting the school, or occur at school. A district has to be careful, lest it become too involved and land itself in trouble, thus the necessity to walk the fine line.

A letter was read aloud from Ed Murach, head coach of the Elk Lake Varsity Swimming team, and the Elk Lake Guppies. The letter highlighted some achievements of the 2009/10 swim season. Four individuals, Abby Zdancewicz, Emmie Gibson, Allyssa Allis, and Adam Phillips, broke school records. Zdancewicz, and Phillips broke two and five respectively. Shannon Agredo, Emmie Gibson, Rina Nikolaidis, and Abby Zdancewicz also broke two records as a relay team. In addition to this, several of these swimmers brought home district medals: Allis for diving, Zdancewicz for the 500 freestyle, Phillips for the 200 IM and the 100 Breaststroke, and the 200 Free Relay team (members listed above). Phillips also qualified for the PIAA State Championships in the 100 Breaststroke, where he placed in 24th place. Abby was named the Scranton Times-Tribune Athlete of the week in January, and Abby and Adam were named to the Scranton Times-Tribune All-Regional swim team. The Guppies grew to be 70 children strong, and participated in the league championship meet for the first time. Mr. Murach thanked the board and administration for their support.

A further update was provided regarding the success of Shea Skinner in Forensics. Skinner placed 3rd at a tournament, qualifying for nationals. It was estimated that he was only the third student to do so in eighteen years.

Erica Shuren was also recognized at the meeting. Shuren qualified for the state band competition on the contra alto clarinet. The last student to do this, Dr. Cuomo stated, was two years ago, and it had been years prior to that time since anyone had. The contra alto clarinet, he continued, is not even her primary instrument.

Mr. Pirone spoke of two new committees formed at the elementary school. One is for the School Wide Effective Behavior Support program (SWEBS), which is akin to a Response to Intervention (RTI) for behavior. Elk Lake is looking into this idea, which would apply common rules and procedures for behavior across all of the elementary school.

The Title 1 team presented at a conference recently. Mr. Pirone read some of the positive comments they received aloud, of which there were multiple pages.

The construction project is currently in Plan Con E, as discussed at a prior meeting. Plan Con E means that blueprints, with more detail, were send to PDE for approval.

The graduation list was approved, with 104 students currently eligible. Two of these, however, elected to graduate from their home district, leaving 102 potential graduates at this time.

The board again granted the administration permission to post positions as necessary, to expedite the hiring process. The board still has the power to accept or veto any candidates prior to their actually becoming employed. Dr. Bush also said that the district is considering a dean of students position.

The board approved a water pump bid, which will require shutting down some water. They are trying to schedule it around the 14th of June. If there are events during that time, people will have to go through to the elementary, which is on a different system, to use the water. There will be DEP testing after the work on the tanks. This, it was stated, does not stem from Marcellus Shale problems. DEP simply has to be involved when a pipe is being taken apart.

The safety committee was concerned about the lack of protective paraphernalia along the road to Auburn, on a particular stretch where trees were removed. Dr. Bush reported that he had been contacted by PennDot, and informed that they are declining to put anything along the road. Dr. Bush then contacted Tina Pickett, and had received a letter back that she would look into it.

The district received a thank you letter for its support of the annual Dairy Days event. This year was the 25th anniversary of the gathering.

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SCSD Gets Good News

The Susquehanna Community School Board heard a great deal of good news at their April 21 meeting.

Superintendent Bronson Stone reported that donations have been made to the district for Project Lead the Way; Peoples National Bank has donated $24,000 and the Tourje family has donated $800. Project Lead the Way is a pre-engineering and design program open to students in grades 9 through 12, and there are currently 27 applicants for 18 seats.

Members of the O’Neill family visited the district to interview candidates for the scholarships they award; this year’s winners are T.J. Kelly and Kylie Kemmerer. This is the tenth year the O’Neill scholarship has been awarded to district students.

Last summer, the district had submitted a grant application and just received word that it had been awarded. The district will receive $50,000 for funding to hire two tutoring coordinators, instructional supplies, snacks and incentives for students in the tutoring program, as well as a laptop cart for the high school.

The district has also received a $50,000 Enhancing Education Through Technology grant, which will be used to purchase two laptop carts for the high school.

Two of the district’s students, Kyla Kemmerer and Ashlee Getter have been chosen to be WVIA Artists of the Week. Their interviews will air the week of April 26 through May 2, and both are eligible to be chosen Artist of the Year. And, T.J. Kelly has been chosen the NEIU Scholar of the Year and will be honored at a dinner on May 5.

Evacuation drills will held in May, and elementary students will be participating in a fitness week in conjunction with the district’s health and wellness policy.

The state budget is still in progress, with both good and bad news. The bad news is for the district, at this point it looks as though there will be a decrease of about $48,000 for Title I funding. The good news is for the taxpayers, gaming revenue will reduce school taxes by about $300 for those who qualify for the homestead exemption.

There was again discussion of the district’s contribution to PSERS (PA State Employees Retirement System), which is expected to soar to 29.22% in 2012/13. The district’s contribution would be $2.1 million, which would require an increase of 11 mils just to cover. “Every public school is going to have serious problems,” business manager Gary Kiernan said.

And, the superintendent wanted to warn residents that the campus will have limited vehicle accessibility this summer, with the high school roof replacement and paving projects both going on.

Items approved by the board are as follows:

May 4 as Teacher Recognition Day and sponsoring a breakfast at 7 a.m. on that day.

A letter of agreement with Headstart for the 2010-11 school year.

Granting the business office permission to tabulate and award bids and to order supplies for the 2010-11 school year.

A one-year contract with Craige’s Photique for the 2010-11 school year.

Bus contract changes for bus #26 effective April 21.

A new policy, 810.3, allowing bus contractors to install video cameras on their buses should they wish to do so.

A VLINC letter of commitment with NEIU 19 for the 2010-11 school year.

A WAN service agreement with NEIU 19 for the 2010-11 school year at a cost of $480 per month.

NEPA Community Health Care’s rate of $125/hour for school and sports physicals for the 2010-11 school year.

A modified summer work schedule for 235-260 day employees; the district will be closed on Fridays.

Transferring Joni Miller from the Director of Special Education position to a classroom teacher position, effective August 15.

Uncompensated leave for Karen Downton for the 2010-11 school year.

Substitutes for the 2009-10 school year: Liz Keller, Sally Krimmel and Gina Baker.

The resignation of Robert Goodrich, Assistant Varsity Football Coach effective February, 2010.

Volunteer Karen Trynoski, track, for the 2009-10 school year.

Awarding the contract for paving to Contour Construction, LLC.

Awarding the carpet bid to The Carpet Catalog for three high school classrooms.

Donating $100 to the Susquehanna Fire Department Ambulance fund.

Accepting Paraco Corporation’s quote for a new gate in the track fence.

The PA Treatment & Healing 2010-11 agreements for services.

The customary list of activities, workshops and fundraisers.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 12, 7:00 p.m. in the administration offices in the elementary building.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren Price Ficarro


Gerald and Beverly Ann Legg to Nathan and Kayla D. Stone, in Ararat Township for one dollar.

Stanley W. and Sandra Ezman to Sandra Ezman, in Ararat Township for one dollar.

Stanley W. and Sandra Ezman to Sandra Ezman, in Ararat Township for one dollar.

John George Charles (estate) to William C. Chamberlain, in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Franklin Gerald and Janet S. Belcher to Franklin Gerald and Janet S. Belcher, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Edward J. and Barbara Mireider to Robert Dennis Meixner, in Harmony Township for $300,000.00.

Dorothy L. and Jack B. Staby to Dewitt and Marguerite Darrow, in Little Meadows Borough for $168,000.00.

Charles E. and Evangeline M. Mack to Diedre V. and Curtis A., Jr. Tunilo, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

CK Properties (AKA) CK Properties of Montrose LLC to CK Properties of Montrose LLC, in Montrose for one dollar.

Carol Lee Cundey to Philip Jamison Frantz, in Great Bend Borough for $51,000.00.

J. J. (AKA) John J. and Pamela Ward to Ain Welmon, in New Milford Township for $140,000.00.

Duane E. and Barbara B. Birchard to Nicole Birchard, in Choconut Township for one dollar.

Michael and Alicja Maziarz to Michael, Alicja and Wojciech M. Maziarz, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Frederick (AKA) Frederick L. and Ruth Helen Stone to Roger K. and Laura J. Stone, in Jackson Township for $275,000.00.

Mark R. and Mary-Ann J. Franklin to Mark R. Franklin, in Sprigville Township for one dollar.

Mark R. and Mary-Ann J. Franklin to Mark R. Franklin, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Mark R. and Mary-Ann J. Franklin to Mark R. Franklin, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Mark R. and Mary-Ann J. Franklin to Mark R. Franklin, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Raymond S. Stone and Megan Bordley to Kingsley and Cynthia A. Robinson, in Montrose for $110,000.00.

Kenneth T. Viall, Jr. and Martha J. Ashford-Viall to Stephen C. and Victoria L. Roe, in Liberty Township for $80,000.00.

Barbara (AKA) Barbara W. Rydzewski to Barbara W. Rydzewski and Stephen W. Major, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

James (by sheriff) and Rebecca (by sheriff) Baker to Midfirst Bank, in Auburn Township for $1,340.96.

George S. (AKA) George Eddleston (estate) to Harold T. Allen and Marcella S. Squier, in Great Bend Township for $140,000.00.

Nestor B. and Margaret K. Morales to David J. Morales, in Harford Township for $20,000.00.

Evelyn O. (by POA), Douglas O., Deborah E. (by POA), Robert R. and Deborah (by POA) Hunter to Gwen E. Sirbak, in Springville Township for $89,000.00.

May E. Thoden to Skip Michael (AKA) Skip Tracy, in Brooklyn Township for $78,000.00.

Willard S. and Alice M. Docktor to Diane M. and Frank J. Licata, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

John L. and Barbara Webster to Forest C. Webster, in Jessup Township for one dollar.

Donna J. Gleason (AKA) Donna J. Teel to Joseph J. Digirolamo, in Dimock Township for $75,000.00.

Joseph J. Digirolamo to Donna J. Gleason (AKA) Donna J. Teel, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

Darla Jean Abbott to Dustin L. Abbott, in Liberty Township for one dollar.

Kristin (AKA) Kristen and James Kull to Kristen Kull, in Union Dale Borough for one dollar.

Terrace Hill Ventures LLC to Terrace Hill Ventures LLC, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Kenneth L., Jr. and Marcella C. Rivenburg to Misty M. Karhnak and Kevin P. Chapman, in Brooklyn Township for $126,500.00.

Paul R. (trust by trustee) and Jennifer A. (trust by trustee) Vauter to Jennifer A. Vauter, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Paul R. (trust by trustee) and Jennifer A. (trust by trustee) Vauter to Daniel, Benjamin and Rachel Vauter, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Paul R. (trust by trustee) and Jennifer A. (trust by trustee) Vauter to Daniel, Benjamin and Rachel Vauter, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Paul R. (trust by trustee) and Jennifer A. (trust by trustee) Vauter to Daniel, Benjamin and Rachel Vauter, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Paul R. (trust by trustee) and Jennifer A. (trust by trustee) Vauter to Daniel, Benjamin and Rachel Vauter, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Paul R. (trust by trustee) and Jennifer A. (trust by trustee) Vauter to Daniel, Benjamin and Rachel Vauter, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Ernest W. Benjamin, Jr. to Ernest W. Benjamin, III, Jan Kasten, Alice Cooper and Paula Basa, in Great Bend Township for one dollar.

Gassearch Drilling Services to Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, in Dimock Township for one dollar.


James William Decker and Michele C. Arsenault, both of Hallstead.

Robert Joseph Macazan and Lisa Dawn Brinton, both of Susquehanna.


Autumn Rockwell vs. Brian Rockwell, both of Forest City, married 1997.

Cynthia H. Thompson vs. Richard C. Thompson, both of New Milford, married 1998.

Paula M. Linder vs. Howard J. Linder of Susquehanna, married 1995.

Anthony Blodnikar of Union Dale vs. Mary Blodnikar of Eynon, married 1972.

Jack Welfel vs. Sloane Welfel, both of Forest City, married 2007.

Danny E. Very vs. Jennifer E. Very, both of Nicholson, married 1992.


The Susquehanna County Domestic Relations Section has bench warrants for the following individuals as of 10:37 a.m. on April 23, 2010.

Antonio L. Alcantara, Duane Aldrich, Erika L. Back, David Shawn Blaisure, Howard A. Burns, III, Darryl M. Chaffee, Frank Deriancho, Deborah L. Drish, David J. Fischer, Racheal L. Frisbie, George Graham, Andy L. Groff, David Haines, Jr., Ceejay B. Halstead, Ronald J. Jacoby, Jr., James Karhnak, Erik E. Krisovitch, Charlie J. Legere, Carlos L. Leiser, Jason Lindquist, Kimberly L. Mershon, Matthew S. Miller, Ronald N. Mitchell, Robert A. Muzzy, Shane Nelson, Anthony Neri, Sheri Pabon, James E. Purse, Arthur D. Quick, Jesse R. Rhinebeck, Jr., Richard D. Shoemaker, Duane Spencer, Timothy A. Taramelli, Garrett M. Thomas, Christina L. Trayes, Keith W. Vroman, Sheldon Whitman, Jamie L. Williams, Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., Karl D. Zantowsky.

Please contact the Domestic Relations Section at 570-278-4600 ext. 170 with any information on the location of these individuals.

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Aberration In Township Tradition
By Melinda Darrow

There was something very unusual about the April 20 New Milford Township meeting, an aberration which was commented upon by both a supervisor and the present press. There were no subdivisions, expansions, or quarries on the docket for approval. There was notification of the planning commission’s approval of Jeremiah Wolfe’s plans (discussed at the March meeting) and of an application with DEP for someone to change over a dock at East Lake, but nothing requiring supervisor approval. Those discussing this phenomenon couldn’t easily think of a time when such a lack had previously occurred.

Various bid matters were taken care of at the meeting, however. Lopke was the only bid which came in for crushing materials. Consequently, this company won it. Liquid calcium, it was decided, would be put out for bid in May. Although the supervisors were not required to bid it out, Mr. Hunter said that it would be good to look for a better price anyway. The cinder shed bids were opened, of which there were two. One, however, did not have the ten percent bid bond required in the bid specs. The other had this, but was over $12,000 more expensive. The supervisors decided to reject all bids and rebid it, perhaps to see if the less expensive company might come up with a bond in that time. A visitor asked what a bid bond would do for the township. Basically, it was explained, if a company bids the project with the bid bond, and doesn’t do it, the township gets ten percent of the money.

One of the roads which the supervisors renamed for the 911 project had remained incomplete until the April meeting. It had no route number. Now, the road in question, Quarry Road out near Stump Pond, has been also deemed route 688 by a resolution.

Mr. Hunter brought to the meeting for public perusal pictures of the trucks which were slated to be brought to the Montrose high school on May 6 for gas well education purposes. It was uncertain whether both of the trucks the supervisors had seen in another location would be present, but they discussed what was in them. One showed what happened when fracking occurred, and the other showed what Marcellus shale was like.

Julene N. Graham was introduced as the new township secretary, due to Mindy’s impending departure. Nancy Tyler, it was announced, will be coming back as treasurer for a while, to help out. In addition to (or as part of) her new official role, Julene was also designated as the right to know officer, and authorized to execute for and in behalf of the township in regards to PEMA correspondence. It was insinuated that her current emergency services experience might assist in this last role.

After the meeting was officially closed, a conversation came up regarding an unpleasant phone call the township had received, where the secretary had to deal with a rude complaint. Mr. Hunter announced, then, that the township had called the phone company and went on a caller id system. The caller was apparently upset about someone dumping something somewhere, and wanted something done about it. The supervisors asserted that if a township resident were to have such a problem, they would willingly do what they could to correct it. The proper recourse, however, would be to politely contact the township. If a resident can see a name in the garbage, they can contact the supervisors who can contact the police. Profanity is not the most effective option.

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Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


On April 19 Erika Good of Uniondale reported that her 2000 Jeep Cherokee had been stolen by John Hall, also of Uniondale. Hall has been charged with Theft and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle after failing to return the vehicle after a reasonable amount of time. Anyone with any information is asked to contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154 with regard to this incident.


Between the 18th and 20th of April unknown individuals scratched the left rear door of a black 2007 Lincoln Town Car belonging to Tariq Awan of Great Bend and parked on the street in that borough.


On April 18, Jeffery McAndrew of Clifford is accused of having slapped and pushed Kara Ainey of Kingsley. He was charged with harassment at District Court 34-3-03.


On April 17, between midnight and 10 a.m. a mailbox belonging to Kielty Turner of Uniondale was smashed.


On April 18, at 11:20 p.m., Edward Kika of the Friendsville area discovered that someone had smashed the driver's side window on his 2004 Chevrolet 1500 truck, located at the time on Kika Road in that town. The investigation was continuing as of the time of report.


Between the 17th and 18th of April a pad lock was cut on a utility trailer belonging to Clear Harbors exploration services of Conneaut Lake, PA. A Honda generator, a Lika GPS, a Tripod, a Tri Bach, and a 12 volt battery charger were removed from within. The incident occurred on Fraser Rd. in Forest Lake Twp.


On April 16, at 10:50 p.m., Shane Beamer of the Susquehanna area and Darek Ladden of the Kingsley area were both traveling northbound on SR 92 in Lenox Twp. Beamer approached Ladden's vehicle, and attempted to pass. In the process of this, his vehicle made contact with the driver's side of Ladden's Hyundai Tiburon. Beamer then fled the scene in his Pontiac Grand Prix following the impact, and was discovered in Susquehanna Borough. The investigation was ongoing as of the time of report.


One or more burglar(s) arrived at the property of Eric Saylors on April 13, and forced open a door to the residence, removing the keys for a Ford F250 from the nail on which they were hanging. The residence was then exited, and the aforementioned truck driven from the property with the trailer and John Deere Skid Steer attached. The estimated value of all stolen items is approximately 65,000 dollars. The truck was gray, with Arkansas Registration #C75668, and the trailer was a home built 2009 dual axle, red in color. It had #PT96211 as its registration. The skid steer was a yellow John Deere CT322 with a 48 inch John Deere rock chain trencher attachment. The investigation was continuing as of the time of report.


On April 14 at 2:15 p.m., approximately $62 was stolen from a purse belonging to Janet Saravitz of Meshoppen, while at the Elk Lake High School Campus.


On April 10, a Harford man, with the surname of Marsh, was arrested for DUI on SR 11 in Hallstead Borough.


A Gibson Twp. man reported that his 13 year old step-son was found to be missing when he awoke on April 12, having apparently left the residence during the night. After the family attempted to locate him with family and friends, they notified PSP. A search was conducted with the assistance of Harford Fire Co., Susquehanna Co. Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit, and PSP Aviation Unit. During the search, the juvenile arrived at his Granddad's house near Susquehanna. At approximately 4:30 p.m. the search was discontinued.


On April 13, at 4:26 a.m., Uldis Jekabsons of Baldwinsville, NY was traveling North on SR 0081 in Lenox when he failed to negotiate a left turn. He lost control of his Envoy, entering a clockwise spin and sliding off the roadway. The vehicle struck the guard rail with the left rear, continuing to travel north while spinning and later on striking the rear rail with the left front end. It then continued to travel in that direction, coming to a rest approximately 70' from the second point of impact. After the crash the driver left the crash scene and walked to a nearby store on SR 0374 but never contacted police.


On April 10, at 3 a.m., troopers from PSP Gibson responded to a home in Oakland borough for report of a domestic dispute. Through an investigation, it was learned that Shawn Ace of Clifton, NJ had threatened an adult woman and four juveniles. He also reportedly put an ax to the neck of the woman. Ace, who fled as troopers arrived at the scene, was later picked up in the borough. He was arraigned before judge Jeffrey Hollister, District Court 34-3-01, and incarcerated at the Susquehanna County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.


On April 13, at approximately 2:32 p.m., one juvenile struck another juvenile several times during gym class at Montrose High School. The victim went to the emergency room for treatment. Charges were filed.


Earl Baughman of Hallstead had a vehicle parked in the lot next to the Thunder Valley Pet Supply store in that town, when a type of tool was used to pry between the passenger side door and front fender. This bent the sheet metal and marred the paint.


On April 11, at 7:41 p.m., a fire was discovered to be burning at the rear of Bingham's restaurant on SR 92 in Lenox Twp. Upon discovery of this fire, twelve separate fire departments were dispatched, and more than 100 fire fighters responded and were actively engaged in fighting this fire. A scene examination showed the fire was incendiary in nature, and started with an open flame. After numerous interviews a confession was given by Daniel Parsons, Jr., taking responsibility for starting the fire. He was to be taken before the on-duty magistrate for an arraignment as of the time of report.


On April 9, between midnight and 10 a.m., 6 windows were broken in a parked trailer which Donald Burns of New Milford keeps at his stone quarry.


On April 12, at 12:30 p.m. Michelle Bennett discovered that several items contained within (and inclusive of) a tan colored safe style lock box were removed from her residence without their authorization. The investigation was ongoing as of the time of report.


PSP Gibson is investigating a fatal crash which occurred in Liberty Twp. on April 11, at 7:13 p.m. The vehicle went off the right shoulder of the roadway, and came back onto the roadway traveling across both lanes and impacting an embankment. The driver was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead on the scene by the Susquehanna County Deputy Coroner. His name was to be released pending family notifications, as of the time of report.


Between April 9 and 10 an assortment of contracting tools were removed from the truck of Shannon Rafferty of Montrose, while it was located at Emberz Restaurant in Bridgewater Twp.


Between April 9 and 10, a yellow and black tool box containing tools was removed from the vehicle of Anita Jennings while it was in Lenox Twp.


On April 3, the residence of Stephen Anderson of Meshoppen was broken into, and various computer and camera equipment removed. The items had over $6,000 total value.

If you have information regarding any of these incidents please contact PSP Gibson at (570) 465-3154.

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Sentencing Report

Following is the Susquehanna County sentencing report for April, 2010 as submitted by the county District Attorney’s office.

Kenneth Charles Ball, 28, of Elmira, NY to 1 month to 15 months in Susquehanna County Correctional Facility, pay $350 fine, pay cost of prosecution, pay $50 Criminal Justice Enhancement Act fee, not to have any contact with victim, supervision may be transferred to Chenango County for Terroristic Threats in Auburn Township on March 10, 2009.

Myles Chester Kilmer, 28, of Nicholson, PA to 1 month to 15 months in Susquehanna County Correctional Facility, pay $350 fine, pay cost of prosecution, pay $50 Criminal Justice Enhancement Act fee, pay restitution to victim, perform 50 hours of Community Service for Theft by Unlawful Taking in Lenox Township on January 23, 2010.

Francis Joseph Moran, 43, of Carbondale, PA to 4 months to 15 months in Susquehanna County Correctional Facility, pay $400 fine, pay cost of prosecution, pay $50 Criminal Justice Enhancement Act fee, not to have contact with victim, perform 25 hours of community service for Simple Assault in Forest City on September 29, 2009. Mr. Moran also received, a $150 fine and pay the cost of prosecution for Criminal Mischief in Forest City on September 29, 2009.

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Starrucca Borough Minutes
Submitted By Rhondra Baldwin

The Starrucca Borough Council Meeting was called to order by President Jack Downton on Monday March 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the Starrucca Community Hall. The pledge to the flag. The following members were present: Jack Downton, Robert Martin, Barbara Glover, Arthur Kopp, Michael Martin, Anthony Palonis and Robert Buck. Mayor Maryann DeBalko also present.

Minutes from the February 1 meeting were read. Robert Martin suggested that the minutes reflect the amount of the secretary’s monthly salary. Jack Downton clarified that the minutes should reflect that Michael Martin was designated as FEMA Agent by resolution, not motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report was presented. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Robert Buck. Seconded by Barbara Glover. All in favor, except Anthony Palonis who voted opposed. The bills were presented. Motion to pay the bills was made by Barbara Glover, seconded by Michael Martin. Anthony Palonis opposed. Motion carried.

The following Correspondence was read: letter from Starrucca Cemetery Association; letter from PA Department of Revenue; letter from Lisa Baker to Secretary John Hanger, DEP; thank you note from family of June Downton; 2009 Loan Interest Statement from PennStar Bank; letter from H&K Group; letter from Starrucca Borough Auditors; letter from Laura Travis; letter from DGK; letter from NEPA SnoTrails; letter from Robert Buck requesting copies of attorney bills.

During correspondence Robert Buck made a motion to hire Harmony Township to do the roadwork on Cemetery Road. Anthony Palonis seconded the motion. Robert Buck, Anthony Palonis and Arthur Kopp in favor. Barbara Glover, Robert Martin Jack Downton Michael Martin opposed. Motion failed.

Motion by Arthur Kopp that Borough’s President Jack Downton call the snowmobile club officials and request they post signs on Starrucca Borough Roads stating that “there are no snowmobiles allowed on Borough Roads.” Seconded by Robert Buck. Arthur Kopp, Robert Buck and Anthony Palonis in favor. Barbara Glover, Michael Martin, Jack Downton and Robert Martin opposed. Motion failed.

Motion by Robert Martin that the Borough grants permission to NEPA Sno-Trails to cross the Community Hall parking lot, with the stipulation that NEPA Sno-Trails will be responsible for any damage to the parking lot by the snowmobile club. Seconded by Michael Martin. Barbara Glover, Jack Downton, Robert Martin, and Michael Martin in favor. Anthony Palonis, Robert Buck and Arthur Kopp opposed.

Motion by Anthony Palonis that Solicitor Jeffrey Treat send a letter to NEPA Sno-Trails stating that neither Starrucca Borough roads, or Borough property will be part of the NEPA Sno-Tails and that Solicitor Treat request a response from NEPA Sno-Trails no later than March 12, 2010 that they will comply with the Borough’s request. Seconded by Robert Buck. Anthony Palonis, Robert Buck and Arthur Kopp in favor. Barbara Glover, Michael Martin, Robert Martin, Jack Downton opposed. Motion failed. Anthony Palonis commented that Jack Downton should not vote because of conflict of interest.

Motion by Anthony Palonis to send a letter to Borough’s insurance carrier DGK about the snowmobiles using Borough roads and property without Borough’s permission. Seconded by Robert Buck. Anthony Palonis, Robert Buck and Arthur Kopp in favor. Barbara Glover, Michael Martin, Robert Martin, Jack Downton opposed. Motion failed.

Mayor Maryann DeBalko discussed new Flood plain mapping being done by FEMA. She will attend the March 11 meeting.

Robert Martin made a motion requesting that Solicitor Treat address the issue of Kirk Rhone having Borough records in his possession after he was no longer a Borough official. Seconded by Michael Martin. Barbara Glover, Michael Martin, Robert Martin, Jack Downton and Anthony Palonis in favor. Arthur Kopp and Robert Buck opposed.

President Jack Downton stated that the old seal previously in the possession of former Secretary Laura Travis and Anthony Palonis has not been located. Robert Martin made a motion that as of March 1, 2010, Starrucca Borough has received a new seal, (which is a little different) and when the seal is used the document should also be dated and signed by the secretary. Motion carried unanimously.

In unfinished business, there was a discussion regarding the missing checks and the missing ordinance book. A letter was sent to Tony Palonis in question to why Borough material was sent to him by former Secretary Laura Travis.

Mayor Maryann DeBalko gave Jack Downton approximately 500 (five hundred) copies from Laura Travis and Ronald Bugaj.

New Business:

Motion by Arthur Kopp to pay the former Secretary for December. Seconded by Robert Buck. Arthur Kopp, Robert Buck and Anthony Palonis in favor. Barbara Glover, Jack Downton and Michael Martin opposed. Robert Martin abstained. Mayor MaryAnn DeBalko voted in favor to break the tie. Motion carried.

Robert Buck made a motion to pay the former Secretary for 3 (three) days in January, plus reimbursement for certified letter. Seconded by Arthur Kopp. Arthur Kopp, Anthony Palonis and Robert Buck in favor. Barbara Glover, Robert Martin, Michael Martin and Jack Downton opposed. Motion failed.

Motion to advertise for bids for lawn mowing of the Recreation Field and the Community Hall carried unanimously.

Motion to advertise for summer roadwork carried unanimously.

Borough Secretary Rhondra Baldwin will meet with representatives from Penndot and Penndot’s Auditor to complete the Liquid Fuels Report that was due January 1, 2010.

Motion to request that Jim Davis of DGK Insurance attend the April 5 meeting carried unanimously.

Robert Martin made a motion that Council authorizes the Borough Solicitor to check into legal issues surrounding the January 15, 2010 filing of the amended Auditor General’s report of Starrucca Borough filed at the Wayne County Prothonotary’s office. Seconded by Michael Martin. Jack Downton, Michael Martin, Robert Martin and Barbara Glover in favor. Arthur Kopp voted opposed. Anthony Palonis and Robert Buck abstained. Motion carried. Anthony Palonis, Arthur Kopp, Robert Buck stated that they were not aware if they had signed the January 15, 2010 amended report.

2009 Audit-Ordinance: March 1, 2010 letter was read from Solicitor Treat regarding his review of the 2008 ordinance. Robert Martin made a motion to rescind ordinance 01/2008 and request that the Solicitor draft an ordinance to accomplish the same and advertise the ordinance for the April meeting. Seconded by Barbara Glover. Jack Downton, Michael Martin, Robert Martin and Barbara Glover in favor. Arthur Kopp, Anthony Palonis and Robert Buck opposed. Motion carried.

Motion made by Barbara Glover to give 60 days extension to the Auditors from March 1, 2010. Michael Martin second the motion. Tony Palonis, Robert Buck and Arthur Kopp opposed. Motion carried.

Motion carried for the Secretary to put the approved minutes in the Susquehanna County Transcript and the Wayne Independent and others.

Auditor General’s Special Investigation Report: A letter from Solicitor Treat was read regarding the Auditor General’s Special Investigation Report and Recommendations. Solicitor Treat recommends the Borough Council follow all four recommendations. Resolution by Robert Martin to seek reimbursement for the costs of the Buck Road Bridge renovation project from the persons who benefited from the improvements. Seconded by Michael Martin. Arthur Kopp and Anthony Palonis opposed. Robert Buck abstained. Motion carried.

Motion by Michael Martin to authorize Solicitor Treat to write a letter to the interested parties who benefited from the Buck Bridge improvements and to inquire if they would be willing to enter into settlement negotiations prior to the engagement of legal counsel. Seconded by Barbara Glover. Arthur Kopp and Anthony Palonis opposed. Robert Buck Abstained. Motion carried.

Public Participation

Darl Haynes asked the status of the federal lawsuit against Starrucca Borough. President Downton stated that there was no comment on the case.

Patricia Schneyer stated all Borough checks were accounted for during her time as Borough Secretary and if checks were missing it would have been picked up during the audit.

Dave Soden requested a copy of the windmill ordinance and asked what newspapers the Borough uses for advertising purposes and stated the windmill ordinance was not advertised. Mr. Soden was concerned that the set backs were changed from neighboring property after council approved the ordinance. President Downton stated the ordinance book is missing and a copy of the windmill ordinance has not been located at this time.

Paul Everett asked how many signatures are on the amended document filed at the Prothonotary’s office and asked that they be read into the minutes. Michael Martin read the names from the document that was filed January 15, 2010. “Kirk Rhone abstained: Arthur N. Kopp, Robert E. Buck abstained, Peter S. Frank, Anthony J. Palonis, Donald Haynes Jr. and then signed by Secretary Laura Travis.” Michael Martin said it should be noted that Donald Haynes Jr.’s signature is on a different place than the original. President Downton said the signature page states it was approved at a special council meeting held November 24, 2009, the same date as the original was voted on.

Frank Buck said that someone donated a bulletin board and put it up at the post office and suggested that the minutes be posted on that bulletin board at the post office.

Meeting adjourned at 9:17 PM.

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Susky Addresses Addressing

With almost a full board present, the Susquehanna Boro Council met on April 20 for their regular monthly meeting; Allen Wolf was absent.

Mayor Reddon reported that she had attended the most recent regional police meeting as well as meetings with members of council and the county Housing and Redevelopment Authority regarding the Capra site on Main St. Demolition of the structure is almost complete, and the meetings have been to discuss pursuing grant funding to have the property terraced once the demolition is done. And, some time ago the boro had applied for grant funding to cover the cost of a fulltime police officer for three years; notice was received that the boro is “still in the running.”

The mayor also wished to remind residents that they are required to have their new house numbers prominently displayed. There were reports of several incidents where emergency responders had difficulty finding the correct home because the new numbers were not displayed. The boro does have an ordinance requiring that the numbers be displayed, and those who do not comply are at risk of receiving a citation. The post office also has the option of not delivering mail to those residences that are not marked with the new numbers; council will send a letter to the post office asking if they would work with the boro to get those who haven’t to comply.

During public comment, three young men in the audience expressed interest in working for the boro as general laborers during the summer. They were thanked for their interest.

Council has been discussing an ordinance to ban the use of engine retardant brakes on a section of West Main St., and this evening a motion carried to proceed with its adoption, with Bill Perry voting no and all others in favor.

The employee handbook has been undergoing revisions for quite some time, and the final version was presented for adoption, but Dave Scales had some questions about the section on employee benefits. It was not clear just what they were, he said, as it referenced an addendum that was not included. He felt that it should be clear how sick time, vacation or bereavement time is accrued or whether or not it could be carried over. Bill Perry suggested that the handbook be passed as is, with the provision that the addition of the employee benefits be added before it is presented to employees to sign. Dave Scales thought it should be complete before it is passed, and that it be tabled until the addendum is attached. Bill Perry suggested that the addendum be discussed at an executive session and voted on at the following meeting. After discussion, it was agreed to discuss it at the next meeting, and then be brought up for a vote.

Roy Williams commented on the number of meetings council currently holds; in addition to the regular monthly meeting, there is also a committee meeting and two informational sessions for a total of four per month. He felt that council should cut that number in half.

The Chemung Valley Historical Society has notified the boro that they will be removing the two rail cars that they claimed ownership to by Memorial Day, but it was not clear if they will also be removing the third car that the boro has offered to donate to them.

The door to the library has been replaced; council had discussed replacing all five of the building’s doors but after discussion had decided on only replacing the one.

Roy Williams and Mike Matis have completed the certification necessary to act as Codes Enforcement Officers, and on this evening a motion carried to appoint them as the boro’s CEOs, an uncompensated position. Bill Perry voted in favor, with some qualifications. He was concerned that there could be a conflict with their also serving as council members; there was discussion as to how those situations would be handled. Roy Williams and Mike Matis abstained from the vote.

Streets Commissioner Steve Glover was present, with a list of curbing and paving prices for several of the boro’s streets, Pine, Pleasant, Elm, Myrtle and Broad. The total cost to repave, with curbing, would be considerably more than the boro presently has allocated. There was discussion as to whether or not it would be cost effective to have an overlay applied, rather than repaving, but Mr. Glover said that would be only a temporary fix, and he felt that it should be done right. He also felt that drainage problems on Pleasant, Elm and Myrtle should be addressed first before any paving is considered, and then proceed with paving as the boro can afford it. He was asked to compile some figures for repairing the drainage and bring them to the next streets meeting.

The meeting adjourned to an executive session, during which time an applicant for the boro secretary position was re-interviewed.

The meeting reconvened briefly, and a motion carried to hire the three young men on an as-needed, part-time basis.

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