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We Need Your Help

We (Newman Cemetery Association) have a clean-up and meeting every year on the 3rd Saturday before Memorial Day. This date has been set for (probably) the last 100 years. This year’s is May 15.

Surprise! Last year we didn’t have one person, except the officers, and it is hard to have a productive meeting, to get input and ideas, without people.

It’s so sad that we have so many family and loved ones buried here and those same people expect to see it in tip top condition, but never come to help solve the problems.

The meeting is always on the same Saturday in May, so we should be able to plan one day or afternoon out of the year for our family. We need you bad!

It will be a sad day when our dedicated president (Robert Colwell) isn’t able to keep it going.

Let’s surprise him this year with your presence and help. Meeting May 15, one o’clock, clean up in the morning.


Marry Holtzman

Susquehanna, PA

Knowledge Is Power

Two weeks ago I said that I was going to take some time off. Turns out that what I must say is way too important to wait. There are about six and a half months until the November election. In that time, it is imperative that we understand from whence we came and, under the current administration, where we are going. It ain’t going to be easy. At your peril, blindly accept what is proffered to you as truth, from whatever side. In essence, we have enjoyed 200 years under the most productive form of government ever seen on the face of the earth. We have become a world power, for peace and prosperity. We have trampled the goose step and the gulag. We have the highest standard of living on earth and our people, the most generous people ever, have the greatest opportunity to improve their lives of any nation on earth. Find me another place where people, by the millions are willing to risk their lives to participate in what we enjoy. We have come to believe that all that we enjoy will continue forever. Take another look, folks. That is wishful thinking.

For some time now, for close to seventy years, we have, step by step, deluded ourselves into thinking that everything we have, we have earned. If you truly believe that and cannot imagine that it could be otherwise, stop reading right now. You are hopelessly ignorant and there is a high probability that you will stay so. On the other hand, you may have some idea of the fact that our elected representatives have been perpetrating a massive Ponzi scheme upon us for the sole and singular purpose of retaining political power. Social Security, Medicare and now the new government controlled healthcare program are destroying the fiscal fiber of our country and we know it. We have known for years that SS and Medicare are amassing colossal, unfunded liabilities which are going to be exacted from our children and grandchildren. The piper will be paid. He always has and always will be. Magical thinking will not do it. When and in what form remains unknown - could be collapse of our monetary system (think a wheelbarrow of dollars for a loaf of bread), imposition of significantly higher interest rates to meet our foreign debt obligations which will stifle our growth and opportunities (not for me, I’ll be dead) or a whole new form of government. We are living today by spending our children’s future. Don’t you find that despicable?

If we don’t do something about it, the life we enjoy will not be available to our kids. Even now, in order to correct things, we will have to experience significant or severe austerity. Otherwise, our kids will experience national trials and tribulations unheard of since our founding. The Great Depression will look like a walk in the park. Picture life in Cuba or Venezuela for starters, life under Stalin or Mao for finishers. Those who would fundamentally change our country, the Progressives, would like us to believe that “Social Justice” is the answer to inequity. Pursuit of what they mean by Social Justice is nothing more than total government with an unreachable political class employing bureaucrats controlling every aspect of your life. Our Founding Fathers were no more intellectual than the current thinkers of our time - it is just that their goals were very different - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in lieu of all powerful central government - be it Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Royalty or any other Totalitarian form of government. As an aside, our current Congress is as close to royalty as you can get and you can see what they deliver to the people.

There is only one answer to the challenges we face. That answer is knowledge - knowledge of history and the application of that knowledge. It is all there in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights and thoroughly thrashed out in the Federalist Papers. To be honest, I have not read the Federalist Papers - there are 85 of them. They are the arguments for passage of the Constitution. I will have read them all before summer’s end. I challenge you to do likewise and your children as well. Knowledge is power.


Joe McCann

Elk Lake, PA

The Real Manchurian Candidates

He is unquestionably the most mysterious president these United States have ever had. Almost nothing is known about his past, there are no accessible documents, no records, no paper trail. The most basic questions about his past go unanswered. Just who is Barrack Hussein Obama and what is his political agenda?

Let's try to answer the first question: Who is President Obama, what is his background, his past? A simple question, but by his design, not easily answered.

Obama has spent over $1.4 million in fees for his legal team to block access to all his personal records. Beginning with his birth certificate, one encounters the first brick wall. Controversy has swirled about Obama not being a natural born citizen, a requirement for the presidency. He could easily have dispelled all doubts about his birthplace by simply releasing his birth certificate; he did not. Hawaii's governor, Linda Lingle, has sealed the document.

Was Obama born in the United States or, as his grandmother, brother, and sister claim, in Kenya? Someone is not telling the truth. The question is: Who's lying?

How about his kindergarten records, prep school records, his academic records at Occidental Collage and Columbia University? All sealed. His thesis for Columbia University, his Harvard Law School records? Sealed. Articles that he wrote for the Harvard Law Review and for the University of Chicago? Sealed.

What about his passport and medical records - all sealed. And if records are not sealed, they disappear as did his files and records pertaining to his tenure as state senator for Illinois.

Obama's very first act as president was to sign an Executive Order that sealed all records and documents the he doesn't want the public to see and that includes just about everything.

So who is Barrack Hussein Obama - more importantly - what is he hiding?

What about the second question: What is Obama's political agenda?

His father was a dedicated Marxist. He believed in a leveling of society by taxing the rich, eliminating private ownership of land, and government control of the economy. The ultimate goal of Marxism envisions all citizens living in a classless Utopian commune or commune-ism. His mother and brother espoused the same political philosophy.

Marxist influences continued into Obama's early twenties. His mentor and father figure (his father died when he was 21), Frank Davis, was a member of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA).

At the start of his political career, Obama was selected by Alice Palmer, a communist, to succeed her as state senator for Illinois. The CPUSA donated funds for his election campaign for this office.

As Obama received help from the CPUSA, he also helped that party by publicly endorsing the campaign of communist Bernie Sanders for senator in Vermont. Sanders was endorsed by the CPUSA.

Obama's run for president of the United States was endorsed of the CPUSA.

And what are his accomplishments in his first 15 months as president? The government has taken over much of the banking structure, the automobile industry, the insurance industry, and it has nationalized the Student Loan Program. The latest coup for the Democrat's point man is the takeover of the health care industry.

This recent victory was hailed by communist leader, Fidel Castro, as a “success,” although he crowed, “we [the Cubans] accomplished this half-a-century ago.”

What, then, is Obama's political agenda? It seems fair to state that the president of the United States is a Marxist and that he will continue to pursue Marxist objectives. Is Obama, then, a Manchurian candidate, a man programmed to be a tool for the CPUSA?

A Manchurian candidate is someone who has been hypnotically manipulated to do the bidding of a second party. This certainly is not Obama. His record shows that he knows precisely what he is doing.

But what about the ones who blindly voted for a candidate with an iron curtain drawn around his past, the ones who were seduced by unrealizable promises, those who unwittingly voted for a man who promised an undefined “change” leaving the voters to fill in the blank with their own hopes and aspirations? They, the majority of the American electorate, are the real Manchurian candidates.


Bob Scroggins

New Milford, PA


Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both Readers' and Editors' interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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