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Truth Or Consequences

You read something in a magazine or in a newspaper; how do you know if it is true? What gives you confidence that the article is not just fiction parading as fact? Is it the integrity of the writer, his honesty? These traits, admirable though they may be, are, regrettably, an unreliable guide.

Confidence in the print media is based on something far more dependable but paradoxically with a somewhat spotted reputation; it is human nature, specifically self-interest.

If a writer submitted an article with false facts and half-truths, he would be committing literary suicide. His deceit would inevitably be discovered. If employed as a writer, he would be an unemployed writer. Maybe self-interest isn't so bad after all.

In a “Letter To The Editor” dated Nov. 18, titled, “Pandemic,” Mrs. Nicole Bernosky took issue with statements and facts written in a letter published the previous week titled, “The Pandemics Of Propaganda.” Since it was I who wrote that letter, I owe her and all readers an apology - if she is correct. Let's see if one is due.

Mrs. B. objected to my statement saying that those who wanted the vaccine may have to pay twice. She wrote, “The vaccine is free to the public.” Not so. Taxes paid for the vaccine that were given gratis to distribution centers. They, in turn, charged a fee.

Several national drug store chains are charging $25 for the shot. Other establishments - medical centers, doctor offices, some Walmarts - are offering it “free” but charge a $25 administration fee. Others advertise a “free” injection providing one has insurance. State clinics were given federal grants to administer “free” injections.

Mrs. B. challenged the fact that 500 people were victims of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). But the statement is correct. It is based on a letter written by the Health Protection Agency in England to 600 neurologists alerting them to the fact that 500 cases of GBS were detected and attributed to the '76 SF vaccine.

Mrs. B. wrote that, “no one ever died from [the SW vaccine].” Not so. A “60 Minutes” program dated Nov. 4, 1979, stated, “there are 300 claims now pending from families of GBS victims who died, allegedly as a result of the SF shots.” I wrote that 30 deaths were caused - not just claimed to be caused - by the SF vaccine, which is widely accepted as fact. As you can see, it may have been considerably more than 30.

Mrs. B. wrote that “It did save many lives.” As I wrote, “the benefit of a SF vaccination is an article of faith.” The evidence, as opposed to the faith, is that the '76 vaccine was anything but beneficial. It was withdrawn after 10 weeks. Only 140 million people were vaccinated, not 300 million as you wrote.

Mrs. B. took exception with the overall tenor of my letter which, in so many words, said that the SF vaccine was worthless. There are many experts who would agree with this. Here's what Dr. Anthony Morris, Chief Vaccine Office at the U.S. Federal Administration wrote: “There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influence.”

Lastly, Mrs. B. wrote that I should be injected with the SF vaccine “and he can see for himself if he has any symptoms.” Negative on that experiment, Mrs. Bernosky. I'll stand with the 55 percent of Americans who have also said, no thanks.

This is an astonishing percentage considering the one-sided, pro-vaccine endorsement of the media. Perhaps it is because of the growing power of the Internet coupled with critically mined folks who are beginning to see through one of Big Pharma's most lucrative scams.

My thanks - but no apology - are due to Mrs. Bernosky. She took the time to criticize and question. It is readers like her, along with self-interest, who give us a measure of confidence in what we read.


Bob Scroggins

New Milford, PA

We Won’t Like It!

Do you want a real good health care bill? Call or write your Congressmen or Senators and ask them what kind of health care we will pay for, for them.

Then ask them why we tax payers can’t have the same health care they have?

Have you heard the media ask this question?

If we don’t demand health care as good as they get, we will get what ever they decide we should have. I feel sure we won’t like it!


George Hettiger

Montrose, PA

Health Care At Gun Point

On Congressman Carney's recent visit to the Rialto Theater in Canton, PA, he informed me that people who followed George Bush's advise and started a health savings account and bought a high deductible health plan (HDHP) will be in just as much legal trouble as I am by self insuring myself! We would both be subject to the same fines and prison time if we stand our ground! Yet will George Bush speak up and defend these people with a plea? Don't hold your breath! This did not seem to bother Congressman Carney in the slightest. It is my guess that many insurance plans which pro "Obama Care" supporters have will not meet the new standards. Which means their rates will go up and not down as promised. Obama Care is health care at gun point!


Joseph DuPont

Towanda, PA

Thanks For Addressing Concerns

To the Great Bend Township Supervisors

I want to say thank you for addressing two of my concerns.

1. The parking area in front of the water tanks has no stone or paving and is a mud hole. This area should either be stoned or paved to eliminate the mud being carried onto the road surface. The muddy road is a safety concern when the road is wet. When the road is dry dust covers any car using the road.

What happened: The parking area in front of the water tanks has been stoned and the problem seems to be corrected. Thank you.

2. It took many years for the Township Supervisors to fulfill their obligation to the public and provide a smooth, safe road on Old Route 11. We fear that when the winter and spring arrive the water tankers will again cause the road to deteriorate to the condition which took so long to correct. What plan do the Supervisors have to maintain a good Old Route 11?

What happened: We do not know the Supervisors plan.

3. The railroad bridge just south of the water filling station is about 100 years old. We believe the constant water tanker traffic may cause the bridge to become un usable. We have asked in the past what the weight limit on that bridge is. We never received a response from the Supervisors. What is the weight limit on that bridge?

What happened: We still do not know the weight limit of the railroad bridge.

4. We have followed the tankers. The posted speed limit is 40 MPH. The tankers travel between 45 and 60 MPH. The tankers are heavy and won’t stop quickly, this is a safety concern. Why don’t the Supervisors control the speed the tankers travel?

What Happened: The tankers appear to be obeying the posted speed limit. Thank you.

Thanks for a good start, keep going.


Kirk S Hinkley Jr.

Hallstead, PA

Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both Readers' and Editors' interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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