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Congregation Filling Old Starrucca Church

Congregation Filling Old Starrucca Church
Courtesy Of Judith Present, Hancock Herald News Reporter

There is a new and interesting thing going on in the little town of Starrucca. The Body of Christ Church has become a growing commodity to the town. With many of the mainstream churches closing their doors because of dwindling participation, it was apparent to Pastor Setzer that Starrucca was the place to be.

He felt everything fell into place for him to come here, be it the price of the old Methodist Church, to the new and hungry congregation who has come to worship with him at the new Body of Christ Church. It has grown from five worshipers to twenty five congregational members that come on a regular basis.

Pastor Kevin Setzer is humble and endearing with a nice calm demeanor and a feeling of holiness within him. He has come to this church as an instrument of God. He says, “I’m only the paper boy who delivers the news.” As we spoke I could see that his calling comes deep from within, as he is led from something greater than himself.

He was ordained in 1991 when he lived in Binghamton working for the telephone company there. He retired to North Carolina where he preached at an Assembly of God, raising their congregation from ten to fifty in a short period of time. He has preached in Africa, Prisons, Lake Champlain, and other such places around the world. By giving to Christian Schools, and supporting at-risk teens he is able to give back from what he receives as a pastor. He likes his congregation to give of themselves to the community and on July 18 at the Starrucca Days his group kept people awake for shopping the Starrucca yard sales by serving coffee and cake.

The Church building was originally built in 1848 then refurnished in 1878 and both Baptist and Methodist used it until the Baptist got their own church right next door. Now it is the Body of Christ Church, a non-denominational church with a pastor who embraces all.

As I have traveled to many small towns I have noticed that many regular denominational churches are being closed and replaced by Christ Churches or other non-denominational churches. But it is the pastor of these churches who make a difference, and this one seems to have lucked out with a congenial pastor who truly feels his calling and has the ability to articulate it to his growing congregation.

Local gospel singer David Watkins has performed at this Church, drawing a good size crowd and I’m sure you will see David there many more times.

Sunday morning services are at 11 a.m. If you are looking for something you haven’t found in other local churches, you might want to go over and check out the Body of Christ Church in Starrucca and see for yourself what’s going on there and meet Pastor Kevin Setzer.

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