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Call Them Bedbugs

Here in deep Susquehanna the overwhelming majority of people, who take an interest in current events, fault the presidential administration just previous to the present. And they do so emphatically. They blame that administration for involving this country in an unnecessary war in Iraq.

I must confess that I am on record as having supported the invasion of Iraq. For that, I am ashamed and sorry and angry with myself. And yet, one may wonder why I take issue with the aforementioned overwhelming majority. So far as I’m concerned, that overwhelming majority is wrong about the number of unnecessary wars. This country is expending blood and treasure in two unnecessary wars. The other unnecessary war is the one now taking place in Afghanistan.

According to some very authoritative scholars, who are steeped in REALPOLITIK, those wars are more like separate theatres of operation. In both of those theatres, a single enemy is engaged. This particular enemy splits this one and only world in twain, “us against them.” The way things work out, my dear colleague Americans, we are the “them” that enemy has in mind.

At the moment, the chief weapon they have available to strike at the “infidel us” is terrorism. For various reasons, they revel in the appellation “terrorist.” Funny, there’s a quote by Ho Chi Minh that applies to the situation that involves us and them: “respect the enemy tactically, despise the enemy strategically.” I like that quote. In fact, I think there’s a clue in that quote as to how we should begin defeating that “them.”

We begin by stripping them of “terrorist.” Instead, we pin on them the label “bedbug.” Such insects are a nuisance, true. But who lives in deadly fear of bedbugs?

In our corner, we have an invincible ally – the 21st Century. Ironically enough, this was pretty dramatically corroborated by the bedbugs. The way they seem to interpret their holy writ, they feel obligated to murder those people who spurn the bedbug variety of religion. In short, their apostates must die!

In July of 2007, the bedbugs sent suicide bombers to murder their ostensible co-religionists. The victims were celebrating a victory by the Iraqi national soccer team. This victory was an event that took place in the 21st Century. By celebrating this event, the victims were manifesting a choice that exasperates the bedbugs to no end. So far as the latter are concerned, any Muslim who chooses to live in the 21st Century is guilty of apostasy.

Here’s the bottom line. By destroying us as we are, the bedbugs hope to turn the sun dial back into the 14th Century.

Just as there’s no way to make the sun set in the East rather than in the West, there’s no turning back time. The way the struggle with the bedbugs is now being conducted, it’s a shame that so much blood and treasure will have to be expended in achieving victory.


A. Alexander Stella

Susquehanna, PA

Support For S-889 Growing!

Despite efforts by some people to slow it down, the momentum for S-889, “The Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2009” is accelerating.

Recently, the National Farmers Organization (NFO) has urged their Directors and others to contact their US Senators and Congressmen and encourage them to support S-889.

Some Congressmen are being lined up to introduce a similar bill in the House of Representatives.

The Pennsylvania Farmers Union (PFU) President Larry Breech has just announced their support for S-889. It is anticipated that Farmers Union in other states will follow suit.

The Commissioners in several counties in Pennsylvania have adopted resolutions supporting S-889. Several County Legislatures in New York have passed resolutions supporting S-889.

In addition to these efforts, 23 US Congressmen have sent a letter to US Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack urging him to use the dairy farmers’ cost of production in establishing the dairy farmers’ pay price.

It’s very obvious that while several gains have been made to support S-889, everybody must accelerate efforts to promote the Bill in order to have the Bill considered in Congress.

By the time you read this editorial, we will know if the efforts of Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT), Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA), and others will be successful in convincing the US Senate to raise the “MILC” payments paid to dairy farmers from 45 per cent to at least 79 per cent. While we support their efforts, we believe the “MILC” payments do not come close to solving the dairy farmers’ financial crisis.

The milk pricing system is broken, and some permanent action needs to be taken. We strongly believe that S-889 can solve the dairy farmers’ pricing problems.

We need your help! Let’s not miss this opportunity!


Arden Tewksbury, Manager, Pro Ag

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