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Great Bend Clarifies Permit Regulations
New Milford Moves Forward
Jennings Takes Seat In Great Bend Boro
Courthouse Report
Sewer Fees Plague Forest City Boro
Gibson Barracks Report
Starrucca Borough Council Minutes


Great Bend Clarifies Permit Regulations
By Barbara Whitehead

At their June 2 supervisors’ meeting, resident questioned Great Bend Township’s use of COG as their representative for building inspections; a family member was in the process of changing the use of a commercial building to a daycare facility and was unhappy with the costs involved. An engineering study would be needed, cost $3,250 as well as a sewage inspection. The supervisors explained that COG does not set the regulations in situations like this, they must follow the state’s mandates. When a property is to be used for childcare, there are (more) stringent rules that must be followed and when a commercial property’s use is changed, there are rules that must be adhered to. In this case, the study was to require that the bathroom facilities were up to the standard for a daycare facility. The resident said that the building owners were so upset over the costs involved that they were considering not following through with their plans. The supervisors agreed to contact COG for more information.

Bids had been solicited for road materials and fuel, to be opened at last month’s meeting. Due to human error, some bids were not received until after the meeting. Road material bids had been tabled until the supervisors could check with the state bid program to see what prices were being offered. The bids that had arrived late were opened this evening, and after discussion all were accepted. The supervisors will purchase individual items according to which price is best. And, the lone bid for fuel from Mirabito was also accepted.

Bids to be opened this evening had been solicited for a vibratory roller; three bids for a total of five machines were received. After a study of what was offered, a motion carried to purchase a 2005 roller from Five Star Equipment, cost $47,998, contingent on a 30-day warranty.

Grant applications are being accepted until July for dirt and gravel road projects; the supervisors will consider projects to apply for funding. A total of $117,000 is available for the entire county, so the application will likely be for small projects as they have a better chance of getting approved.

The roadmaster’s report was positive, with many projects being accomplished. Potholes have been filled, a dry wall put up, and drainage work was underway. Extensive work was in progress on Airport Road and would be continued once the roller was received. At the recommendation of LTAP, some innovative methods were being tried.

During review of the permits issued during the month, a question was asked about GP3 permits; the one in question was for cleaning a sandbar in Dubois Creek. It was reported that another resident’s permit had been denied pending more paperwork, due to the area being the habitat of an endangered species of rattlesnake.

A motion carried to approve and adopt the county’s hazard mitigation plan.

The junk pile on Old Route 11 was reported to have been cleaned up.

The supervisors have determined which items in the township building’s yard can be disposed of. After discussion it was agreed that it should be designated a “rainy day” project for the road crew to take on; it will be taken to a dealer in the Binghamton area and sold.

During public comment a question was asked about one of the flood buyout properties. It has not yet been deeded to the township, and will not be until it has been completely cleared and seeded and inspected by the county. Once it is turned over to the township, there are strict stipulations as to what can be done with it. A question was whether there might be any grant funding available to do something with it; that is a question that can be better answered once the township does own the property and a decision is made as to its use.

The next meeting will be on Monday, July 7, 7 p.m. in the township building.

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New Milford Moves Forward
By Carole M. Canfield

The June 6 New Milford Borough Council meeting included many discussions concerning the best interests of the taxpayers, the introduction of a new baseball league, park improvements, safety issues, and the status of the bridges’ repair.

First on the agenda was the request of the use of the athletic field for a new baseball field and the ironing out of the preceding schedule problems. According to Council President, Jim Carr, “We wanted to get all of the people concerned into the same room, at the same time, to be sure everyone understands the proper procedures for the use of the field.”

Apparently, part of the problem stemmed from the chain that was interrupted when Jim Course scheduled games without first checking with the Little League Association. Carr also stated again that no one is throwing stones, "Everyone had to meet together, so each concerned would all get the same message. The message is the chain of command, which is any scheduling or scheduling issues is to be handled by Little League Association’s secretary, Karen Goodkintz, always first. A new team, such as this is, is required to go to the borough first for permission, then to the Parks Association for permission and submit their schedule requests."

Representatives from the new Southern Tier Sidewinders presented a letter of intent to the Council asking permission, and stating they were offering regrets for any confusion caused by the scheduling problems. “We regret any confusion that has been caused by our use of the field to date. We thought we were talking to the people responsible for the field, but learned that some had been mistakenly left out. We apologize for this: we did n not mean any disrespect to anyone.”

The letter concluded, stating that they will see that the field is left in good condition and clean when they leave. They reported that the field had been littered with trash, not of their doing, and they cleaned it up anyway.

Their baseball games are scheduled for Saturdays, and they stated that they are sure that "New Milford citizens will enjoy watching their free games, and local residents who operate the concession stand will benefit from additional opportunities to generate income."

The league consists of baseball players from 18 and up who want to play regular baseball as opposed to softball. Scheduling for the teams include Saturdays, from June 14 through July 19.

Josh Carpenter, Jim O’Hora and Aaron Treadway represented the Sidewinders.

Amy Hine, Borough Secretary, reported that Mark Wood, Emergency Management Coordinator, has been in touch with PEMA’s Director, Anthony Camillocci, regarding the danger of a flooding issue on Johnson Street at the railroad underpass.

Wood stated that he had gone to the site and found that vehicles were not able to use the passage, and the flooding left fifteen families stranded and unable to get out.

Wood also met with Rick Ainey, New Milford’s EMC, the borough secretary, a member of the council.

The Johnson Street road is a dead-end road, and there is no other way for any type of vehicles, especially any emergency vehicles, to make access to the area. There is also one special-needs patient on the road, and at least 50% of the residents are over the age of 55 years.

“This is a life safety issue. The borough has been trying to work with the railroad, Canadian Pacific, for some time and have gotten nowhere." Wood asked Camillocci for help in arranging a meeting with a representative of the Public Utility Commission (railroad rep); PEMA, Department of Environmental Protection, Susquehanna County EMA, New Milford Borough Council, New Milford Borough EMA and the New Milford Fire and EMS Department. He requested that the meeting should be a visit of the Johnson Street site as well as discussion. Wood has not heard back from PEMA yet.

Other business included reports on the following properties: 121 Church Street is being mowed regularly; the junkyard is under the borough solicitor, Jodi Cordner’s direction; 248 Main Street’s owners were notified of the problems; Depot Street removed some of the 7-8 cars they had and are now down to 3-4 registered, inspected vehicles; 141 Church Street has inspected and registered all but two race cars; Southern Tier Plastics Building is in need of repair and a certified letter was sent to the property owner; and 204 Main Street received a signed letter of complaint and will be visited and a certified letter sent to the property owner.

Amy Hine reported that the lowest bidder on the street project backed out of the bidding. The bid will now go to Padula & Sons, Tunkhannock.

Discussions were held regarding the use of the park and the height of the fencing. They will work with the Parks Association regarding money and investigate the cost of different heights of the fencing.

Bids have been sent to PEMA for Delta Engineers for fixing the bridges within the borough. The council also paid the bill received for work already done to Delta.

This month’s "Citizen of the Month" was awarded to Old Mill Village for all the help they have given the community in restoring and continuing to bring the village back to the past. Tim Button received the award for the village. He added that "volunteers are always welcome at Old Mill Village."

The New Milford Borough meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in the borough building.

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Jennings Takes Seat In Great Bend Boro
By Ted Brewster

Bret Jennings took his seat as the newest member of the Great Bend Borough Council at the June meeting on the 5th. The agenda was relatively light this time, and Mr. Jennings, who attended many meetings before accepting the seat vacated by Ron Cranage earlier in the year, made his contribution.

As so often in this little town, the main issue in many cases was water. A costly project to control water in the Washington Street/Walcott Street area is presently underway. Council hopes it will not drain resources to the extent that some limited crack filling in the town's smaller streets cannot be done this summer. Council member Jerry MacConnell and others will tour the borough to take an assessment. Council President Rick Franks also noted a section of curbing on Franklin Street that is being undermined by excess water going the wrong way.

Household waste water takes a different route, going through the Hallstead-Great Bend Joint Sewer Authority's (HGBJSA) sewage plant. Heavy loads of grease have been clogging the system, leading to shorter equipment lifespan, and the Sewer Authority is beginning to get tough about it. A letter from the HGBJSA outlined regulations for the installation of grease traps in commercial kitchen operations, including inspections and certification. It is unclear how the regulations will affect the borough, whose building is used by Barnes Kasson Hospital as the Blue Ridge Senior Center. The building houses a full-scale commercial kitchen, but the Senior Center does not use it for cooking, meals being shipped in from the hospital in Susquehanna.

The cleanup day proclaimed for a few weeks ago didn't produce an outstanding turnout of citizens to sweep before their properties. It was the first try at something like this, after all, and the weather didn't exactly cooperate.

The major business on the agenda had already been worked over pretty well during development, so there wasn't much additional commentary when Council formally adopted an ordinance to restrict parking on John Street to the north side only. Similarly, an agreement with Lanesboro to purchase services of their police department didn't require more debate before final passage. Mayor James Riecke will be the primary contact between the two boroughs. For now, Great Bend expects to use the police in the borough for about 12 hours per month. The mayor, in consultation with Council, will decide how to apportion the hours, and on what priorities, which will probably be speeding on Main Street and improper use of the town's one-way streets.

Council member Mike Wasko reported that the deck on the Bridge Street overpass over the railroad tracks is showing signs of wear. Discussion and inquiry some time ago did not resolve the issue of who is responsible for this bridge. Council, however, are certain that the borough does not now, and never did have, the resources to build and maintain that bridge. The only other party that may be responsible would presumably be the railroad.

Similarly, it is no longer clear who owns what at the borough building itself. Mr. Wasko reported that the large tables in the main room are beginning to show their age. It is believed that the tables are the property of the borough. The hospital purchased the chairs some years back; are they now hospital property, or do they now belong to the borough?

Pastor Littleton, from the Methodist Church next door, requested use of the borough's parking lot for overflow during the annual "Cruise-in" for classic cars on the third weekend of July. The event grows larger every year, and Council was glad to acquiesce. There was some hope that it would coincide with Great Bend Days that is usually sponsored by the Fire Company. A representative of the firemen, however, commented that it might be canceled this year because of a tight budget.

As is his habit, Mayor Riecke made certain that something positive was part of the meeting. He commended the VFW and the Fire Company for the celebrations over the Memorial Day weekend and the installation of the new flags along Main Street.

The Great Bend Borough Council always meets on the first Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Borough Building at Elizabeth and Franklin Streets.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren P. Ficarro


Robert and Pamela Hansen to Gary Sprague, in New Milford Township for $10,000.00.

Raymond C. and Alice M. Davis to Raymond C. and Alice M. Davis, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Carol B. (By POA) and William R. Tripp to William J. Breslin and Joseph P. Mackachinis, in Harford Township for $350,000.00.

Dunn Lake LLC to Ghulam M. and Nasreen Ghani Suhrawardi, in Ararat Township for $250,000.00.

Dunn Lake LLC to Charles and Lisa Guyer, in Ararat Township for $275,000.00.

Janice Benscoter to Gerald D., Jacqueline, Carl A. and Terry Benscoter, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Nancy Espe, Louise Baker and Ruth Murphy (Est) to Robert Murphy, in Apolacon Township for $100,000.00.

Rod (AKA) Rodney R. and Pamela E. Koeb to Rod and Pamela Koeb, in Dimock Township for one dollar.

H. Arthur, Jr. and Geraldine M. Schnaars to Howard L. and Audrey J. Updyke, in Auburn Township for $33,275.00.

Jessica and James P. Louderback to Jessica K. and James P. Louderback, in Harford Township for one dollar.

Harry H. and Mary H. Thatcher to Jeremy P. Thatcher, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Tracey A. McCormick-Buckley (AKA) Todd P. McCormick (AKA) Daniel S. Buckley to Raymond C. Ayres and Christina Osterhout, in Susquehanna for $82,680.00.

Brian C. Mirra (By Sheriff) to HSBC Bank, in New Milford Township for $3,169.99.

Kathryn L. Warner (Estate) to Carolyn Ferguson, in Forest Lake Township for $24,000.00.

John S. Munns and Jose L. Cordero to O. Kenneth Shaffer, in Apolacon Township for $66,000.00.

Glen Amon, Carol, Kenneth Orlin and Gwendolyn J. Mead and Linda Mae and George W. Gardner to Tammy L Norton, in Bridgewater Township for $429,900.00.

Everett K. Davall to Everett K. Davall and Sandra Davall Agnew, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Bruce E. and Nancy W. Ross to Haydn C., Jr. and Joan D. Samuel, in Herrick Township for one dollar.

Robert M. and Leticia Ellis to Stanley Kulheim, in Apolacon Township for $147,500.00.

Daniel R., Jr. and Karen D. Ricci to Daniel R., Jr. and Karen D. Ricci, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Beverly B. and Robert E. Lee, Jr. to Beverly B. and Robert E. Lee, Jr., in Franklin Township for one dollar.

Ronlock Enterprises LLC (AKA) Ronlock LLC to Ronlock Enterprises LLC, in Springville Township for one dollar.

Gregory G. Maxey to Jeffrey Allan Silvers and Tetyana B. Novakh, in Choconut Township for $220,000.00.

Reginald A. and Lois J. Scott to Reginald A. and Lois J. Scott, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Fred W. and Sandra Hobbs to Stephen Roy Cobb, in Thompson Borough for $84,000.00.

John J. McHale and Michael Adomiak to Lloyd Anderson, in Lenox Township for $100.00.

Gerald J. and Mary Anne Fedak Pfahl to Mary Anne Fedak Pfahl, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Nell F. Striefsky (NBM) Nell E. Frey and James M. Striefsky to James M. and Nell F. Striefsky, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Michael T. and Josephine A. Goskowski to James M. and Nell F. Striefsky, in Clifford Township for $25,000.00.

Michael and Carol Lutchko to Kevin and Michelle D. Hammon, in Forest City for $74,500.00.

Christine M. and John Kosick, Jr. to Mark F. Bender, in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (By Atty) to James Beardsley and Lin Strasser, in Forest City for $43,500.00.

Blake T. and Eileen Tyson to Denis E. and Jane E. Halstead, in Clifford Township for $170,000.00.

Matthew D. and Shannon N. Vanlierop to Catherine Lamagna, in Thompson Borough for $125,000.00.

Ronald and Wendy Sivers to Stephen, Marlene and Paul Andrew Lyons, in Bridgewater Township for $230,000.00.

George, Jr. and Patricia M. Kubus to James M. and Nell F. Striefsky, in Clifford Township for $370,000.00.

Karen L. Terpstra to Marcellus Partners LLC, in Thompson Borough and Thompson Township for $65,000.00.

Duane A. Benscoter to Manzek Land Co., Inc., in Rush Township for $50,000.00.


Melisssa Zajackowski of Montrose vs. Edward Zajackowski of Clarks Summit, married 2001.

John F. Burt vs. Amy L. Burt, both of Kingsley, married 1996.

Edward A. Marquez vs. Patricia A. Marquez, both of Uniondale, married 1973.

Susan Dawn Hallock of Laceyville vs. Michael J. Hallock of Tunkhannock, married 1986.

Kendra L. VanNostrand vs. Alphonse J. VanNostrand, Jr., married 1990.

Charles T. Gorton vs. Margaret M. Gorton, both of Uniondale, married 1994.

Jennifer Miller of Clifford vs. Darrin Miller of Kingsley, married 1996.

Lorraine A. Gable Neal vs. William E. Neal, both of Great Bend, married 2007.

Michael John Durbin of Montrose vs. Melissa Durbin of Venica Center, NY, married 1996.


Thomas M. Bedell and Dorothy Mallow, both of Montrose.

Bruce A. Sickler and Doreen R. Walters, both of Montrose.

Gary Joseph Sienko and Amber S. Fornillo, both of Hallstead.

Floyd Albert Mead, Jr. and Carol A. Winslow, both of Susquehanna.

Darrell James McGinness of Jackson and Elizabeth Ann Testa of Susquehanna.

Lyle G. Place of Laceyville and Bobbi Jo Pratt of Kingsley.

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Sewer Fees Plague Forest City Boro
By Stephanie Everett

During its June 2 meeting, Forest City Council passed a motion to condemn a portion of private land owned by Forest City Partners, due to storm water drains that empty onto the property near the Susquehanna River.

Council also passed an ordinance to establish a sewer user fee for maintaining the borough’s sewer lines. One borough resident expressed concern about the impact of the user fee on individuals with fixed incomes. Solicitor Smith explained that Forest City has been ordered by federal mandate to revise its sewage system. Bernard Scalzo stated that nobody is happy about the borough’s sewer user fee, adding that it couldn’t have come at a worse time, given the rise in fuel oil costs. However, Council agreed that the user fee is a necessary part of the borough’s construction of the sewer collection system. Council has established a three-year plan for easing the financial burden of the construction. During year one, the Forest City sewer user fee will be $20 per month; the second year, it will be $31 a month, with the third year estimated at $42 a month. In addition, residents are still required to pay the LRBSA user fee.

Frank Nardone expressed frustration with some of his tenants on Delaware Street, stating that they have been stealing utilities and vandalizing the apartments. Nardone stated that he has had difficulty evicting one tenant because he does not have police documentation of the problems she has caused. Attorney Smith advised Nardone that he needs to get the police involved when a tenant becomes unruly.

Next, Council reviewed bids for a project on Erie Street. The project will entail removing the remainder of a collapsed retaining wall, sloping the eroded embankment and stabilizing it with fabric mesh and grass, as well as constructing a safety fence at the top of the slope. Robert Tedesco, of the Forest City Department of Public Works, suggested that public works could complete the project. Council will keep bids open until Tedesco examines the site.

A final matter of business concerned approximately ten bags of garbage that have been sitting for over two weeks at 829 Higgins Street, which has been foreclosed. The borough will collect the garbage and bill the foreclosing bank.

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Gibson Barracks Report
Compiled By Melinda Darrow


PSP Gibson is investigating numerous mailboxes which were smashed on June 2 in Thompson Twp. Victims of the vandalism include Mary Bieloski, Leda Goldsmith, and Marion Hartnett.


On June 3 at around 4:40 a.m., two troopers were dispatched to SR171 in Great Bend Twp. when a vehicle parked in the middle of the road was reported. Upon their arrival, Timothy Gifford of Rochester, NY was discovered to be sleeping in the driver seat. Gifford was given field sobriety tests, which he failed. He was arrested for DUI and arraigned before MDJ Jeffrey Hollister of Montrose. He was released on $5000 un-secure bail. The investigation is continuing.


On June 2 at 11:18, Akida Seif and Sherif Sheikh were traveling south on State Hwy 92 in Lenox Twp., heading toward Proctor & Gamble. The tractor trailer the men were traveling in was sideswiped by a farm tractor, traveling after dark and pulling a trailer load of hay.


On May 31, Albert Bishop of Susquehanna was at a residence on Glenwood Rd., and refused to leave the premises after being informed that the property owner no longer wanted him there. He persisted in refusing to leave, even after he was told to do so by State Police. Bishop was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass.


On May 15, at around midnight, an unknown driver struck a tractor trailer parked in a parking lot in Lenox Twp., then fled the scene.


On June 2, Kevin Macdonald was driving west on SR 371 in Herrick Twp. when, for unknown reasons, the vehicle he was driving traveled off the north edge of the roadway as he was negotiating a curve. The vehicle then went up an embankment, began to roll onto its driver's side, and came to a final rest on the roof facing a northerly direction. Both Macdonald and a passenger were wearing safety belts; only the passenger sustained minor injuries.


On May 30 at 12:45 a.m., Christian Hall of Pennsdale reportedly attempted to enter the residence of Tammy Ayres of Montrose without her authorization. Hall then fled the scene. At 1:05 a.m. he was involved in a collision in Hop Bottom. During the ensuing investigation he exhibited signs of impairment, and was transported to Marion Hospital for medical treatment. Charges are pending in the two incidents.


On May 28 at around 5:00 p.m., an unknown person took a package that was delivered by FedEx to Alyce Marshall on Three Lakes Rd.


Sometime between the 27th and 28th of May, John Sholtiss of Susquehanna discovered that his white, late 1980's to 1990's Clubcar golf cart was removed from SR 171 in Great Bend Twp. without his authorization.


On May 18 at 4:59 a.m., an unknown male pumped $29.59 worth of gasoline into his vehicle and left without paying for it. Through video surveillance the vehicle was identified and the owner was contacted; the matter is being resolved.


On May 21 at 3:58 p.m., Roy Morrow, Jr. of Joplin, MO entered a Motor Carrier Safety Inspection site. A license check revealed that he was wanted by the Newton County Sheriff's Department for child support, and he was arrested as a fugitive from justice. Morrow was arraigned at District Court 34-3-03 and incarcerated at the Susquehanna County Correctional Facility until extradition arrangements could be made.


On May 28, at around 4:50 p.m., Peggy Gensel of Springville was stopped in the northbound travel lane of SR 29 waiting for southbound vehicles to pass before turning into a gas station. While still waiting, she was from the rear by a truck driven by Joseph Curley of Montrose, resulting in severe damage to Gensel's vehicle, minor damage to Curley's, and debris on the roadway. Curley reported that he had glanced up a side street, and when he looked again at the road an opposing vehicle was coming and he couldn't go around Gensel. He stated that he braked as hard as he could prior to impact.


On May 18 at 12:20 a.m., Robert White and Doug Gumaer, both of Nicholson, were involved in a non-reportable crash on SR 374 in Lenox Twp. The incident occurred as Gumaer was following White too closely, and struck the rear of White's vehicle, which then spun out and hit an embankment. Both vehicles then departed the scene, heading west on that road. White lost control of his vehicle and exited the roadway, striking a tree stump with the right front of the vehicle. He again continued on, in the same direction, before striking another tree stump with the left front of the Corsica. The vehicle was in the position upon police arrival.


On May 30 at around 11:45 p.m., Mary Clark of Springville was attempting to leave the parking lot of the Hayloft Inn in Lawton. In the process of doing so, she backed into two parked cars. Then, while moving forward, she ran into the side of the building. Her vehicle had to be removed from the building by Force's Towing.


Between May 25 and 26 one or more unknown persons damaged the concession stand at the New Milford Ballfield in New Milford Boro. The 5'x5' wooden concession window was damaged, with estimated damages totaling $100.


On May 14, Phillip Slater is accused of committing lewd acts against an unnamed female. Slater was arrested without incident and was arraigned before District Judge Suzanne Brainard before being remanded to the Susquehanna County Prison in lieu of $25000 bail. A preliminary hearing was scheduled before District Judge Jeffrey Hollister in Montrose on June 2.


On May 23,an unknown white male allegedly pumped gas into his vehicle at the Montrose Pump ‘n’ Pantry, and then left the premises without paying. The suspect was driving an older, blue Dodge pickup truck pulling a trailer with lawnmowers in the back.


Sometime between May 22 and 23, a motorcycle was reportedly stolen from Orchard St./Lover's Lane in Great Bend Twp. The motorcycle, belonging to Ronald Cranage, Jr. is described as a Suzuki DR 350 Street/Trail bike worth $1000. It is white with blue graphics.


On May 23, one or more unknown perpetrator(s) stole a truck bed toolbox from the yard of Mariana Mastri in Nicholson. The toolbox was valued at $50.


It was reported that propane tanks were stolen in Dimock Twp., belonging to Karen Werdann of Halifax, PA. The 100 lb. tanks were valued at $170 each.


On May 23, at around 12:02 p.m., Stephen Radicchi of New Milford was turning left into Cindy's Cafe in that town. Kyle McLaughlin became impatient and entered the opposing lane to drive around Radicchi. At this time Radicchi turned, and his vehicle was struck in the side by McLaughlin.

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Starrucca Borough Council Minutes

Following are the Starrucca Borough Council meeting minutes for May 7, as submitted.

The Starrucca Borough Council met for their regular monthly meeting at the Community Hall in Starrucca. President (Kirk) Rhone, Mr. Arthur Kopp, Mr. Donald Haynes, Mr. Fred Rhone, Mrs. Barbara Glover, and Mayor (MaryAnn) DeBalko were present. (Mr. Anthony Palonis and Mr. Robert Buck were absent).

President Rhone opened the meeting and announced the need for an Executive Session to discuss legal matters.

The meeting was reopened and the minutes from the previous meeting were read. (Damascus quarries was listed as D&S, that will be changed to reflect B&S.)

Motion to approve carried.

The Treasurer’s report was given and motion to approve carried.

The bills were presented for payment. Motion to approve payment carried.

The following correspondence was received:

A notice of the approval of the DCED grant for the Stephano Bridge repair.

A notice of repairs to be done to the hall through HAVA funding from the Wayne County Commissioners. Motion carried to approve the grant and to further ask what is planned and mention the repairs to the floor that are needed.

An offer of a recycling kit for CFL’s from PPL was read.

A notice of the need to appoint a “Stormwater Management Coordinator” was received from the Wayne County Planning Department. Mayor DeBalko volunteered but would be unable to attend the first scheduled meeting. Motion carried to appoint Mayor DeBalko. Mr. Rhone will attend the first meeting as the Alternate.

A notice from the Wayne County Conservation District concerning E&S (erosion and sediment control) plans was shared.

A letter from the Wayne County Commissioners asking for a decision on the bridge inventory program. Motion carried to allow PennDOT to bid out and select an engineer to perform the bridge inspections.

An offer of care for the ball park lawn from “Tru green” was read.

Two letters from Borough Solicitor Bugaj were read:

The first addressed to Jack Downton’s Attorney (Buffalino) offering May 15, 16, or 19 to continue his deposition.

The second addressed to Attorney Raddick, states: at the recent Motion to Quash and Protective Order before Judge Hamill, you indicated that two of your clients, Robert Weldy and Bridgette D’Agati had not been paid witness fees for depositions.

Your clients have not told you the truth.

He provided copies of check #749 to Robert Weldy and check #750 to Bridgette D’Agati as well as check #745 to Louis Gurske which were all returned to the Borough certified mail, return receipt requested.

“Therefore” he stated, “your clients waived their right to receive any fees.”

He further indicated that the borough had four outstanding checks: #746 to Pat Schneyer, #747 and #777 to Paul Everett and #817 to Jack Downton for witness fees.

He instructed her to inform her clients and Attorney Buffalino (Jack Downton) if these checks were not cashed by the May meeting he will instruct the borough to stop payment on them, and consider the payments waived.

A letter from the Starrucca Borough Cemetery Association was read. The Association has received complaints on the cemetery road. Overgrown brush, debris in the ditch, a rotted stump at the entrance and logs or ties that need replacement. Mr. Rhone, representing the Road Committee, stated he would see what could be done there.

In Borough Reports:

The council expressed sorrow as the Borough’s S.E.O. (Sewage Enforcement Officer) Andy D’Agati has passed away.

Mr. Kopp made the motion to appoint Russell Warner as the borough’s temporary S.E.O. until someone else is found. Mr. Haynes seconded the motion, motion carried.

The borough auditor's secretary (Paul D’Agati) stated there was “nothing to report at this time.”

Mr. Darl Haynes (FEMA agent) stated there was “nothing to report.”

Motion carried to assess Robert Weldy with the costs of the Depositions Committee’s investigation, and to authorize the borough’s attorney to take the steps necessary to collect. Mrs. Glover was opposed.

Motion carried to assess Bridgette D’Agati with the costs of the Depositions Committee’s investigation, and to authorize the borough’s attorney to take the steps necessary to collect. Mrs. Glover was opposed.

Mr. (Darl) Haynes, representing the Depositions Committee, reported that the committee has a meeting scheduled with representatives from the Auditor General’s office concerning the investigation.

He also reported there was a court hearing against the borough by Paul Everett, Pat Schneyer, Louis Gurske, Bridgette D’Agati, Robert Weldy and Jack Downton, through their attorneys, on April 16 before the Honorable Judge Hamill at the Wayne County Court House.

It was his understanding that there were three issues brought. The first was to quash the subpoenas. The second was to avoid this investigation escalating to the state level, and the third was to not be held monetarily responsible.

He stated, as he understood it, that Judge Hamill ruled to quash the subpoenas against all the defendants except Jack Downton, who was ordered to give an additional hour. The Judge further gave the committee the option of issuing new subpoenas if necessary. The defendants can be held monetarily responsible for any amount Ken Rausch may receive, by either virtue of a lawsuit or settlement, due to the actions of the 2005 council members Paul Everett, Robert Weldy, Bridgette D’Agati and Louis Gurske and the costs of the investigation by the borough against the individuals (Paul Everett, Louis Gurske, Robert Weldy, Bridgette D’Agati and Pat Schneyer for signing the contract) can be assessed against them.

The Judge did not allow the attorneys to argue the issue of the investigation (findings going to the state level) in open court.

In Unfinished Business:

Mrs. Glover asked President Rhone why he was asking for donations. He clarified that he was asked about someone wanting to make donations to the borough, and he asked the attorney and the attorney told him anyone could.

In New Business:

The board considered raising the price on the ball diamond signs. Mr. Rhone, Mr. Haynes, and Mr. Kopp expressed that they did not want to put a burden on the advertisers with the current escalating gas prices. They offered to try to find a few new advertisers to offset the costs.

Motion carried to have a letter sent to Thompson Township alerting them that the Buck’s Road Bridge will be complete around the end of May and they will be able to work their end of the road. The borough will further alert them when the bridge is usable. Mrs. Glover was opposed.

Mr. Rhone stated the Road Committee needs to discuss materials and patching roads.

Mayor DeBalko stated she addressed the issue of the three “T” wall pieces remaining in the creek. She met with D.E.P. (Department of Environmental Protection) representative Chris Kulick and she submitted a letter from him. The letter reads in part that the ten-year maintenance agreement term has expired; the borough no longer has the responsibility to remove these collapsed panels from the channel or future collapses of the t-wall sections. The responsibility solely relies on the property owner. When a detailed survey is available, (Chris Kulick) will be able to determine the property owner responsible.

Motion carried to authorize Solicitor Bugaj to send a letter to Ken Rausch’s attorney rejecting any proposal.

Mayor DeBalko read from a memo she received from Ruth Morazka. She needs the building key for May 26. Mr. Kopp offered to contact her. She also asked to have the lawn mowed for that weekend and the garbage at the ball field be addressed.

Mrs. Glover asked if something could be done about having a residence in borough “cleaned up.” There was a discussion of an adoption of a nuisance ordinance and the problems trying to enforce it.

Mayor DeBalko continued with Mrs. Marozka’s issues. She is concerned about the bathroom floors at the hall. Mr. Rhone stated the Hall Committee would have to meet to try to address the issue.

Mrs. Morazka also addressed the pros and cons on wind energy and downloaded a sample ordinance. Mr. Rhone asked if Mrs. Morazka would be interested heading up or being part of a committee on the subject.

There was no public comment.

No further business to come before the board, motion to adjourn carried, meeting adjourned.

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