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The Ones You Keep

“It is one of the mysteries of our nature that a man, all unprepared, can receive a thunder stroke like that and live. There is but one reasonable explanation of it. The intellect is stunned by shock and but gropingly gathers the meaning of the words.

“The power to realize their full import is mercifully lacking."

Mark Twain, on the death of his daughter, Suzy.

A wonderful woman passed on Tuesday. Although I knew she had cancer, I was not prepared for the two weeks of pre-death cycle and the three days for the body to shut down. I now understand that it is a cruelty that happens to all who are not killed outright. No amount of prayer for mercy helps. Those of us who are left, try to remember it is a celebration of life, that we gather together to ask the Lord's blessing. Deep down our hearts are broken, and no matter how quick or slow, we are left falling to our knees and questioning.

I thanked her. I told her how honored I am that she picked me. There is a saying, that is why we pick our friends. I am not the only one. She surrounded herself with very good people, and raised her sons to be very good people. She had a sense of grace that drew you to her. She said to me, "When I don't know what to do, I give a hug." How wonderful is that, to know someone whose first instinct is to hug you. They are the ones you keep.

She came to her benefit, on that beautiful April day. She was not feeling well, so she only stayed awhile. She was very happy to see her family and friends, and cried at the thought of the love that was there that day. Maybe you never realize how many people love you, and that you love, until you are in a roomful. Ironically, unless its at a wedding reception, you may not be aware of it. Sadly, its often at funerals, and not family reunions, that everyone who is able, comes and catches up with the family, and friends. In my family, we call them a wake.

Sandy will have had her wake by now. I will gather with her family and friends and thank God for the blessing of knowing, and loving Sandy Ryder. I will thank Him for putting her in my life to remind me of the goodness of people, the faith you have, and the small amount of time that we really have, and to be mindful of the ones I love, and who love me. I would ask you to honor Sandy, and your loved ones with a hug. That is the best way to honor someone, and maybe make a “keeper” friend.


Cynthia Allen

Summersville, PA

Rotary On The Green

Plans are well underway for “Rotary on the Green” on May 24, sponsored by Montrose Rotary as a benefit to the building fund for a new EMHS Hospital.

Donations for the live and silent auctions, as well as the flea market have been coming in. if you are spring cleaning and have items to donate, please call 289–4226 or bring them to our storage trailer behind the fire hall in Montrose on Saturdays until May 17 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and noon.

We are also planning a bake sale and more at “Rotary on the Green” and would welcome donations of homemade baked goods, jams and jellies, relishes, maple syrup and honey. Call 289–4957 if you wish to donate to the bake sale.

The Rotary Club of Montrose has made a substantial commitment to helping fund a new hospital. We are committed to donating all the money raised at “Rotary on the Green” to the Capital Fund Drive for the new facility.

We thank you for your donations and invite you all to join us on the “Green” on May 24.


George Conner, Chair

Ruth Wilmarth, Co-Chair

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