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New Building In Montrose?
Commissioners Award Stipend

Forest City Plans For New Year
Courthouse Report
New Man In Harford
State Help Available To Improve Home Energy
Susky Welcomes New Members
New Milford Boro Welcomes New Life
Commissioners Make Appointments
Starrucca Borough Council Minutes
Clifford Pledges To Assist Family


New Building In Montrose?
By Melinda E. Darrow

The Montrose Borough Council is not changing much in the New Year, with Alice Walsh being the only “new” member, and she having been there for some months already. Joel Maxey will continue his term as Borough President, Ms. Walsh will assume the duties of Vice President, and Randy Schuster was appointed to serve as Chairman Pro-Tem. John Wilson remains the mayor, Annette Rogers the secretary, and Marion O'Malley the solicitor for the town.

Some borough committees did have appointees to their membership approved, though one important appointment was tabled. Mary Ann Dewitt was approved for the Vacancy Board, Sue Warriner the Planning Commission, David Rose the Zoning Hearing Board, and Dan Regan the Recreation Board. Albert Belinsky has been serving in a Municipal Authority position, a five-year term. It was stated at the meeting that according to policy, the person in this position continues in it until either he/she is reappointed, or someone else is appointed in his/her place. Council members tabled this matter for further discussion and consideration.

Two executive sessions later, it was decreed that all borough employees, both uniform and non-uniform, would be receiving a 4% pay increase in the coming year. The only exception to this ruling is police officer Bob Marmo, who was already receiving an increase due to the completion of probationary status. His case is slated to be reviewed again in April. The salary increase decision was not as simple as it might sound. After the first executive session the motion was made for a 3% increase. After reconvening, Mr. Jack Yeager expressed his opinion that this figure was insufficient to even cover gas, much less anything else. He proposed the 4% figure, which eventually won a majority vote, if not a unanimous one.

Mr. Yeager was also catalyst pushing for action on another matter. The time had passed, he stated, that the council could sit on their hands and do nothing to rectify the borough building situation. They needed to either decide to pursue the matter or decide not to, and needed to begin looking at funding options. In the ensuing discussion a few basic options were outlined. An engineer had proposed a plan for moving the street department down near the dump site. This would allow the entire borough building to be revamped as an office, police department, and council chamber. It was felt by some, however, that the engineer's plan was “overkill” and that the work could be done for much less money than the number quoted. Another option would be to keep the street department in the same building and simply renovate it. A third would involve moving all or part of the operation (such as the office space and police department) to a new building which could be purchased in town. (One proposed idea was in the area of the old dollar store across from Tom Kerr's.) Grants could be applied for, or perhaps a low interest loan from a government entity acquired.

Regardless of how it is done, it was generally agreed that something ought to be done. The current situation is not the healthiest one for the borough secretary, with fumes from the vehicles running quite close to her office. The police department is not handicapped accessible. New mandates from Harrisburg may be difficult to meet with the current setup as well. It was hoped that action will be taken in the near future to explore options.

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Commissioners Award Stipend
By Carole M. Canfield

The first actual county Commissioners’ meeting of 2008 took place Wednesday with a new time change. It is reported that the new time for the meetings will be set for 9 a.m., from February on. The meeting on January 24 will be at 8:30, as already advertised.

With Commissioner Mary Ann Warren at the helm, Commissioner Leon Allen as Vice Chairperson and Commissioner Giangrieco were ready for business to begin.

During the Salary Board portion of the meeting, the motion carried to pay Dawn Wilson, Carolyn Paccio and Richard Ainey $100 plus mileage for their work as Election Board for the recount on November 21. (Reporter's Note: The total amount these people get paid is a total of $200 plus mileage. Due to the recount and the amount of write-ins, the time trying to "get it right" these individuals gave, there was a question that they would not be compensated for the extra time and effort they did trying to be sure all was correct and accounted for).

Motions were made to approve and ratify paychecks and precheck registers and seconded.

The following seminars/payments were granted : Aimee Lefever, Jolene Kelly and John McCarthy (Children and Youth) for Drug Alcohol Issues seminar; John Lester, Probation to Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers Mtgs; Art Donato, 911 Coordinator to Bradford/Susquehanna Regional EMS Council Meetings and Donato again to Monroe County monthly meetings, wire and wireless 911 implementation funding and PEMA issues at fuel costs only.

Edward Kays, Montrose was hired to the open, part-time dispatcher trainee position in 911, for $8.50 per hour, varied hours, benefits per the Residual Bargaining Unit Contract, as per the recommendation of Art Donato, 911 Coordinator, effective date to be determined,.

Among the issues visited when the commissioners re-opened the 2008 budget was the 911 area, which, according to Commissioner Mary Ann Warren, "will be revisited."

The next commissioners’ meeting will be held at 8:30 a.m. on January 23.

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Forest City Plans For New Year
By Stephanie Everett

Forest City Borough opened the new year with a reorganization meeting on January 7. Re-elected council members sworn in were Barbara Mihelc, Bernie Scalzo, and Kelley Twilley. James Lowry was re-elected president, with Robert Trusky vice-president. Council members agreed to hold regular meetings for 2008 on the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m.

Improvements to the Little League upper field are expected to be made in 2008. This includes installing a drainage system in the field, constructing bleachers and grading the parking lot.

Mayor Nicholas Cost announced that he has received complaints that students walking to school are not moving for school buses and other vehicles. An announcement on street safety is to be made to students over the loudspeaker in the Forest City schools.

The borough snow removal crew has experienced a similar problem, with people parking vehicles in the way of plowers. Forest City police are asking residents to comply with parking ordinances so that fines do not have to be issued. Forest City’s solicitor is considering street signs explaining the parking policy.

Council stated that it will likely spend $10,000 in grant money on sewer work on Erie Street. Thus far, the sewer project has reached $10 million.

Meanwhile, on Lackawanna Street, some tenants were evicted because their landlord failed to apply for a permit for a renovation project.

The borough rescue crew announced that it will be purchasing a new ambulance to replace a problematic 2004 ambulance, and in other vehicle-related news, the borough will be selling a pickup truck with a spreader and plow. Council explained that the pickup has not met the borough’s needs. A minimum bid has been set at $5,000.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By Lauren P. Ficarro


Dawn Derosa (NBM) Dawn McCaffery and James McCaffery to Jorday Cunningham, in New Milford Township for $83,500.00.

Seldon M. and Nora A. Williams to Christine Mooney, in Springville Township for $121,500.00.

George, Betty, William and Lori Davis to William D. and Lori S. Davis, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Keith N. Meagley to Elsie Kilmer, in Harmony Township for one dollar.

William Daniel and Lori Davis to William D. and Lori S. Davis, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Elwin J. and Gail A. Ellis to William D. and Lori S. Davis, in Dimock Township for $175,000.00.

Corinne Kendig Cronlund (Estate AKA) Corinne K. Cronlund, Malcolm Murray Cronlund (Succ Trustee), Malcolm Cronlund (Succ Trustee), Malcom Murray Cronlund, Freja C. Lloyn, Renee C. Watterson and Lawson Kendig Cronlund to Joseph S. and Rebecca Briskie, in Thompson and Harmony Townships for $415,000.00.

Dorothy L Hine (NBM) Dorothy L. Tyler and William Tyler to Ronald, Gerald, Randy, Mark and Christopher Hine and Doreen Howard, in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Robert B. and Lucille Hughes to Allyn T. and Janet I. Hinds, in Montrose for $60,000.00.

Harry E. (Rev Trust By Tr) and Norma J. Williams (Rev Trust By Tr) to James B. and Susan E. Considine, in Montrose for $275,000.00.

John T. and Jennifer Megivern to Mark Shiffer, in Clifford Township for $46,000.00.

Irini Harms and Paul A. Strohl, Jr. (Est AKA) Paul A. Strohl (Est) to Irini Harms, in Silver Lake Township for $12,500.00.

Barbara A. and Michael R. Stever to Gary L. and Nancy A. Stever, in Gibson Township.

Gerard and Charlotte Booths to Brian D. Jayne and Dana M. Trotta-Jayne, in Lenox Township for $339,900.00.

David H. and Carol J. Clemens to Paula R. Clemens and Karen C. Dennis, in Great Bend and New Milford Townships for one dollar.

Ida M. Sharer (By US Marshall) to Richard F. Chase, Sr., in Hallstead Borough for $11,700.00.

Pauline Bokal to Paul G. Ravnikar, in Forest City for one dollar.

Donald Reid and Ellen Ann Felley to Joan Paye, in Uniondale Borough for $60,000.00.

Lin Strasser to Patricia Raulerson, in Forest City for one dollar.

Mary Alice and Leslie J. Hawley and George C. Capwell (By Tr) to Mary Alice and Leslie J. Hawley and George C. Capwell, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Mary Alice and Leslie J. Hawley to Mary Alice and Leslie J. Hawley, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

George C. Capwell (By Tr) to George C. Capwell, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Robert Jay Ralston to Lauretta Ann Button, in Liberty Township for one dollar.

Bronson Pinchot to Bronson Pinchot in Harford Township for one dollar.

Francis E., Jr. and Veronica Mayers to Francis E., Jr., Veronica and Francis E., III Mayers and Geraldine Gibson, in Clifford Township for one dollar.

Robert K. Roe (Estate) to Bonnie L. Roe, in Oakland Township for one dollar.

Alice M. Roe to Jeane M., Bonnie L., Janet L. and Ronald K. Roe and Joann L. Palmatier, in Oakland Township for one dollar.

Anne L. Patterson, Mary R. Rossi and Jean Stine to Anne L. Patterson, Mary R. Rossi and Jean Stine, in Lenox Township for one dollar.


David F. Miller and Kelly Anne Hartman, both of Kingsley.

Boyd Arthur Cooley, Jr. of Montrose and Rita Mae Welch of South Montrose.

Jeffrey L Beavers and Ashley M. Pratt, both of Kingsley.

Matthew Dexter Ploutz of APO, AE and Kasandra Ashley Ralston of New Milford.

Gerald J. Mensel and Roseanne Marie Caffrey, both of Nicholson.


Clifford Paul Johnson vs. Wendy L. Johnson, both of New Milford, married 2003.

Rhonda L. Campbell vs. Douglas J. Campbell, both of Montrose, married 1999.

Lauretta Ann Ralston of Montrose vs. Robert Jay Ralston of Thompson, married 2004.

Chris Alan Shatinsky of Laceyville vs. Katherine Lynn Shatinsky of Lake Carey, married 1988.

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New Man In Harford
By Ted Brewster

Garry Foltz took a seat at the table on January 7 as Harford Township's newest Supervisor. As required by law, the Supervisors gathered on the first Monday in January to organize themselves, and this time incumbents Terry Van Gorden and Sue Furney welcomed Mr. Foltz with a two-and-a-quarter-hour marathon, to which Mr. Foltz himself was not shy to contribute.

During the first hour the Board of Supervisors chose a new chairman and decided their organizing principles for the new year. Mr. Van Gorden accepted the chair for 2008; he was also re-appointed township Roadmaster. Ms. Furney will also continue as Secretary/Treasurer in addition to her role as Supervisor; she will be bonded at $900,000. Mr. Foltz accepted the job of vice-chair.

As usual, Ms. Furney's salary as Secretary/Treasurer will be recommended to the Supervisors by the township's auditors at a later date. And, at the request of Mr. Foltz, setting wages for the other four township employees (including Mr. Van Gorden as Roadmaster), were tabled to allow review of job descriptions and interviews with each of the employees.

The township's solicitors will remain Kreder Brooks Hailstone, of Scranton at a compensation rate of $210 per hour; Andrew ("Drew") Hailstone is retained as attorney of record.

The township will continue to keep its funds on deposit with Peoples National Bank.

Dorothy Hagenbuch will continue as chair of the township Vacancy Board.

It was suggested that Mr. Foltz attend the state convention of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) in May as the township's voting delegate, as an opportunity to learn about his new job. Every year the township pays for travel, registration and lodging for at least one Supervisor to attend the convention, usually held (as this year) in Hershey.

It took a little while for the Supervisors to decide on the paid holidays for the township's employees. In 2008 they will each get nine days off with pay, up from eight in 2007 in part because of the position of Christmas and New Year's Day in the calendar. Harford Township employees also get one paid "personal day" per month worked, for at most 12 in a year, that can continue to accumulate and be used for vacations or sick leave. The township doesn't have an "employee's manual" that describes these and other benefits and it was remarked that long-time employees aren't rewarded for loyalty in any way: everyone gets the same number of personal days.

And finally, the Supervisors decided on their meeting schedule for 2008: they will meet in public session on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m., at the township building on Route 547. The Saturday morning meetings are discontinued.

Since the next scheduled meeting for January would have been the next day (the 8th) anyway, the Supervisors segued immediately into a regular business session, which also served as training for Mr. Foltz.

With a new colleague on the board, the Supervisors passed a resolution for the bank and spent some time signing papers establishing the signatures authorized to spend the taxpayers' money. Along the way, they also rejected the offer of terrorism coverage on the township's insurance policy.

Turned out that they also needed a formal resolution to authorize the increase in sewer subscription fees that they decided on last month. Sewer subscribers will pay $3 more per month, beginning with the April bill. The fee is now $35 per month per EDU (equivalent domestic unit – some commercial installations account for multiple EDUs), so the quarterly bill will be $105.

Last month there was some consternation that the firm that is paid $1,800 per month to manage the sewer operation now wants another $3,000 to study the system and recommend repairs and upgrades, particularly at the sewage plant. Mr. Foltz asked Secretary Furney to draft a letter to the company asking why monthly reports of the status and condition of the plant have not been provided all along, and perhaps suggesting a meeting to discuss the issue.

In his road report, Mr. Van Gorden reviewed his crew's activities in 2007 including laying over 6,000 tons of stone, and the acquisition of some 10,000 tons of materials from the bridge project in Harford village. He said the township continues to have problems with beavers in several places, most notably on Bartholomew Road, where they hoped to have solved a flooding problem with a major renovation of a sluice from a beaver pond. He said the crew had "worked" all roads at least twice last year, and laid down some 30,200 gallons of AEP oil and 27,000 gallons of salt brine, both to try to control dust.

He asked for authority to have the vibratory roller trucked to a shop in New York State for repairs. At Mr. Foltz's suggestion, he will contact an outfit in Tunkhannock first. Mr. Van Gorden said that he didn't think the machine could be repaired by the township or at the township's facility.

There followed a lengthy discussion of the budget. Mr. Foltz is concerned that there won't be enough money to get through the year, particularly with rising fuel and materials prices. He said that he was "not ready" yet to recommend an increase in taxes, but would spend some time examining the budget in detail. With a change in the board of Supervisors, the township can re-open the budget and change the tax structure until the end of January.

The next meeting of the Harford Township Supervisors will be on January 22, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Triangle Update

The dispute between the Harford Historical Society and Bronson Pinchot over the triangle in the middle of the village and its gazebo, was held over from October 23 until the court could find another judge to hear it. A "status conference" is now scheduled for January 29 at 10:00 a.m. at the Pike County courthouse in Milford, a meeting in chambers for the judge and the lawyers. Stay tuned.

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State Help Available To Improve Home Energy

Homeowners who are taking steps to make their homes more energy efficient may qualify for the Keystone HELP program, according to Rep. Sandra Major (R-Susquehanna/Wayne/Wyoming).

Keystone HELP, which is primarily supported by the Pennsylvania Treasury Department, provides homeowners with unsecured lines of credit ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 or more at competitive interest rates. There are no fees, closing costs or penalties for early payment. Also, liens will not be filed on property if funds are accepted.

Improvements must be completed by an approved contractor or dealer. Eligible improvements include:

Energy Star rated electric, gas and oil (83 percent AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Rating) heating and air conditioning systems and related work.

Energy Star rated windows, doors, siding, roofing and insulation.

Geothermal, solar energy and hot water treatment, small wind power systems.

Other qualifying Energy Star and similar improvements.

Modernizing a household's appliances can save homeowners as much as 33 percent on their energy bills, while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, preserving style and comfort and maintaining a full list of features on one's appliances.

Though no specific income requirements exist, homeowners must have satisfactory credit and must be able to repay the loan within the maximum 10-year term.

For more information or to apply for a Keystone HELP loan, individuals may visit Major's Web site at or call toll-free at 1-888-232-3477.

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Susky Welcomes New Members
By Barbara Whitehead

New council members Dave Scales and Allen Wolf and returning members Mike Matis and Bill Perry, Jr. were sworn in at the January 7 reorganizational meeting by Mayor Denise Reddon.

Council’s new president is Mike Matis, Bill Perry is the new vice president, and Roy Williams is president pro-tem (to preside in the absence of both the president and vice president).

Myron DeWitt was reappointed as the boro’s solicitor, and the County Transcript was designated as the newspaper of record.

A new meeting schedule was approved. Regular meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Committee meetings will be held on the first Tuesday (police and streets) and the third Tuesday (codes and finance). Committee meetings are open to the public; no action is taken until the regular meetings. Mr. Perry asked council to consider taking minutes at the committee meetings, so that discussion and recommended actions would be on record; council agreed that this is a good idea.

There was some discussion about Clay Weaver’s election to council. Although he did win the election, he was also elected to the school board. Mr. Weaver said that he had been unaware that it was not permissible to serve on both; he researched the matter after the election and found that he could not. The discussion centered on what the proper procedure should be; should he just decline the seat, or would he have to be sworn in first and then resign? On the advice of Mr. DeWitt, to cover all the bases, Mr. Weaver was sworn in, and then offered his resignation, which council accepted with regret, contingent on receipt of a written resignation. Mr. Weaver was jokingly thanked “for stopping by.”

The open seat led to another discussion. Council had received a letter of interest, and discussed whether to appoint someone right away, or wait until the next regular meeting. At Mr. Scales’ suggestion, it was agreed to advertise the opening and choose from among applicants at the next meeting. Mr. Scales said he knew of several individuals who might be viable candidates, this would give them time to send in a letter of interest.

And, Mr. Scales requested that council’s first official action (other than the usual business) be to invite Oakland and Lanesboro to attend a joint meeting to improve relationships between the three boros and to show solidarity as a community. It would, he said, help the communities in general, as all face the same struggles. After a very short discussion, council approved the idea and will try to set something up.

As the new meeting schedule had to be advertised, there will be no committee meetings during January. The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, January 22, 7 p.m. in the boro building.

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New Milford Boro Welcomes New Life
By Carole M. Canfield

The New Milford Borough Council held their 2008 reorganizational meeting on Monday January 7 at the borough building in downtown New Milford.

Attending were Scott Smith, Jane Zick, Chris Allen, Amy Hine, Teri Gulick, Jim Carr, Mayor Joe Taylor and new board members Sue Abbott and Barb James. Earl Arlhman, Gerry Bevan and Carole Canfield were in the audience.

Welcomed to the board were Barb James and Sue Abbott. Jane Zick remains on the board, and was also welcomed for another term.

Mayor Joe Taylor administered the Oath Of Office as required and swore the ladies in, asking them to uphold the truth, loyalty and restrictive/regulations, as advised in the Borough Code Books and state laws of Pennsylvania.

Borough president Scott Smith resigned from his post and Jim Carr was appointed as president, with Jane Zick as vice president.

Amy Hine remained as secretary/treasurer for the borough.

Atty. Jodi Cordner was continued as borough solicitor.

The meeting time for the monthly meeting will be as always, the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in the borough building.

Peoples Bank was again named for the designated borough bank for several years in a row.

Representatives were appointed to the following: COG - Jane Zick will remain with Teri Gulick as alternate; Streets committee is now Chris Allen, Jim Carr and Scott Smith; Parks & Recreation Committee now consists of Jane Zick, Jim Carr and Barb James; Finance is Jim Carr, Teri Gulick and Scott Smith; Buildings and Equipment is Jane Zick, Jim Carr, and Chris Allen; Trees Committee is Teri Gulick; Organization and Records will be Jane Zick, Teri Gulick and Sue Abbott; Insurance and Fire is Teri Scott and Jane Zick; Lights and Water, Chris Allen Scott Smith and Teri Gulick; Personnel is Chris Allen, Jane Zick and Teri Gulick; and Economic will be Chris Allen, Jane Zick and Sue Abbott.

In addition, Phil Hari will again be the Chairperson of the Vacancy Board; Steve Ferenczi for Municipal Authority; Emergency Management Coordinator will be Jim Carpenitti with Greg Piechocki as Deputy.

The designated check signers are now Scott Smith, Jane Zick, Jim Carr and Amy Hine.

The reorganizational meeting was immediately followed by the regular meeting.

The house on 47 Montrose Street is still awaiting paperwork.

Mike Dopko inspected the exterior of the house at 121 Church Street and reported to Council that it is "questionable, as the foundation is off, it has been abandoned and neglected as per numerous violations of occupancy and structure laws," within the New Milford Code Book."

The Council decided that a letter will go out to the landowner, instructing him to bring the structure up to codes, either by repairs or destroying it. There will be a two-week waiting period . It was also reported that it is not inhabitable.

Earl Arlhman questioned the validity of parking a truck on the road where it is in the way. Council will look into the matter.

Cinders were reported being stolen from the borough cinder pile and it was agreed that signs will be posted to deter offenders.

Mention of hiring a cleaning person to take care of the borough building floors, etc. was brought up by Mayor Taylor; the matter will also be looked into and acted upon.

Jane Zick reported that COG had questioned municipalities regarding the need for signs and that the police force study is continuing. She also reported that Sandra Major is investigating a grant for Community Economical Development.

Please note that the Municipal Authority has agreed to come to the January 24 work session to discuss building issues. The public is invited.

Jim Carr talked to Jeff Sheldon from Thompson Council and reported that an officer who works part time there may be available for use in New Milford Borough. Sheldon told Carr that the officer more than paid for himself in the first year.

Outdoor wood burning stoves again brought up discussion regarding the increasing prices of oil and electric heat, these outdoor stoves can be a nuisance to neighbors, with some people even burn trash in them. More ordinances will be looked at and inspected closely.

Scott Smith reported that in other area municipalities this is a "hot topic."

The bid accepted for the parks from Ken Rauch is under investigation as it did not include "prevailing wage" amounts or figures. It will be considered and possibly put back to bid, depending on the wording. Amy Hine will look into that.

The "Santa in the Park" program was "awarded" a new camera as the result of their nine years in operation with Polaroid cameras and the need for a new system. One digital camera was purchased for approximately $143, complete with small printer to allow printing on the spot.

The issue of postal employees parking out front was discussed, as it is hard to plow around them. A letter will be sent to the post office to address the issue.

Residents of New Milford should be aware that the bridge is not for driving across, meaning in between the barricades; steps will be taken to bring the barricades closer to prevent this.

Again, there will be a meeting with the Municipal Authority present on January 24 at 7 p.m. to discuss building plans.

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Commissioners Make Appointments
By Carole M. Canfield

The new board of The Susquehanna County Commissioners have appointed and declared that: Incumbent Commissioner, Mary Ann Warren, will be the Chairperson, Leon Allen the Vice-Chairperson; Sylvia Beamer to be Chief Clerk; Linda LaBarbera as Public Defender; Mark Darmofal as Assistant Public Defender; Catherine Benedict as Director of Tax Claim.

The meetings of will be scheduled for every second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:30 a.m., with the Salary Board, Retirement Board, and Election Board meeting during or after the regularly scheduled commissioners’ meetings as is necessary and/or required.

Assessment Reviews will be the first Thursday of every month at 10 a.m., beginning in February in the Assessment Office.

The Jail Inspectors will meet the first Tuesday of every month beginning February 5 at 11:30 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room in the Courthouse.

All three commissioners are appointed to the following: County Election Board, Retirement Board, along with the Chief Clerk and the Treasurer, and the Salary Board will be the Treasurer and an elected official.

In addition, the Agricultural Easement Purchases and the Ag Extension Office representative will be Commissioner Warren; Area on Aging, Allen and Giangrieco; Barnes-Kasson Hospital Board will be Giangrieco; Board of Assessment Appeals - all three; Children and Youth, Warren and Allen; Communications committee, Giangrieco; Drug & Alcohol, Warren and Allen; Economical Development - all three; 911 & EMA, Giangrieco; EMS Susquehanna and Bradford Counties, Giangrieco; Endless Mts. Hospital Board, Giangrieco; Endless Mts. Visitors Bureau, Giangrieco; Friends of Salt Springs, Warren and Allen; Hazmat-L/E.P/C., Giangrieco; Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Warren and Allen; Human Services, all three; Jail Inspectors, Sheriff, DA, all three; Mature Driving Task force, Warren; Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Warren; Military Affairs, Warren; Northern Tier Regional Planning & Development, all three; PA Workers Compensation Trust, Giangrieco; Planning Commission and Planning Dept., Warren and Allen; Recycling and Solid Waste, Warren and Allen; Resource Conservation and Development, Warren; River Bounty - Susquehanna Power Plant, Allen; Soil Conservation, Warren; Susquehanna County Literacy, Warren; Susquehanna County Public Library, Allen and Giangrieco; Tax Claim, all three; Trehab, Warren and Allen; Volunteer Fire Association, Giangrieco; and Women's Resource Center, all three.

Note: there was no appointment awarded to the Rail Authority for 2008. Also, some appointments include a regular and a chair, these have not been designated in this list.

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Starrucca Borough Council Minutes

The Starrucca Borough Council met for their regular, monthly meeting on December 5 at the Community Hall in Starrucca. President Rhone, Mr. Lou Gurske, Mr. Donald Haynes, Mr. Robert Buck, and Mayor Downton were present. Mrs. Helen Haynes, Mr. Fred Rhone, and Mr. Anthony Palonis were absent.

President Rhone called the meeting to order, and the minutes from the previous meeting were read.

Mayor Downton stated he did not give his permission for the borough to work beyond the right of way, as he had stated at the November meeting, while discussing a road project with Mr. Rhone of which he is the landowner.

Motion to approve the minutes as read carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

The treasurer’s report was given and motion to approve carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

The bills were presented for payment. Motion to approve payment carried.

Mr. Gurske was opposed and stated he was “opposed to the bills numbered 843 and 844, which represented David Rapp and Delta Engineers. He also questioned #848 to Darl Haynes for the previous audit. He asked Mr. Haynes about his participation, and why he didn’t sign the audit report. Mr. (Darl) Haynes responded, he “did not feel comfortable with the audit.”

The following correspondence was received:

An invitation to a Christmas lunch hosted by BIU (Building Inspection Underwriters).

An invitation to use banking services from PLIGIT.

An invitation to advertise in 2008 from the Weekly Almanac.

A bond offer from H.A. Thompson.

In Unfinished Business:

The borough’s budget has been prepared and duly advertised. President Rhone read the Tax Ordinance setting the 2008 tax as follows: Real Estate - .00075 mills and Fire Tax - .00014 mills.

Mayor Downton questioned the budget figures and the FEMA projects. He spoke of the $11,000.00 expected revenue to the general fund and the interest expected in the general fund. President Rhone explained that the revenue as well as the expenses are only projected. “The budget,” he said, “is a guideline, nothing is set in stone.” Motion to adopt the budget and pass the tax resolution carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

In New Business:

Motion to purchase the propane needed for the Community Hall carried with all in favor.

Motion to set the Board’s reorganization meeting for January 7 carried with all in favor.

There was no public comment.

No further business to come before the board, motion to adjourn carried.

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Clifford Pledges To Assist Family
By Stephanie Everett

On Monday, January 7, Clifford Township Council members met for a reorganization meeting.

According to the township secretary, John Regan was re-elected chairman of the board; supervisors Randolph LaCroix and Dennis Knowlton are mid-term.

Council expressed concern for Linda Mauro Robeson, wife of fatally electrocuted Scranton firefighter James Robeson. Also surviving is a teenage son, Ryan Robeson. Ms. Robeson, a Dundaff native, is the daughter of Donald and Mary Ann Mauro.

Those willing are encouraged to make a financial contribution to the James Robeson Fund, which is being managed by the Landmark Community Bank, 3016 Pittston Avenue, Scranton, PA 18505.

Individuals may alternatively donate through Harry Phillips, tax collector. A check made payable to the James Robeson Fund may be mailed to Phillips at P.O. Box 123 Clifford, PA 18413 or delivered to his office at 56 Main Street, Clifford. Individuals with questions may call Harry Phillips at (570) 222-4589.

Council also encourages Clifford township residents to participate in the annual Township Clean-up Day, which will be held in conjunction with a tire recycling program. The event will be held from 8 a.m. until noon at the Township Building. Future notices will be posted in Clifford businesses.

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