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June 13th

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Lest We Forget...
Commissioners Handle Personnel Matters
Flood Summit Meeting

Courthouse Report

Lest We Forget...

As so many communities across the country did on May 28, Susquehanna Borough honored our country’s veterans, past and present, with a parade and ceremony.

Congressman Chris Carney, featured speaker at the Memorial Day ceremony in Susquehanna Boro.

After the parade, attendees gathered in the Shops Plaza at the Veterans Memorial for a ceremony emceed by Jesse Gow  of American Legion Post 86.

Invocation was given by Father Robert Simon of St. John’s Roman Catholic Church. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by members of Boy Scout Troop 81.

Featured speakers were Post 86 Commander Joe Bucci; Susquehanna Mayor Denise Reddon; County Commissioner Roberta Kelly; District Attorney Jason Legg; President Judge Kenneth Seamans; and, Congressman Chris Carney.

A memorial prayer and poem were read by Post Chaplain Stan Lindow.

Wreaths were placed at the memorial by Linda Norris of the Post 86 Auxiliary, Bill Deakin of the Post 86 SAL, and Commander Bucci.

After a 21-gun salute, “Taps” was played by the Susquehanna High School Band, under the direction of Theresa Marino.

The closing benediction was given by Rev. Ken Bitler of the Susquehanna United Methodist Church.

Those in attendance who were singled out for recognition were county Prothonotary Sue Eddleston, Sheriff Lance Benedict, Susquehanna Community School Superintendent Bronson Stone, General Miller Perry, and the Post 86 Legion Riders, who were just back from a trip to the veterans’ memorial in Washington, DC.

In front of the speakers’ podium was an empty chair, draped with the POW/MIA flag. Commander Bucci explained that it represents all those who remain unaccounted for, from all conflicts.

All of the speeches given had one universal theme, honoring members of the military; veterans who served in the past, who helped make our great country a place where people know what freedom is, and those who are currently serving, so that others may come to know what we cherish.

To paraphrase the speakers, Memorial Day is not about having a day off. It is to appreciate and show gratitude for the many sacrifices that have been made for all of us. We would do well to follow the example of those who have served, and give thanks for all those who served in the time of need, to protect what we believe in. We should recognize that we know freedom because ordinary people did extraordinary things and performed selfless deeds. Ever keep the light of freedom burning in their honor... lest we forget.

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Prepare For Hurricane Season

In preparation for the summer hurricane season, which began June 1, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) urges all state residents and municipal governments to act now to protect lives and property.

“Since flooding has prompted a presidential disaster declaration in Pennsylvania in each of the past four years, it is essential to recognize the risk that floods pose to residents living in flood-prone areas, and to prepare yourself for the devastation flooding and other severe weather can bring,” PEMA Director James R. Joseph said. “Pay attention to flood watches and warnings. Pennsylvania is one of the most flood-prone states in the nation.”

Residents are encouraged to find out if they live in a flood-prone area from their municipal government office. Ask whether your property is above or below the flood stage water level, and learn about the history of flooding in your region.

Learn flood-warning signs and your community alert signals. Request information on preparing for flash flood conditions, and have check valves installed in building sewer traps to prevent flood water from backing up in sewer drains.

Plan and practice an evacuation route. Contact the local emergency management office for help.

Develop an emergency communications plan. In the event family members are separated from one another during floods, have a plan for getting back together.

Ask an out-of-town relative or friend to serve as the “family contact.” Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address and phone number of the contact person.

Make sure that all family members know how to respond after a flood or flash flood and teach all family members how and when to turn off gas, electricity and water.

Teach children how and when to call 9-1-1, the police, the fire department, and to which radio station to tune for emergency information.

Joseph advised municipal governments to prepare for severe storms and flooding. Before bad weather arrives, municipalities should perform pre-flood season inspections and remove debris from drainage systems. Bridges are susceptible to scour damage around piers and wing walls; clearing tree and brushdebris from inlets helps water flow and reduces the potential for further damage.

Municipalities are encouraged to look for collection of debris under structures or blocking sewers and drains; roadway settlement; cracks in structure or pavement; tilting of substructure units; and significant erosion of embankments.

Since there is no guarantee that a flood will result in a federal disaster declaration, PEMA recommends documenting inspections and debris removal with date-stamped digital photos and maintenance logs to illustrate prior conditions and to demonstrate regular maintenance of municipal infrastructure. Preparation now can reduce potential damages later.

PEMA advises all residents to have an evacuation plan and map out alternate routes in advance if you live in an area that is affected by flash flooding. Also, have disaster preparedness supplies on hand including: flashlights and extra batteries; portable, battery-operated radio and extra batteries; first aid kit and manual; emergency food and water; non-electric can opener; essential medicines/prescriptions; cash, credit cards and important legal documents; and sturdy shoes.

“Those who live in flood-prone areas should listen carefully to all severe weather warnings and act immediately if protective measures are advised,” Joseph said. “Develop a family plan that identifies evacuation routes and a place to meet in case your family gets separated, and don’t drive into low-lying areas or over roads and bridges that are already under water. As little as 12 inches of moving water can sweep away the average car.”

PEMA further encourages Pennsylvanians to buy flood insurance policies for homes, businesses and municipal property that can be insured. Purchasing flood insurance is one of the most important things people can do to help themselves recover from flood damage. Early preparation is important because flood insurance policies generally require 30 days before taking effect. Unlike wind damage, damage caused by rising water is not covered by homeowners’ or business insurance policies. Flood insurance coverage must be purchased separately. Most insurance companies and licensed insurance agents handle flood insurance policies.

Additional flood safety information and weather updates can be found on the PEMA website at

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Flood Summit Meeting

Endless Mountains Resource Conservation and Development Council will be hosting a Flood Summit for Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties on June 8, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Keystone College-Evans Hall on campus.

The meeting will bring together a variety of local leaders to discuss the problem of flooding in Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties. Recent flooding problems occurred in the area in June and November of 2006, April 2005, and September 2004.

The summit will lead state, local, and county decision-makers through the history of land development in the area and discuss how development affects stream dynamics. Sessions will also discuss the dangers of flooding, damages and repair costs, and how existing resources can be used to reduce or prevent flooding. The event will conclude with a roundtable discussion of the problems and suggestions of possible solutions.

Partners sponsoring the event include the Endless Mountains Resource Conservation and Development Council; Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga and Wyoming County Conservation Districts; the office of U.S. Representative Chris Carney; the office of State Senator Roger Madigan; Keystone College; the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; and the Lycoming County Planning Commission.

The summit is designed for municipal officials, county planning commissions, emergency management coordinators, and state and federal legislators. For more information, contact the Endless Mountains Resource Conservation and Development Council, 265-5288 ext. 5 or visit

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By P. Jay Amadio


Ivan F. Baker, Delores Baker to Richard C. Pallman, Jr., RR3, Nicholson, Nina Pallman, in Lathrop Township for $75,000.

Nicole Matisi, Stacy A. Matisi to Anthony Pittarelli, Newark Valley, NY, in Silver Lake Township for $20,000.

Robert N. Ritter to Wayne A. Rogers, RR2, Meshoppen, Cynthia Rogers, in Rush Township for one dollar.

O. K. Shaffer, Judith B. Shaffer to Danielle Hook, RR2, Thompson, in Thompson Borough for $24,000.

Elsie Eleanor Krugar (estate) aka Elsie E. Krugar (estate) to Stephanie Vandergrift, Bensalem, Josephine Moeser, Matthew Hannigan, Mark Hannigan, in Bridgewater Township for $170,000.

Paul Satunas, Susan Satunas to Eric Schafftroth, RR1, Gibson, Lourdes Schaffroth, in Gibson Township for $170,000.

Byron D. James, Linda M. Russo-James to Warren Fisher, Apalachin, NY, Gail Fisher, in Forest Lake Township for $138,000.

Perry Douglas (by Tax Claim Bureau), Joann Perry (by Tax Claim Bureau), Susquehanna County Tax Claim Bureau to Eastern Overhawk LLC, Amityville, NY, in New Milford Borough for $4,376.

Gary R. Brodsky (by Tax Claim Bureau), Susquehanna County Tax Claim Bureau to Brad Schmidt, Conklin, NY, in Silver Lake Township for $26,500.

George Sherman, Karen Rebecca Sherman to Thomas C. Walker, RR2, Susquehanna, in Susquehanna for one dollar.

Marjorie Walker (nka) Marjorie Treible, Robert Treible to Thomas C. Walker, RR2, Susquehanna, in Susquehanna for one dollar.

Barbara K. Orr, Martin J. Orr, Barbara K. Hricenak (nbm) Tammy Todd (nbm) Tammy Gazella, David Gazella to Salvatore Capobianco, St. Petersburg, FL, in Clifford Township for $60,000.

Blanche Poulsen to Blanche C. Pharr, Crofton, MD, Carl P. Poulsen, Raymond W. Poulsen in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Rose Ann Tressler to John C. Benninger, Jr., RR2, Ulster, in Rush Township for $10,000.

Margaret E. Foster, Dolores Trenta, Barbara A. Jacques (rev. living trust by trustee) to Edward Volk, Endwell, NY, Florence Volk, in Union Dale Borough for $75,000.

Edward Volk, Florence Volk to Edward Volk, Endwell, NY, Florence Volk, Ryan Volk, Edward Volk, Jr., in Union Dale Borough for one dollar.

Edward Volk, Agnes Carey to Edward Volk, Endwell, NY, Florence Volk, in Union Dale Borough for one dollar.

Nelson Herrmann, Sr., (estate) aka Nelson Herrmann (estate), Gloria Frechen, Nelson Herrmann, Jr., Karl A. Herrmann, Shirley Ann Denney (nka) Shirley Jordan to Karl & Nelson Herrmann LLC, RR2, Union Dale, in Herrick Township for $210,000.

Matthew J. Piercy, Mary E. Piercy to Catherine A. Miller, RR3, Susquehanna, in Thompson Borough for $5,600.

Matthew J. Piercy, Mary E. Piercy to Matthew J. Piercy, RR1, Starrucca, Mary Piercy, in Thompson Borough for one dollar.

Robert B. O’Neill to Robert B. O’Neill, Susquehanna, Kevin Bennett, in Oakland Borough for $1,000.

Mary E. Snyder, Charles H. Snyder, Michelle L. Snyder to Docs Home Services Inc., RR2, Susquehanna, in Susquehanna for $30,000.

Wells Fargo Bank (sbm) Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota to John H. Gregory, RR2, Susquehanna, Peggy Gregory, in Bridgewater Township for $185,000.

Kenneth A. Tingley, Sandra J . Tingley to Jeremiah Wolfe, Middletown, NY, in New Milford Township for $160,000.

Lester B. Warfle (estate), Adele Warfle to Bradford P. Harris, Vestal, NY, in Apolacon Township for $120,000.

Gail H. Zellers to Francis P. Boyle, RR1, Brackney, Sheryl Boyle, in Silver Lake Township for $125,000.

Edwin M. Summers (estate) aka Edwin Summers (estate) to Christen L. Zahora, RR3, Montrose, Edward K. Kincer, in Franklin Township for $85,000.

Anthony Pesoli, Michelle Pesoli to Anthony Pesoli, Forest City, in Forest City for one dollar.

Rag Apple LLC to Faire Play Inc., Exton, in Jessup Township for $137,500.

Billie L. Evans, Judy L. Evans to Billie L. Evans, Hallstead, in Great Bend Township for one dollar.

Gerald B. Franceski, Matthew Ferrel to George P. Dollak, Jr., Philadelphia, Connie Jo Dollak, in Ararat Township for $67,500. 32

John R. Wilson, Dawn L. Wilson to Richard Secord, RR1, Hallstead, Staci Wilson, in Great Bend Township for one dollar.

James Barry, Jr., Robert Durst to Kelly Durst, Carbondale, in Forest City for one dollar.

Robert C. Coleman, Martha Coleman to Robert A. Coleman, Susquehanna, Donna C. Coleman, in Great Bend and Oakland townships for one dollar.

Anita J. Griffis, Griffis Living Trust (by trustee) to Gary Allison Griffis, RR2, Montrose, Pamela Sue Griffis, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

Anita J . Griffis, Griffis Living Trust (by trustee) to Larry A. Griffis, RR2, Montrose, Sandra L. Griffis, in Forest Lake Township for one dollar.

John R. Kammerer, Patricia Kammerer to Larry N. Hall, RR1, Great Bend, Cathy R. Hall, in Great Bend Borough for $45,000.

Raymond H. Jensen, Doris M. Jensen to Kristal Rafferty, RR7, Montrose, Rian I. Rafferty, in Dimock Township for $85,000.


Eric J. Detwiler, RR1, Jackson and Kala Brown, Montrose.

Jeremy Spencer Allen, Montrose and Elizabeth C. Delorenzo, Dunmore.

Michael L. McDonald and Krista Marie Maward, both of Susquehanna.

Joseph J. Smith, RR3, Montrose and Stacy Lee Knapp, Binghamton, NY.


Thomas M. Petroski, RR2, Thompson vs. Lisa M. Petroski, RR1, Union Dale. Married in 1987.

Janelle Brant, RR2, Nicholson vs. David Brant, New Milford. Married in 2004.

Heather Diehl, Brackney vs. Donald Diehl, RR2, Kingsley. Married in 1995.

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