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April 4th

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Single Tier Busing For SCSD
COG To Host Zoning Workshop
Judge Seamans Sentences 11

Courthouse Report
Rush Twp. Receives $30,000 In Park Grants
Jay Lynch Removed From Primary
Starrucca Borough Council Minutes

Single Tier Busing For SCSD
By Barbara Whitehead

The Susquehanna Community School Board heard an update on plans to convert the transportation system, currently a double tier system, to a single tier system. Some time ago, new software had been purchased to facilitate bus route planning and, over time, relevant data has been entered. Superintendent Stone estimated that, over the course of the school year, elementary students would see an increase of 120 hours of learning time, and high school students 50 hours. A meeting will be held with the district’s bus contractors nearer to the end of this year, to go over routes and discuss details.

New guidelines for strategic plans have been put into place by the state under Act 48; the committee will be meeting in April to review them and make recommendations for any appropriate changes.

Mr. Stone will be meeting with an architect to discuss replacement of approximately 2,000 square feet of the high school’s roof; he will report his findings to the board at the April meeting.

The district has been approved for an $85,000 DCED grant for restoration of the athletic track.

PSSA testing has been completed, and the budget process is in full swing.

Forty students, possibly more, have been enrolled in the four-year old kindergarten program for the coming year.

The district will be represented at an education conference in Hershey on March 29. Special ed. supervisor Joni Miller, elementary guidance counselor Tammy Stone and NEIU school psychologist Mary Gan will give a presentation on the district’s Response to Intervention (RtI) program. RtI involves comprehensive intervention prior to a student’s placement in the special ed. program and actively involves parents in the process. The board was given a preview of their presentation.

Congratulations were extended to the sixth grade basketball team for winning the Endless Mountains Tournament championship. Coach Ken Travis thanked the board for their support, not only of the team, but of him as well.

Teacher John Salinkas has been selected as WVIA winning teacher for the “Making A Difference: Great Teachers 2007” essay contest. Mr. Salinkas was nominated by student Bill McHale; an on-camera interview will be featured on the WVIA Scholastic Achievement Awards on May 9.

Students of teacher John Seigle will also be featured on WVIA, through their participation in a “Socratic Method of Discussion” competition. The school was used as a model for a story that will run on WVIA.

The following items were approved by the board:

An extensive list of policies.

Exoneration of the District Tax Collectors from the collection of unpaid school taxes for the year 2006.

The 2007/2008 proposed NEIU #19 budget of $ 3,172,455 with a district contribution of $ 8,853.08, a projected increase of $ 421.58.

The school calendar for the 2007/2008 school year.

Hubal Carpet for a proposed carpet project in the elementary school.

Northeast Exposure as the school’s photography service provider for a term of three years.

Intents to retire at the end of the 2006/2007 school year from Stan Rezykowski and Carolee Slocum, both elementary teachers.

Additions to the substitute list: Melonie Drum, Mary Alburn Cook, Heather Beadley, Paul J. Barnes (maintenance), and Cherie Conklin (cafeteria).

The resignation of Kathy Flor, elementary aide.

Volunteer Timothy Welch – varsity girl’s softball. Approval of Damion Scales for the weight lifting program was tabled; the board had some questions as to whether a volunteer was needed.

Hiring the following: Head Football Coach Dick Bagnall, elementary aide Mary Bieloski.

And, the customary list of workshops, activities and fund-raisers.

The next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18 in the administration offices in the elementary building.

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COG To Host Zoning Workshop
By Barbara Whitehead

COG members learned at their March 20 meeting that arrangements have been finalized to host a workshop on the duties of a zoning hearing board; it has been set for Tuesday, April 10, at 6:30 at the COG offices. It was arranged through PSATS and the NTRPDC. An invitation to attend was extended to members of the Eastern Susquehanna County Partnership.

Friendsville Boro had been notified of the requirements that need to be met in order to be a member of COG, specifically enactment of an ordinance. Friendsville did send COG a copy of their ordinance, but did not supply proof of publication. Two COG members agreed to set up a meeting with officials from Friendsville to explain what is needed.

Word was received that a grant application for office equipment has been approved.

Over 40 applications were received for the position of office assistant. Of those, eight were interviewed, with the final choice being Tina Haley of Susquehanna. Mrs. Haley will begin her duties on April 2. Chairman Eliot Ross commented that many good, qualified people had applied, all of them good candidates, and that it had been a difficult decision.

The building committee reported on three possible sites they had looked into. An offer had been made on a property in Bridgewater Township, but had been declined by the owner. They looked at one in Montrose, but the owner was not interested in selling. And they are trying to locate the owner of a third, but it was felt that this one was smaller than they liked.

The employee policies and procedures have been put into effect; Chuck Mead reported that there would be some “tweaking” as needed.

Seven more municipalities have signed up to participate in the regional police services survey being conducted by the Governor’s Center For Local Government.

Sewage and Codes activities were said to be going well, although somewhat slow due to the snow our area has seen of late.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 17, 7 p.m. in the COG offices in New Milford.

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Judge Seamans Sentences 11
By P. Jay Amadio

Casey C. Didas, 25, of Montrose, was sentenced to a term of one year to two years in a state correctional facility last week for indecent assault in Dimock Township on January 1, 2006. He was also fined $750 and ordered to pay $250 for DNA testing.

Didas also received one month to 12 months in a state correctional facility and fined $500 for failing to register as a sexual offender in New Milford Township on February 1, 2006. The jail term will run concurrent with the first term.

In addition, Didas received a concurrent jail term of one to five years in a state correctional facility for corruption of minors in Montrose on July 24, 2006. He was also fined $750 and was ordered not to have any contact with his victim. And, finally, he was fined a total of $250 and placed on probation for two years for recklessly endangering another person in Montrose on July 24, 2006.

Ten other defendants were sentenced by President Judge Kenneth W. Seamans on a variety of charges.

William Warner, 62, of Springville will spend four months to three years in the Susquehanna County Jail, followed by three years probation, for unlawful contact with a minor in Springville on January 15, 2005. He was also fined $750, ordered to pay $250 DNA testing and is not to have any contact with minor children without the presence of another adult. Finally, Warner was ordered to register with Megan’s Law.

Vincent James Petriello, 31, of Hallstead, was remanded to the county jail for 30 days to six months in the county jail, with credit for time served, and paid a$750 fine for driving under the influence in Hallstead on October 30, 2006.

Albert Anthony Urda 56, of Susquehanna three days to six months in the county jail, $1,000 fine, $300 Act 198, for driving under the influence in Gibson Twp. on September 16, 2006.

Christopher L. Wescott, 19, of Susquehanna, 18 months probation, $500 fine for recklessly endangering another person in Oakland Township on June 19, 2006.

Debra Ann Mahoney, 39, of Nicholson, two days to six months home confinement and $500 fine, $100 Act 198 fee and $50 CAT surcharge for driving under the influence in Springville on August 21, 2006. She also received 72 hours to six months home confinement to run concurrent with the first sentence, $1,000 fine, $300 Act 198 fee and $50 CAT charge on a second charge of driving under the influence in Dimock Township on August 20, 2006.

Jeffrey James Wright, 27, of Harford, 30 days to six months in the county jail, 15 days minimum in jail and 15 days minimum home confinement for driving under the influence in New Milford Borough on September 30, 2006. He was also fined $750, and he was assessed $100 Act 198 fee, $100, CAT surcharge. He was fined an additional $25 plus $30 CAT surcharge for stop signs and yield signs.

Steven Warner, 44, of Montrose, two years probation and $1,000 fine for endangering the welfare of children in Montrose on November 11, 2006. He must also perform 25 hours of community service.

Robert Moore, 27, of South Carolina, four months to 23 1/2 months in the county jail with credit for time served, $750 fine, $250 DNA testing, and $100 Act 198 fee, for possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver in Great Bend Township on September 5, 2001.

Ronald E. Bryan, 42, of South Montrose, 24 months probation, $250 fine, continue with mental health treatment for terroristic threats in Montrose on September 7, 2006.

Zachary James Gana, 21, of Kingsley, 3 months to 23 1/2 months in the county jail, followed by three years probation, $600 fine, $250 DNA test, for criminal trespass in Clifford Township on December 1, 2006. He was also sentenced to 3 months to 23 1/2 months in the county jail and fined $600 for burglary in Lenox on December 1, 2006.

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Courthouse Report
Compiled By P. Jay Amadio


Joseph Zentmyer to Joseph Zentmyer, RR2, Kingsley, Rochelle Zentmyer, in Brooklyn Township for one dollar.

Joseph M. Szymczak (est) aka Joseph Szymczak (est) to James N. Blachek, Montrose, Mary R. Blachek, in Bridgewater Township for $18,500.

Marion Sherman to Richard A. Sherman, RR3, Susquehanna, in Oakland Township for one dollar.

Gerald E. Ely, Carol H. Ely, Dwight H. Ely, Laura Ely, Elaine Ely, Annette F. Waldie, Merle Winkleblech, Carol D. Winkleblech to Kristina A. Ely, RR1, Montrose, in Bridgewater Township for $4,400.

Edward Chianese, Gwen M. Chianese to Michael Dooley, Great Bend, Liza Dooley, in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Ronald M. Antonyak, Joan Violet Ferraro, Mary Ann Shipsky. Geraldine M. Kozlevcar to Violet Joan Ferraro, Forest City, Mary Ann Shipsky, Geraldine M. Kozlevcar, in Forest City for one dollar.

Theodore Riviello (aka) Theodore Rivello, Elizabeth Riviello (aka) Elizabeth Rivello to Mark Genell, Old Forge, in Silver Lake Township for one dollar.

Eugene Grieshaber, Daniel Grieshaber, Elizabeth Grieshaber to Bremer Hof Owners Inc., Union Dale, in Herrick Township for $100.

Eugene Grieshaber, Daniel Grieshaber, Elizabeth Grieshaber to Bremer Hof Owners Inc., Union Dale, in Herrick Township for $100.

Franklin A. Poust, Ruth E. Poust to Brian Palmiter, Clarks Summit, Vincenza Palmiter, in Apolacon Township for $228,000.

Robert F. Dempsey to Mickey Sible, Laceyville, in Auburn Township for $5,000.

David C. Peck, Margaret A. Peck to James F. Griffin, Owego, NY, Georgia Fey, in Silver Lake Township for $197,000.

Jonathan W. Taylor, Linda D. Taylor to Rodger W. Blye, Chester Springs, Colleen M. Blye, in Middletown Township for $142,000.

Steven M. Casey, Julie E. Casey to Keith O. Miller, Trappe, in Herrick Township for $134,500.

Josephine P. Konsur to Helen Kovell, Philadelphia, in Gibson Township for $35,000.

Julie E. Lopatofsky (nbm) Julie E. Casey, Steven M. Casey to Julie E. Casey, RR1, Kingsley, Steven M. Casey, in Gibson Township for one dollar.

Beverly S. Fraser to Alice M. Evans, RR7, Montrose, in Bridgewater Township for $149,000.

Dora Cobb, Robert Cobb, Dawnney Talbert, Dennis Talbert, Linda Talbert, Darlene Sheffler, Kevin Sheffler, Diane Truscott, Dorothy Jackson to Dawnney A. Talbert, RR3, Meshoppen, in Auburn Township for one dollar.

Alan Jay Tompkins, Dolores Tompkins to Edward J. Czarnecki, Massapequa, NY, in Great Bend Township for $225,000.

Carol Lopatofsky to Thomas John Lopatofsky III, Forest City, in Forest City for one dollar.

Pamela E. Kelly (by attorney), Paul A. Kelly to Frederick C. Skaluba, Berthoud, CO, Sharon L. Skaluba, in Clifford Township for $100,000.

Thomas Franks to Thomas Franks, RR1. Great Bend, Sandra L. Franks, in Great Bend Borough for one dollar.

Jeffrey S. Fair, Julie A. Fair to Nancy Joan Losapio, RR1, South Gibson, in Bridgewater Township for $143,500.

Ignazio J. Grisafi (estate) aka Ignazio Grisafi (estate) to Cynthia L. Grisafi, RR1, Montrose, in Bridgewater Township for one dollar.

Donald E. Heffner, Maria Heffner to Steven M. Buman, Ninevah, NY, Sue Linn Buman, in Oakland Borough for $17,500.

Brian P. Gesford, Patricia Laraine Gesford to Charles E. Mills, Dimock, Elizabeth G. Mills, in Dimock Township for $10.

Thomas J. Chamberlain, Christine Chamberlain to Debra A. Spalik, Susquehanna, in Susquehanna for $81,000.

Walter Mihalisin, Brenda Reese (nbm) Brenda L. Mihalisin to Walter J. Mihalisin, RR1, Forest City, in Clifford Township for zero dollars.


The code enforcement officer for the Susquehanna County Council of Governments has obtained judgments against Randall R. Smith, Sharon L. Smith, Harford Township, $660; and, James E. Attica and Francis C. Schuch, Rush Township, $2,660.

The New Milford Municipal Authority has obtained a municipal lien against Patrick L. Burke, RR5, Montrose, in the amount of $148.

The Bridgewater Township Municipal Authority has obtained judgments against Raymond G. Sheridan in the amount of $1,174; Stuart and Marjorie Kaufman, $465; Angelo Scarfalloto, Jacqueline Scarfalloto, Rudolfo Scarfalloto, $530.

The Borough of Thompson has obtained judgments against Lyn Cafaro, $512; Michael A. Chesnick, Linda E. Chesnick, $444; Robin A. Plant, $546; and, Susan E. Fitch, $1,088.

The Internal Revenue Service has filed a federal tax lien against Matis Manufacturing of Susquehanna in the amount of $8,331.

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Rush Twp. Receives $30,000 In Park Grants

HARRISBURG - Rush Township in Susquehanna County has been awarded two grants totaling $30,000 from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), according to Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna).

Rush Township will receive a Community Conservation Partnerships Program (CCPP) grant of $20,000 to pave over an existing walking path, make improvements to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and install signs, landscaping and other park upgrades at La Rue Park. The township also received a $10,000 Community Revitalization Program (CRP) grant for La Rue Park.

The CCPP is administered by the Bureau of Recreation and Conservation. The program was created by DCNR to provide financial and technical assistance to local governments, river and trail organizations, land trusts and other nonprofits for the planning, acquisition and development of park, recreation, conservation and greenways projects.

The CRP is administered by the DCED to provide funding to support local initiatives that promote community stability and quality of life.

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Jay Lynch Removed From Primary

Susquehanna County Election Bureau has conceded that they do not have signature cards for thirty percent (30%) of the voters whose names appear on the street list provided to the judicial candidates for the purpose of identifying voters.

In a landmark victory against Jay Lynch and the Susquehanna County Election Bureau, Attorney James Sposito, with the untiring assistance of Melvin (Sam) Manzer struck Jay Lynch from the Democratic primary race for Judge of the Southern District.

The fraud was so obvious, that even some of the names allegedly signed on Mr. Lynch’s petition were misspelled. The only reason that Mr. Lynch’s Republican petition was not stricken was because the Election Bureau could not verify that the challenged signatures were fraudulent, due to the fact that they had no signature cards of record for comparison. Their argument was that, maybe and possibly the voters registered at the state level when they renewed their driver’s license but could not verify that fact or produce a voter registration card for those Republican signatures challenged by Sposito and Manzer.

Melvin Manzer, who has a reputed keen sense of observation and is known throughout the community in which he lives as an astute observer, became very suspicious when Mr. Lynch was able to obtain 251 signatures at the eleventh hour before the date to file petitions had closed.

All of the candidates running for the Judicial Southern seat had reviewed (or had an opportunity to review) all petitions filed by their opponents; and in spite of the very obvious fakes and misrepresentations on Mr. Lynch’s petitions, they chose not to complain. Two of the petitions filed by Mr. Lynch, one Republican and one Democrat, were circulated by a person from Lackawanna County. Only Sposito and Manzer took a stand for the taxpayers and voters and challenged Lynch’s petitions.

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Starrucca Borough Council Minutes
Submitted By Laura Travis, Secy.

Following are the minutes of the February 7 and February 20 meetings of the Starrucca Borough Council, as submitted.

The Starrucca Borough Council met for their regular monthly meeting on February 7 at the Community Hall in Starrucca. President Rhone, Mr. Lou Gurske, Mrs. Helen Haynes, Mr. Donald Haynes, Mr. Fred Rhone, Mr. Anthony Palonis, and Mayor Downton were present. Mr. Robert Buck was absent.

President Rhone called the meeting to order, and immediately announced an executive session with Attorney Bugaj and the borough auditors.

The meeting was reopened at 7:45 p.m.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read. Motion carried to approve. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

The treasurer’s report was given, motion to approve carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

The bills were presented for payment. Motion to approve carried. Mr. Gurske abstained from the vote.

Mr. (Fred) Rhone explained that last year a motion was made to eliminate the council members’ meeting pay. He questioned whether the mayor would be included in the motion. As it was determined the mayor is not a member of council he, (Mr. Fred Rhone) made a motion to eliminate the mayor’s meeting pay. Mr. Haynes seconded the motion. (Mr. Gurske and Mr. Palonis voted no.) Mr. Gurske stated that was an illegal motion. The council cannot take away his pay. Mr. Downton, when asked, stated, “Whatever the council wants to do.” Solicitor Bugaj stated the mayor’s pay is set by ordinance according to the code.

The following correspondence was read:

A letter from the borough solicitor explaining the actions the board may take concerning the attendance of a fellow councilperson.

A letter from the borough solicitor reporting his findings that it is not a conflict for Mr. Darl Haynes to serve as borough auditor and borough FEMA agent. Mr. Gurske disagreed but could not locate the same in the codebook.

A notice of an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan in the name of Downton was read.

A letter from NRCS concerning funding for stream bank stabilization projects in the county. The secretary spoke of the NRCS representatives meeting at the site of the Shadigee Creek wall on February 1. Members of council, representatives from the Wayne County Conservation District, the mayor and landowners Louis Gurske and Neil Charnakoff were also present. At the site Mayor Downton showed the NRCS representative a PEMA letter dated September 6, 2006, deobligating the FEMA/PEMA funds for the project. The representative thanked Mayor Downton and said the information would help secure its (the project) funding through NRCS, although when stated at the meeting Mayor Downton did not want the credit.

A letter from the new landowner Neil Charnakoff supporting the board working through the NRCS to complete the project was read. Mr. Gurske stated, “Charnakoff was not a full-time resident.”

In Borough Reports:

Mr. Darl Haynes, FEMA agent reported a letter from PEMA was received and the borough attorney should address it. Mr. Palonis made the motion to have the solicitor address the deobligation issue with PEMA, second Mr. Rhone, motion carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

Mr. Palonis stated that in order for the board to have a coordinated effort on NRCS and FEMA/PEMA projects, a committee should be appointed. He (Mr. Palonis) made the motion to appoint secretary Travis as the primary contact, Mr. (Fred) Rhone and Mr. Darl Haynes as secondary contacts and Solicitor Bugaj as the contact for all legal matters for the NRCS projects in the borough, bringing back to council all pertinent information. Mr. (Fred) Rhone seconded the motion, motion carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed stating, “It is an illegal motion, denying public information.” Mr. Haynes abstained from the vote.

Mr. Paul D’Agati, borough auditor stated, “The auditors are not done yet.” He asked Mr. Darl Haynes, fellow auditor if he (Haynes) was going to donate back to the borough his pay ($50 paid tonight) from last year’s (2005) audit.

Mr. (Fred) Rhone made the motion to adopt a RTT Tax Resolution for the collection of delinquent taxes by the Department of Revenue. Mr. Haynes seconded the motion, motion carried.

The NIMS Resolution was once again tabled because Mr. Paul D’Agati, Emergency Management Coordinator told he didn’t have time to get the certifications required, “because he’s been busy with the audit.”

Based on the attorney’s recommendation an open records policy makes clear both the requestor and the borough position. Copies will be provided to all members for their review.

The Pennstar Bank requests stop orders be placed on the outstanding checks and promised the normal fees charged would be waived.

Mr. (Fred) Rhone made the motion to have the following members of council sign the new bank signature cards: the president, vice president and the secretary/treasurer. Mr. Palonis seconded the motion, motion carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed. Mr. Haynes abstained from the vote.

Mrs. Everett asked if it was a conflict to have Mr. Donald Haynes be a signature on the accounts when his brother, Mr. Darl Haynes ”audits” the accounts.

Attorney Bugaj addressed those present. He stated that Mr. Paul Everett’s actions at the last council meeting puts the borough in a bad light, pertaining to third parties having information they shouldn’t have. In order to “get to the bottom of it,” he has prepared subpoenas to be issued to Mr. Gurske, Mrs. Travis, Mr. Everett and Ms. Schneyer, to testify under oath on February 22 at 9:30 a.m. at the magistrate’s office in Lakewood. A $13.00 “witness fee” will be paid to subpoenaed persons. Mr. Gurske asked if he could have his own attorney present, and Attorney Bugaj responded, “Yes, and I urge you to have your attorney contact me regarding this issue.” Mrs. Haynes made the motion to support the service of the subpoenas and to authorize Attorney Bugaj to represent council and employ a stenographer, etc. in this deposition including other issues pertaining to borough issues. Mr. (Fred) Rhone seconded the motion, motion carried. Mr. Gurske abstained, as he is one being subpoenaed.

In Public Participation:

Mr. Bohanan asked, “Why the people are being locked down and not allowed to be on committees?” Mr. (Fred) Rhone defended stating, “We’ve made everything public right here tonight.” Mr. Bohanan went on to say, “The FEMA thing goes around in circles, there’s not a clear answer. The wall is in the stream, and the wall holds up the road, therefore the stream, the wall, and the road should belong to the borough.”

Attorney Bugaj addressed his second statement and read from a September 6, 2006 letter from PEMA deobligating the money, due to the project not being owned by the borough. Mayor Downton and Mrs. Everett demanded the attorney read more of the letter issued by PEMA. He continued to read, which further indicates that FEMA deobligates the funds due to former counsel Andrew Bennett stating the borough did “own” the facility. The attorney tried to explain the difference from a “public road” and a “private wall.” Mrs. Everett addressed the attorney and asked him if he knew when the “wall” was repaired and spoke of a time before 1996.

Mrs. Glover asked, “What landowner is his right mind would take responsibility for the damage?”

Mayor Downton stated if the borough accepts the NRCS funds, the borough will be responsible for a ten-year maintenance agreement. Mrs. Everett stated she would address the issue with Robert Muller, include the same to PEMA and a copy to Mr. Bohanan.

Mr. Downton stated he would “talk to Laura after the meeting,” as he wants copies of some documents relating to Buck’s bridge.

No further business to come before the board, Mr. Haynes made the motion to adjourn, second Mr. (Fred) Rhone, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

The council met for a special meeting on Tuesday, February 20 at the Community Hall.

The purpose of the meeting is to secure subpoenas and the administration of the same. Members present were president Kirk Rhone, Mr. Gurske, Mrs. Helen Haynes, Mr. Donald Haynes, Jr., Mr. Buck, and Mr. Fred Rhone, Mr. Palonis and Mayor Downton.

Upon the borough solicitor’s recommendation, Mr. Buck made the motion to serve two additional subpoenas, the first to Mr. Robert Weldy, and the second to Mrs. Bridgette (Dieckman) D’Agati. Mr. (Fred) Rhone seconded the motion, motion carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed. (Mr. Weldy and Mrs. D’Agati were present and handed their subpoenas.) Mayor Downton asked to put this procedure on hold to check with the attorney, whether the subpoenas have to be served in the borough itself. President Rhone countered that the board is acting on the advice of the attorney.

The next order of business was to authorize the board of auditors to be present for the questioning. Mr. (Fred) Rhone made the motion to authorize the board of auditors to be present during the testimony relative to all the subpoenas being issued, second Mr. Buck, motion carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed, “demanding” the questioning take place in the borough, not in Lakewood, which is not legal, and be made “public” so that the council cannot “grill” him in private. “The public has a right to know and be present,” he said, and it’s his right “as a United States citizen, to decide the way he is questioned.” (Mr. Haynes abstained from the vote.)

Again President Rhone reminded, the council is acting on the advice of the attorney.

Finally, Mr. Palonis made the motion to authorize Attorney Bugaj to secure and enforce the subpoenas by whatever means necessary, including but not limited to a court order; Mr. Haynes seconded the motion, motion carried. Mr. Gurske was opposed.

President Rhone opened the meeting to public comment where:

Mrs. Glover asked what was the purpose of the subpoenas. Ms. Schneyer questioned the newspaper article quoting Attorney Bugaj as stating that council members can be present to ask questions. President Rhone stated to his knowledge the attorney would be the only one asking questions. Mr. Weldy asked what this is all about, what would the questions be, etc. President Rhone stated it explains that in the subpoenas of which Ms. Schneyer read one out loud. Mayor Downton questioned the amount of money this council is spending on “all this,” and he added, “You’re spending FEMA money that you shouldn’t be spending.”

Mr. Paul Everett asked when the date of his subpoena was (Feb. 6, 2007). He asked why the sheriff’s department only showed today to “serve him.” He added that he went to Honesdale to pick his up, because he wasn’t given much time to form his legal defense. The secretary stated the sheriff’s office was unable to serve him any earlier due to the storm.

No further business to come before the board, Mr. Haynes made the motion to adjourn, second Mr. Palonis, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

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