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It Doesn’t Seem Right

Regarding “Long Jail Term For Shooter” (County Transcript issue of December 27).

Something doesn’t seem right here.

First, I don’t know any of the people involved in this tragedy.

But, if Mr. Gentilquore told the Bigelows to leave his property, don’t you think they should have left it, especially when he told them he had a loaded gun?

Then when one Bigelow told him he would gut him, would that not be the same as saying they would kill him?

Then when Mr. Bigelow started pounding on his door, don’t you think it’s just possible Mr. Gentilquore might have thought his life was in danger?

When Mr. Bigelow broke out the window of the door, don’t you possibly think he meant to kill Mr. Gentilquore? He had just said he would gut him.

From the report in the paper, it would seem that the judge got it all backwards.

I think the judge should have ordered the Bigelows to receive anger management evaluation and mental health evaluation.

All the Bigelows had to do to stop this from happening was to get off the property they were trespassing on.


George Hettiger

Montrose, PA

Stop The Christmas Presents

We all like Christmas presents, especially if they are real. Recently I heard and read about the Susquehanna County Commissioners giving taxpayers a Christmas present by not raising taxes for 2007. Unfortunately the 28% tax increase at the beginning of their term was blamed on the previous administration giving them a shortfall budget. I can understand a one-time tax increase to correct a shortfall, but we have been saddled with this increase for years. As a minimum, the 28% over four years would be 7% per year.

Over the last several years the county gained hundreds of thousand of dollars through the change in Clean and Green base acre definition. Further refinancing the county long-term debt has resulted in many hundreds of thousands of dollars being saved. In fact, at the beginning of 2006 the county had a million dollar-plus, carryover from 2005. At the time I told you that it would have been an opportunity for the commissioners to reduce taxes to help taxpayers with increased energy costs.

I’ve always said that this would be an election-year budget. It may not be snowing weather-wise, but it sure is a snow-job for taxpayers. Remember, only you can change things, but it will require a little effort on your part.


Tom Jurista

Silver Lake Township

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