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Sea Scouts On The Delaware
Barnes-Kasson Chapel Gets Dedicated
Area Youth Get Work Experience
4-H News
Waiting For You!

Mary Hess Estate Donates To Library
Long Term Care Choices Expand
4-H News


Sea Scouts On The Delaware

Sea Scout Ship 90, New Milford, PA made their twenty-first run through the challenging whitewater (rapids) of the famous Delaware River, from Hancock, NY to the Delaware Water Gap, NJ, June 19 to June 25. The American bald eagles were everywhere with us for the seven-day canoe trip, and we were chased off the river twice by severe thunder and lightning storms in the Port Jervis area of the river.

The river was running good and all the rapids were at their best. Canoes were swamped, capsized and stuck on rocks several times, but all the Sea Scouts were trained for this and all equipment and food is tied into the canoes and made waterproof.

The first action in the rapids was on the second day, just above Callicoon, NY in a very narrow rapids, with a large rock and sunken canoe blocking most of the channel. This proved to be a real exciting run. Our boatswain, Dave Navickas and Sea Scout, Josh Neary saw too late there was no way to clear the rock and wrecked canoe, so they canoed right over the top of the rock and canoe. Commodore Ron Hall and skipper Chuck Jaget saw what they did and were able to barely slip by on the left of the rock and sunken canoe. First mate Marvin Van Cott and Sea Scout Ben Fisher ran up on the rock and sunken canoe and flipped their canoe and Sea Scouts Phil Van Cott and Dan Gall hit the rock, their canoe was swamped and Phil was thrown out.

Chuck Jaget and Ron Hall, running Skinners’ Falls rapids (backwards)!

The notorious Skinners’ Falls rapids came up on the third day of the canoe trip. All canoes made it through, except Ron Hall and Chuck Jaget hit a rock, got turned around and had to run the rapids backwards; Ron says he always wanted to try that! Everyone made it through most of the other good rapids, including the Barryville Rapids, where two National Guard Army helicopters flew about 35 feet above us as we ran the rapids. Other exciting rapids were at Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp, Hawks Nest, Cedar Rapids, Stair Step Rapids and of course the famous Mongaup Rapids; most everyone ran their canoes right through the center, four-foot waves and filled or sank their canoes very quickly. A great time in the rapids of the Delaware River!

Other memorable events, in addition to all the bald eagles, were the ospreys, many ducks, swans, deer and a very large snapping turtle on this very beautiful and clean river. The Sea Scouts enjoyed checking out the famous Roebling Aqueduct, that carried the Delaware and Hudson canal over the Delaware River at Lackawaxen, PA, in the 1800’s.

On the last night on the river, at the Bridge of Honor, all Sea Scouts were issued the customized Delaware River patch that only Sea Scouts from Ship 90 may earn. Many humorous awards were also presented to the officers and crew for all the unusual things that always happen on a weeklong canoe trip. The last award was a very special in Ship 90. The prestigious Silver Anchor Award was presented by skipper Chuck Jaget to our ship’s boatswain David Navickas for outstanding and very dedicated leadership for the last three years with Sea Scout Ship North Star 90.

Thanks, to Chairman Don Johnson and Third Mate Tom Navickas for providing transportation to the Delaware and hauling our canoes.

Sea Scouting is open to all young men and women between 14 and 20 who are looking for high adventure! Call (570) 465–3218 for information.

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Barnes-Kasson Chapel Gets Dedicated

Susquehanna – On Sunday, July 3, 2005, the Chapel at Barnes-Kasson Hospital was dedicated by “Friends of Barnes-Kasson”; the community organization that has expanded their scope and is now “Friends of Susquehanna County.” Several community leaders were present for the event including Alice Deutsch, representative from the “Friends,” Sara C. Iveson, Executive Director of Barnes-Kasson Hospital, Commissioner Roberta Kelly, and members of the clergy.

The ceremony began at 3:00 PM in the new Chapel, located adjacent to the main lobby. Mrs. Iveson welcomed the group by providing a brief explanation of how the “Friends of Barnes-Kasson” originated. Mrs. Iveson explained, “I would like to thank everyone involved in raising the money for this Chapel. It is our hope that this room will be used by our patients and their families as a quite place to pray and cope with the difficult decisions that they may face.”

Mrs. Deutsch followed Mrs. Iveson by reporting, “The Friends of Barnes-Kasson was established in 1997. Since that time, the organization has held dinner dances and raffles with proceeds from these events used to purchase items for the hospital.” In addition to the chapel, the donated items include a birthing bed, dialysis chair, and transesophageal echocardiogram probe, and the most recent purchase of an arm ergometer used in the Occupational Therapy Department.

Pictured (l-r) are: standing – Pastor Johnson, Father Sitko, Reverent Bitler; seated – Mrs. Deutsch, Mrs. Iveson.

Following Mrs. Deutsch, each of the clergymen gave a blessing of the new space. Pastor Johnson spoke from the First Baptist Church in Susquehanna, followed by Father Sitko from St. Lawrence Church in Great Bend, and finally Reverend Bittner from the Methodist Church in Susquehanna.

A small reception was held after the dedication event, complete with kind words of congratulations from the community members present. Mrs. Genevieve Leet, Barnes-Kasson Hospital Board of Trustee Member commented, “The Chapel is absolutely beautiful. We are lucky to have so many hardworking people who care so much about Barnes-Kasson.”

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Area Youth Get Work Experience

The Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission’s Youth Program provides work experience and academic enrichment opportunities for participants in Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, and Wyoming Counties

In Susquehanna County, participants met at the Blue Ridge School District Campus for a week of academic enrichment prior to starting their jobs. The students learned about career choices, proper work appearance, teambuilding, and leadership skills. Guest speakers covered topics such as volunteering in the community, the importance of budgeting, drug and alcohol abuse, infectious diseases and advanced degrees.

Susquehanna County youth participants visit the National Guard Armory as part of their academic enrichment.

A highlight of the week was making a visit to the Blue Ridge Racquet and Heath Club where they learned the proper way to exercise and stay healthy, and a visit to the National Guard Armory where they toured the facilities and ate a Meal Ready-to-Eat while learning about the opportunities of the National Guard.

The program is funded under the Workforce Investment Act. For more information, contact Sherry Felten, Workforce Development Program Manager with NTRPDC toll free at (888) 868-8800.

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4-H News

DES Club

The DES 4-H Club has been having a busy year this year. When we started out in the spring we held our club election of officers as follows: President Gavin Chilson; Vice President Alyssa Sprout; Secretary Jenna Sprout; Treasurer Renee Chilson; News Reporter Kenny Kiefer. We held several meetings throughout the spring to prepare for the summer 4-H season. We recently had our own club dairy camp at the Charlie and Kim Clark farm. They provided the animals for us to work on and we were able to watch a fitting demonstration by Craig Sprout, wash our animals and had a chance to lead our animals as well. We had a picnic lunch and finished the day by playing some games. Our members have been taking turns at our meetings doing demonstrations and we have seen demonstrations on cake decorating, scrapbooking, some magic tricks, dairy judging, and lots of other things.

We have about 9 Cloverbuds this year and they meet at all of our meetings with the cloverbud leader, Susie Graham. They work on a craft project while we have our meeting. They make a lot of neat things and have a good time. They even participated in our club dairy camp and were excited to be able to wash some little calves and even lead them, with the help of the adults and older kids.

We just finished up at the annual Susquehanna County 4-H dairy camp. There were about 55 kids in attendance. They represented Susquehanna County Dairy Clubs and there were some kids from Wyoming County as well. We were able to attend five workshops that were presented by volunteers. The workshops were on fitting, showmanship, knot tying and handling an animal, genetics, and parts of a cow and dairy promotion. We were able to work on animals to get them ready to show, and the animals were provided by the Pavelski’s. We had fun playing some great relay games and had a campfire where we laughed at the “Dairy Farmer/Dairy Maid” dress up competition and saw some silly skits and cheers. The camp ended on a very warm Saturday afternoon with all of the kids receiving some great prizes to take home.

DES Dairy club members stand with the new 4-H sign they put up. Left side, front to back – Sabrina Clark, Austin Graham, Allison Kiefer, Alyssa Sprout, Kenny Kiefer. Right side – Cassie Clark, Jenna Sprout.

Finally, our club has been able to participate in a couple of community service projects this year. Some of our club members walked in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk held in the beginning of May raising money to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. Also some of our members and parents got together on Sunday, June 19th to put up a 4-H sign along Rt. 29 North. The sign had been at the Extension Office waiting to be put up and we thought that would be a great Community Service Project for our club since some of our club members come from the area where the sign was put up. We want to thank Mr. Mike Rezykowski for allowing us to put the sign on his property near the Susquehanna/Wyoming County border. Also thanks to the parents that came out and helped to dig the holes, Gordon Mattocks, Charlie Clark, Preston Sprout, and Ron Kiefer. Now when you travel from Tunkhannock towards Montrose you can see the sign welcoming you to Susquehanna County.

Kenny Kiefer, News Reporter

Sizzlin’ Steaks

The Sizzlin’ Steaks 4-H Club met at the Lecture Hall for their meeting. After the pledges and roll call, we wrote thank you notes to Peoples National Bank in Hop Bottom for allowing us to have a bake sale.

We were told about One Day Camp at the Fair Ground which will be held on July 22, 2005.

Brittany Greenwood did a demonstration on a saddle and bridle telling us the names of all the different parts of the saddle and bridle.

The leaders asked if we were reading our Newsline from the 4-H office as it has a lot of information in it for us and for our parents.

We worked on our kites. Soon they will be ready to fly.

News Reporters, Alyssa Clarkson and Rebecca Gardner

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Waiting For You!

Hi! I’m Spike! I’m a happy, bouncy, three-year old, male Jack Russell terrier. I’m great with kids and I’m housebroken but I need to be in a home with no other animals. If I sound like your perfect dog, please come see me.

This beautiful yellow Lab mix was picked up as a stray. He showed up at someone’s house and wouldn’t leave. He is approximately five years old and, obviously, is desperately hoping for a new home. Won’t you give him a chance?

They’ll be waiting for you at the Susquehanna County Humane Society Shelter in Montrose, (570) 278–1228.

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Mary Hess Estate Donates To Library

The late Mary Hess, long-time Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association supporter, has remembered the Association in her will. A large collection of books – mostly natural history, travel, and fiction – has been donated. Some are being added to the Library's collection, some are being kept by the Historical Society for their local interest, and the remainder will be sold at the Blueberry Festival book sale to raise money for library services across the county and for supporting the Historical Society. This is just the most recent of many generous actions by the Hess family. "We deeply appreciate the support of people like Mary and her family," says Administrator/Librarian Susan Stone. "She is very sorely missed."

Bequests and gifts are wonderful ways to help your community. Gifts of stock can even provide double tax benefits. For more information on the Association, please call 278-1881.

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Long Term Care Choices Expand

The B/S/S/T Area Agency on Aging is pleased to announce the availability of a new program in the counties of Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, and Tioga which serves nursing home residents interested in transitioning into the community. Nursing Home Transition provides information about long term care opportunities in the community to nursing home residents age 18 and older of all income levels.

Nursing Home Transition is a collaborative effort directed by the nursing home resident and includes a Transition Team of Nursing Home Staff, a Nursing Home Transition Coordinator, and other individuals of the resident’s choice.

Nursing Home Staff pay a key role in Nursing Home Transition planning, advising the nursing home resident about their specific care needs and other considerations. Nursing Home Staff have been an excellent source of referrals in the Area Agency on Aging’s four county service area and in other areas of the Commonwealth.

If the nursing home resident decides that receiving care in the community will adequately meet his/her care needs, the Nursing Home Transition Coordinator helps with all transition arrangements including housing, in-home services, moving and other arrangements.

Special funds are available to help nursing home residents with limited financial resources pay for moving expenses, security deposits, furniture, and utility installation costs.

Some Nursing Home Residents may be eligible to receive Waiver Services in the community which offer an alternative to receiving care in a nursing home setting. Other individuals may be able to receive other sources of help in the community to assist with their needs.

Liberty Resources of Allentown, PA serves individuals who are age 18 to 59 and is a collaborative partner with the B/S/S/T Area Agency on Aging in Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, and Tioga for Nursing Home Transition and Waiver Services.

Nursing home residents are age 60 or older may qualify for the PDA Waiver Program which provides in-home services for individuals age 60 or older who meet income and medical eligibility guidelines.

For more information on Nursing Home Transition, please contact the B/S/S/T Area Agency on Aging Towanda Office at (570) 265-6121 or 1-800-982-4346.

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4-H News

North Jackson Ag

The North Jackson Ag 4-H club held their last meeting at the Walker’s home on June 22. The meeting was called to order by president Abby Onyon. Then Holly Carey took role call to see what members were missing. After she finished that she read the secretary’s report, which reminded the members of what topics were discussed at the last meeting.

Then Abby quickly reminded the clubs of some events. She said that the livestock clinic was going to be held on July 9. She gave an update on the shooting sports events. Dairy camp was on June 24 and 25. The 4-H one-day camp is going to be on July22. The annual club trip, which is Gettysburg this year, will be on July 20. Abby then filled in for her brother Aaron and read the treasurer’s report because he wasn’t there.

Then the horse members who attended horse camp were asked to give a brief report on it. All seemed like they enjoyed themselves and learned a lot of new things. Dairy kids were reminded that at Dairy Camp, which was on June 24 and 25, they would be in groups of 2 and there wouldn’t be any Wayne County kids this year. There would also be no Sr. Fitter class. Also on June 25 there was a shooting sports fun day for members that are working on projects for that category. This year, Penn State Days will be on July 26- 28. Abby reminded club members who were seeking community service time that Old Mill Village was looking for helpers.

The Susquehanna 4-H program is hosting a contest for the most creative design to put on the 4-H T-shirts this year. Then the club began demonstrations. Holly Carey showed the club some recent paintings that she has completed in art class. After that, John Valentine did his demonstration on some cartoons that he has drawn recently. Next, Corey Kleiner showed the club how he makes his own pretend flies for catching trout. He actually made one right there at the meeting for the whole club to see. Then Katie Valentine showed the club her hermit crabs and explained how to care for them. After that, Sandra Fallon showed everyone how she broke her horse and how to saddle a horse correctly.

The meeting was then officially adjourned.

News Reporter: Kaitlin Flor

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