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Time To Grow Visits Library
Theresa Ann Rigo 10th Memorial Award
Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

Susky Elementary Perfect Attendance
Megan Clough On P S Dean’s List
Local Students Make M U Dean’s List
Gregory Dean Fuller Graduates Dickinson
Deborah Graves On K C Dean’s List
Colin M. Aherne Graduates Bucknell

Local Students Make PS Dean’s List

Area Students Make S U Dean's List
Susky Elementary Awards Assembly
Amanda Russell On I U Dean’s List

Adrienne Rigo Melick Graduates Bason

Time To Grow Visits Library

Students from Time to Grow Preschool took an end of the year field trip to the Montrose Main Library. They got to listen to a great storybook and got a tour of the library. Along the way they each got to make their own book by creating a page at each area of the library they visited. A very enjoyable time was had by all. Teacher Debbie Martyn thanks Mary Beth and the whole library staff. Time to Grow students with their books (l-r) are: front – Samantha Dietz, Emory Gilbert, Joshua Brand, Ashley Millard, Courtney Randall, Christian Gregory; rear – Andrew Cunningham, Noah Millard, Gabriel Aguilar.

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Theresa Ann Rigo 10th Memorial Award

Two outstanding local students have received the Theresa Ann Rigo Tenth Memorial Scholarship.

Rachael Ballard, Susquehanna Community High School, daughter of Dennis and Barbara Ballard, Susquehanna, will attend Mansfield University.

Benedict Nemec, Seton Catholic Central, Binghamton, NY, son of David and Mary Ellen Nemec will attend BCC.

The Rigo family has decided to end the award this year and has donated the remaining monies to St. John’s Church, Susquehanna building fund and the Lanesboro Community playground fund.

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Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

Susquehanna Community Elementary School News

Following is a list of the Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the fourth marking period of the 2004-05 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Tingley - 1-1: John Ball, Baily Barnes, Daniel Braun, Breanna Bushong, Sean Elliott, Cori Glidden, Kaitlyn Gow, C.J. Mallery, Miranda Rhone, Jessica Staros.

Mrs. Rowe – 1-2: Haley Aldrich, Michael Armitage, David Baker, Miranda Groover, Alyssa Hubal, Jessica Plutino, Jordan Rafferty, Dylan Roe, Nicole Sherman.

Mrs. Davis – 1-3: Abby Burdick, Kristine Callahan, Taylor Cook-Kelly, Allison Hampton, Marissa Hodge, Samantha Irwin, Montgomery Knifer, Codi O’Dell, Alyssa Rockwell, Dylan Stout.

Mrs. Brieden – LS-1: Phillip Rogan.

Mrs. Hilling – 2-1: Willard Cobb, Keith Hubal, Tyler Petriello, Dale Reid, Allison Ryder, Brad Sherman, William Reddon.

Mrs. Hinkley – 2-2: Nicole Barnes, Kasey Burdick, Justin Stanford.

Mrs. Houghton – 2-3: Ivy Christensen, Tiara Rokita, Anastasia Smith.

Mrs. Mazikewich – 2-4: Jerry Hallisey, Nicole Hines, Christian Miller, Olivia Rockwell, Daniel Staros, Taryn Tross, Samantha Yoskowitz.

Mrs. Burdick – LS-2: Nathan Barber, Brittany Swank.

Mrs. Steele – 3-1: Fred Ainey, Sydney Avery, Chelsea Ayres, Melvin Batson, Amber Dubanowitz, Jonathan Felter, Ashley Miller, Cody Towers, Mark Zappe.

Mrs. Stone – 3-2: Nathan Carpenter, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Kyle MacDonald, Richard Pelicci, Micaela Rhone, Ciera Scepaniak, Victoria Trynoski.

Mrs. Heath – 3-3: Jack DeLaPlaine, Mashawna Hargett, Lauren Marco.

Mrs. Soden – 3-4: Nicholas Acosta, Nicholas Chamberlain, Chaz Comstock, Rachel Hubal, Alyssa Jacobs, Nolan Reddon, Emily Staros.

Mrs. Rockwell – LS-3: Thomas Baker, Cheryl Hendrickson, Brooke Morrison, Tyler St. Andrew, Nicholas Wilmot.

Mrs. Homer – 4-1: Britney Glover, Amanda Marco, Chelsea Matta.

Mrs. Fuller – 4-2: Melissa Kukowski.

Mrs. Stanley – 4-3: Devin Breese, Megan Canfield, Lindsey Glidden, Callie Truex.

Mr. Hall – 5-1: Matthew Hilling.

Mrs. Conklin – 5-2: Thomas Maby, Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.

Mr. Presley – 5-3: Courtney Arthur, Alexandria Dominick.

Mr. Rezykowski – 6-1: Kelly Burke, Kevin Cavanaugh, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano.

Mr. Escandel – 6-2: Kelsey Carmody, Sarah Parsons, Basia Polak, Robert Skiba, David Winn, Derek Williams.

Mrs. Chervanka – 6-3: Sean Leonard, Alex Price.

Mrs. Glidden – 6-4: Ryan Rosenthal, Amanda Roth.

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Susky Elementary Perfect Attendance

Following is the list of students at Susquehanna Elementary who had perfect attendance during the 2004-05 school year.

Mrs. Fancher – K-4: Seth Acosta, Evan Cantone.

Mrs. Tingley – 1-1: Miranda Rhone.

Mrs. Rowe – 1-2: Nicole Sherman.

Mrs. Davis – 1-3: Allison Hampton.

Mrs. Hinkley 2-2: Justin Stanford.

Mrs. Houghton – 2-3: Anastasia Smith, Emily Stark.

Mrs. Mazikewich – 2-4: Austin Felter.

Mrs. Steele – 3-1: Chelsea Ayres, Jonathan Felter.

Mrs. Stone – 3-2: Micaela Rhone.

Mrs. Heath – 3-3: Steven Frye.

Mrs. Soden – 3-4: Nicholas Acosta.

Mrs. Homer – 4-1: Valerie Hines.

Mrs. Fuller – 4-2: Chelsea Sparks.

Mrs. Stanley – 4-3: Alycia Cuevas, Dessine Herzog.

Mrs. Conklin – 5-2: Timothy Flanagan, Jeffrey Wayman.

Mr. Presley – 5-3: Brooke Andersen, Stephanie Zappe.

Mr. Rezykowski – 6-1: Susan Greene.

Mr. Escandel – 6-2: Courtney Sullivan.

Mrs. Glidden – 6-4: Alexis Fiske.

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Megan Clough On P S Dean’s List

Local student Megan Fae Clough finished her second semester at Worthington Scranton Penn State Campus on the Dean’s List with a grade point average of 3.80. Megan completed her freshman year with a cumulative average of 3.74. She received an Academic All-Conference Award from the Penn State Athletic Conference recognizing maintaining a 3.0 or better grade point average while participating in cheerleading.

Megan is a 2004 graduate of Blue Ridge High School and the daughter of Thomas and Lavern Clough.

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Local Students Make M U Dean’s List

Mansfield, PA – A total of 674 Mansfield University undergraduates have been named to the Spring, 2005 Dean’s List and President’s List.

To be named to the Dean’s List, a student must be attending the university full-time and earn at least a 3.50. Of the students, 213 were also honored by inclusion on the President’s List. To receive this honor, a student must attain a perfect 4.0 average for the semester.

Following is the list of students from our locale, with an asterisk noting President’s List students.

Luke Albert *, Susquehanna; Kelly Jo Balent, Hop Bottom; Brittany Bisel, Dimock; Elizabeth Engle, Montrose; Rachel Hall, Jackson; Rachel Hobbs, Thompson; Michael Kane, Susquehanna; Robin O’Reilly *, Friendsville; Veronica Pistoia, Montrose; Stacy Rezykowski, Dimock; Katherine Shuren, Montrose; Kelly Stockholm, Montrose; Brianna Strope, Montrose; Emily Teter, Montrose; Ashley Tierney, Hallstead; Brian Woodruff *, Montrose.

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Gregory Dean Fuller Graduates Dickinson

On Sunday, May 22, 2005 Gregory Dean Fuller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fuller of Hallstead, PA, and a graduate of Blue Ridge High School, received a BS in Environmental Science, cum laude and was named to the 2004-05 Dean’s List at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.

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Deborah Graves On K C Dean’s List

Deborah Watson-Graves, of Thompson completed her sophomore year at Keystone College majoring in Criminal Justice and was named to the Dean’s List (again) with a 3.8 grade point average. She was also inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and is a member of the National Dean’s List.

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Colin M. Aherne Graduates Bucknell

Lewisburg, PA – Bucknell University conferred nearly 825 bachelor’s and master’s degrees during commencement ceremonies May 22, 2005. Degrees were awarded for studies in liberal arts and professional programs in engineering, education, management and music.

Colin M. Aherne, Kingsley, son of Michael and Ellen Aherne, and a 2001 graduate of Mountain View High School, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music.

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Local Students Make PS Dean’s List

Following is a list of area students who qualified for Dean’s List honors at Penn State university: April A. Berger, New Milford; Sarah M. Bollinger, Montrose; Jason A. Cedar, Kingsley; Megan F. Clough, Susquehanna; Christopher J. Connor, Forest City; Douglas L. De Pue, Brackney; William J. Dempsey, Forest City; Dennis R. Di Giambattista, New Milford; Daynne C. Eaton, Susquehanna; Kelly Jo M. Ellsworth, South Montrose; Richard G. Ely, Kingsley; Bryanne . Farrell, Vandling; Marisa I. Formica, Union Dale; Matthew M. Hartman, Harford; Sara L. Kovaleski, Browndale; Rachel L. Lambert, Kingsley; Brooke M. Lewis, Susquehanna; Aaron M. Mcginniss, Little Meadows; Frances M. Mullen, Browndale; Joseph A. Nasser, Springville; Adam G. Nelson, Montrose; Wendy M. O Reilly, Friendsville; Jason A. Olcese, Uniondale; Jennifer R. Oliver, Hallstead; Casey L. Pavelski, Jackson; Samit M. Shah, Susquehanna; Laura E. Signorile, Great Bend; Kathryn E. Stevens, Little Meadows; Patricia H. Stewart, Thompson; Victoria A. Strope, Brackney; Lauren M. Tingley, Susquehanna; Amy R. Uhlig, Susquehanna.

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Area Students Make S U Dean's List

Several area students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University were named to the Dean’s List for the Spring 2005 semester. To qualify for the Dean‚s List, students must achieve at least a 3.4 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) during the semester.

Included in the honor were Brandon Robinson, Springville, and Jaime Benson, Susquehanna.

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Susky Elementary Awards Assembly

The Susquehanna Community Elementary School held its Awards Assembly on June 9, 2004.

Students were recognized in these (as well as other) academic areas:

Third Grade Awards: No Missed Homework Awards– Rachel Hubal, Kaelin Payne, Mashawna Hargett, Richard Delaney, James Ballard, Dylan Cohen, Ronald Welch and Micaela Rhone; “A” in Math all Year – Nicholas Chamberlain, Rachel Hubal, Emily Staros, Mashawna Hargett, Jonathan Felter, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Micaela Rhone, Victoria Trynoski, Thomas Baker and Cheryl Hendrickson; Top Accelerated Readers for 3rd Grade – Emily Staros, Jonathan Felter, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Micaela Rhone, Tyler St. Andrew.

Elementary Principal/Scholarship Award – Kristen Wentzell.

PLCB's 2004 Alcohol Awareness Poster Program Sponsored by TreHab of Susquehanna County: First Place – Brooke Sampson, Second Place – Alycia Cuevas, Third Place – Callie Truex.

Fifth Grade Accelerated Reader Awards– Presented to Christopher Snyder, Brenda Kochmer, and Danielle Conklin.

Again this year students in Mrs. Hilling’s class were challenged to read 32 chapter books in Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House series. Students need to read the book and correctly answer 9 out of 10 comprehension questions in order to move onto the next book. This year Keith Hubal, William Reddon, Tyler Petriello and Willard Cobb successfully read all 32 chapter books.

Each day in second grade students are challenged to study math facts and take a one minute quiz on basic math facts. This year in Mrs. Hilling’s class three students successfully mastered all facts in addition, subtraction, and multipli-cation. These students received a Math certificate. They are Keith Hubal, Allison Ryder, and Willard Cobb.

Sixth Grade Accelerated Math Awards – Kyle Napolitano, Christine Compton, and Timothy Sager.

Miss Meagher presented an Achievement Award for Use of a Power Chair to Timothy Brown and Volunteer Awards to Tyler Barber, Thomas Baker, Kayla Coleman, Jordan Boerner, Matthew Hilling and George Wilkes.

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Amanda Russell On I U Dean’s List

Amanda Russell, Susquehanna, PA was included in the Spring, 2005 Dean’s List at Immaculata University. To attain Dean’s List status, a student must achieve a grade point average of 3.7 on a scale of 4.0.

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Adrienne Rigo Melick Graduates Bason

Adrienne Rigo Melick, a graduate of Seton Catholic Central and Penn State University received her MBA from Bason College, Boston, Mass. on May 21, 2005 with Summa Cum Laude honors.

Adrienne is the daughter of George and Adrienne Rigo, Lanesboro and resides with her husband, Brian and one-year old daughter, Rylee in Stoughton, Mass.

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