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Letters to the Editor Policy

Jesus Would Be Sickened

The Supreme Court has ruled that it’s illegal for people on chemotherapy to use marijuana to ease their nausea and other symptoms from the treatment. The state of Oregon allows the use of marijuana for that purpose. Now, according to what I hear on the radio, Oregon is still issuing these people cards, which state their right to use the drug, and that the users are safe from prosecution from the state of Oregon but not from the Federal government.

I was under the impression that conservatives promoted states’ rights and hated the Federal government imposing its laws upon the rights of individual states. But I notice in the case of the Bush administration, who are conservatives by lip service, that this only applies to things they approve of. In other words, if the states are doing what they, the Bushies approve of, then the normal conservative ideologies apply, but when they don’t approve… well, they toss those ideas right out the window. The fact is, even though conservatives love to believe that liberals want the Federal government running our entire lives, it’s they, the conservatives themselves who want to control everything we do, how we think and how we believe.

I can just imagine the FBI kicking a door in to drag some poor weakened individual on chemo off to jail because he lit up a joint to help him not throw up all night.

While it’s obvious lately that separation of church and state is a thing of the past and clearly not a right in this country anymore, I’m surprised that the Christian Right is going this far to promote its authoritarian (heading towards fascist) agenda. How Christian is it to prevent a sick person from feeling better? The Bush administration has made the word Christian into a dirty word. When I hear it now, I cringe. If Jesus were to show up today and see what is going on in His name, He would be sickened. He wouldn’t recognize anything He taught in what this supposedly “Christian” administration has promoted and done.


Margaret Karmazin

Susquehanna, PA

Start A Citizens’ Action Group

During the past several months I have read letters to the editor concerning our local governments and the services that they provide. I think most of us are in agreement that we don't get much for our taxpayer dollar. What we need to do is to unite as a citizens action group and proceed as a unit, not just one person complaining and not getting anywhere. Our local and state officials do not seem to be responsive or caring for our concerns about how taxes are spent. Does anyone agree and see a need for change? Do you think we should get together as a group and organize a citizens’ action group? We could discuss what we need and where and how to get there. If so, here is a contact phone number and we can meet and start this group: (570) 967–2306. We need a good and strong group to get this going.


William Roe

Montrose, PA

Special Memories And Respect

I am writing this letter in regards to a lady that God called to live in His house, so that she could be with all her friends and relatives. God came knocking on her door on July 27, 2001. She accepted His call and entered into eternal rest, but there was a slight problem before she entered His house.

She kept saying, “What am I going to do?” She had two sons, and a daughter. She also knew that she would be with her husband to start life over again, and they could catch up on all the years apart.

God had a reason for opening the doors for her, I guess that only God can answer that one. Bill Lee and Anita Tyrell, Walter Jr. (Sonny) and daughter Jean are doing fine. Oh, I forgot one other part of the family, all her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-granddaughter, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She has a large family, doesn’t she?

Well, I guess it is time to tell you who the lady is. It is Mrs. Edith Lee. Her birthday was June 21, 1912. So let’s all wish a “happy 93rd birthday” to her. Happy birthday, Mrs. Lee, God bless you for the memories that you left with us and with your friends.


Alex Welsch

Susquehanna, PA

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